Monday, March 4, 2013

The Week Begins.

Wasn't able to get my shit together enough this morning to post a blog entry before leaving for work so this week the posts will be after work.

The beginning of a new work week. I'm was ready. I didn't spy on anyone, however.

Lot of the youngest children at work. One or two middle ones. One oldest one. Does birth order really make a difference?

At work we protect our clients' information like it deserves top secret attention.

Comment Away.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


My Update.

Things are going well at work. I am even faster than last year. There may be a small chance to work during the year.

Mom is doing well but truthfully not as well as she does when I am involved. Sister still looks at it as a burden, I've reached the state where I know I'm not going to have Mom that long so I view as a joy to spend time with her. I'm also a lot less controlling than the others involved in her car. She feels free to do things when I am there and it makes her feel more valuable. When the others are there they won't let her do things, they even get a little upset if she gets out of bed by herself. For me the more she can do for herself the better. For me. For her.

Last week. Monday my retirement party. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday work. Thursday night dinner with the troops and at Mom's until eight thirty. Friday pay day and work. Saturday mom's for lunch and dinner. To do list attacking.

This week. Monday through Thursday work. Thursday taking mom to dinner and staying until the aide gets there. Friday work. Saturday and Sunday lunch and dinner at Mom's.

Now it is your turn. Report in.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Begging For Soup

Happy Saturday. Moving right along already knocked five things off of my to do list. Going to Mom's in a few minutes to fix her lunch. Then make dinner for the troops. Tonight they are having cabbage rolls, sweet baked potatoes and spinach.

I work hard but I should just beg instead:

Maybe I should just fix the troops chicken soup for tonight:

Good news on the health front?

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