Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year's Day everyone. Here is a quote by Brooks Atkinson that pretty much sums of my feelings about 2011:

"Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go."

Kind of being lazy today. I did stay up to see the New Year in. I was at Mom's and was the only one up to hear the fireworks. First time in a while that I saw the New Year in.

First up is an update to a previous article on the blog.

Happy endings always charm me.

What will 2012 bring with Medicare:

For those of you that believe in horoscopes:

I don't really believe in horoscopes but I think the are fun and interesting.

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Pat said...

Happy New Year to everyone here!

I like Brooks Atkinson's quote. I'm delighted that the 103 y/o woman will be able to stay in her home.

I'm sick of congresscritters' "plans" for Medicare. I may start reading about them again when there's one that appears remotely viable, but as long as they seem to be talking vouchers, they are talking through their collective hat and unworthy of my ears.

Astrology is total hokum. But I read my horoscope in the paper just for fun. Then I promptly forget it and if you asked me at the end of the day if it had been at all germane to my life, I wouldn't be able to tell you.

Lady DR said...

Agree with Borrks ATkinson - the best thing we can do is learn to let go of last year, five years ago or twenty years ago.

Had a lazy day myself, playing with new jewelry box and discovering items in old jewelry box I'd totally forgotten about, because they were lost in the limited & cluttered space. Lots of polishing of "lost" sterling silver jewelry.

Thanks for the update on the 103 year old woman. Goes to show people *do* care and, like you, love happy endings. Now, if we could only find the same for the myriad others out there facing similar situations.

Until they come up with a realistic solution to the Medicare issue, I continue to shake my head and experience a certain amount of frustration. I still say, give back the money "borrowed" from the fund, raise the limit on the highly paid, get the pharmaceuticals to play fair and cut fraud and the unnecessary tests, while supporting necessary medical attention.

Commercial horoscopes are entertaining and interesting. The overall outlook is intriguing. I have to mesh three horoscopes to get get a feel and the commercial ones are often contradictory, so I rarely read them, unless for fun.

Hope everyone had a good start to the new year. I'm off to try to put together a mixture of foods that may not be real balanced, but represent good luck in the South (G).

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Happy New Year to you also.

I like that the 103 year old woman had the support that allowed her to stay in her home. And that strangers helped her.

I just wish Congress would work together. We can start by getting rid of Eric Cantor.

I sometimes will get guidance from reading the daily horrorscope. Just a word or two that makes me think.


William J. said...


I agree with Brooks too!

Glad you had a lazy day! I think it is fun to discover old things that you forgot about. Silver is worth a lot right now.

That is the part that I liked about the 103 year old story, strangers cared. Strangers helped.

I actually think the Medicare problem could be solved in minutes but Congress isn't really working for a solution the are working for an ideology instead of the country.

True horoscopes are a lot more in depth then the normal daily ones. I used to write them and they were in many cases pretty accurate.

Hope your food was good! And Lucky!