Monday, June 30, 2008

The Visit

The visit is happening in two days. It is interesting that as times go by you forget about all the things that bothered you the last time you got together and then as the visit gets closer you remember those things that drove you nuts. I'm now looking forward to next Sunday, the day she returns to Arizona. I'm still going to have a great time and am looking forward to a lot of laughs and compainoship but I am also looking forward to my private time again. From Wednesday through Saturday I will try to check in to let everyone know how the visit is going.

I was planning a 4th of July barbecue at Mom's house with Mom, Laura, and myself. Was going to grill some hot dogs but then I remembered from her last visit here in 2001 that the only kind of hot dogs she likes are the expensive ones you buy in movie theatres! OK, so maybe I can take the barbecue to the lobby of the local theater, borrow some of their hot dogs, and barbecue them in the lobby. Or maybe I will just do hambugers instead.

If the hot dog thing wasn't bad enough in a recent call with her she said it would be fun to go roller skating. The only time I roller skated it scared me emotionally for life. I actually wrote about it on my blog at the beginning but just to refresh everyone's memory here is my story about the only time I roller skated:

In High School I was neither a nerd or popular. I just didn't exist. Overshadowed by some great siblings. Sis was prom queen. Bro was all state in three sports. I won a Howdy Doody look alike contest. Neither was I exactly a klutz. Just wrong place, wrong time derailed my athletic career. Our school had a student body of 2,500 with 570 in my class. The last player on our team would be a starter at many other schools. I was that last player. So I wasn't a klutz. We were visiting our aunt and her family in Glendale, California between my junior and senior years in high school. My sister and my cousin, Sandy, took me roller skating. I'd never been on roller skates before. I had been working out to get in shape for football and hadn't bought new clothes yet so my pants didn't exactly fit. It was at a roller skating rink in Pasadena, California. My sis and Sandy convinced me that if I went out to the middle of the rink where everyone was skating in a circle to the music they would hold on to me. Should have known better than to trust them. The music started sis was on one side holding on to my arm, Sandy on the other side, holding on to my other arm. My pants kept slipping so I kept holding on to them. Sandy and sis got to laughing and let go of me. I went flying, my pants went down, tidy whities exposed, I hit the railing and did a pretty good somersault over the railing into the concession stand. I was so embarassed. We had a real hard time in the emergency room telling the doctor how my aunt broke a blood vessel in her eye laughing. I didn't get hurt physically but the emotional damage was severe.

Do you think I want to try roller skating again? Oh, well if everyone reads in the newspaper about a guy getting arrested for bringing a grill to the lobby of a theatre or being taken to the hospital in his underwear after being foolish enough to try skating again, you will know it is me.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

How Can I Improve My Blog?

Hi there everyone. Not much to write about today but thought I would throw this out there for some feedback. I'd like to improve my blog and would like to know what the people posting here would like from my blog.

Would you like more links?

More talk about my personal life?

More talk about movies and TV shows?

More political talk?

More news?

More humor?

More talk about Mom?

More talk about dating?

More pictures?

More talk about the book that I am writing?

More talk about family dynamics?

More referral to other blogs?

More tests? For example, personality tests.

This is your chance to help me improve. I'd like to know what you all would like. Feel free to post anything that you might want from a blog.

Hope this day goes well for all of you.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trip Canceled/Prayers and Good Thoughts Needed

My cousin Dixie called today and canceled her trip here. Her dad had a stroke, well actually several small strokes, and is in the hospital for a couple of days for tests and then several followup appointments at the doctor's office. Uncle Frank was told not to drive and My Aunt Velma has never driven. Dixie was asked by them if she would come to Arizona to help out and of course she said yes. She is also quite worried about her dad as I am. What led my Uncle to seek help was he was having several dizzy spells and passed out. The good news is it wasn't a big stroke but the fear is that the several little strokes could have done some damage. Thank goodness he sought help before the big stroke that often follows after several small strokes.

I'm asking for all your good thoughts and/or prayers be directed my uncle's direction for a speedy recovery and good reports. Also more good thoughts and prayers should be sent my cousin, Dixie's, direction. That she be strong for them while she is there and for her good health.

Thank you all in advance. Hope you and all your relatives are healthy!

News Tidbits

Sort of the calm before the storm in the Dahn household so to do away with some of my boredom am reading various things in newspapers and on the internet. There were some interesting things to pass on to you:

UPS drivers are under instructions to only turn right. According to their management they save millions in fuel costs by having their drivers only turn right. I frankly don't know how they save anything. Just for fun I tried the turning right thing yesterday and to get to the places I wanted to go by only turning right I had to go miles out of my way to there. OK troops you have two assignments: 1. Trying getting some where by only turning right and get back to me about what you found out and 2. Be on the lookout for a UPS driver making a left turn.

On to food pairings. It has been discovered that pairing certain foods can lead to some really good health benefits. For instance, eating almonds with a glass of red wine can enhance the benefits that wine gives you for a healthy heart. For more information on food pairings you can read the entire article here:

Want to read what some people over 80 are doing? You will be amazed at how many people over stay active in business, including 106 year-old cowboy Jack Weil. Read the entire article here:

Don Imus is at it again. Read about here and vote on whether or not he should stay on air.

OK, back to getting ready for the company of the next week or so. Mom's house is done and looks great. Today my house gets a shampoo job. Tomorrow both cars get a bath. Then there is laundry. So off to work today.

Hope this finds you all in good spirits and that your day is filled with joy.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Life Gets Exciting

My cousin Dixie is coming to visit on Saturday and will stay until July 3rd. Laura will be here on the 2nd and leave on the 6th. So from this coming Saturday until July 6th there will be company at Mom's house. I'm looking forward to the visits because it will get me out and about more.

Dixie is my favorite cousin. Her brothers Denny and Dave and herself always lived in the same city we did while growing up. They were more like a 2nd set of siblings then they were cousins. Their mom and dad, Aunt Velma and Uncle Frank we my second set of parents. Our families always did things together. Every holiday we spent together. We had some really great Thanksgivings and Christmases. Frank and Velma are now in Arizona. Dixie just moved back the mainland from Hawaii and is looking for a place to settle down. That is one of the reasons for the visit, she wants to explore Portland. If she likes it here she may consider moving in with Mom and helping take care of her.

About Dixie? Fun and unusual. She spent years high up in administration at Kaiser before deciding the stress wasn't worth and quit the job. She became a school bus driver because she loved the kids. On her 50th birthday she sky dived. On her 55th birthday she bungy jumped.
This is my older fun cousin. I'm looking forward to the visit.

The next couple of days are going to be filled with getting two houses ready for company (Mom's and mine) shampooing carpets, changing sheets, grocery shopping and those things we do when people come to spend time with us.

I'd like to know if any of you are looking forward to visitors and what you do to get ready for them.

May this be a day filled with love and friendship for all of you.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Goals For The Next 12 Months

I had a great birthday yesterday. I got birthday wishes all the way from next door to Singapore. The dinner with Mom was absolutely wonderful. The place is called The Yamhill Grill. The food was great and the service was even better. The waitress made my day when she asked if it was my 49th birthday because that is how old she was and she thought we were the same age. God love her. I got wonderful gifts including some nice money, books, and the wonderful quilt. Now that the birthday is past it is time for me to set my goals for the next twelve months.

Before sharing my goals I want you all to know that I would love to hear what your goals are. I would really like to learn more about all of you that post here.

The one word that best describes what the next twelve months will be like is recommitted. I am recommitted. Recommitted to my goals. Those goals are:

1. Get to 185 lbs. That is the magical number I adopted in November when I started my commitment to better health. Seemingly a major goal back then, it seems very doable now.

2. Get off all medication. When I set that goal in November I was on six medications, now I am on two. The goal daunting in November seems doable now.

3. Take up golf again. I was a decent golfer but quit because so much was going on in my life that I didn't have the time to play weekly.

4. Finish my book. Both the first and second drafts. Send it to several publishers or an agent.

5. Continue my quest to meet a life partner.

6. Take a trip that requires flying.

7. Learn to swim. I swim a little bit but not well, just well enough not to drown in the bath tub. I want to learn to swim well enough to feel safe in pools.

8. Take some dancing classes.

9. Join some single groups, like dinner for eight.

10. Take a cooking class.

There you have my goals, what are yours?

May your dreams come true today and in the future.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Special Gift

This arrived in my mail today from my sister:

"For your birthday I was trying to think of something special I could give you so I opted for something which is special and unique and something only I could give you. You will understand as you open the quilt - made by mom, and is one of a kind - I had two so I thought since we share so much this would be truly valued by you, and a memory of Mom that we share."

"Thank you so much for all that you do - we love you so much and as long as were are here on earth you will never be alone."

The gift was this beautiful quilt made by my Mom:

She also enclosed a gift card for one of my favorite restaurants.

I was really touched by the gift of the quilt and the letter. The restaurant gift card was nice and I will enjoy that but the quilt will be my pride and joy.

What do you all think?

Visits, Tests, and Top Chef Reunion

It could be the nail in the coffin but I found out that the lady that is coming to visit in July is a very strong Bush supporter and as you all know I am not. It could be workable if she liked him a little bit and I disliked him a little bit but we are at is so far apart of the likable scale I think it could be a deal breaker. I'm glad to know before she comes for the visit because it will change my approach to this visit. I'm still looking forward to the companionship but what we will do mostly when she is here is fun things and spend a lot of time with Mom. That is one of the reasons she wants to visit is to see Mom and also to see another friend that lives here. I will make Mom and the friend the focus of the visit instead of myself. The visit is now going to a be a lot less stress than it would have been.

Had a choloesterol test his morning. After my test was so good in January I quit taking some medication and was a little worried about the results that my self-doctoring would bring about. I got almost as good as reading without the medication that I got with it. Total with meds, 1o4, without, 121. Bad with meds, 55, without meds, 65. Good with meds, 37, without, 43. Trig with 79, without 65. I'm so happy, everything is within the good limits and the good and trig got better without the meds! Walking and dieting does work. Very encouraging for me to continue, diet, walking, and losing weight. Now the blood pressure, get that down and I'm off all meds but one! That one will follow and within six months I predict I will be drug free.

They had the Top Chef Reunion last night. Richard wasn't there in person because he was with his wife who was close to delivering their first baby. Congrats Richard! He was there by satellite. Stephanie won another ten grand by being the fans' favorite. It is the first time in the history of Top Chef that the Top Chef was also the fan's favorite. It is also the first time a woman won. Yea to both. Lisa was even half way likable at the reunion. It was good to see the whole crew back. I'm looking forward to next season!

May this be a good day for all of you.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Friends And Old Loves

I didn't make it to Las Vegas this week it just wasn't in the cards. Today I am telling my new friends what is going to happen the first week in July. A lady that I used to date a long time ago, my one serious relationship, that has made a really strong effort to keep in touch with me over the years is going to come to visit between July 2nd and July 6th. Right now she lives in Arizona. She is very close to mom and wants to see her too. When she visits she is going to stay at Mom's house, I'm going to stay at my house. That is what a gentleman would do. The last time I saw her was 2001. I have a lot of reservations about the visit but I think seeing if there is anything there is worth the effort. It was my choice to end the relationship because I didn't think a marriage was possible and I wanted her to move on and find the husband she was looking for. She married shortly after we split up and then after only four or five years divorced. She has been single since. She has went back to college and will graduate as a social worker in one year. She has contacted me the miniumum of once or twice a month since the split up. This is what I see may happening out of the visit:

1. Closure for her and for me or.

2. People change and we are the good match that we weren't before.

Like I said I have my reservations. I am going to view it as a week just to have fun and whatever happens happens. It will be good for Mom and Laura to visit.

What do you ladies think? Any advice for me? Any comments would be appreciated.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friends, Family, and C. Springs.

The facility where Mom is at is really understaffed. Not dangerously understaffed but understaffed to the point where there is very little activity at the facility. Makes for a really boring place. Makes the day long for Mom. They are making a concentrated effort to get the facility full so they can hire more staff. They also have no backup employees if someone calls in sick. Which means some days they will have nobody at the front desk and when the maintence man called in sick for a week they had nobody to fix things in residents apartments. What did they do? They depended on my friends and myself. When my friend, Ted, who owns a telephone repair company came out to help with Mom's phone the person in charge basically kidnapped him to fix a couple of other phones within the facility. Bless his heart, he did fix the residents phones and did it for free. Then yesterday when I went to the Fathers' Day Buffet that they put on for the residents before I left the person in charge asked if I would check out a couple of tvs in two of the residents rooms that weren't working. So I did. Now remember these are elderlys and what will often happen is that they will hit the wrong button on the remote control by accident and screw things up. The first lady was a nice lady that just lost her husband two weeks ago. She had accidently shut off the cable box. I got it on and her TV was back to normal. The second lady was in her late 80s and had turned on the vcr by mistake. All she was getting is a blue screen. First of all I don't know why she had a vcr that she never uses nor knows how to run but her family must have thought she needed one. It was an easy fix to get rid of the blue screen. Turn off the vcr that didn't even have a tape in it. I'm not sure how I feel about the facility depending on my friends and me to fix things around their facility. But for know I am fine with it.

Hope this will be a great day for you all.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tim Russert

Sometimes news comes across the television that just makes you pause and say "no that isn't right they got the story wrong, that just can't be true." That is I felt like yesterday when the news of Tim Russert's death came across the airways. 58 is to young to die. He was such an icon and the elections this fall just won't be the same without him. It is just a shock to watch him one day with that winning smile interviewing people and then the next day face the reality that we won't be seeing him again. It just seems so sad for me.

Russert was one of those rare hosts that you couldn't tell if he was a Republican or Democrat because he treated both of them the same. Asked them the same tough questions. Shook their hands afterward. Rare.

My feeling is blogs should be informative (Russert worked for the Democratic party before his TV gig) , should let the readers get to know me (I'm a very emotional person and news like this often takes a few days for me to get over), and should be a place where readers can share thoughts and also tell what is going on in their lives and how events effect them. That is what I would like to do today. Make it your place for the day. Make it a place where we both can heal from the tragic news not only of Russert's death but also talk about other things going on in your life. If you would like to say something about the death of Tim Russert and what it means to you and how you are dealing with it, type away here. In addition if you are dealing with some trauma or other things in your life and think it would help to put it out there type away here. I'll support you any way I can.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Top Chef and Life

Top Chef's final was interesting but there was a period of time there that I thought the woman from hell was going to win it all. Lisa gave a top performance that night. Richard blew it and Stephanie had some missteps especially with the deserts. The judges were talking about Lisa like she had it in the bag. Then they went to a commercial break and that break seemed longer than War and Peace. I was pacing big time until they came back to announce the winner. So often on reality shows the deserving person doesn't win. DWTS this year may have changed that with the very deserving Kristi got the trophy. Top Chef finnally announced the winner and it was the very deserving, classy, and humble Stephanie. I'm so glad she won instead of Lisa. I also may have to withdraw my claims of sexism about Top Chef and Tom C. now that a woman has taken home the Top Chef trophy.

On to life. Mom's phone actually is working now. Verizon not only came out yesterday they called her twice to make sure the phone was working. Why didn't they do that on their supposed previous trips out there. I'm glad the phone is finally working.

I wanted to thank my friend Kaye for visiting and reading the blog yesterday. She sent me a nice email afterwards. I really appreciate that. Thank you, Kaye.

I'm 97% back to where I was emotionally before the trip that went awry. I'm getting there. So life is getting better.

May this be a great day for all of you.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Dentist, The Devil, and Ethics

Did you all know that the number one occupation among serial killers is dentist? That's what I once read. OK, been so busy with caregiving that I let me teeth go. As part of getting in optimium health, dentistry has to be included in the plan. I'm really doing well on my three step plan to find someone to share my life with. Get healthy, get fit, get out there. The first one is almost there. I do now have twelve more pounds to lose to get at my high school weight. A lot less then the 44 I had at the beginning of my plan. I am off several of the medications that I was on, reduced a lot of the others, and will eventually arrive at the place where I am off all medication. Things are going great. I decided to go head to head against my fear of dentists. Scheduled an appointment for Monday. Of course what happened could only happen to me. I had a deep cleaning Monday. Because of some problems they run into they only did half my mouth and scheduled another appointment for yesterday. Monday was easier than I thought. I did really well in the dental chair. UNTIL The next morning when I woke up and my mouth was swollen. I called the dentist and they said that just isn't normal. They had me come back in on Tuesday to look it over. There first guess was a latex infection. Nope wasn't that. Thank goodness they discovered that before they gave me a medication that the way things were going I'd probably would have had a reaction to. They said put some ice on it and when you come in for your appointment tomorrow we will check it again. Wednesday I went in for the appointment, the swelling was way down. They looked at again and they deterimined it was a bite. My Monday appointment was at 11 and as soon as it was over I was starved so I ate lunch before the novicaine wore off. As part of eating with a dead mouth I bit myself. Only me. Yesterday's appointment went well. This morning everything looks as abnormal as it did before the appointment.

The last three days besides the dentist I have also been dealing with the devil. The devil's name is Verizon. I hope those idiots are reading this post because they without a doubt are one of the worst companies on the planet as far as customer service goes. They would have to improve to stink at customer service. Think I'm upset? I'm only starting. We decided to hook up a land line in mom's apartment at C. Springs. Monday I called to set up the phone. First they have a phone system with four hundred and fifty choices and none of them have to do with ordering new service. They start out by asking if the number you are calling about is the one that you called them on. Then if you answer no they ask what number you are calling about. How do I know what freaking number that I am calling about, it hasn't been set up yet? I finally figured out if I hit the o key four times it takes me to a breathing person. So I did that. Got a really nice lady that took my order and said they would be out to set up the phone between 8 and 10 Tuesday morning. I went out there to be at mom's apartment when they came. At 10:30 they still hadn't got there, I had the pleasure of going through Verizon's menu from hell again. Finally got another breathing person. They said they dispatched somebody at 10 and they would be out within the hour. When they hadn't shown up by two, I went through the Verizon menu from hell again and got another live person. This one told me that Mom's phone was never scheduled to be set up on Tuesday but it was scheduled for Wednesday. When I politely asked why then had they told me six different times that it was scheduled for Tuesday and why if it was scheduled for Wednesday had they told me thay had dispatched someone on Tuesday the response I got was "What do you want me to tell you?". You idiot I want you to tell me when the phone is going to be working. It is now Thursday morning and mom's phone still isn't working. I called the Verizon menu from hell again yesterday afternoon and after getting to a breathing person was told they had hooked the phone up but there was trouble on the line and it would cost two hundred dollars for them to come out and fix it. Instead I called a friend who has a small phone repair company. He came out and said the line was so screwed up that he couldn't do anything. He called the Verizon repair office directly and told them what they had to do. Verizon said they will be out between 8 and 6 today to fix the phone at no cost. I do wonder, however, if when they come out to fix the phone they will have enough freaking brains to go the apartment and make sure the phone is working before they leave. They never had that many brains before on their supposed previous trips to C. Springs. I sincerely hope mom's phone is working sometime today. Oh and by the way the people at C. Springs said several other residents have had the same problem with Verizon. Being incompetent must be contagious. Verizon can threaten to sue me if they want but I'm not removing this post, they deserve every word.

Ethics is what I was learning about yesterday. Us accoutants are required to take a four hour course in ethics every two years. The only course that fit my schedule was in Corvallis a little city about ninety minutes from my home base. Course starts at 8:3o so I had to be on the road early. They actually take attendance at these things before they hand out verification that we attended. Following my flexible ethics after they handed out the verification after the 10:15 break, I left and came home to get ready for the dentist.

That has been my week. How has yours been?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm It

A friend sent me this game so I thought I would play Blog Tag.


1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning

2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.

3. At the end of the post, the player tags 5 people and posts their name, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they've been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

What was I doing 10 years ago? Working by fanny off building my own business

Five snacks I enjoy in a perfect, non weight-gaining world:

1. Ice cream just any

2. Organic chocolate covered hazelnuts.

3. Fat Free potato chips.

4. Oreos

5. Popcorn

Five snacks I enjoy in the real world:

The same as in my dream world

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire:

1. start a charitable foundation named after my parents to pay for dementia research, breast cancer research, organ transplants, and for college schlorships for children of poor parents.

2. Buy a winter home in Los Angeles.

3. Fly women in from all over the world until I found the right one to marry.

4. Hire a chauffeur.

5. Make my siblings, friends, and mom millionaires.

Five jobs that I have had:

1. Boxboy in a grocery store.

2. Delivered flowers.

3. Chief Financial officer for a dental manufacturer.

4. Accountant for a Big 8 firm.

5. Boss of my own business.

Five of my habits:

1. Money in descending order by denomination in my wallet.

2. Pennies in one pocket, other change in the other.

3. Walk at least three miles every morning.

4. Watching Top Chef every Wednesday

5. Up at five every morning.

Five places I have lived:

1. Billings, Montana

2. Pocatello, Idaho

3. Los Angeles, California

4. Ashland, Oregon

5. Portland, Oregon

Five people we should all get to know better: (A nice way of saying TAG!)

I don't know if I can do five without repeating yours. I ended up with four.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Sunday

Haven't really got a lot to say today so just basically am going to do miscellaneous thoughts and let you know some of the things that I did last week.

Today took mom too church. She hasn't been to church in quite a while and wanted to go. It is hard for her to go because she can't walk far distances. We have two wheelchairs for her one is the mobil wheelchair and one is a regular wheelchair. The mobile chair is to big to get into my car and we just can't afford the cost of a van right now. So I took the regular wheelchair. We went to the Sherwood Methodist Church because it was the closest church to us. It went really, really well. So many people came up to mom and introduced themselves that she was kind of in seventh heaven. Mom is a social animal so when people talk to her she is really in her element. The music was good, the message topical, and the church beautiful. I'm glad we went.

Speaking of the mobil wheelchair it is time for me to confess to a really weird thing I did on the day that we moved Mom. At about 1:30 I was exhausted and had probably put over twenty miles on my legs by then. Not to mention the lifting. So you know what I did from 1:30 on? I got that mobile wheelchair, set it on the fastest speed and used that thing to move mom's stuff. I would carry a couple of boxes on my lap and then take off like a Nascaar driver. It made the move a lot more fun and it was certainly faster than walking. Inventive? Yes. Weird? Yes. Would I do it again? Yes.

Went to the new Indiana Jones movie the other day and really didn't like it. Thought it was slow moving, boring, and they showed basically the same scene over and over again. There really isn't a lot of movies out there right now that are any good. So far the best movie playing anywhere is on HBO, called RECOUNT.

I really kind of wanted Hilliary to be the nominee but I wanted to win the lottery too and neither happened this week. Although I would love to see Barrack choose her as a running mate, don't think it will happen. Be interesting so who McCain picks as his running mate also.

That is all for the day. So what weird thing have you done in the past, that you would do over again?

May this be a great day for all of you.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Top Chef Plus What I Learned About My Life This Week

First, Top Chef. I am pretty sure the finals will be between Stephanie and Richard because there is no way in hell Lisa has a chance to win and if she does I will be spitting nails. Lisa has to be one of the most unlikable people ever on TV. She was upset that Richard and Stephanie didn't congratulate her on making the final three and told them she thought that they thought the wrong person went home. You think? Where has Lisa been the past twelve weeks or so when the three best chefs, Antonia, Richard, and Stephanie bonded and worked so well together? I have news for Lisa 91% of the people polled wanted Lisa to go, 5% wanted Antonia to go, 2% each wanted Richard and Stephanie to go and those 2% were Lisa's relatives! The final show should be interesting.

Next, I learned a lot this week. I learned that I hate accounting seminars. Also learned that sometimes men really are annoying. In the men's rest room at one of the seminars there is a sign on the light switch that says "turn lights off when leaving." The only time the lights were shut off is when I left. None of the others ever shut that light off. I always thought most men could read!

The other thing I learned is moving is darn hard especially when the assisted living center where mom is at kind of pushed mom out of respite care to the new apartment and did so by promising to help with the move. They didn't keep their promise. They didn't help at all. We hired movers to move the big stuff from home to the new apartment and from the old apartment to the new apartment but since C. Springs had promised to help move the clothes etc we let the movers go after the big stuff was done. I ended up having to move the stuff a long with Mom. We got done about three. I spent the night at Mom's apartment because I felt she might have trouble adjusting to the new surroudings. She did fine and truthfully it was nice to have another body around at night.

Which is the last thing that I learned. I no longer like being alone. I really like having company. It is a place that I thought I would never arrive at. So I am thinking about getting a roommate. I'm not going to do anything rash until I have thought things through. But it is something that I am considering.

Hope this is a great day of all of you.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mom's New Apartment

With accounting seminars and Mom's new apartment it has been on busy week. Mom decided on moving to another apartment within the same facility that she is in. She likes the new place a little better because the living room is bigger, the view is better, and the bathroom is off of the bedroom insteand of between the living room and bedroom. When she decided to move to the new apartment she decided she wanted some of her items at the house in the new apartment too. A couch, chair, bed etc. So we hired some movers to meet us at Mom's house this morning, then move the items from her house to the new apartment, and then items from the old apartment to the new apartment. Since the movers were going to be at mom's house at 9 this morning it worked better that Mom and spent last night at Mom's house. I actually enjoyed being there and Mom was the happiest that she has been in a long time. I do think Mom is going to move back home at some point. The regular caregiver wants to come back in September, The regular caregiver also knows a couple of other people that want a job a couple of nights a week, and I have a cousin that needs a job and a place to stay that would love to live with Mom. So maybe it is in the cards.

Because of the seminar and staying at Mom's house I missed Top Chef last night as Mom doesn't have Bravo. I did record it and am heading up to watch it as we speak.

As to the seminars. Damn I count the minutes until those things end! Tomorrow's seminar should be easy as it is only a four hour seminar. Eight hour accounting seminars seem like sixteen hour seminars and four hour accounting seminars seem like eight hour ones! Darn we need a lot of education to keep our licenses. Forty hours a year. To much in my opinion.

Hope this is a great day for all of you.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rained Out

The game I was going to today was rained out so the day's schedule has changed a bit. Instead of baseball games and hot dogs it is going to be Mom and moving. Mom is seriously considering moving to a different apartment within the facility she is living in now. It is a nicer apartment but a few more steps to the dining room and to the elevator. She likes the apartment a little better because it is closer to the activity room where she plays bridge. In addition she likes the fact that the bathroom is off of the bedroom instead of between the living room and bedroom. This makes for a much larger living room. I am going out a little while to do some measuring just to see how far it is from her apartment now and the new apartment to the dining room etc. Then she can make some decisions.

Off to explore the moving possibilities. Hope this is a great day for all of you.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Blog Schedule

Because I messed up and waited to schedule my continuing education next week is going to be a weird week and I won't be posting daily messages so I wanted to let you know what my schedule is and my plans as to when I will post to the blog. That way you won't waste your valuable time coming to the blog when there won't be anything new here.

Monday - no post. I will be in an eight hour seminar and those boring accounting seminars wear me out. The subject is so boring and technical it isn't worth mentioning here. When I get home probably I will probably just kick back and not do the computer thing.

Tuesday - If it rains in Portland will post a normal message. If it doesn't rain my friend Al has invited me to a baseball game/lunch. Every so often our triple A franchise does a business man's special where they play a game at 11 a.m. This is what is going on Tuesday. If it doesn't rain there will be a small message on Tuesday Morning.

Wednesday - no post. Another boring accounting seminar. I will be learing all about Tax Favored Health Care Plans and Medicare.

Thursday - normal schedule only day of the week nothing planned. Probably will take mom to lunch to get her out a bit.

Friday - Four hour seminar during which I will be being taught all about Travel and Entertainment, if there is a post it will be late in the afternoon.

Hope your week is an outstanding one!