Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Snugpug's Birthday

According to a rumor going around the Internet, it is the birhtday of a regular poster here. Let's all of us wish Snugpug a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



With The Stars was great last night. They introduced two new dances to the show. The Lindy Hop. A lot like the Jitterbug, it is a fast paced extremely fun dance to watch. The other dance was the hot, romantic Argentine Tango. The quality of dancing on this season's show is the best at this stage of the competition than it has been during any season.

Who should be eliminated tonight? The Billionaire and the Jackass. Who will be eliminated tonight? My home state playmate from Astoria, Oregon, Holly Madison and The Jackass.

My favorite dance of the night, I rated third overall. It was my favorite because of the difference between how his was week one and how he is now.

My ratings follow in order with the judges score in ( ).

The Hot Tango by Cheryl and Gilles. Cheryl is the best with the tango. If you remember season 2 her tango with Drew scored 30. Very hot, very romantic. My score was 95. This is the earliest in the series of any season that the judges gave a
perfect score. (30)

If any perfect scores should have been given by the judges it should have been given to the very fast, very fun amazing footwork shown in the Lindy Hop by Tony and Reality reject Mellissa. Tied for first in my ratings at 95. (29)

All I can say about Ty Murray and Chelsea Hightower's Lindy Hop was "Wow, that dude has improved!" Week one he was getting fours from the judges. Fast, fun, strong lifts. Smiling the whole way through the dance they wowed the crowd. I gave them a 92

Fourth in my rating was Li'L Kim and Derek Hough's tango rated by me a hot 90. (27)

Coming in fifth in my ratings was another improving man, comedian, David and my favorite professional, Kym's Lindy Hop. I rated 85. (22)

My sixth rated couple was Julianne at her real life boyfriend Chuck's Lindy Hop earning an 80 with me. (22)

Seventh in my ratings was gymnist Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas. Their Lindy Hop had a lot of gymnastic moves but not enough dancing. I rated them a 79. (25)

Football great Lawrence Taylor and Edyta did a tango and had great footwork but no romance. The Tango is all about romance. I rated the dance a 75. (19)

Holly one of the late entrants this season just doesn't know the difference between sexy and romantic. She did fall and that caused her to lose focus and their tango left a lot to be desired for me and the judges. 70. (16).

The Jackass is really my least favorite entrant and Lacey is my least favorite professional and their Lindy Hop would have been my least favorite dance of the night if it wasn't for billionaires. 65. (15).

The Woz trying to look romantic would be like me trying to look sexy in a dress. It just isn't going to happen. His Tango with Karina was to slow and he had no timing to the music. 60. (12).

A question for even you non-Dancing With The Stars fans. Do you go out dancing and when you do what is your favorite dance? My guess is one of the posters will say Line Dancing. I like the Waltz because with limited mobility in one foot it is a dance that I can do and do well.

May you dance through the day with a smile on your face, love in your heart, and music in your ear!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where Did My Together Go?

I'm usually a pretty together person. Or at least I think I am. Give it to me, I can handle it. I may complain about it but I can handle it. However, lately I think my together either escaped or went on vacation. I've been looking for it. If anyone finds my together could you please send it to me? It is sorely missed.

I guess when you have three jobs, a mom to care for, and the normal things we all do in our daily lives you get so busy that you do really stupid things. Here is a list of things I did in the last week that I would make fun of other people for doing:

Looked for glasses that I was wearing.

Dialed a phone number to call a client but our receptionist answered. I dialed the number of the firm I was working at. The receptionist thought it was a riot, I was mortified. I placed a reminder on my phone "do not call the number you are dialing from."

Locked my keys in the car. I had another set though.

Forgot to take a shower one day. Took two showers the next day to make up for it.

Forgot to eat dinner one night. Was pleased when I got on the scale.

Put the coffee in the fridge instead of its normal place in the cupboard. Had to buy coffee on the way to work until I found the can of coffee.

Forgot to pay a bill, I'm pretty sure my 805 rating won't suffer but I did for being so stupid. Paid the next month in advance.

OK, am I alone here? Or do some of you get so busy with caring for a parents or children, taking care of husbands, taking kids to music lessons or sporting events, or shopping, or whatever, that you do things you would never do? Things you just stop and shake your head and ask yourself "Why did I just do that?" I'm entering new territory here. Maybe the person upstairs is getting even with me for me shaking my head and asking others "Why did you just do that?" I've gone from being together to wondering if maybe the drug companies could develop a smart pill for us to take during busy times.

Inquiring minds want to know. And if you find my together email me for the address to send it to.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Your Blog Today

My favorite day. Update Day. You tell me everythin that is going on in your life. Post about anything you damn well please. Ask any questions you want to ask. Seek advise from other posters about anything that is troubling you. Tell us your joys and troubles. Introduce yourself to us if you want to. Any exciting events you went to last week? Any exciting events you having coming up in the next week?

Not much to tell this week.

My brother-in-law's mom passed away Thursday. In some ways it is a blessing because she was in the mental state where she didn't really know anyone including my brother in law. Still brother Bob (and his more of a brother to me than a brother in law) is really sad. He will recover and I will keep him in my prayers and good thoughts. I would love it if you all would also.

The Portrait of Washington County came out yesterday as a supplemental publication inserted in The Times Publications. The blurb I wrote about my mom and out pictures were in there. I dropped it by Mom's on the way to work and she was really touched. I think in this case it was a good thing to make a woman cry.

I'm really ready for tax season to be over. I'm exhausted. A typical day is: get up at 5, shower, fix and eat breakfast, read the paper, head out to work to get their at 7:30, go to the bank on my lunch hour, after work get mom and the caregiver to take them for dinner, after dinner take mom's car to fill it with gas, then take my car to fill it with gas, pick up some prescriptions, pick up dry cleaning, get home at 9 and go to bed. Boring, busy, and exhausting.

At work they really trust me. They pretty much give me the clients that nobody else wants. I met with one client that told me she had an evaluation that basically said she was to crazy to work. Then the next day sent me an email saying she wanted to work at the firm (I sent it to my bosses who thought it was extremely funny). They do have great senses of humor which makes them really easy to work with. My next meeting is with a client who is certifiably depressed. One of my bosses told me they would feel better about giving me the clients if I would just complain about it. However, I really don't mind.

It is now your turn. Tell me everything. It would be nice if you would share something with us that none of us know about you. Part of getting to know you. I may of told some of you this before but I collect music boxes. OK, go - it doesn't matter how long your post is. Share with us what you would like to.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dancing Around The Tube

I don't really watch much television, I sort of pick and choose my shows. What are your favorite TV shows? Must see? See if you are home but don't sit around waiting for it?

My favorite drama is the must see Friday Nigh Lights. The most well-acted show on Television. That is my only non-reality show must see. It is about so much more than football.

I seem to fall into the reality show trap. Because the other shows I like seem to be reality shows. I like watching people going outside of their comfort zone. I also like to see people competing against each other and bonding with their opposition.

Of course Top Chef is on my list. I don't know if it is the food or the competition. It is just fun to watch people create dishes in a preset often unrealistic time frame.

Then there is the Amazing Race. My favorite team, the flight attendants - one from Oregon - got eliminated. They finished last the week before and as punishment for not being eliminated they had to do an extra task that really left them no chance to catch up. What I like about the Amazing Race is watching how the teams work together to solve problems, the beautiful scenery in the places they travel, the teams doing things completely outside of their comfort zone, and how the teams navigate when there is a language barrier.

I've never watched The Apprenctice before and I just caught it a couple of time this year. I'm not sure I will continue to watch it because it just frustrates me. The wrong person is sent packing most of the time. A doofus like Dennis Rodman that contributes nothing to the show or his team is kept on when other people go.

Which leads to my favorite reality show Dancing With The Stars when this week a billionaire that is embarassing himself on the dance floor was kept on the show and an improving Denise Richards was sent packing. Here is how I rated the dancers this week:

1. Tony and Mellissa's Fox Trot - I love the elegant dances more than the Latin Dances

2. Shawn Johnson and Mark's Fox Trot - Although I'm not a fan of Mark's this was a beautiful dance.

3. Kym Johnson/David Alan Grier - I rated them higher than the judges did. The very Broadway Fox Trot pleased me to no end.

4. Gilles/Cheryl's Samba.

5. The most improving Chuck and his girl friend Julianne did a marvelous Fox Trot.

6. Another Fox Trot - see the pattern? I loved how Ty Murray has improved from the first week and he and Chelsea performed better than anyone could expect after seeing him in week one.

7. L'il Kim and Derrick's Samba was good as Samba's go.

8. Lawrence Taylor and the Body, Edyta, did an OK Samba.

9. Denise Richards and Max's Samba was better than the judges scored. She deserved to be on for a couple of more weeks.

10. Holly Madison, from Astoria, Oregon, and Dimitri also rated higher with me than the judges scored them.

11. Stevie O and Lacey deserved to be in the bottom two. They deserved to be one of the two couples in the dance off.

12. Billionaire the Woz and Katrina should have saved the audience from the misery of watching them dance and volunteered to go home.

What is on your TV platter this week? Do you watch TV from your easier chair? Does TV watching also mean snack city for you? Tell me your favorite shows.

May your Dance plesantly through the rest of the week!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You're Rich, You Cheat, But Are You Free?

Trying hard to rile up Pat today. According to yesterday's USA Today taxpayers with adjusted gross incomes of $500,000 to a million bucks under report their income by 21%, the highest under reporting of any segment of taxpayers. The ones with the lowest score of under reporting? Those with adjust gross incomes of between $20,000 and $25,000 who under report their income by 5%. $25,000-$30,000? 6%. $200,000-$500,000? 20%. What makes this even more interesing is the chances of someone earning over $500,000 had their chances of being audited fall by 36% in the last year. Yup, the taxpayers with the highest cheating rate had their chances of being audited reduced by the greatest margin of any segment of the population. By the way the overall chances of a taxpayer making over $250,000 being audited is 3.1%. The chances of someone making less than 50K being audited 2%. Boggles the mind.

Also in yesterday's USA Today was a survery to determine how free you are if you live in certain states. The survey measured lax drug laws, when you can and can't buy booze (Sundays?), how much the tax is on booze and cigarettes, how lax are the gun laws, seat belt laws, helmet laws, insurance requirements and so on. This was called The Freedom Index developed by the Mercatus Center of George Mason University, in Arlington, Virginia. I live in Oregon and I'm not that free because we rank 27th on the list. We have a lot more freedom than California as they came in at 47th, just three points above the least free state, New York. Texas was way up there at 5th. Mary Z will feel better about her state, Tennessee, number 7 ranking. Indiana is the 13th most free state. Wisconsin is at 37. Washington comes in at 44. South Carolina is at 30th. The top 10: New Hampshire, Colorado, South Dakota, Idaho, Texas, Missouri, Tennessee, Arizona, Virginia, and North Dakota. The bottom ten from 41-50, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Washington, Hawaii, Maryland, California, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and New York.

The questions for the day. Are you free enough to cheat on your taxes? Seriously, does anything about either of these stories suprise you?

May you be free today and free from IRS audits forever.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Exciting Life

Looking back at last week: Work

Looking forward to next week: Work & Mom

Looking forward to the week after next: Work & Mom

Looking forward to two weeks from now: Work & Mom

Looking forward to three weeks from now: Work and April 15th Yea!

Sometimes life just seems to boring to write about. Since my life is really about as exciting as watching paint dry I'm going around the world with some news items:

Natasha Richardson's death both touched me and scared me. Losing a multi-talented actress in her mid forties is just tragic. In her honor one night at 8 p.m. Broadway dimmed their lights for one minute as a well earned tribute to her. Anyone that watched the remake of The Parent Trap had to be touched by her death. She was just so glowing and beautiful in that movie. Now the part that scares me, the bleeding of the brain due to a head injury. Remember when I had the concussion on the first day of the job? One of the doctors told me he was sending to the emergency room because he feared that due to the high blood pressure he feared that I might have bleeding of the brain. You feel fine. Then the next day you get a headache and die. I am now really happy that I din't know how tragic the consequences could have been when I fell. However, I am scared after the fact.

The AIG bonuses just make we want to kick something. First we are told that they are retention bonuses. Bonuses to keep their best and brightest. You know the ones? The ones that destroyed the coompany and put the country in an economic crisis. Wow, failure pays big these days. Then a couple of days later we learn that some of the "retention bonuses" went to over seventy workers no longer working for the company. Do they deserve these bonuses? Their contract says yes. However, AIG wouldn't have had enough money to pay off the bonuses had they not got the bailout money from the government. That is us, the taxpayer. Why in the world wasn't their restrictions put on the bailout money before it was handed out to AIG and other companies. The good thing is some AIG employees gave back the bonuses. I don't like the idea of taxing the bonuses at 90% because of the type of tax laws that it may bring in the future. I also doubt the legality of it. To target a tax law towards a few US Citizens is just wrong. What if they decided to put a 90% tax rate on accountants? On waitresses? Etc. As much as I hate the bonuses to AIG, the solution stinks. The foresight of the government stunk when they handed out the bailout money, now it is a little late to recover from their stupidity.

Rant over. How did you react to the Natasha Richardson death? How did you react to the AIG bonueses? Is their anything in the news that caused to want to kick something, if so share it with us.

Friday, March 20, 2009

What A Week, Update Me on Yours

I always look forward to Fridays for a number of reasons. First, I can sleep in on Saturday Morning. I can but I seldom do. But it is nice getting up and not having to pack my lunch or hurry around getting dressed. Second, it is one day closer to April 15. But the best reason to look forward to Fridays? UPDATE DAY! This is the day when I turn over the blog to the posters. Where you all tell me everything going on in your lives. Your concerns. Your joys. Your questions. Anything you want to share with your friends here. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. If you have been reading the blog for a while and want to come forward and tell us what brought you to the blog or share some things about yourself this is a good day to do it. You really can do it any day you want to but this day probably gets more hits than the others. Or if you just found the blog we would love to meet you.

For me the good was having my sister and her husband here to share my duties with mom. It was really helpful. The bad was the cat fight at work Monday. The Ugly was when Sister and her husband got back home to Utah their home was broken into and they lost almost thirty thousand dollars worth of stuff. What a mess! It isn't something that you would never wanted to be confronted with, but after a long trip that is even more stressful. They do have insurance, that will help.

Some of the other stuff that went on this week. They had me meet with a client at work. That shows trust. Had a really nice good bye dinner with my sister and her husband on Tuesday. My brother also has been here from Wyoming and have really been attentive of Mom. Really unusual but welcome. This week I also solved a problem between the guys that bought my business and a very valued client that has been with me since the early eighties. It is the one that when he first became my client he was working out of the trunk of his car selling radio time to clients. Now he is a millionaire many times over. This is a really nice man that you really need to address his issues. I'm glad it was solved. He was talking about suing to break my non-compete agreement so I could work on his stuff again. I don't really want that, I am on to new things and don't really want to go back. The rest of the week was mostly work and sleep. Man am I getting tired with three jobs. I haven't even had time to do laundry and if I don't do it soon I'm going to have to buy new clothes!

OK, it is your turn. Tell me anything you damn well please!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let's Go Dancing

Even non-Dancing With The Stars fans would have loved this week's result show. It was outstanding with a stunning dance by four couples doing the jitterbug to a 20's style band. Then Jewel singing a soft song while two more couples danced. It was like the old variety shows they had on TV in the fifties. After two weeks and two dances per couples this is how I rank the celebes and their chances to win:

Gilles - The Sex and The City actor is a a very versitle dancer, has a great partner in Cheryl. He is also likeable. 2-1

Shawn Johnson - Gymnists seem to do well with dancing, the youngest contestent in the show's history has a real shot to win it. 4-1

Mellisa Rycoff - This late replacement is having fun. What a way to get over a broken relationship, go on to Dancing With The Stars and improve the chances of Tony to make to the finals. 5-1

Chuck Wiese - my underdog pick to win it. He is overshadowed by the top 3 but has talent and a connection with his real life partner, two time winner Julianne. 7-1

Now the second tier.

L'il Kim - Derek is a good teaher and L'il Kim is the best of the rest and she could improve enough to make it to the final four. 10-1

Lawreence Taylor - this is wear I part ways with the judges. They would have Denise Richard here, I don't. Football players improve on this show. 15-1

David Alan Grier - In my mind better than the Judges give him credit for and he has my favorite professional, Kym Johnson 20-1

Holly Madison - other than Mellisa she has had the least time to prepare so I am cutting her a break because I think she will improve. 30-1

Denise Richards - I don't like here as well as the judges. I think she is kind of stiff when she dances and as tall as she is she doesn't have really good arm extenstion 100-1

Ty Murray - he surprised me the most the second week, he went bad to good in just a week. He is likable and handsome. 120-1

Belinda - Not enough hip action, not enough fan following - no chance to win. She was eliminated to weeks ahead of her time.

The Woz - Apple Co-founder did improve and he enjoys dancing and is a likable sort but his odds to win are probably 10,000,000 to 1. His odds to go home next are 1-1

Jackass Stevie O - the one I liked the least. The one that should have gone home this week. No chance to win. I'm rootting for him to go home this week.

Before closing I just want to mention the sad death of Natasha Richardson, daughter of Vannesa Redgrave and wife of Liam Nesson. The young woman was in her forties. The hurt herself during sking lessons and had a brain injury. The acting world lost another amazing talent. My heart goes out to her family.

May the rest of your week be filled with variety and entertainment!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You're Fired

Don't worry, Pat this isn't a post about The Apprentice. Don't worry the rest of you I didn't get the fired. Just the opposite for me. They are giving me a lot more work. In a bit of really sad news one of the nicest women at work is taking treatments for cancer and isn't reacting well to the new treatments. She is off work until further notice. So please keep Julie in your prayers and good thoughts. She deserves better. Her work has been given to me on top of the work that I already have. I'm glad my bosses trust me with her work because she is one of the best.

Now Monday at work there was a situation that was really weird and a little stressful. I sit way in the back in the "warehouse", I am the only one sitting back there. I love it back there because it is peaceful and quiet. But what I really like about it is with the firm's paperless procedures there is a ton of copying and scanning and I'm just a few steps from the scanner and the copy machine. Saves me tons of time. Once in a great while, like yesterday sitting alone in the back comes with its drawbacks. The firm was getting complaints about the receptionist from clients that called the firm. The receptionist and the other temp by myself (a woman) really weren't getting along. The receptionist was having a hard time understanding that the other temp was mid level in the firm's organization chart and that she, the receptionist was the support staff. Now the receptionist always did what I asked and I never had a bit of trouble with her. Whenever I asked something she would do it right away. However, with the other temp she really didn't do what she was asked to do. The bosses met with the receptionist on Friday and told her she needed to improve. And that she needed to get along with the other temp and be nicer to clients on the phone. She reacted to the meeting badly. That left the bosses with no other choice but to fire her. Which they did late Monday afternoon. The receptionist came back to my desk to say good bye and ask for my phone number. While she was there the other temp walked into the room to make copies. WOW did a fight ensue.

The receptionist told her she was the C word. You know the one that can also be used to describe female privates. Told not to f'ing say a word to her. The temp said something back and the receptionist pretty much whatever she said didn't matter because she was already fired she was the C that got her fired. I just sat there stunned. I couldn't believe my ears. After a few minutes the receptionist walked out the back door. I have never seen a confrontation like that before any where at work. Looking back I questioned whether or not I should have stepped in the battle and calmed every one down. Maybe separate the two. So I am asking the readers and posters here what I should have done. How would you have handled it? Would a man interferring in a cat fight have better success than a woman peacemaker?

They hired a recptionist from a temp agency that started yesterday. She is really, really nice. She even complimented myon the cologne I wear, the one I bought for the comedy class. I was even wearing the day one, not the night one. Today it is the night one. Now if she just wouldn't call me sir.

People at work were concerned that the fight happened in front of me but like I told them it never hurts for a person to learn new words. I really liked the old receptionist but like I told my boss I pretty much like everybody, that if I new Jeffrey Dahmer I would just think he had a little eating disorder.

Hope today brings you nothing but happiness. I am waiting for your responses because I am really curious about what everyone thinks I should have done.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back Tomorrow (or Thursday)

Sorry I've been remiss about posting everyday. With sister here from Utah, brother here from Wyoming, three jobs, normal life's errands, I didn't really have time to post yesterday and I really missed it. I'm going to try to go back to the posting tomorrow if time permits. Sis goes back to Utah first thing in the Morning. Bro goes back to Wyoming Saturday.

Lot's has been happening. There was an incident a work yesterday where the receptionist was let go. She took her anger out on another woman and a cat fight ensued in front of me. I didn't know what to do. I will post later in the week about the incident and see how you think I should have handled it.

Then the bonuses that AIG paid to retain "their best and brightest", you know the one that got them into the mess they are in. I have some things to say about that.

At work they are just really wonderful to me. I really thought I wasn't do very good at work but they already asked me back for next year. I will tell you what happened when I got to work on Monday. It was great!

Of course if things get dull there is the running in the underwear in Siberia on The Amazing Race, The wrong person being fired on The Apprentice, and of course we have to see who is leaving their dancing shoes behind on Dancing With The Stars.

For now it is going to take a shower and put on a green shirt. I don't want to be pinched today. Well, I wouldn't mind it if I could pick the person to pinch me.

HAPPY ST, PATRICK'S DAY. May you all have the luck oif

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Family Dynamics

Have you ever sat in a sea of relatives and asked yourself, who are these people? Or feel like you didn't relly belong? My brother and his wife is here from Wyoming. My sister and her husband is here from Utah. Yesterday at Mom's we held a family get together. There was Mom, sister, sister's husband, brother, brother's wife, brother's eldest son and his wife, brother's youngest daughter and her husband, my niece's daugther and son, my nephew's eldest son and his fiance. Fifteen of us I think.

A little background. Over the years, just like all families, there has been disputes among each other. Times when this one wasn't speaking to that one or when someone wasn't speaking to everyone. Except me they always spoke to me. I was the family peacemaker. Sort of the family rock. When somone got their knickers in an uproar and left the family, I was the one to alway bring them back into the fold.

Yesterday was the first time all the siblings got together in a couple of years. We had pizza and chicken and then a gab fest in the living room. Well some of us were in the living room. The cliques emerged. Sis, sister-in-law, and her husband pretty much avoided the living room for an hour or so. They were in a gab feast in the kitchen. A lot of the separations during the year have arose from conversations between sis and sister-in-law so I always view that clique as a little dangerous. In the living room were the rest of us. I honestly don't anyone spoke to mom. Mom tried to get involved in the conversation but the conversation always turned to something that really she wouldn't know about. Nobody there stepped up to help mom. I was the one that went out and got her plate of food. I cleaned up her dishes afterwards. I moved over next to her so at least she would have someone she could talk to.

When the clique came back into the living room and everyone was there I was listening to the conversation and wondering, "who are these people?." I am so different than any of them and think so differently than any of them. Don't get me wrong I love all of them. My niece and her husband are really supportive of me. Sis and her husband do what they can to help with mom. I just didn't belong in the group. I don't agree with my great nephew's racist remarks. I don't agree with my sister's stance on gays. I don't agree with my nephew's stance about the education systemn and how they shouldn't teach arts and music because they wouldn't lead to careers. I don't see the caring from my brother towards mom that I have. Nor do I see the caring for my brother from his wife in the manner that I would want from my wife. I'm not trying to be judgmental, I'm just trying to understand how in the hell did I become part of this group and why I am a stranger within my own family. I'm trying to understand how all of those raised by the same family could care so differently, love so differently. I'm trying to understand that whenever there is a family get together why Mom and I are always seemingly excluded from the conversations. Yet when someone is away from group needing support, love, or ear to talk they call me or Mom.

Tell me about your family dynamics. Have you ever been at a family reunion where you felt excluded? Where you felt you didn't belong? Is this normal? Unusual?

Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Friday

And you all know what that means! My favorite day of the week, Update Day!! Today's update falls on Friday the 13th so besides giving you the advise of telling me everything that is going on in your life right now I am going to give you the advise to not walk under ladders, don't let a black cat walk in front of you, walk on the same side of posts as the people you are with, find a four leaf clover, and find a penny and pick it up and the rest of the day you will have good look.

OK. Tell me how you are doing caring for your elderly parent. Tell me about any special events that you have coming up. Tell me what is important to you today. Tell me about your children and what they are up to. If you want to tell me about what is going on your job, shoot. And if you have been reading the blog for a while and haven't posted, we sure would love to meet you and learn about you and what brought you here. Or if you just found the blog please also introduce yourself and let us know about you. This is the blog posters' and readers' day. Post about anything you damn well please!

Been a good week. Sis came last Saturday and has taken over the care of Mom. It is really nice to be able to enjoy my lunches and alsoto go home right after work. I have went to dinner with the group twice. Last night and last Sunday. In a way while I am glad to have the break but I do miss the time with Mom. I took yesterday off from the regular job to work on some of my own clients and because the guys that bought my business needed me at an appointment yesterday. I really enjoyed yesterday.
Tomorrow I meet with the guys that bought my business early in the morning. Then sis, her husband, mom, and I are going to the Casino for lunch! Last time I went to the casino I won nineteen hundred smackers. I'm looking forward to it. Sunday I am working on two corporate returns and with some good luck go to a movie. There is just barely over a month to go until tax season ends! Yea! Wow summarazing my week it sure appears it was boring! All I did was work and complain!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do You Know What It Is?

Do you know what it is? On a recent report on KPTV-12 here in Portland, Oregon it was reported that approximately thirty percent of all teens are actively involved in it. Over fifty percent of all teens have done it. Am I talking about harmless fun? Am I talking about something that would make parents proud of their teens? I am talking about Sexting. Yes Sexting. That is sending nude or partial nude pictures of yourself by text message over your cell phone to other teens. They give no thought to how years from now those pictures could come back to haunt them. They don’t know they are putting pictures out there that could get into the hands of pedophiles. They often don’t know they may be breaking the law.

According to another report on Msn.com a 15 year-old Pennsylvania girl is facing pornography charges for sending nude pictures of herself to other kids. Read the entire somewhat frightening article here http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29613192/ One of the stories in the article mentions a tragic story of a beautiful 18 year-old young woman that committed suicide after her boyfriend sent nude picture of her to other kids. One of the questions asked in the MSNBC.com post is whether we should be treating Sexting as a criminal problem or a social problem.

This just makes me shudder beyond belief. Parents be aware. Be very aware. This is one of those cases, in my humble opinion, where the teens right to privacy takes a backseat to the parents right to know what is going on with their kids. Parents check the cell phones. Go do it right now.

From my teen years I remember toilet papering, cow tipping, and that famous lighted bag of dog stuff on a door step. I don’t remember even thinking about sending any pictures to anyone let alone nude pictures. But we didn’t have cell phones then. Progress without responsibility can be dangerous.

What is your take on this new practice? Harmless fun or is danger lurking as soon as the pictures are sent? What were your teen years like? Were things better then, than they are now? What advise would you give parents about Sexting? Is this one of those cases where the parents right to know trumps the teens right to privacy? Is Sexting a criminal problem or a social problem?

May today bring you only happy calls and pictures that you can be proud of over your cell phone.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dancing With The Octomom

Season 8 of Dancing With The Stars premiered Monday night. They have already had a lot of drama with two celebrities having to drop out with injuries and being replaced by other stars that had less than a week to learn the routines. With Nancy O’Dell and Jewel having to drop out with injuries before this season even started I think ABC really missed the boat and could have had their ratings soar by picking the Octomom as a replacement! But they didn’t have that much foresight. They picked a Playboy bunny and a another reality show reject. Overall, however, I was surprised at the quality of the dances for the first show of the season!

My favorite to win this season is Cheryl Burke and the acting stud from Sex In The City, Gilles. They have the phone number that puts them immediately in the lead. Did you know that in five out of the last seven seasons of Dancing With The Stars the couple that had the phone number ending in 3405 won? I also rated them the best last night as did the judges. I gave their Cha Cha an A-. The judges gave them a 24.

I gave my second favorite couple a B +, Professional Mark Ballas and 17 year-old gymnast Shawn Johnson performed an elegant waltz that earned a 23 from the judge.

I had a tie for third with ex con L’il Kim and country and western singer Chuck Willis both earning a B from me. L’il Kym and last year’s winning professional, Derek Hough Cha Chaed to a 21 from the judges. While a very pleasing waltz earned Chuck and real life girl friend, professional dancer Julianne Hough a 20 from the judges.

Coming in a surprising fifth considering she had only two days to train with professional partner, Tony, after being rejected by the bachelor Mellissa Rycoff earned a B - from me and a 23 from the judges with an stunning elegant waltz. So good old Melissa made it through one reality show without getting dumped on national TV. Well at least this week she did.

My sixth place finisher earned a C + form yours truly and an 18 from the judges. New professional Dimitri and replacement Playboy model, Holly Madison, did a very nice Cha Cha having less than a week of traing.

Coming in 7th were C earners pop star Bellinda and my Mom’s favorite professional, Jonathan Roberts. Their to slow but somewhat beautiful waltz earned a 17 from the judges.

Comic David Alan and my beautiful favorite professional, Kym Johnson, did a waltz that earned a 19 from the judges and a C - from me. My 8th place finishers.

Football players usually do well on Dancing With The stars but if the first night out is any indication it looks like future football hall of famer Lawrence Taylor will break that spell. He and his professional partner, Edyta The Body, didn’t do real well with a Cha Cha earning a D + from me and a 16 with the judges.

Everyone’s favorite professional dancer is Max. Heck my sister even named her cat after him. And my sister’s cat dances better than Max’s partner for this season does. Charlie Sheen’s ex Denise Richards didn’t cha cha into anyone’s heart. Finished tenth in my ratings with a D and faring not much better with the judges with an 18.

Richards did so poorly that I had her tied with a jackass. The infamous Stevie O from the show Jackass also got a D from me with doing something that kind of looked like a waltz with partner Lacey. The judges gave the couple a 17. Better than they deserved.

I had a tie for last places. I don’t give anyone that pushes themselves out of their comfort zone an F. But my last two celebs tied with a D-, a cowboy and a billionaire.

Jewel’s husband, Rodeo star Ty Murray and professional partner new to this season, Chelsea Hightower did an underwhelming cha cha that earned a 14 from the judges.

The cowboy got one more point from the judges than Apple co-founder and billionaire Woz. Katrina and Woz also did a cha cha, that was bad. Woz did have fun and I give him credit for that!

Next week for the first time in the show’s history the audience will not decide who is sent home. The audience will decide the bottom two who then will have a dance off to be scored by the judges.

I hope you all will dance through the rest of the week! The weekend is nearing! As is April 15th.

Monday, March 9, 2009

We're Unhappy

It’s a small, small world after all. It’s a small, small world after all. The happiest place on earth is said to be Disneyland or Disney World. However, I don’t live near either happy place. I live in Portland,Oregon, so according to Business Week I must be unhappy. I honestly didn’t know how unhappy all of us were in Portland until I read it in the newspaper. I mean every where I go people are smiling. They are stopping to help people with car trouble. People always say hi. Road rage is very rare. People at work are nice. However, we are unhappy.

BusinessWeek.com ranked 50 of the largest metros based on a variety of factors including depression rates, suicide rates, divorce rates, crime, unemployment, population loss, job loss, weather, and green space. The most heavily weighted factors were the depression, suicide, jobs (unemployment and job loss), and crime rates. The depression rate is based on drug company data on antidepressant sales. The rate of depression within a place, the total number of reported depression cases divided by the total population. The suicide rate is for 2004 and comes from “The 2007 Big Cities Health Inventory” compiled by the National Assembly of County & City Health Officials (NACCHO). The crime risk indexes for property and crime used for the scoring were based on FBI crime reporting for the seven most-recent available years. Divorce rates and 2009 population change come from the U.S. Census. The number of cloudy days came from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The unhappiest city in the United States was:

Portland, Ore.
Overall rank: 1*
Depression rank: 1
Suicide rank: 12
Crime (property and violent) rank: 24
Divorce rate rank: 4
Cloudy days: 222
Unemployment rate (December 2008): 7.8%

No. 2 . St, Louis, Mo.

No. 3, New Orleans, La.

No, 4. Detroit, Mi.

No. 5. Cleveland, Oh.

No, 6. Jacksonville, Fl.

No. 7. Las Vegas, NV.

No. 8. Nashville, TN

No. 9. Cincinnati, Oh.

No. 10. Atlanta, Ga.

Milwaukie, Wisconsin came in at 11 and Seattle, Washington ranked 20th. I really thought California would have a lot of cities in the top 20 with the state almost bankrupt to the point that the State of California didn’t send out taxpayer refunds until this week because there was no money until then. Yet, the only California city in the top 20 was Sacramento at number 12,

What surprises you about this list? Tell me about your city, would you classify your city as a happy one or a depressed one? Are people curt, crude and rude or are they kind, smiling and approachable? Any road rage? Are people in your city telling people they are number one in your life with that famous one finger hand gesture? I'm waiting for the happy responses!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Didn't Know

I didn’t know and I am embarrassed to admit it. Remember me telling you about the friend that I had that passed away last week? The one that I thought I offended by an internal audit report that I had written about his department but instead of offending him he complimented me on the report and we became friends?

His obituary was in Sunday’s paper. I knew him from 1980 until now. I didn’t know:

That he was an attorney. Nope didn’t know it. He never practiced as an attorney the entire time I knew him. He was a marketing executive and a business vice president. He never mentioned being an attorney in any of our conversations.

I didn’t know that he served in World War II and was wounded. Nope didn’t know. He never mentioned that he had ever served in the military let alone that he was shot defending our country.

I didn’t know that he made rank of Captain in the army. I didn’t know that he was Captain Norm. He never mentioned it.

I didn’t know he was an excellent bridge player. Nope didn’t know. He never mentioned it

What a terrible friend I must have been not to have conversations with him that would have elicited that information from him. What an opportunity I missed to get to know a treasured friend even better than I did.

It’s a lesson. It’s a lesson for the future. I’m going to get out of myself more in conversations and find out more about the backgrounds of the men and women friends in my life. Heck right now I might know more about Brittany Spears, Sarah Palin, and Paris Hilton then I do some of the women friends in my life. I might know more about Peyton Manning, Barrack Obama, and Ted Bundy then I do some of the men friends in my life. While that might be normal it isn’t right. My efforts are now going to directed to getting to know my friends better than I know celebrities.

Have you ever been surprised by how much you didn’t know about a friend after he or she had passed on? Are there in friends in your life right now that you feel you want to or should know more about? I want to know more about *you* so let me know about your friends!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Held Hostage

And there probably won’t be any ransom. If there was a ransom I doubt if anyone would pay it. My captor is really kind of feminine and looks pretty good and harmless in a nice shade of blue with a white background. She isn’t very big at 8 by 11 ½ but is often intimidating. She does, however, often seem very understanding of my obsessions. Lately she has been controlling a lot of my life. Holding me hostage. Do you know who my captor is? It is the dreadful To Do List.

Do I really need to have “take a shower” on my To Do list? What about eat breakfast? A couple of times in the past week I’ve committed a sin that if Dante were still alive he would classify it as a worse sin than flattery. It was that one day when I forgot to write “eat lunch” on my To Do list and still remembered to eat lunch anyhow. Whew. Then on another day I committed what may even be a worse sin, “go to a movie” was on my To Do list and I didn’t go to one. I’m going to the seventh layer of hell, no question about it.

Today’s To Do list:

Take A shower - done
Brush Teeth - done
Make Coffee - done
Turn Coffee pot on - done
Eat Breakfast & Drink Coffee - done
Read Paper - done
Clean Mom’s house to ready it for sis - done
Go to the library to get Mom some books - done
Go to the Dollar Store to get Mom some snacks. - done
Stop By Mark and Paul’s to get a couple of tax returns to do - done
Fix Lunch - done
Eat Lunch - done
Brush Teeth - done
Play Scrabble With Mom - done, damn I lost again.
Move mom from one bedroom to the smaller Bedroom - done
Get bigger bedroom ready for sis and her hubby - done
Get Mom’s Insulin - done
Go to the bathroom - done
Put Mom’s Laundry in in the washer -done
Turn washer on - done
When washer is done put clothes in dryer - done
Fold Clothes - done
Grocery Shop - done
Buy lottery tickets - done
Pack up my stuff at mom’s - done
Go Home - done
Unpack my things at my house - done
Answer comments on my blog - done
Think of Something to write about on my Blog - done
Cook dinner
Eat dinner
Brush Teeth
Get ready for bed
Think of things that I left off my today’s To Do list.
Set all clocks forward one hour.
Go to bed.

What in your life is holding your hostage? Would there be a ransom? I’m listening! Off to respond to the comments on the blog before posting this because I really should do things on my To Do list in order.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Your Day Is Here Again

The day when you tell me what is going on in your life. Your joys. Your concerns. Your questions to me. Your questions to each other. If you have been visiting the blog and haven't posted this is a good day to introduce yourself, tell us a little about yourself, and maybe even what brought you here. And the same if you are new and just found the blog.

Before my update I am going to give you Snugpug's update that she posted in another thread. Please send good thoughts, prayers, good vibes her direction and in her dad's direction. By my calculation her dad's hip replacement surgery was today. You can go to her blog at http://snugpug.blogspot.com/ and post a supportive message if you want. You can also post your support to Snug right here as a comment to this message! Here is Snug's update:

" Not so good news, actually. Dad fell yesterday and is now in hospital with a hip fracture. He is scheduled for hip replacement surgery first "thing tomorrow morning. He's a terrible patient. I know he's in pain, but he's moaning and keening, it's awful to hear and sets everybody on edge.

I don't really know how he fell. He said he tripped, but mum said where he fell, there was nothing he could have tripped over. Her hypothesis is that dad, in the past week, started walking sideways, like a crab, because shuffling like that must have seemed easier for him to do, at the time. In other words, he wasn't following what he learnt at physio -- face where you're going, feet pointed in that direction, and take measured steps. I think he said he tripped because he didn't want to be faulted. Mum thinks that from how he landed, he was shuffling sideways again, and possible tripped over his own feet. "

Now my update:

The job is going much better. This is the first week since I've been there that I have felt really productive. The people there are really great. Like them all. Having the job going better is a real Godsend.

Sis will be here tomorrow night so tonight will be my last night at Mom's for awhile. This is the first time all tax season that I've looked forward to Friday. Thank God for sisters!

Mom is doing somewhat better but this is a nasty virus that takes at least three weeks to full recovery.

The caregiver is really down with the same virus. The timing of sis being here to make sure the caregiver can have some time off to get well is right on.

I'm still pissed about having to set the clocks ahead one hour tomorrow night before you going to bed. Ugh.


OK, your turn!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


The Top Chef reunion was last night and it got me to thinking that if you could have a reunion with someone, dead or alive, who would it be with? I will give you my choices after the Top Chef Reunion review

Fabio won ten grand as the people's choice. That kind of frustrated me as I thought it should be Carla!

Stefan said he was glad he didn't win. What? I think he is nuts if that is what he really believes.

Hosea and his significant other broke up over the Leah kiss which I think was much more than a kiss. Leah dated her significant other a few times after the show but then broke up with him. Leah and Hosea are good friends but not dating friends. Hosea is in Colorado, Leah is in New York. Leah wouldn't move from New York to Colorado, but if Hosea got a chef position he would move to New York.

Fabio's Mom is doing better, Hosea's dad who is suffering from cancer is not.

Fabio and Stefan have become really good friends.

At one of the judges tables during the season. Leah and Jamie were wasted.

That is the Top Chef reunion in a nutshell.

Now on to my reunions. I would choose one living, one dead. The living would be a woman I dated several years ago. We were from two different worlds. She was an exotic dancer that spoke five languages. I was fresh out of college and worked at a firm in Beverly Hills. I was really fascinated by her. And she was very much in love with me. But it never would have worked with our familes so different. Or maybe it would have. The separation is one of those things you wish you could do over. I would just like to know how she is doing. What her life has been like. Find out if she ever thought about me.

The dead of course would be dad. I would want to talk to him about Mom. Find out if he is being taken care of and is being given enough orange slices and corn dogs. Two of his favorites. And I would want a hug.

Who would your reunions be with! May all your reunions be happy ones!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am really tired right now and it looks like I have three more nights at Mom's house. The nasty virus that is going around has nailed both my nephew and the main caregiver. So what has happened a lot since 2001 is that the entire burden of taking care of an elderly parent has once again fallen on me. Which would be fine normally but this isn't the time of year for the extra burden. Without the job it would be easier. But with the regular job, the extra job at the guys that bought my business, and my own stuff having to be away from home on top of it is really difficult. What makes it even harder is I don't think Mom gets how hard it is for me. As we have talked about earlier a lot of elderly become kind of selfish as they get older and pretty much focus on their needs and not the needs of those around them. The conversation this morning was "Susan said she might be here on Thursday night but I'm going to tell her not to come this week." Excuse me! That statement was right after she asked me what she could do to help and I responded with getting someone to stay with her at nights. It is almost like whatever I say goes into this big black hole. Oh, well only three more nights until sister is here and only six more weeks on the job!

Because of the above schedule I haven't really had time to watch the recorded version of The Amazing Race so am not going to do a summary this week. I will say that the siblings got eliminated. So we won't have a sibling team winning to weeks in a row.

A couple of news tidbits. A woman called 911 when McDonalds told her they were out of chicken nuggets and wouldn't give her a refund. I can't believe anyone would be so stupid as to tie up a phone line meant to be reserved for life threatening situations with an argument over chicken nuggets. What do you folks think of this story?

In another story Best Buy was swindled out of thirty-one million dollars by an employee. No wonder they are having financial trouble. Read the full story here:


In an update on the Howard Avery story, the private basketball trainer that I wrote about a few days ago, it was reported in today's Oregonian that when he was 17 he was convicted of rape. Since he was a juvenile at the time the records were sealed for twenty-five years. Should this history been known? Or is it the rignt thing to do to keep juvenile records sealed? I think each case should be considered by their own merits and some should be sealed and some shouldn't.

Off to work. Hope your day isn't to exhausting!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Caregiving Tools

Since part of the blog is for caring for elderly relatives I thought today would be a good day to list some things that you should have handy when you care for your elderly relative. Then the readers and posters of the blogs can add to the list and we can provide some helpful information to each other and to visitors to the blog. Of course if you elderly relative is in foster care or assisted living the list would change.

Here are some things that I think would be helpful:

Blood pressure kit. I prefer the Omron ones that go around the wrist that you can buy at Costco or Walgrens.

A sugar testing kit even if the elderly parent doesn't have diabetes to test for low blood sugar episodes.

Notepad and pen.

A list of phone numbers of doctors, hospitals, pharamacyies, friends, and relatives of the parent.

Cell phone or at minimum a non-cordless phone that doesn't require power to work in case the power goes out.

Minimum of two flashlights with good batteries in case the power goes out.

Candles or Kerosene lamps. I would go with the lampts because they are much safer.

Several different sizes of replacement.


Pain pads that you can buy at any store or Absorbine, Jr roll-on pain liquid.

A night bag with essentials in case the elderly relative takes an unexpected trip to the hospital.

Bottles of disinfectants.

A file with the elderly relative's legal papers like the Advance Directive, Living Will, if the are an organ donor a copy of their donor card.

A case of bottled water.

Some nonperishable food.

And the last item is only if you can get insurance to pay for it because the cost is over twelve hundred bucks if you pay for yourself but if insurance will pay a home defibrillator.

What would be on your list? What did I miss?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dot, Dot, Dot.

That is the game we are playing today. Remember the old news ticker tapes? A little tape would appear at the bottom of the TV screen, there would be several dots then a news story, then more dots, then another news story.

Dot, dot, dot - Daylight Savings time starts this Saturday evening. Well actually Sunday morning at two A.M. Spring forward, fall back. Set your clocks ahead one hour before going to bed Saturday night. I hate it. Well, I don't hate Daylight savings time, I hate the idea of changing the clock twice a year. As someone that cares for an elderly parent it bothers me because changing the clock an hour effects their medication schedule and for the rest of us it has an impact on our sleep patterns. I say pick a type of time you like and leave it that way all year round! If they want Daylight Savings time leave the damnn clock the same all year around.

Dot, dot, dot - man dies after overdosing on viagra. That is a real stiff.

Dot, dot, dot - Rhianna is said to be reconciling with the dude that was arrested for abusing her. Is she freaking crazy?

Dot, dot, dot - Unemployment in Oregon is nearing 10%. Ugh.

Dot, dot, dot - Britnany Spears is making a comeback. Was she gone?

Dot, dot, dot - New York Times Square is getting a makeover. Mayor Bloomberg has announced plans to make Times Square a pedestrian mall.

Dot, dot, dot - Mom is improving everyday. Been a lot of work, tonight will be my third night in a row there. Tomorrow the caregiver comes back and then sister is coming this Saturday. So after tomorrow my life will just be three jobs!

OK, it is your turn. Dot, dot, dot me with national stories that interest you and local stories that you think would interest us!

Dot, dot, dot - it is your turn!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Who Cares You Are A Sexual Abuser Teach My Daughter Some Basketball

He was the guru of private basketball instructors. Parents would hire him to tutor their sons and daughters to give their children a better chance to make high school basketball teams and to put them into the position of winning scholarships to play basketball in college and maybe even go on to the pros.

Now 51, he is in jail being accused of sexually abusing a 17 year-old girl. Among Howard Avery's potential charges are three measure 11 crimes that carry minimum penalties of more than eight years in prison for each offense. Measure 11 is a measure passed by the State of Oregon several years ago that imposes minimum sentences for some crimes and allows juveniles to be tried as adults for certain crimes. Avery's alleged crime took place in the upscale suburb of Portland, Lake Oswego. The parents allowed the girl be one of Avery's students even though in 2003 the Oregonian reported on a sexual relationship that Avery had with one of his students. At the time of the incident, in the 90's, the girl was fifteen and Avery had gotten her pregnant and paid for her abortion. Avery wasn't arrested when the first incident came to light because the statue of limitations had expired. After the story broke in 2003 several parents pulled their daughters from Avery's tutoring. However, several parents, even after the story broke, left their daughters in Avery's care.

One of the fathers that had taken his daughter out of Avery's hand was quoted in an article in the Oregonian on February 24 as saying "His arrest didn't surprise me. As a matter of fact, we are excited he finally got caught, I think he is a creep and he got what he deserved."

He still has he supporters. One high school coach from a school in the area that has banned Avery from coaching girls was quoted as saying: "He's been a successful trainer, he still works with NBA players. So people were willing to say, "he must know what he is doing."

While Avery has been banned from several high school campuses since he is an independent trainer he doesn't need to follow the high school rules and virtually works without any oversight.

There is so much troubling about this story. One of the questions that I had is where does the high school's responsibility ends? Does it end with the school's banning Avery from campus or should they have banned their girl basketball players from Avery's instruction on or off campus? Should the state now step in and regulate independent instructors? Should there be a statue of limiations on the sexual abuse of anyone 16 or under? What in the world would possess a parent to put their daughter in Avery's hands despite his well know reputation as an abuser? Are parents so blinded by wanting their daughter to succeed that they ignore so many red flags? One female basketball coach was quoted in the February 24th article as saying "how could someone's basketball teaching ability overshadow their moral character?"

What makes this story even more troubling is that after the 2003 article appeared in The Oregonian similar stories appeared in the local papers in Denver and Seattle. You can read the Portland Oregonian February 24 article and other related articles by searching Howard Avery at oregonlive.com

What is your take on this story? Are you surprised by the parents? The lack oversight of independent basket ball coaches? I would love your take on this story!