Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sock It To Me.

Some updates before today's entry.

The results of Mark's tests were negative and he doesn't have a tumor on his thyroid. They did see a small spot on his lung but the doctors weren't concerned about it. He is going in for more tests in a couple of months. Still keep him in your prayers and good thoughts.

Got a really nice E-mail from Adi, AKA, Snugpug. She is another one to keep in your prayers and good thoughts re her husband. Here is part of her E-mail:

"Well, things are looking up in that the infection is being contained, now that He is halfway through the course of antibiotics. But the doctors still don't know what caused it. Is that so important?

They're now rehabbing the problem with his legs. He's got feeling but minimal strength. At the most, he'll be going home in a wheelchair.

The curve ball is that the abdominal scan has shown that his kidney cyst has grown, and there are two new cysts in the liver. This is a source of concern because of the cirrhosis. However, he is too weak now to go through a biopsy. So there are still many problems that need to be tackled further along.

And as he is the househusband, he is also secondary caregiver to my parents. All that has of course ground to a halt. I need to think of a Plan B for them now.

So, one thing at a time.

And I'm so grateful for all the good thoughts that are holding us up. "

On to today's post:

Sock it to me:

In honor of most of the followers of the blog being women we are honoring woman today. Powerful women:

Look into your eyes. You may see some unusual things:

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Boring Tuesday.

Tuesday is always the nothing day of the week. Monday it is back to work. Wednesday is Hump Day. Thursday is Over The Hump Day. Friday is the start to the weekend. But what is Tuesday? Nothing. A boring day. So going with the flow today we are doing boring articles. Well, maybe to some but they were interesting to me.

Dumb criminals, boring?

Weather, boring?

Firing your dad stories, boring?

Comment Away.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Your Update, My Go Boom In The Night.

I updated you yesterday on what was going on in my life. Turn about is fair play. Today you update me on your life, at least I hope you do.

I am really ready for tax season to be over. I'm exhausted. With me doing five days a week at The Firm and weekends at Mom's I haven't had a day of since mom got sick on February 1. I need a me day. I barely have time for showers right now. I do my laundry at Mom's when I am there so I am clean dude, just a tired one.

I might squeeze a little cleaning into today so I enjoyed the following article:

Do you know who invented chess? Tents? Now you will:

I plan on having a quiet day so I hope the people around me and the occult will cooperate.

The blog is now yours. Catch me up. Comment Away. Vent. Give an inspiring speech. Post whatever you damn well please.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Dog & The Chicken

I have a busy day planned but thought I would post a couple of updates before heading off into the wild blue yonder.

I had dinner with Mark last night and it was both good and bad. He is still having a really hard time getting over the death of his wife. The one year anniversary of her death will be next Friday. The prostate cancer is stable and his PSA levels are normal. He has a CATSCAN scheduled for Monday because they think there may be a tumor on his thyroid. So prayers and good thoughts are still needed. To show you what a kind of man Mark is with all that is going on with him he still brought my Mom flowers. I dropped them off to her on the way home from dinner. She was so pleased. Today we are all three going to lunch and then going back to Mom's to work on Mark's estate.

I also received a nice update mail from Adi, also known as Snugpug. Her husband (and her) still need out support. Please keep her husband, her, and her family in your daily thoughts and prayers:

"it's a series of ups and downs. He was showing signs of progress, and the hospital wanted to move him to another hospital that has a neuroscience centre. However late last night after the move, he had difficulty in breathing, and was moved to the ICU and intubated. He is still sedated and intubated today, oxygen levels are good, pulse normal, bp mostly ok but dips now and then. They are starting to reduce 100% oxygen. The breathing difficulty was likely caused by a bloated abdomen pressing into the diaphragm. They are draining the fluid, and assured me it's not like the varices last time, there's no sign of bleeding. Probably his system not functioning very well because of all the other stresses. It's a secondary problem to the meningitis, which is responding to antibiotics but will take time. They also said TB was one of the bacteria found, but it is not like he has TB. The other hospital found some signs of stroke in their MRI, and although they ruled it out after no sign of blood clots in an ultrasound, this neuro centre wants another MRI tomorrow to reexamine that. They will also check his heart, because there's infection in the blood, may get into the heart and therefore account for those stroke-like things in that first MRI."

Snug we all hope life gets easier for you and your husband. Sometimes I think it is harder on the supporter then it is on the patient because it is such a helpless feeling. My heart just goes out to you.

A couple of fun stories to end today's post:

Good dog. Next up the blog is going to the birds:

Off to chase chickens. Comment Away.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Snowy Commute.

I think I will be late to work this morning. A couple of inches of snow on the ground. The way the fools drive here it is best to stay home until the snow melts.

This will be the last post until Saturday at the earliest and Sunday at the latest. Tonight is at Mom's, tomorrow and Saturday my friend Mark (the one that lost his wife) is visiting to go over his taxes and estate. He really deserves more of my attention than the blog. I know all of you understand.

On to the post, starting with a question. Is the following real or a hoax:

On to good health news:

Time for me to quit talking and start preparing for an ugly commute.

Comment Away.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Health Day.

Before today's post we need prayers for Adi, who posts here as Snugpug. Her husband is in the hospital with a serious illness he is improving but prayers and good vibes would be appreciated.

Today we are doing health. First up is a new challenge for teenagers that my be harming their health:

Boy I don't know, cinnamon is good in short supply so I would avoid this challenge at all costs and would hope my nieces and nephews do the same.

A surprising link to Type-2 Diabetes:;_ylt=AtWPWzf3PJ8glrmqYP2T3ams0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTQ2azFkZHNrBG1pdANTZWN0aW9uTGlzdCBGUCBIZWFsdGgEcGtnAzhlNjYzZDkwLWI0MTQtMzI2YS04ZDdhLWJiNTAwM2YxNzY5NQRwb3MDMwRzZWMDTWVkaWFTZWN0aW9uTGlzdAR2ZXIDOWUxZGU2OTAtNmVmOC0xMWUxLWI3ZGYtMDgzYTRjYmI5ZTk4;_ylg=X3oDMTFrM25vcXFyBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdAMEcHQDc2VjdGlvbnMEdGVzdAM-;_ylv=3

I remember going to a dietician with Mom's diabetes and the rule was stay away from anything white. White bread, for example. This study kind of confirms what was expected several years ago.

Next up is a warning for women:

I don't have a purse so I will leave the comments to you.

Comment Away.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Today we are doing firestorms.

Here is the resignation letter that caused an Internet firestorm of epic proportions:

Here is an article that should cause a firestorm:

After reading the above articles and thinking about the contents I have to sleep on it for a while:

Comment Away.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Doing The Right Thing

Happy Sunday. A day of work for me. Cousin D & Friend Al get their taxes done.

A brief update.

Yesterday and today at Mom's. Last week Thursday night at Mom's but not overnight just there until the caregiver got there. Friday a very nice dinner with my friend Nancie. Next week nothing on the agenda but work and more work.

Had an interesting experience at work last week. We have a client that had two farms this year and inherited a third. All of the farms are in another state besides Oregon. That state has an income tax. Because of the additional farm this year the income was higher than previous years. My boss, M, thought we needed to file an Illinois return not only for this year but for the three previous years. Her take was we will probably lose the client but we have to do the right thing. I started looking into and adding a second state return to his return ended up saving the dude thirteen grand. The deal is one of the farm's was in his wife's name. None of us really knew that until this year when I did my digging. These farms were profitable and subject to self-employment tax. When you separated out the farms and put one of them in his wife's name all the self-employment tax went away. The reason? Three-fold. All of the profit was in her farm. She had already paid the maximum in social security tax on her W-2 form. And she didn't do anything active to produce the farm income. She was here, the farm was in another state. You are only dinged for self-employment tax if you do anything active. So I transferred her farm to form 4835, which is a farm rental schedule. The client is extremely happy. He couldn't believe it, he kept saying you mean I save three thousand, and it took me about ten minutes to convince him he saved thirteen grand. And whatever tax they paid to the other state came back to him on the Oregon return as a credit for taxes paid to another state. Oregon has a kicker in the law that doesn't allow a taxpayer to pay tax to two states on the same income. Of course the boss is extremely happy also, told the story all over the office. Used it as an example of how we should always do the right thing. And of course I am happy. We went from probably losing a client to having a client for life. I give credit to my boss. I like her honesty. She gives me credit, which of course I like.

That's it for today. I would love to hear the update on your life. How all of you and your friends are doing health wise and life wise. Would love to hear about events attended or coming up. And I would to love to hear your stories of when you did the right thing and instead of coming back to haunt you, it turned out amazingly well.

You can also post anything you damn well please. The blog is now yours.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Going Green

I am green today and not with envy. Ever wonder why we wear green on Saint Patrick's Day?

It was a good thing that the person in the following article didn't have the luck of the Irish because an honest person found the gold:

Did I use the phrase "Luck of The Irish" correctly? Some say yes, because the phrase means bad luck. Others say it means good luck.

So I hope today is lucky for you but for the time being I will refrain from wishing you Luck Of The Irish but I will wish you HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!

Comment Away.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Castles In The Air

I like Fridays. End of the work week. After work I have a dinner date with Nancie. Then I can sleep in. Fridays are like castles in the air:

Before the weekend starts I have to deal with a few tax returns and people trying to deduct some weird things:

A while back we talked mantyhouse. Today it is pantihose.

Comment Away and then go out and have a great Friday!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Breaking Away

After tax season I may take a break and go on a mini-vacation. I haven't used my suitcases for a long time. I might check them before the end of tax season:

I like people that try to bring a little light into others' lives:

Except for lunch hour I don't really take morning or afternoon breaks at work. Not fifteen minute ones but little ones, yes. Are breaks a good idea:

Comment Away.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

An Update

Happy Sunday. I hope you remembered to move your clocks forward one hour. If not do so now.

An update from Kaye. Her boyfriend had brain surgery last week, This is pretty good news:

"Dave's surgery's went as planned and he is doing very well. They discharged him yesterday and he is home. He's a little weak, but otherwise very good. Still has some difficulty reading, but that improves a little each day. He can spell out a word, just can't always pronounce it. His memory is intact and his conversational skills are great. He finally slept the whole nite last night.... he never got more than 30 minutes of uninterrupted sleep at the hospital. His incision was longer than I expected, but no bruising! Doctor's are amazing in what they can do now. "

My update.

Did three nights last week at Mom's besides working because the caregiver was ill. I did find out that when I stay there a night when I have to go to work the next day it really makes the mornings difficult and rushed.

I am doing well at work. The male boss was surprised when I told him how many returns I had already done. In a month? That was his response. Truth is I have done more than I told him because I have four or five returns pretty much done but waiting for one item.

Didn't really have time to do anything for me last week except yesterday when I went to a movie, This Means War. It was OK, I had a free ticket and that made it better.

Next Week:

No overnights at Mom's. Thursday night there and Saturday day there. Piece of cake. At work, a lot of freaking work. That is it for next week.

The blog is now yours. Update me on your life. Tell me if you have friends or relatives that need prayers and/or good vibes. Got anything exciting

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Boxers Or Briefs?

Boxers or briefs? Today it is briefs. Legal briefs and a brief post. Off to Mom's in an hour or two to do her errands and take her to lunch. The caregiver is back so I didn't have to stay there last night or tonight. It really is a relief. The caregiver even took care of dinner for tonight so it will be an easy Saturday. Well maybe not easy but it will be helpful to knock off items on my to do list.

First up, good parents or bad parents:

Next up, good result or bad result:

Finally, the right outcome or the wrong outcome?

Comment Away.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Inflatable Friday

Ah, it is Friday! Friday is a day that has different meanings when you are working then when you are not. When you are not working it is just like any other day of the week. But when you are working it is the end of the week and the start of the weekend. It means I can sleep in. At least it means that tonight but not so much tomorrow night when we have to do the stupid semi-annual frustration of messing with our clocks. Clocks around the houses and body clocks. Spring forward, fall back. Officially it is 2:00 AM Sunday morning when you move your clocks an hour forward. I plan on doing that Saturday night before I go to bed. I am so excited about losing an hour because it will give me less time to do the twenty-six items on my to do list. I need to complete tax returns for a first cousin and a second cousin so they know I haven't forgotten. I think I might ad a twenty-seventh item to my to do list. Find the idiot that came up with the idea of daylight savings time and make him watch one hundred hours of The Brady Bunch reruns.

Speaking of overkill:

I am glad we all survived the following:

As a single man I always say I have high standards in the women I would like to date. They have to be between 30 & 99 and not inflatable. I might change that to include inflatable at some point. Maybe I will start with someone like the woman in the following article:;_ylt=AvEwJvH_LgaGkJXPXOF7HIGs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTN2dDkxMnBlBG1pdANPZGQgRnJvbnQgUGFnZQRwa2cDZmYwODQ0ODUtMzMwNi0zZTI4LTg2ZmYtY2YzZWQyNGY4NDkwBHBvcwMzBHNlYwNNZWRpYVNlY3Rpb25MaXN0BHZlcgM1YzM4NzAwNS02OWMyLTExZTEtYjdmYi03MzE2NDE1M2I4MzQ-;_ylg=X3oDMTFrM25vcXFyBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdAMEcHQDc2VjdGlvbnMEdGVzdAM-;_ylv=3

Comment Away.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Touching, The Lucky, & The Scary.

Wednesday is the half way point of the week and it is a day I look forward to. Forward to ending. Because that means only two days until the pressure to perform is off. I am also looking forward to a week from this Friday when I connect with Nancie again. In January she started a two year college program in massage. She feels, and I think correctly, that will be a nice addition to her reflexology business. She has been really busy with her work schedule and classes three or four days a week. I really admire her efforts to better herself. I am looking forward to catching up with her to see how it is going.

Let's start the day off with a touching story:

Let's continue the post with a lucky story"

And let's end today's post with a scary story.

Comment Away.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Hero

I wasn't going to do a post today but this story is just to good not to share:

Off to work. Comment Away and then go out and enjoy the day!

Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Monday!

Home from Mom's and getting ready to go to work but thought I would post a short entry for today. Before a couple of links just thought I would say that after my two days there Mom she is the best she has been since the start of the year. I kept it light and low pressure. We went out a couple of times (she normally only gets out if I take her) and everywhere we went the waitresses treated her like a star.

First up today is movie recommendations:

Now the good C.E.O.:

Now before heading of to work, I think the blog is going to the birds. Big Bird.

Comment Away.


Next Blog Entry is Wednesday

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Updates

Happy Sunday. Most of mine will be spent at Mom's. Sometimes that makes me happy, sometimes it doesn't. Are you happy? I'm happy damn it!

Since this is update day, let's update you on the animal hall of fame:

Here is an update from a story we had within the last couple of weeks:

Now on to my update. Last week - A lot of freaking work. Next week - A lot of freaking work.

OK, it is your turn update me on what is going on in your lives. Would love to hear from all of you! Post anything you damn well please!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Bucket List

The caregiver is sick so my life gets even busier the next few days. Besides work, my own job, etc, I now have two additional days and nights at Mom's. I am upset with the caregiver. She refuses to get a flu shot so she gets sick every year. We would pay for the flu shot for her but I guess she would rather lose a week of work every year. I don't know what the blog schedule will be next week except there won't be an entry on Monday. No time in the morning when I am at Mom's and then have to come home to get ready for work.

Let's today start with a story about science:

There is show on TV called Undercover Boss. I like the show a lot. Maybe there should be a new show on TV called Undercover Grandmother:

The score was the Miami Heat 107 The Portland Trailblazers 93. While the Trailblazers were on the short end of the score they didn't lose that night they won. Get the tissues out and read about a teen that will inspire you to forget about your problems and live your life to the fullest:

What is on your bucket list?

I am sure I am going to miss a few and I am free to add things to my bucket list later but right now I will go with the following:

Save a life. I have saved a few lives during my lifetime but that was because I was good at reacting in an emergency crisis not because I risked life and limb to save someone. I want to do something heroic before I die.

Finish a book and have it published. I have published two books before but they were about football, I want to write one about life.

Give a sermon at church.

Do a standup comedy routine.

Go to the Oscars..

Go to the Super Bowl.

Conquer my fear of heights.

Learn to swim.

Live one day without pain.

Win the lottery and give it away to people that need it.

See the Grand Canyon.

Meet Sandra Bullock

Meet all five of the Satellite Sisters (three to go)

Travel to Billings, Montana and see the hospital I was born in. It is still there, I checked.

Ask a stranger for a date. Everyone once in a great while I get smiles from women when I am grocery shopping. How hard would it be to ask them to have a cup of coffee? Very hard for me. But just one time.

See a Dodger game again.

Meet a president. Preferably a Democrat but a Republican would count for the bucket list.

Spend a week in a Children's hospital helping out.

That is mine for now. I am going to be adding things everyday like young Natalie does. And today on the list it to pray that miracles happen and Natalie is cured.

Comment Away. Your bucket list interests me to no end. Please share it.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Death & Taxes

Nothing to controversial today, just death with dignity and taxes. But let's start the day with good news:

Now the IRS horror story:

It is kind of sad but the woman could have solved her problem early on by doing something that takes less that five minutes. Send the IRS an address form. Or she could have included form 8822 (change of address) when she filed her tax return. This is a lesson for all of you, if you change your address (even if you move across the street) file form 8822 with the next tax return you file. It could save you a ton of misery in the future.

From taxes to death with dignity. Oregon has a death with dignity law that allows you to legally commit suicide if you have a terminal disease. I think if it was discovered that I was dying, rather than let my family watch me decline or watch myself decline I might seriously consider using the death with dignity law, You?

The following article deals with death with dignity. It is a story of an advisor now facing the toughest decision a soul can make:

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