Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Can See!

I am sorry I am late today but this about the first I could see today. My annual eye appointment was at eight this morning. They dilate your eyes so that you can't see after the appointment and have to stick around for a while until your eyes adjust. I got home a little before news. The good news. My eyes are in good shape. No change since last year.

Going to start out the day with an elder care article. That is after all one of the reasons I started the blog. We also did trends yesterday. So here is a new trend in elder care housing:


Mummy's often have all the answer. This Mummy may have the answer to an age old question:


I imagine Pat knows all about the information in the following article. Glendale, California is taking on fast food joints:


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Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Hybrid.

Monday and things seem to be getting back to abnormal. Just hay a hybrid of articles on various subjects this morning. Some funny, some disturbing, and some without any redeeming values except making you aware of trends.

First up is the somewhat funny one:


Where are the editors when you need them? (See PS)

Next up is the quite disturbing one:


The very first line is very disturbing. I would have never guessed. I thought slavery was a thing of the past.

Have you been going out to restaurants lately? Notice any trends:


I kind of like number 9 and think a lot here will also.

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On ths school article if it takes to long to load it will take you to the next article about SAG, just hit the back arrow and it will take you back to the school article.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Been a busy morning. Paying bills. Doing my own books. Cleaning house. After I post this blog entry then it is finishing Mom's books and working on a client's books. Let's do updates today. We haven't hard from Dona for a very long time. Maybe she will check in. Mary Z has also been missing in action. I am going to check both of their blogs this afternoon and will report back if I find anything out.

Last week. Sunday a day of rest. Monday errands and work. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at Mom's. That include some nice dinners at home and some nice dinners out. Several games of Scrabble. On Wednesday afternoon some of Mom's friends came over and played bridge with her. I got the tables and house all set up for the game and then spent the afternoon playing and running errands for Mom. We also played a lot of Scrabble the days bridge didn't take over. Somewhere during the week I fought off fifteen cop cars and a murder suspect. Friday I went to the movie, ONE FOR THE MONEY. It is based on Janet Evanovich's first book. I thought the casting was off but the movie wasn't half bad. I would have had either an unknown or Sandra Bullock as Plum, Banderas as Ranger, and someone else as Morrelli. On Saturday I took Mom to lunch.

Coming up next week. Today is work. Tomorrow is dinner with the family. Tuesday is the movie THE ARTIST. Wednesday and Thursday are at Mom's. Friday is getting ready of reporting for work the following week. Saturday is more of the same.

That's my weeks. Last and next. Now it is your turn. Tell me what is going on with you. Spill your guts, tell me your secrets, and post anything you damn well please.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Building Love.

Did you ever play with Leggos as a kid? As an adult? I did and I found the following video kind of interesting:


We often built buildings with Leggos and the buildings were often beautiful. We never thought about marrying one of the buildings that we created, however. Is that to our credit or our detriment?


If you decide to shred your all of your cash and don't really don't know what to do with it here is an idea for you:


Off to Mom's to do her books and then take her to lunch!

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Friday, January 27, 2012

No Shots Fired

Why is the blog starting out today with a picture of car parked right in front of my house?

I spent Wednesday night and most of Thursday at Mom's. We decided to go out to dinner. I went home to change clothes. I was getting in my car when the pictured car came flying around my corner followed by fifteen police cars (I later counted). Pictured car stops. Police stop and block my driveway, guns drawn. "Back in your house. " I followed orders. Man on ground. Dog searching suspect's car. Four officers behind shield with guns still drawn walk toward pictured car, check trunk, nothing in it. After about thirty minutes I was allowed out of my driveway, police holding the tape up so I could get out of the driveway and on my way to Mom's. Officer asked how long I would be gone and when I answered I was told by the officer that if the tape was up when I got back that I would have to park on the street. When I got back from Mom's police tape was gone but suspect car's was still there.

Here is the beginning of what took place:


A witness followed the suspect and called 911 when they got close a street called Scholls Ferry Road, which is the dividing line between Beaverton/Tigard/Sherwood the cops took chase after him as he speed down Roy Rogers Road. The cops blocked Roy Rogers Road to keep the suspect from going to a main highway, 99-W and forcing him to turn on Borchers. The blocked Borchers at Daffodil basically forcing him to turn on Daffodil. Had he been going any faster he would have landed in my drive way as I live on the corner of Daffodil and Borchers.

Some follow-up. They think the man murdered his daughter's ex boyfriend as part of a custody dispute. The grocery store where the murder took place is about ten miles from where I live. But I have a connection there too. Remember when I used to donate my time to sell hot dogs to raise money to buy shoes and socks for grade school kids that couldn't afford their own? I sold them in front of the store where the murder took place. The store mentioned in the article donated the hot dogs and buns and the space where we sold them.

I really wasn't scared until I got to Mom's and she was so scared. I had called her to tell her I would be late and why. It really scared her and that scared me. I never thought of stray bullets, I thought I was pretty safe with that many police folks in front of my house. Mom thought of stray bullets.

And another added note Roy Rogers Road is not named after the famous cowboy. It is named after a local CPA and Washington County (my county) and commissioner.
That's it for the day. Blog back to normal tomorrow.

Holster your guns and comment away.


When the story was on the news this morning there was a clear picture of my house when they showed the officers searching the suspect's car and scanned the neighborhood. Better my house then me!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lotteries, Mysteries, & Movies.

Heading out to Mom for two nights three days there. Before heading out am posting today's entry and starting out with a charming story:


It really should have been my win but I am happy to let him have the glory. Sounds like he needed a boost.

Do you like mysteries? I do:


What do you think the secret plane is doing? I'm thinking it is trying to find out how many of us use coupons. What is your guess?

Today they announced the Oscar Nominations. They changed again how many pictures can be nominated for best picture. It can be anywhere from five to ten. First it was five. Then it was ten. Now it is anywhere from five to ten. If there are only six movies in a year that are good enough for Oscar consideration then six will be nominated. This year nine were nominated. I've seen five of them. The five I have seen:

War House - to me this was the best movie of the year. About a house during World War I.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close - touching movie about 9-11 with a boy searching for his father. Not enough screen time for Hanks or Bullock. To much time for the young actor discovered during Teen Week on Jeopardy, Thomas Horn.

Moneyball - True story about the Oakland Athletics winning the championship without giving players big contracts. Well acted. A little slow.

The Descendants - End of life decisions. Extremely well-acted. Moral decisions. My second favorite movie of the year.

The Help - Maids in Jackson, Mississippi during the sixties. My third favorite movie. Humorous and touching scenes.

The ones that I haven't seen but will:

The Artist - a celebration of silent movies.

The Tree Of Life - Three brothers in the 1950s with the eldest watching the loss of interest.

Hugo - magical better scene in 3D. A young orphan living in a Paris train station uncovers a mystery that jeopardizes his secretive way of life.

One I may or may not see. I am boycotting Woody Allen movies and have for a long time. I just don't think men should marry their daughters step or otherwise.

Midnight In Paris - A romantic comedy about a family traveling to the French capital for business

Here is my dilemma. My goal every year is to see every movie nominated for The Oscars. I've met that goal two out of the last three years. I didn't go to 127 last year because I knew the story and didn't want to watch a man cut off his arm. My question is should I see Midnight In Paris. What is more important, my boycott of Woody Allen or leaving my goal to see all nominated movies wanting?

Comment Away.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday, Monday.

Let's start the week off with a question:


What would you do if the Internet went down? I'd cry and then I would go back to my old ways. Would that be a bad thing?

Instead of ordering sandwiches over the Internet, I might go to a restaurant. Maybe there would be some surprises waiting for me:


I am hoping for a Norman Rockwell sandwich.

Let's end Monday with a bit of good news:


If we can help find the cause of autism then the cure can't be far behind.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Celebration In Pictures

Before today's post just want to invite you to post an update on your lives today. Catch me up on what is going on with you.

Today's post is Mom's last night 96TH birthday party as narrated by Mom herself.

Come here often? A New York style deli in Sherwood, Oregon. Definitely.

They are known for big and delicious deserts.

I am how old!! Doesn't matter I still wouldn't mind taking Brad Pitt out behind the barn.

I am lucky to have a beautiful daughter & handsome son-in-law. I don't look damn bad either.

Having good friends is one of the secrets of living a long life.

This is Marion, Belva, Don, and Susan the caregiver

This is Rod (Marion's husband, Cousin Belva and her husband.

Sometimes I wonder about my children but I know the waitress loves me.

Bring on the free desert!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Updates & Birrthdays

Before posting today's entry DR asked for some updates on my relatives that were dealing with some health issues. Cousin Jack died of prostate cancer about a month ago. Cousin Lavelle is managing her two cancers well and seems to be doing well. Mark W, the CPA that bought my business, brokeup with his power to downsize to just doing the clients that he likes and are easy to deal with (like Pat). His prostate cancer is controlled and his heart test have come out well but he is on blood pressure medicine. My other friend Mark that lost his wife the same week of his prostate cancer surgery is still struggling. More with the loss of his wife than with his cancer. He said the holidays were very hard.

I am not sure you remember Kaye. She used to post on the blog. She is from Texas and works for the Social Security Department. The reason she quit posting is she met a very nice man, Dave, and has been concentrating on that relationship. I go this email from her a few days ago:

"Dave will be having brain surgery in about 2 weeks to remove an aggressive growing tumor from the left side of his brain. That's in the area of speech and language. They sent him home from the hospital today to start steroid treatments to reduce the swelling before the surgery.

This all started the Sunday before Veterans Day in November. Dave came home from picking up some groceries and as we unpacked them, he was having difficulty in coming up with a word. Well, we all have that problem now and then. But this was really frustrating him. I asked him to try to write it down, and he wrote a 5 character word of all consonants. He tried to log into his computer, but the letters on the keys looked foreign. Suspecting a stroke, I took him to the ER. While in the ER, he had a seizure. After a 24 hour period of just about every test one could think of, Dave was diagnosed with a gray area in the left part of his brain."

She is asking for prayers and of course both her and Dave have mine.

Just a couple of articles today. I kind of hope we nail Mom's birthday dinner tonight:


Mom is an animal lover and I hope the animal in the following article does prevent a nuclear war during the rest of your lifetime:



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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Late Bill Dahn

It has been a really busy day so far. I've been going since early this morning. Mom's birthday is tomorrow so had to do some things related to that. So far this morning, didn Mom's grocery shopping and delivered them to her house. Went to the bank. Bought Mom's birthday gift and card. Met with a friend for lunch. I called Rose's the restaurant where we are taking Mom tomorrow. They don't take reservations but I thought I should warn them that fourteen of their closest friends will be walking through their doors at 4:30 tomorrw. Then did my own grocery shopping. Shoot I haven't even had time to respond to emails. I know I owe DR a couple of responses.

We haven't done open houses for a while:


I like the ones in Los Angeles, Austin, and Portland.

I've come up with a surefire way to get enough money to buy one or two of them:


After buying the three our four houses in the first article you will still have a lot of money left over to buy a few bottles of soda. Want to know what to do with the bottles?


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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Order In The Court.

Back to our normal abnormal weather. Just wind and rain. Going over to Mom's about eleven this morning and returning tomorrow night at about eight. Since the weather (translated bad drivers) caused a lot of accidents the last few days and no doubt some lawsuits will arise from those accidents the first couple of articles are about lawsuits.


Frankly, I think this should have been settled long before it got to court..

Next up is one of those head shakers:


I am not really sure how I feel about this. I am totally against causing the victim's family more pain. However, if he really was railroaded then he deserves his day in court. Speaking of head shakers here is a not court head shaker:


How in the world did this happen? I thought the restrooms in theaters were required to be cleaned daily. Wouldn't someone notice within several days that the restroom wasn't being used?

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow & Procrastination

The snow is still falling but sticking sometimes and not sticking sometimes. Supposed to be like this until noon tomorrow. Bean a lot of accidents because people just don't adjust their driving habits to the road conditions. Some end up in the hospital:


So what would you do if you had gotten this bill?

We need some good news today after yesterday was the saddest day of the year:


With the snow coming down some people find it as an excuse to procrastinate. Why make excuses for something can be defined as being good for you:


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Monday, January 16, 2012

Awards & Sadness

Are you sad today? Even though it is a holiday? Apparently you are not alone:


I enjoyed watching the Golden Globe Awards last night. Here is the listing of the best quotes of the night:


My favorite was from Octavia Spencer, best supporting actress for The Help. "Dr. King said it best: all labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance."

Following is the list of the winners:


Here is my take on the telecast. My favorite winner was the aforementioned Octavia Spencer. She brought humbleness to the award show. I also liked Morgan Freeman receiving the lifetime achievement award. His presenter, Sidney Poitier, brought class to the show. Matt Lablanc's acceptance speech was really charming. Christopher Plummer was a class act. I really didn't like the host, Ricky Gervais. He is an obnoxious, classless, no talent human being best left in the background never to appear in public again. I didn't really like any of the TV awards because they were from shows I've never watched. Why can't Covert Affairs or White Collar win an award once in a while.

I have seen some of the winning movies. The Descendants was a very good movie about end of life decisions. I liked The Help for its acting, period costumes, humor and history.

I plan on seeing The Artist as our friend Shirley has given it some thumbs up. Right now it is playing only in downtown Portland and I am adverse to the cost of parking and the trip down there. I am waiting for it to expand to the burbs. I plan on seeing Hugo, My Week With Marilyn, Beginners, and The Iron Lady.

That is it for the day. Enjoy the holiday, after you Comment Away.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Party last night:


Your good vibes worked as there was no snow and we made it safely to and from the party. The party was held at the Thirst Wine & Restaurant Bar. It sits on the waterfront in downtown Portland with a beautiful view of the Willamette River. They had a nice buffet set out and all during the night a waiter or waitress would bring a plate of stuff in addition to the buffet. Pork sandwiches and chicken skewers for example were not part of the buffet but were served throughout the night. We had a great bartender. Everyone there was very relaxed. Amy the receptionist that has now been promoted to solely doing tax returns brought her baby that was born in August. Cute as a darn button. Nancie being the nice person she is kind of looked out for the baby so Amy could have the night off. Nancie and Amy developed a friendship when Nancie worked at the firm. I go a real surprise when they gave me a holiday card and inside was a crisp fifty dollar bill. What meant more than the money was the thought. It is so nice that they appreciate me.

Speaking of that. The last three years I have been sitting at desk back in the warehouse. This year they remodeled the firm and added an office. I am going to be in that office now. A nice office with a door and everything!

The Weather Today:.

The vibes worked well but this morning the snow started to fall. When I woke up this morning there was no snow just a little ice. After an hour of Sunday Paper surfing I looked outside and there was an inch of snow on the ground. It has been snowing off and on, some sticking, some not. In a real weird quirk it snows harder in the front yard then the backyard. It is predicted to be doing this on and off for the next three days. I cancelled my lunch with Mom today and it just seems like a good day to read, watch football, pay bills, and work around the house.


Last week was a full week. The party last night was insightful in some ways. Even though Nancie and I went our separate ways it was really nice having her there. That feeling of being a fifth wheel kind of disappeared. Friday was the seminar and I learned a few things, like accounting seminars are boring. Thursday, Wednesday, and Tuesday were at Mom's and after a tense day on Tuesday the other days were fun and pleasant. Monday was errands and work. Sunday was taking Mom to lunch.


Looks like an easy week which will allow be the time I need to get ready to go back to work. Today it is home rule. At home and doing little things that need to be done. Of course there will be time to watch The Golden Globe Award show. Tomorrow is a movie and some shopping. At the party when the gift game was going on I "stole" a book store gift card from Tony. The gift game. Everyone draws numbers. Then gifts are picked in number order. If you don't like the gift you got, you can steal someone else's gift and then they pick what was going to be your gift for themselves. I was number 12. The best gift was a Barnes & Noble gift card. I stole it from Tony. He was kind of disappointed so I thought I would use part of the card to buy him a book. Tuesday is another errand day. Wednesday and Thursday are at Mom's. Friday is lunch with friend. Saturday is Mom's 96th birthday.

The blog is now yours. Give me an update on your lives. Post anything you damn well please. Then? Comment Away.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Party, Snow, & Taxes.

I do not know what this day will bring. The company party is tonight at 6:00. I am picking up Nancie at 5:30 and then heading to downtown Portland where the party is. I asked Nancie to go with me because I just couldn't see two cars fighting for parking spaces. These are the plans. However, the weatherman is predicting snow tonight. Anywhere from one inches to five inches of snow coming anywhere between this afternoon and after ten tonight. I am thinking it will mean leaving the party early rather than not go to the party. Wish me safe travels and the snow holds off until after ten tonight after I have arrived safely home.

Since this is a party of CPA types let's talk taxes:


And since most of us are sit at the desk types I am kind of excited about the next article:


After I get home tonight and hopefully then watch the snowfall through my window to the backyard I am going to try to get warm. Keeping warm can sometimes being expensive. Now I have some hints on how to keep costs down:


Comment Away.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Best Of The Best.

Off to a seminar today. This one is put on by the seasonal employer of mine and I actually get paid for it. Before leaving thought I would post some articles about the best of the best. Certainly head shakers.

By the way the last two days at Mom's were great so another troubling day is firmly in the background.

Now on to people that have risen to important jobs and jobs of leadership.

The best economists in America:


From the best economists in America to our cherished congress and their leadership abilities:


On to another leadership position:


In all of the articles are people that reached the height of success in their occupation and ended up with well paying leadership positions. I would listen to and place my money on anyone that reads this blog before I would listen to these doofuses. How is it that they end up rich and we stay poor?

Comment Away.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream.

I came home from Mom's this morning and there was a package on my porch. I am sure most of you remember Shirley from S16. She and her husband went to this year's Rose Bowl Parade and Game. She knew I was a big Oregon fan. The package was the Program for this year's Rose Bowl. I was really pleased.

By the way the day at Mom's was much better yesterday. The argument from the night before was pretty much forgotten. Probably best. It certainly made for less stress and more enjoyment.

To celebrate let's start out with a good story:


Which is louder a chainsaw or a hospital room? Don't be so quick to answer:


If you want some peaceful rest don't go to the hospital!

Speaking of loud noise the following article about scream rooms just makes me wonder how such stupid people get in charge of schools.


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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Staying Healthy

How about health today? Seems like a good thing after a tense day at Mom's yesterday. I am hoping I can get over the hurtful things said so that today is more pleasant. I am going to do my best. It is the best way to stay healthy.

Old news for many but still worth sharing:


Staying healthy and doing things into your nineties. A nice goal and charming when it succeeds:


I doubt very much that the star of the next article will live into his nineties. He is just to adventurous (translated, stupid.)


Comment Away.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Back to a two night, three day week at Mom's. Will head over there at two after lunch and be there until Thursday night. Of course there will be some excursions home during that time while Mom naps to take care of the blog, etc.

I am just doing what I think are interesting articles today. No common thread. It destroys my organized personality but so be it.

So might say the blog is going to the birds after reading the first article:


From birds to some interesting research:


From research to the dangerous. Well at least what the TSA considers dangerous.


Comment Away.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Looking forward to a good start for the week. Comments from frequent posters Pat and DR brought about links to the first two articles for the day.

In one of her comments Pat mention Arts From The Ashes. Here is a link to their home page:


Make sure you go through the photo gallery.

DR has mentioned an article I posted on the blog a while back. Here is an update of The Happiness Project:


I am seriously thinking about instituting the Happiness project in my life.

I certainly need to do something to make me happy after reading the following article:


Apparently stupidity reigns at the school in the above article. Isn't thinking required to be a teacher. It is teachers like the one in the article that give good hard working underpaid teachers a bad knock.

Comment Away.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Time to start of the year with an update. Been kind of bored the last three days. I cut my leg fairly deeply and per doctors orders have been staying off of it and elevating it. It looks like it is improving, slowly but it is improving. I wouldn't be disappointed in the least if you sent a few prayers and good thoughts my way.

Last week:

Sunday morning at Mom's. Monday at sisters watching the Rose Bowl. Yea Ducks. Tuesday was a business meeting then some banking that require visits to two banks. Also on Tuesday was some grocery shopping and light bulb changing. Lots of lights had went out over time and it just like it was about time I addressed the issue. Wednesday afternoon and night and all day Thursday were at Mom's. It was the first week since the middle of November that I only did one night at Mom's. Friday and Saturday were me days where I just did wound care on my leg.

Next Week:

Today it is more rest and elevation and taking Mom out to lunch. Tomorrow is shopping for tax season. Tuesday afternoon and night are at Mom's as is Wednesday all day and night. Thursday all day is at Mom's. Friday is a tax update seminar put on by the firm. Breakfast and lunch served and I get paid for it. Saturday is the company holiday party. Other than that nothing on the agenda.

Some of my goals for 2012 include:

Keeping my head out of the sand:


Eating healthier:


Being more artistic, which for me means to write more:

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/05/war-veteran_n_1186687.html?icid=maing-grid10%7Chtmlws-sb-nb%7Cdl9%7Csec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D125516Update me on your life and then comment away.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I have been spending the morning ponder whether or not I would make a good Wal-Mart greeter. Can't be to stressful. Certainly less stressful than doing taxes. I just not real happy about the lawsuits that employees have filed against them and in some cases won because of the way they treated employees. However, I discovered there is a new company on the horizon that very well could replace Wal-Mart as a leading employer:


I was also pondering where I could go to get out of the range of politicians. I'm just tired of their musings. What do you know, I found the perfect place to eat:


While eating I was pondering certain places. The way my mind works I just don't ponder the best places to visit, I ponder the places not to visit:


Do you think I would make a good Wal-Mart greeter? Would you go to a restaurant that banned politicians? Where would like not to vist?

Comment Away.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Monkeying Around

This was front page news in today's Oregonian and in several papers nationwide:


Amazing, no?

This was one of the top stories on the five o'clock news last night:


I usually don't drive that much when I have a cold, I just don't feel like. I feel like laying on the couch and complaining. Do you drive with a cold?

The rumor has it that colds can be caused by stress so stay away from these jobs:


Most of the jobs on the list don't surprise me, but event coordinator?

Comment Away.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jury Duty & Reunions

So far the first year has been without Drama. Been kind of laid back and casual. Watched The Rose Bowl on Monday. Tuesday had a business appointment and the did some banking, grocery shopping, and reading. Yesterday is Mom's banking, some Scrabble, and a night there. Today it is more grocery shopping, this time for Mom., and other errands for Mom. The more Scrabble and home by nine tonight. I wish I could say there were casual and laid back stories for today but nope.

Another reason to get out of jury duty:


I wonder what cave her boss has been living in. How many times have you heard that it is illegal to fire someone for doing jury duty? I've lost count.

Next up is reunion story number one:


What are the odds that the teen would use an alias that was in the system?

Closing out the day with reunion story number 2.


Someone had to pick up the cat and took it to Colorado. That is my guess.

Comment Away.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The Rose Bowl Summary. It was the best game in the history of the Rose Bowl. Records set. The highest combined points by two team in the 117 years of the game. The longest run from scrimmage in the history of the game (91 yards by true Freshman DeAnthony Thomas). The most poins scored by a losing team. The most combined yards by the two teams in the history of the the game. My friend (DR's & Pat's) Shirley and her husband were at the game and her words were "incredibly exciting." These two teams could play ten times and Wisconsin would win five times and Oregon would win five times. Yesterday Oregon got the breaks. Oregon 45 Wisconsin 38.

On to today's entry which is all about studies.

First up is a study about a park I used to go to frequently as a child. Yellowstone National Park:


From the good study to the bad one:


I am certainly hoping the corn survives. I can't go to a movie without eating popcorn.

From the bad study to the very troubling one:


Comment Away,

Monday, January 2, 2012

Good, Bad, Ugly, Part 2

Repeating the title because I am not very creative today. I am realling enjoying watching the Rose Parade this morning. It is bringing back memories of a New Years Day from my childhood. My dad sold TVs. Because he sold TVs they always gave him a demo for our house. This one year we were the first family in the neighborhood to have a color TV. Mom fixed a gigantic breakfast for friends, family, neighbors near and far. We had about forty people sitting at card tables around the living room watching the Rose Parade on a 19 Inch Color TV set while us kids served as unpaid waiters and waitresses.

Today is the Rose Bowl Game. Ellen, who posts once in a while, is from Wisconsin. I am from Oregon. I am guessing that Ellen is rooting for the Wisconsin Badgers. I am rooting for the Oregon Ducks? Whose side are you on? Both are great teams and this is going to be a great game, probably one of the best games of the year. GO DUCKS!!

On to the good:


On to the bad:


Now the ugly. It really could be the stupid.


Comment Away.

And just in case I haven't said it. May the Rose Bowl be a great came with both teams playing their best, where there are no injuries for either team, and GO DUCKS.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year's Day everyone. Here is a quote by Brooks Atkinson that pretty much sums of my feelings about 2011:

"Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go."

Kind of being lazy today. I did stay up to see the New Year in. I was at Mom's and was the only one up to hear the fireworks. First time in a while that I saw the New Year in.

First up is an update to a previous article on the blog.


Happy endings always charm me.

What will 2012 bring with Medicare:


For those of you that believe in horoscopes:


I don't really believe in horoscopes but I think the are fun and interesting.

Comment Away!