Saturday, August 30, 2008

Question of The Day

My favorite posts are the ones that are interactive and the ones where I get to learn more about you.

A couple of things first. I have gone from being scared about the comedy class to being excited about it because of the positive feedback I am getting and sometimes the feedback comes from the least expected source. My sister told my mom she thought it was a great idea, quoting sis to mom "this could be a new career for him, he is really funny." I'm not looking for a new career just more confidence. The weird thing is that the support from all of you here, from family, and friends has already given me more confidence. So part of the goal has been met just by thinking about the class! Thank you all for that.

Tomorrow mom and I are going to church. The minister that we have had for several years is embarking on a new career and tomorrow will be his last Sunday. We want to support him in his new endeavor, say good bye, and wish him luck.

Today it is football city. A friend invited me to the Portland State vs. Western Oregon football game at 1 today. Of course we have to go early to experience the tailgating! Should make for a fun day.

Now the question of the day. Let say you are sitting home quietly enjoying the evening and the phone rings. The regular speaker for church, book club, women's club, Rotary Club, etc. has canceled their appearance on one day's notice and they have asked you to fill in. What would you give your speech/sermon on? Mine would be one of two, Never Give Up or Love Yourself.

OK, your turn.

May you love yourself today!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Waiver, Epitaths, and Who Will Succeed Me?

I registered for the comedy class and they sent me a waiver to sign. It looks like this class may be dangerous and I may not survive all eight weeks of it alive.

Of course since I want to take the class I am going to sign the waiver. However, since it may be a killer class it brings up several questions.

What do you think my epitath should be? (Maybe "he died laughing")

What one phrase would you use for an epitath that would either define you or your life?

And if I don't survive the class which one of you would like to take over my blog and keep it going? Maybe a relay team with each one of you taking a week, that way the blog could keep going for a few weeks after my demise.

The waiver has me contemplating so many things!

May this be a great day for all of you!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Handicapping Dancing With The Stars 7.

In the order of first eliminated.

All Pro Football player Warren Sapp and my favorite Kym Johnson (met her at a tour)

Comedian Jeffrey Ross and the body Edyta Sliwinska

81 year-old actress Gloris Leachman and Corky Ballas (Mark's dad)

Ted McGinley, Happy Days Actor, and new pro Inna Brayer

Reality actress and despicable human being Kim Kardashian and pro Mark Ballas

Singer Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer. Pat you should remember the new pro, Lacey, she was a finalist on So You Think You Can Dance.

Susan Lucci , 61, All My Children Actress and pr o Tony Dovolani.

Model, hostess Brook Burke and Derek Hough.

Pop Singer Toni Braxton and Alex Mazo

Freguent Top Chef guest judge Rocco DiSpirito

Cody Linley, 18, of Hannah Montana and Julianne Hough

Olympic Medalist once deemed the fastest man in the world, Maurice Greene and pro
Cheryl Burke.

And the winner is:

Olympic medalist and volley ball star Misty May-Treanor and pro Makism Cherkovsky

I reserve the right to update my picks after each week.

So what does everyone else think?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Who Inspires You?

I made the comment that generally throughout my life that women inspired me and men disappointed me. Sure there were some exceptions to that rule, my dad, the dean of men in high school who trusted me completely without any strings attached, and the doctor that stood faithfully beside me during the eight year recovery. However, generally there never has been a truer statement about my life.

Here is part of a message Lady Dr posted in response to my claim:

Interesting, your comment that, generally,women have inspired and men disappointed. With a couple of exceptions, I've found just the opposite. Men have inspired and even "pushed" me to test and try and explore, while women have often discouraged or explained (sometimes at length) why it "couldn't be."As I say, there have been exceptions, CJ certainly being one and some of the S16 group, but by and large it's been men who've provided me motivation and support. I don't think this is the place to get into that -- you have plenty of response! -- but it might be an interesting issue to explore in the future, do you think? I mean, are you and I "strange" or have others found the same to be true. Not that we can have a balanced discussion, since we don't seem to have other guys here... and that raises another interesting question of "how come?" You can't be the only intelligent, sensitive man on the earth who's capable of communication, can you? Then again...

OK two questions everyone. When you look at your life, then and now, who inspires you the most men or women? Why don't you think there are more men posting on this blog?

I'm looking forward to your answers.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Should I Go Out of My Comfort Zone?

I apologize in advance for the length of this post but I am going to ask your help in me making what very well could be a life changing decision and you deserve all the facts before giving me that help.

The last time I went out of my comfort zone I started this blog. What some of you might not know is that I am an extremely private person that has a very difficult time talking about his emotions. That is why I started the blog, to learn how to put my emotions out there, to improve my writing skills, to meet new people, and to get some feedback. Letting go of my privacy issues on some days has been really difficult but when I've done it, it has been really rewarding. Although the blog is out of my comfort zone it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. All of you have taught me that sharing my feelings won't get me killed, quite the contrary it will result in support of some wonderful women out there. Mary, Mary Z, Lady DR, Dona, Lisa, Kaye, Bev, Sian, Kim, Janet, Pat, Ellen, Symply, Snugpug, Shirley, and numerous others have been a treasure to have here. I cannot tell you how much you have helped me and how much of a better man I am for knowing each and everyone of you. Going out of my comfort zone worked once, can it twice? And on a much larger scale?

I've been thinking a lot about my life and I have come to the conclusion that women inspire me and men usually disappoint me (Dad being the exception). I am thinking about going way outside of my comfort zone because once again two women have inspired me. The words of one woman that I know and the actions of a woman I don't know, have never met, and probably will never meet have inspired me to the point that I am seriously considering doing something completely outside of my comfort zone. At the end of this post I want you all to tell me should I stretch the limit of my pysche or find another venue a little less outside my comfort zone?

Mary when I asked what I could do to make my blog better you posted a comment that has had a huge impact on me. That comment was that in person that I was one of the funniest men that you know. That comment made me feel great and is a big part of me seriously considering taking comedy classes. I truly would rather have all ten fingers and ten toes amputated then ever get in front of an audience but you have a least given me the strength to consider it.

Now the woman that I don't know, have never met, and probably will never meet used to be a co-hostess of a radio show and now is a co-hostess of a podcast. I'm not doing names because I just think it could be perceived as unethical that I might be using her name to build up my blog traffic. That isn't and never will be me. I love the podcasts, it is five women hosting a tri-weekly podcast. The podcasts are often informative and more often very funny. Here is a link to their podcasts, One of their funniest segments is called The Lab Rats, where two of the hostesses test consumer products. Here is a link to that segment of the show,

I started listening to them on the radio last October. I've learned something from all five of the hostesses but I gravitated towards one because she is so open about her life and her life seems to be the most like mine. A wicked self-depreciating sense of humor, somewhat insecure, and seemingly not much direction in her life. Like the female me. She mentioned on one of her podcasts in late March that she was taking comedy classes. Watching from afar her transformation from then to now has been really an eye opener for me. Here is her final exam, her own standup gig.

What I see in that video is a self-confident woman that knows exactly what she wants. I think she has the level of talent that she will eventually be a pretty well known comic.

Combining Mary's words with the above lady's transformation has lead me to really think about how I can obtain what I want in life. When I walk into an IRS audit I walk in with the attitude that my client is in the best hands that they could possibly be in and when I leave that room I will leave it with the auditor's respect and the client's loyalty. I want that kind of confidence in my social life. I've come to the conclusion that if I want someone in my life there is a better chance if I ask someone for a date. I just have to get to the point that if I ask someone there is no way they can say no.

Which brings me to the class that I am thinking about taking. Here is a link with some information about it

I'm not looking for a new career. I'm not looking for a new venue to express myself. I'm looking to be a better and more confident person. I'm also looking for more direction in my life. Maybe improve my creativity and writing. Can this class do it for me?

Starting this blog was like jumping off a three foot cliff, taking a comedy class is like jumping out of an airplane at 20,000 feet. What will you all think of me if I sign up for the class then after two weeks drop out in a pool of sweat?

The blog is now in your hands. This one time I'm not asking for kindness and niceness, I want brutal honesty. If you think this is one of the stupidiest ideas that I've ever considered and completely wrong for me by all means say so.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Busy But Boring

Life has been pretty busy with a lot of company and a lot of meetings so there really hasn't been a lot to write about the past few days. Today I am just posting miscellaneous items about the week that was.

Here was an article in yesterday's The Oregonian about the company that owns the assisted living center where mother is at:

I don't agree with the representative of Sun West as I think their financial straits has affected the care of residents. It shows up in several ways. One is the diet. The diet they now have is a terrible diet for anyone let alone senior citizens. I have a hunch the diet is the way it is because of cost cutting. It also shows up in staff turnover. They don't pay well and don't have any benefits so as soon as a better job comes along the residential aides are gone. It also shows up in the facility being short staffed. I am hoping that now the financial straits of the company is out in the open that the publicity will force them to at least improve their diet options.

I was at mom's facility a couple of times last week for meals. One expected, one unexpected. I am learning that senior citizens are really recycled college students living in a dorm with all the social clashes that the college dorm had. At the facility where mom is at they have the main building which is where the assisted living portion of the facility is. Outside of the building they have cottages which are independent living. The insiders get three meals a day, the cottages get one meal a day. Mom has become friends with a couple that live in the cottage and they always sit together for lunch. At dinner mom sits with a different couple. Both couples are very nice but I found out somewhat territorial. When I had lunch with mom on Monday we sat with the cottage couple. Wow did the dinner couple ever get hurt and upset that I didn't sit with them. So in order of peace in the world and assisted living centers, I went out to dinner at mom's the next night and sat with the dinner couple. Whew, tragedy avoided.

Wednesday we met with the guy that is going to remodel mom's house. That took a couple of hours. I really like what is going to be done because it is basically going to turn a somewhat unusable den into a third bedroom. I'm kind of excited about it and so is mom.

Yesterday my nephew, my brother's son, and his wife visited mom and I. My nephew is the one that I have kind of become a surrogate dad to. They live a couple of hours from here in a city, Eugene, that is the home of the University of Oregon. The reason they are here is that my nephew has a job interview today. The plant that he worked at for twenty years as an engineer in Eugene closed and left over 200 people unemployed. My nephew has already interviewed in Wyoming and was offered a job there. He hasn't really decided whether or not he wants to move so decided to explore one opportunity in Portland before making a decision. Your prayers and good thoughts or welcome.

Which brings us to my brother. Your prayers and good thoughts certainly helped him. Remember he tore the ligaments in his leg playing tennis and was to be on crutches for more than ten weeks. He had never had a serious injury before so we were concerned he would get bored and reinjure himself. Didn't happen. He went to the doctor Monday. Bro has been doing everything the doctor has said to do and it has paid off. After just six weeks he is "boot only" which means he is off of crutches in just six short weeks. Way to go folks!!

In a future blog post I may be asking you to help keep from doing something really stupid that I am seriously considering doing unless of course you don't think it is stupid and encourage me to do it then I will be really confused! I am not sure when that post will be as I have to really reconcile what I am considering doing in my own mind. Stay tuned.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pictures of Some Things In The Trunk

Hi everyone. In the trunk was an envelope with stuff that was my Great Grandfather and my Great Grandmother's stuff. My Great Grandfather was a stage coach driver in the South Dakota territories. During his stint as a stage coach driver he became friends with Sitting Bull. There were letters between the two in the trunk. Great Grandfather visited Sitting Bull when Sitting Bull was in jail. While in jail Sitting Bull made a purse for my Great Grandfather. I have that purse in a safe deposit box. Some of you have already seen a picture of the purse but I am adding the purse picture to the pictures of the stuff found in the trunk because it fits in so well.

Ok here we go.

This is a picture of my Great Grandmother's going to church purse. During those days the purse
was worn around and dangled from the wrist:

This is the picture of the purse made by Sitting Bull for my Greatn Grandfather. It was authincated by the Native American Museum in South Dakota as his work. It is completely hand made. Isn't it beautiful?

I thought about holding a contest where you would guess what some of this stuff was but then I thought nobody would know. This is a boot buttoner. Great Grandfather used it to button their boots:

This is a pen. Really a quill. Great Grandfather used it in his duties as a stage coach driver to sign for documents he picked up to deliver:

This is Great Grandfather's shaver:

Anyone know what this is? It is a Great Grandfather's letter opener:

These are my Great Grandmother's reading glasses:

May this be a day of finding treasures for you.

He Really Loved Her

First, Mom has decided to stay in assisted living until October 15. Then unless things change with her health she will move home. This will give us time to remodel her house and also in a month the picture will be clearer about what is up with sister and her house.

Second, as you all know every Friday we have be going to mom's house and going through things to either throw away, give to a relative, or to give to goodwill. Friday we came across this trunk that turned out to be a gold mine. Tomorrow you get pictures of treasures, today you get emotion because some of the things we found were quite touching. If you stick with me the title of the post will become very clear at the end of this post.

Besides letters from Sitting Bull to my great grandfather in the trunk there were letters from mom's students telling her what a great teacher she was and how she had impacted them. After some hurtful statements from my sister during the phone call deciding what to do about mom's move this was like a miracle drug to change Mom's emotions from sad to happy. There were also many letters from the three of us kids to mom and dad telling them what great parents they were. This was a very good timing find.

When I was in high school my brother's best friend was Ronnie H.. My brother and him were the backfield on the football team. They helped form the best team that our high school had in years. The paper referred to them as "the dynamic duo". I played but not often, I have good athletic skills but you needed great skills to play on that team. The coach was always lecturing my brother and Ronnie, "if either one of you had Bill's drive or will to win or Bill had your talent there never would be anyone to set the records you could accomplish." Of course those kind of statements didn't help me. It lead to brother and Ronnie torturing and making insane fun of me on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. So naturally I didn't think Ronnie liked me and I didn't really like him. In the trunk was a letter from Ronnie to my parents. It was when I was recovering from the car accident. It was an eye opener, here is part of it "I know Bill will recover fully. He has such strong emotional character. I've watched him in life in general and in sports competitions. He never makes a big deal of it but he always gets the job done." The kid that made a career out of making fun of me had such a good opinion of me. What an eye opener, you just never know do you?

Now about the real treasure that was in the trunk. There was a letter in it from my dad to my mom's mom telling her that mom was on the train heading home and that she took the news that her dad wasn't going to live like the amazing woman he knew she was. There were also letters from my dad to my mom. Love letters. Heart piercing love letters. Emotions I never thought my dad had. Funny, warm, but most of all very romantic. Those letters left no doubt that my dad loved mom and loved her exclusively. They did bring many tears to my eyes. Many people have said I am like my dad and I always took it as a compliment, it is even more of a compliment now. Just as an example of how dad loved mom I am going to end with a proverb that dad ended some of his letters to mom with. "A great lover doesn't romance a different woman every night, a great lover romances one woman for a lifetime." Then dad would had "you are that woman for me." How romantic is that?

Tomorrow you get pictures. May this be a romantic day for all of you.

Friday, August 15, 2008

No Pain, No Gain

Most of you know about the accident that left my left foot partially paralyzed. It doesn't keep me from doing things it just makes it harder for me to do those things. I can dance, but with limited movement in the foot it makes it harder for me to dance than those with normal movement in their foot. I can run but again with limited movement, it makes it harder for me to run than the normal dudes.

Another problem is sometimes with limited circulation there will be blisters or sores on the foot that have to be surgically removed. I usally have it done twice a year. It is an out patient surgery and really doesn't take very long but it keeps me inactive for a day. After the office visit I am requested by the doctor to stay off of my foot for 24 hours and to use a cane for a day to take the weight off. After the 24 hours I am back to the way I was before. So that is where I was yesterday. Sitting in an easy chair finishing the Harlen Coban novel and hobbling around my house.

At the doctor yesterday I got some absolutely amazing news. Good news. I have always had feeling in the left foot but that feeling is mostly pain, not really severe pain more like a minor toothache. In the past two months that pain has intensified. Some days really intense mind blowing pain. Before the procedure/surgery yesterday I brought it up with the doctor. It turns out that the pain is a great thing. After all these years the nerves are starting to regenerate and I am getting both more feeling and more movement in the foot!! It will never be a 100% but the doctor thinks it may get up to as much as 80% from about the 40% it is now. The doctor has no idea why the nerves started to regenerate, it could be all the walking, it could be the weight loss, or it simply could be a miracle. I really don't care why, I am just happy about this. I've never felt better about pain! I am so excited I can hardly type this. I did want to share this with my friends here. Thank you all for being a part of my life!

May miracles happen for you today!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Miscellaneous Notes

Not much going on in the Dahn household today except for a pretty important meeting tonight which I will report on later in this entry but first a couple of miscellaneous notes.

For those of you caring for elderly parents you might want to visit the following web sites:

Both offer a ton of support and suggestions and even provide information on how you can get a break from caregiving.

For the Dancing With The Stars fans the latest rumors have Tom Selleck and Toni Braxton competing on the show. Lance Bass is still in but won't be dancing with a man. Dan Quayle is out.

Now about the meeting tonight. Mom and I are meeting with a caregiver to see if she will be available for when mom goes home. We have another caregiver hiding in the wings that has committed to help mom going home. We really need three to take the caregiving burden off of me. Mom is now wavering between going home and staying where she is at. My sister suggested she wait another month before making the decision. I like the idea of mom waiting a month before deciding what to do for several reasons, of course some of them selfish. I like waiting because I've adjusted to mom being in assited living and my life seems more full this way. That is the selfish reason. The unselfish reason is if mom really wanted to go home she would have given her thirty day notice by now and the fact that hasn't tells me she is having second thoughts. The other reason for waiting is Sis is trying to sell her house in Salt Lake City and if they do so her and her husband will move here for the winter. That takes away a need for one caregiver and also relieves my burden. Sis feels she will know more about the house selling in thirty days and if mom waits thirty days to give her notice there may be more information for mom to make the right decision. The bad thing about waiting thirty days is the caregiver we have hiding in the wings needs a job and won't wait that long to be hired. OK, here are the choices:

Mom gives her notice on the 15th of August and moves home the 15th of September.

Mom delays making a decision for a month and then decides what she wants to do.

OK, everyone both mom and I need some guidance. Please pray for us to receive that guidance or for those that don't prayer muster up are you good vibes that an answer presents itself to us.

May this be a great day for all of you.

Monday, August 11, 2008

John Edwards

Used to be my hero. I wanted to be like him. Now I all I see is a despicable human being. As someone who has represented clients through divorces brought on by affairs I can respect no man that would cause that kind of pain to his family and to have an affair when his wife and children needed his support the most just makes him a person that has to improve to be a bottom feeder.

How hard can it be for a married man to say to a woman "You are an attractive lady but I am married to the woman I love and would never do anything to endanger the love we have between us. So thanks but no thanks." Why don't men in power have the backbone to support their wives in a loving and caring way?

There are men that don't have affairs. My dad was married to my mom for over sixty years. He never had an affair. I know this because the week he died when we were saying our good byes to each other he told me that in sixty years he never cheated on mom because he never found a woman he loved as much as her or a woman as good as her. He told me he treasured every moment with her. He said his one wish for me was to find a woman that I loved as much as he loved mom to share my life with. He told me that if I did find that woman never to cheat on her because cheating was stealing.

That is what both John Edwards and the woman that he had an affair with did, they stole from Elizabeth Edwards and the Edwards family. They stole time and support that rightfully belonged to Elizabeth Edwards and the Edwards children.

Now John Edwards wants forgivenes. He isn't getting mine.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kaye's Jewelry

When we were getting to know each other some of you expressed an interest in seeing Kaye's Creations. I was really struck by the beauty of her work. She is really creative! Isn't this stuff beautiful?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Success Is Hard To Live Up To

After the great response and how much fun we had with getting to know each other it is going to be hard to come up with new posts that even come close to the success of the last one. Questioning whether or not I can live up to the success of the last post helped me to come up with some questions for all of you. Following along with the theme of getting to know each other here are a list of questions:

1. What do you fear most success or failure?

I have had my share of both so really don't fear either. What I do know that is that I am a lot more successful at things if someone tells me I can't do something. Then I feel the need to prove them wrong and usually do.

2. Since all the posters here are women I am really curious as to what you look for in a man and if what you look for in a man is different if you are looking for a man for a long term relationship or a short term relationship?

What I look for in a woman isn't looks. You can lose weight, educate yourself, get a new hairstyle, what you can't do is change the basic character. What I look for in a woman is a sense of humor, similiar values, and that they like me. If they enjoy being with me that takes the pressure off and I can be more myself.

3. If you could choose the perfect career for you what career would you choose?

Mine would be motivational speaker. Which is weird because standing up in front of an audience and speaking scares the heck out of me.

4. This one is specifically for Pat. Where you happy with the winner of So You Think You Can Dance?

I was.

5. Of course the often asked question is next. What would you do if you won the lottery?

I would start a foundation named after my mom and dad whose main focus would be threefold:

A. Breast cancer research. B. Funds to give to the elderly that couldn't afford their own caregivers. C. Organ transplants.

Of course I would set aside a lot of funds to have one heck of a good time. Travel more.

Your turn.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

SSA, Swing Vote, and Who Are You?

Here is the link to the second in a series of two articles about social security disability as being reported on by The Oregonion:

Not much to report on in the Dahn household this week. Golf is getting better. Weights are helping my arms getting stronger. Now within 12 pounds of my goal. Still single and looking for the love of my life. Mom has definitely decided to move home in September. We are interviewing caregivers today. I am hoping we find enough so that I can have some freedom.

Went to the movie SWING VOTE starring Kevin Costner. It wasn't that great of a movie but kept you entertained for a couple of hours. Hated the ending. Not rating it yet because I just honestly don't know how I feel about it. Probably two footballs. One for child actress Madeline Carroll who was just great in this and one for the secret service agent that protects her. They were really the stars of the movie.

Ok, if you are interested in letting people know who you are I would love it if the posters and/or readers posted a little bio of themselves. You can post whatever you want nothing is required, location where you post from if you want, occupation or ex occupation if you want. Nothing is required, it isn't even required to post anything but I'm guessing everyone would like to get to know each other.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Blog, Government At Work, & Reality TV Rumors

My blog was down for about 24 hours from Friday to Saturday but it magically got fixed late Saturday afternoon. Thank goodness.

For those of you dealing with the care of elderly parents please, please read the comments to my post "Updates", Kaye R, Pat, Lady Dr gave some marvelous and very helpful posts about the emotions that those of us that have the responsibility of elderly relatives have. It is one of the better group of comments since I started the blog!

For an interesting article about Social Security Disability go to this link here:
It is so tragic that people that truly need disability are being lumped in with those trying to scam the system. Any comments about the article?

Some DANCING WITH THE STARS rumors. The cast will be announced August 25th on Good Morning America and the show will start September 22. Those rumored to be on are: Kell Pickler, Kim Kardashian, Ex VP Dan Quayle, and Lance Bass. There is also a another rumor out there that Bass will be paired with a male dancer.

According to the NY Post Sesason Five of TOP CHEF will be in New York with the constestants staying in Brooklyn. The date of the start of the show wasn't stated in the article but I would guess it to be September 10 or September 17.

May this be a great day for all of you.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Not a lot to say today so thought I would update the readers and posters on various subjects.

Golf - improving daily. Birds don't fly away and people no longer look for shelter when they see me with golf clubs.

Dating - I did muster up enough courage to talk to a lady in the produce section of the grocery store the other day. She was 92.

Fitness - I bought some weights to add that to my regimen. I want to strengthen up my arms. Still walking four miles a day, the golf range every other day, cleaning house daily, and now the weights. I did break 200 yesterday and am eagerly looking forward to making my goal of 185. When I get there I am getting some new pictures taken and will let you vote on which one to put on my profile. At some point when I look decent in a bathing suit I am going to take adult swimming lessons. One, I always wanted to learn to swim correctly and two, that could be a good way to meet someone.

Mom - This is the second Friday in our weekly Fridays of going to mom's house to clean it out and get it ready for sale. Since a lot of you have the responsibility of caring for elderly parents I am wondering if you also have what I call elevator emotions and if your elderly parent gets to be negative a lot. Does the negativity wear you out? The elevator emotions for me are going back and forth between it is nice to feel needed and damn I wish I had my own life so I could travel or insert your own word here. Sometimes I have those conflicting emotions within a five minute period of time. In addition mom tends to be negative and that just wears me out. I try very hard to keep her positive but it usually ends up with me being brought down instead of her being brought up. Do you think negativity is a product of aging? Of seeing your life ending? Of not being able to do the things you used to do? Or is a product of personality and it depends on the person? I am really curious as to what you all think.

Off to the golf range and then to pick up Mom for a day at the beach. Well not the beach, her home.