Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Can See!

I am sorry I am late today but this about the first I could see today. My annual eye appointment was at eight this morning. They dilate your eyes so that you can't see after the appointment and have to stick around for a while until your eyes adjust. I got home a little before news. The good news. My eyes are in good shape. No change since last year.

Going to start out the day with an elder care article. That is after all one of the reasons I started the blog. We also did trends yesterday. So here is a new trend in elder care housing:


Mummy's often have all the answer. This Mummy may have the answer to an age old question:


I imagine Pat knows all about the information in the following article. Glendale, California is taking on fast food joints:


Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Congrats on the good report from the eye app't! Mine are currently glazed, from hours of computer research (wry s).

I really like the transitional housing idea. I wish I'd know about something like that several years ago (although I'm not sure, at this point, Mom could live alone, but maybe, with me so close by). The size of the house is maybe the size of the apartment she had. I think the issue of privacy is a big one and this provides that, with support only a couple hundred feet away. It doesn't address the social aspects an assisted living facility often provides, but does put Mom/Dad close enough to get them out for shopping or other activities. And it's not like it wouldn't have a variety of future uses and would probably be a major selling point in future, given the number of us who are dealing with elder care, in one way or another.

Interesting about the mummy. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they could find some answers with their research and then expand it to other forms of cancer?

I'm all for restricting the fast food restaurant signs and others as well, including billboards. We commented so often, driving through Kissimmee and Orlando, that you were so surrounded by "visual noise" from all the signs, it was hard not to be distracted from driving and heaven help you, trying to select among all the big, overpowering, highly lit commercial signs along the streets. Personally, I'm all in favor of signs have size and height restrictions.

Pat said...

The "shed" looks like a great solution for an aging parent who is still doing fairly well.

So they are looking for clues to modern diseases in mummies? Well, why not? I hope the mummy gives some good information.

Gosh, you would think I'd know about the kerfuffle in Glendale, since I live right next door to that small city. But I didn't. Hadn't heard a word. I suspect you have to live in that town and observe their City Council meetings to hear about things like that. Our local twice-weekly paper covers both Burbank and Glendale, heavy on the Glendale part, but it's an awful paper, and I don't recall them covering this, either. BTW, I suspect the photo accompanying the article is a mock-up, as I don't recall seeing anything quite that egregious in Glendale. But I could be wrong--there are only a few places I go around there.

If it came to a vote, and if I were eligible to vote, I'd say restrict the signs. But I doubt it'll happen.

William J. said...


I was pleased with the eye exam.

The traditional housing is a great idea. On the way between my house and Mom's there is a business that has some of those houses on display. The focus of that business is offices but they would transition nicely to homes. Your Mom would have been a perfect one for those houses on yourn land.

It would be absolutely fantastic if they could use the mummies to find a cure for any or all cancers.

We do have height restrictions for signs here in Sherwood but two. KFC and McDonald's were grandfathered and they are the worst offenders. I am also for restrictions.


William J. said...

Hi PAt

That is the key to the shed. They have to still be doing well.

I also hope the mummy gives good information. Then if it works for cancer we can move on to other diseases.

If you look closely at the fast food picture you can see it was pieced together. The signs would seldom if never be in that order, they would be next to each other and you wouldn't be able to see some of them.

Interesting it wasn't covered by local news. I would also vote to restrict the signs.