Sunday, January 8, 2012


Time to start of the year with an update. Been kind of bored the last three days. I cut my leg fairly deeply and per doctors orders have been staying off of it and elevating it. It looks like it is improving, slowly but it is improving. I wouldn't be disappointed in the least if you sent a few prayers and good thoughts my way.

Last week:

Sunday morning at Mom's. Monday at sisters watching the Rose Bowl. Yea Ducks. Tuesday was a business meeting then some banking that require visits to two banks. Also on Tuesday was some grocery shopping and light bulb changing. Lots of lights had went out over time and it just like it was about time I addressed the issue. Wednesday afternoon and night and all day Thursday were at Mom's. It was the first week since the middle of November that I only did one night at Mom's. Friday and Saturday were me days where I just did wound care on my leg.

Next Week:

Today it is more rest and elevation and taking Mom out to lunch. Tomorrow is shopping for tax season. Tuesday afternoon and night are at Mom's as is Wednesday all day and night. Thursday all day is at Mom's. Friday is a tax update seminar put on by the firm. Breakfast and lunch served and I get paid for it. Saturday is the company holiday party. Other than that nothing on the agenda.

Some of my goals for 2012 include:

Keeping my head out of the sand:

Eating healthier:

Being more artistic, which for me means to write more: me on your life and then comment away.


Pat said...

Sorry you cut your leg, Bill! How did you manage to do that? Lots of good wishes and healing vibes coming your way for it to heal quickly.

Love the sand sculpture! The one Huffpost let me see. I didn't find any way to get to the others below the first one.

I had lemon ricotta pancakes at a restaurant once. YUM! But I'm such a lazy cook these days that I don't see myself doing anything that requires egg whites beaten into soft peaks.

I love the idea of art from found objects. There's an exhibit that shows up here now and then called "Art From the Ashes" that has some really great stuff made from found objects after some of our fires. I can't say I like this guy's art, but anything that helps a vet with PTSD is okay in my book, so more power to him.

My life staggers on. Next week, I have to get onto notifying banks, pension people, Social Security, etc., that my mother passed away at 105. Not something I look forward to, but it'll be broken up by a book group meeting and an eye doctor app't, which I also don't look forward to. And something else I've forgotten at the moment, but I'm sure it's in my datebook somewhere.

Lady DR said...

Uh, could we have some details on how you cut your leg and how bad it is, given you're to stay off it and keep it elevated (which doesn't sound like something easily accomplished, with your upcoming schedule). I don't see your leg up and rested until next Friday's seminar.

Hard to believe the sand sculptures are from sand! Very impressive. (Pat, there's an almost hidden arrow at the side of the picture, which takes you to the next one, but you have to look carefully to see it).

Cooking isn't something I devote a lot of time and isn't going to happen mornings in this lifetime.

Good for the guy who's found a creative way to manage his PTSD, without drugs and booze!

The past week has been relatively quiet and pleasant, despite ugly weather the first half. Standard drill of pool four days and line dance one day. Back to editorial work, a line edit (and, boy, am I glad it's not a content edit). Reading and implementing the beginnings of the Happiness Project (Thank You for featuring this a few weeks back) and finding it a positive thing. Highlights were dinner at Sankura Steak House, at the hibachi grill table, to celebrate Himself's 73rd birthday. It's been more years than I can remember since we did one of those dinners. Also the Ravelers group at the library yesterday. Discovered yesterday I can do jewelry repair, with the right parts and tools (thank you, Himself) and all my jewelry is now sorted, polished and organized in the new and old jewelry case, so I can actually find, wear and enjoy it. Mailing a package of Alaskan jewelry I can't wear (allergies) to my niece. Today was taking down Christmas. Done, except for finishing the tree and I want to reorganize storing the ornaments, so that's taking a bit of time. (Actually, I reorganized most of the storage boxes).

Next week is looking kinda like yours and Pats. In addition to regular stuff, I've an appointment with the chiro, one with the massage therapist, one with the optho, for my annual check-up. Want to spend more on training with Scamp, which often involves training the Spook at the same time, and thinking ahead about preparing meals, but those are both long-term goals. They just need to be started.

Sending healing vibes and prayers your direction and hoping you'll be able to follow doctor's orders, while taking care of everything else.

Pat said...

Just a note to DR: I did see that arrow in the sand sculpture photo, but it didn't take me to the next one, it took me to another page with the first one again. But now I see the ones on the side on that page, and I think I've seen them all, even though the page behaves oddly and won't go back & forth. Amazing stuff, anyway. Not like the sand castles I tried to build as a kid.

Ellen said...

So sorry to hear about your leg. Of course you have my prayers and thoughts. Feel better.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I cut my leg with a combination of my car door and stupidity.

The sand sculputers were amazing. They actually have sand castle competition at Cannon Beach near here in February. It is stunning to watch what they create.

I am with you. I just don't see myself going to that much trouble in the morning.

I've heard of the "Art From The Ashes" Exhibit and have seen some of the art. It is really tremendous art.

Sounds like more than stumbling next week sounds like one hell of a busy week. I think getting all the paper work done after the death of a loved one is one of the two harderst things for survivors to do. The other is going through their personal stuff and cleaning that out.


William J. said...


See not to Pat re my leg. It is fairly serious but so far I've avoided infection. I will keep it elevated today and can do so st Mom's too.

Those sculptures from sand are just absolutely amazing. What creative minds!

That makes all of us avoided cooking in the morning!

Art to manage PTSD is certainly better than most of the alternatives. I may not like his art work but I like his methods to wellness.

It was about time for you to have a quiet week. I am glad it was a please one! Our weather has been cold but really better than most of our winters. I am always very pleased when someone uses something from the blog. I am interesting in hearing how the Happiness Project goes for you!
Happy late birthday to Himself! The Revelers group always sounds fun. I'm not surprised with your talents that you can do jewelry repair. I bet your niece is going to love her package!

Wow do you have a busy week in front of you. Wow a lot of doctors appointments! Let us know how the checkup goes. And also let us know how training goes with the Dog Duo.


William J. said...

Thanks, Ellen!

Mary said...

Oh dear, I just saw this now. Sending all my good thoughts and prayers your way, I hope it's feeling much better by the time you read this!

William J. said...

Thanks Mary

It has a ways to go but is getting much better!