Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Order In The Court.

Back to our normal abnormal weather. Just wind and rain. Going over to Mom's about eleven this morning and returning tomorrow night at about eight. Since the weather (translated bad drivers) caused a lot of accidents the last few days and no doubt some lawsuits will arise from those accidents the first couple of articles are about lawsuits.

Frankly, I think this should have been settled long before it got to court..

Next up is one of those head shakers:

I am not really sure how I feel about this. I am totally against causing the victim's family more pain. However, if he really was railroaded then he deserves his day in court. Speaking of head shakers here is a not court head shaker:

How in the world did this happen? I thought the restrooms in theaters were required to be cleaned daily. Wouldn't someone notice within several days that the restroom wasn't being used?

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Lady DR said...

Well, since I'm not big on snow, if you have to have lousy weather, I'd opt for rain and wind.

The secretary's case sounds like a waste of the court's time. I'm not sure what the employer's agenda was, but they were likely the reason she couldn't get her unemployment benefits. And I've never heard of an employer firing an employee because he/she was willing to put in some extra time on extra work. Good for her for pursuing it on her own and winning.

As to the auto accident. It's the perp's responsibility to *prove* his innocence. Given his history of DUI, drug use and prison time, I'm inclined to not go with his story, particularly this long after the fact, when the odds are good there are no clear records showing McW's lane change or medications. If he's been up on several DUIs and he was DUI at the time of the accident, I'm inclined to say it's time he paid the price.

I find one confusing issue in the last article, about the missing man. It says he was using a "family restroom." What is that? Most theater restrooms are are large and cleaned daily. Was this a separate restroom, one for staff or something? Even one like that, maybe especially one like that, would be cleaned daily, I'd think. It sounds very strange.

Pat said...

I'd love to see some snow, but only a little bit, thanks. Wind and rain, sure, why not? I hope yours doesn't turn to ice, which I'm pretty sure everybody hates.

In the first story, yes, it shoud have been settled long since. And they shouldn't have made a big deal about it in the first place. One question: did the first idiot employer have someone to cover the reception desk while she went to lunch? If so, they should be glad she elected to stay at her desk, whatever she was doing there, freeing up the other employee. In fact, they should have been glad of that no matter what. If they wanted to fire her for some other reason, they should have either just done that or thought of a better excuse.

Judging from the evidence given in the article, this guy's lawsuit should be tossed out of court and a few years added onto his sentence.

They didn't check the restroom in the theater for 5 days? It would have smelled sooner than that, so you'd think they'd have noticed something. If all they did was go in and empty the trash, you'd think they'd check to see all the toilets were at least flushed. It makes me glad I rarely go to the movies any more. There are no dead bodies in my home when I watch a DVD. At least not so far.

William J. said...


A family rest room is a unisex restroom and a diaper changing room. It allows female caregivers of males to take them there and visa versa. California and Oregon, for example, have laws requiring them in public places.

The secretary's case was a waste of time caused by bullheaded bosses. Really stupid to fire someone that dedicated.

I am with you and Pat on the DUII, his history pretty much tells me he is guilty although the court requires each event to stand by itself.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

I am fine with a couple inches of snow like we just had that clears up in a day but several inches that keeps me housebound causes Cabin fever. Think Jack Nicholson in the Shining.

Great question about the employer having someone to cover ther receptionist desk during lunch! They should be glad to have such a dedicated employee instead of firing her. I am sure that motivated the employees left behind.

I know the duii guy has a horrible history but what makes me hesitate is that each event should stand on its on. Yes his history makes it likely he is a stupid jackass that probably was driving drunk but what does the evidence of the current accident show?

Not checking the rest room for five days makes me wonder just how clean this theater is. They don't clean rest rooms for five days? I do go to movies but I use the public restroom instead of the family one.