Monday, January 16, 2012

Awards & Sadness

Are you sad today? Even though it is a holiday? Apparently you are not alone:

I enjoyed watching the Golden Globe Awards last night. Here is the listing of the best quotes of the night:

My favorite was from Octavia Spencer, best supporting actress for The Help. "Dr. King said it best: all labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance."

Following is the list of the winners:

Here is my take on the telecast. My favorite winner was the aforementioned Octavia Spencer. She brought humbleness to the award show. I also liked Morgan Freeman receiving the lifetime achievement award. His presenter, Sidney Poitier, brought class to the show. Matt Lablanc's acceptance speech was really charming. Christopher Plummer was a class act. I really didn't like the host, Ricky Gervais. He is an obnoxious, classless, no talent human being best left in the background never to appear in public again. I didn't really like any of the TV awards because they were from shows I've never watched. Why can't Covert Affairs or White Collar win an award once in a while.

I have seen some of the winning movies. The Descendants was a very good movie about end of life decisions. I liked The Help for its acting, period costumes, humor and history.

I plan on seeing The Artist as our friend Shirley has given it some thumbs up. Right now it is playing only in downtown Portland and I am adverse to the cost of parking and the trip down there. I am waiting for it to expand to the burbs. I plan on seeing Hugo, My Week With Marilyn, Beginners, and The Iron Lady.

That is it for the day. Enjoy the holiday, after you Comment Away.


Pat said...

So many reasons to get depressed! I may have a little touch of SAD, but it isn't consistent. I love cool weather and hate the 100 degrees of summer here, so maybe that's why gloom doesn't depress me as a rule.

I pretty much ignore Valentine's Day. I usually feel okay on Tax Day because I've usually done my part. Summer's too hot here, but doesn't depress me. I dislike Daylight Savings Time, but only because it's such a chore to change all the clocks. I would hate all holidays, but on some of them I get a visit from the kids, and that saves them for me. So mostly I guess I've escaped all these depression-producers.

I watched only the part of the Globes after 11 (have to keep up with GOOD WIFE and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES). So some of these quotes I saw, some I read about in the paper, and hardly any do I consider worthy of being quoted. I will agree with you on that Octavia Spencer one, which I didn't see. I'm glad she won. I also agree on Morgan Freeman, whom I did see. Can't agree on Ricky Gervais, who was apparently kept on a fairly short leash this time. He can be very funny, which he has not yet shown as an awards show host.

I haven't really checked out the winners, but of the ones I saw, I was glad about George Clooney and Peter Dinklage. I love Meryl Streep, and she most often deserves her wins, but I think she should disqualify herself. She has won enough times. Give someone else a chance.

Lady DR said...

Interesting article on sadness and the blues. Several items - darkness, holidays, loneliness - have often been discussed. I do get a bit down, on occasion, if we have several days of gloomy weather, but that's changing, as I look at those as days to lots of indoor things. Holidays used to be an issue, but not so much anymore. I've grown accustomed to the family being separated. Inviting a couple friends, who would otherwise be alone, in for Thanksgiving and Christmas makes a big difference. We're not big on celebrating or recognizing most other holidays, quite frankly, so Valentines and such aren't a big deal for us. Taxes are just something that has to be dealt with and I try to get mine in before the 4/15 cutoff and hope they're okay. Guess I'm pretty lucky about all that stuff.

Didn't watch the Globes, as I don't watch TV and not many movies. I didn't think any of the quotes I read were noteworthy, other than the one from Spencer. As to the winners, I wouldn't have a clue whether they deserved to win or not.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I never get depressed about the weather but if I am housebound for a few days I get cabin fever. I also ignore Valentine's Day. I do most often like the holidays. I hate the time change.

The only place I've seen Gervais is hosting award shows. I always immensely dislike people that get their humor at the expense of others. It is a cheap and easy way to humor. He is a classless act and from what I've seen of him on award shows I have no interest in seeing anything non award show related.

I watch THE GOOD wife on demand. It is probably my favorite show. I agree with you on Spencer's quote. And on her win. I like it when new people win.

I also agree with you on Clooney and Dinklage. And of course Streep, give someone else a chance for heaven sake.


William J. said...


I don't really get down on the weather, more scared at times. No sunlight doesn't really bother me. Neither does darkness though I admit I am excited when the light stays until after 5. Some of the best holidays is when it is only Mom and I. Taxes esxcite because that is how I make money. Just a note, tax season is three days longer this year. Feb. 29. April 16 & 17 due to the 15 falling on a weekend.