Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Survived

Before Bob Newhart became a TV Icon he not only appeared on radio but he recorded comedy albums. One of his best selling and most famous recordings was titled “The Driving Instructor”, you can read a transcript of that performance here: http://www.wepsite.de/driving_instructor.htm

For me it all started with a dream. Yesterday I showed up at Mom’s for the first of my two nights at her house. We were talking and she said to me “I had a dream last night.” That isn’t really that unusual, she usually dreams about chocolate or dad or both. I’m thinking this will be an easy story to listen to. She continued “I had a dream that you needed me and I couldn’t get to you”. “It’s OK Mom if something happened to me I could just call Ryan, my nephew, and he would help me. His wife would come get you.” “Yes, Bill, but what if you couldn’t get them, then I would need to help you.” “OK, Mom, what would you like do it about it?” "I would like to try driving."

I was thinking to myself, “she still has a legitimate license, she sees pretty well, has a sharp mind, it wouldn‘t be illegal, good for her for wanting to try something she hasn't done for a while.”

“OK, Mom don’t go to far.”

“I would feel more comfortable if you would go along with me.”

“Hmmmmm. You want me to ride with you?” (I’m not sure she heard the panic in my voice. All of a sudden snakes didn’t seem so frightening.)

“Yes, if I get stuck you can help me out.”

Gulp. However, I am a supportive dude of the woman and men in my life. I called and reserved an urn. That way if I die in a car accident, my epitaph can read “Kiss my ash.” Then I looked for the list of people to notify in case of my early demise.

“You really want me to ride with you? Are you sure?” What can I say, I’m an optimist, I thought for sure she was going to say no.

“Yes, I want you to ride with me.”

“OK. Can I borrow your nitro?”

I backed the car out of the driveway. Helped mom into the car. Helped her into the driver’s seat. I got into the passenger side. I sat in the seat often referred to as the suicide seat. Off we went. We drove about three our four miles, through King City. And, you know what? She did absolutely great. She drove exactly the speed limit. Used her turn signal appropriately. Stopped at all the stopped signs. She turned into the driveway and pulled the car into the garage, expertly judging the distance between garage doors. I was really proud of her. For not only trying something new but for doing so great at it. I was proud of me too because during the whole trip I didn’t say one word. I will admit, however, that it is really difficult to talk with a nitro under your tongue.

The bottom line is Mom isn’t going to drive either that much or that far. She isn’t going to get on freeways or hot rod it anywhere. She is just going to be to drive the three blocks to the grocery store and the four blocks to her bridge club. There is no traffic going to either place, everyone should be safe from my hot rod mother.

No questions of the day until July 4. I need a break from researching the questions. The answer to yesterday’s questions are: Teddy bears were named for Teddy Roosevelt and because he wouldn’t shoot a caged bear. Sylvester was originally a clown, which is why he has a red nose. Tweety was originally a baby. A group of Dolphins is called a pod. Put a raisin in a soda and it will bounce up and down continually. The British pilots were given playing cards because supposedly If they were captured, the cards could be soaked in water and unfolded to reveal a map for escape

Hope this is a great day for you all! What harrowing experience have you survived lately?

Monday, June 29, 2009

What I've Learned.

Yesterday’s answers: Mother is to girl as father is to boy, Wall is to window as face is to eye, Island is to water as center is to perimeter, high is to deep as cloud is to coal, form is to content as statue is to marble.

Today let’s do some trivia questions. Tell us how teddy bears were named and why they were named that way. Sylvester and Tweety are well known Looney-Tune as a cat and bird, tell us what they were originally. A group of dolphins are often erroneously referred to as a school, what is the correct answer? What will a raisin do if dropped into a fresh glass of soda? Why were playing cards issued to British pilots during World War II? I obtained the questions from a couple of web sites that I won’t mention right now because if I did you could just go to those web sites and get the answers! I’m also going to trust that the answers given on those web sites are the right ones.

Last year at this time I was excitedly getting ready for a visit of an old lover. It didn’t work out. Since that time that there has been many joys, many frustrations, many enlightenments and many discoveries. I thought the week during which we celebrate the independence of our country would be a good time of share with you what I learned in the past twelve months. This is some of what I’ve learned:

You can become very close to people that you haven’t met through the magic of the internet. I consider all of you friends and each day I give thanks for each and every one of you.

That I am not alone. I can come here anytime and see friends I enjoy and enjoy their support and hopefully support them.

I’ve had confirmed my feelings of how difficult it is to be the primary caregiver for an elderly relative. I am not alone in my frustrations that come with care giving and that I am not alone in often feeling trapped. It is best for me if my Mom is in assisted living center but it is best for mom if she stays at home and never the twain should meet. It isn’t selfish to want your own life.

I can get inspiration both from strangers and friends.

At times I can be inspiring.

Sometimes going out of your comfort zone can be a wonderful experience and a discovery of a hidden talent. The stage is frightening. The result is rewarding.

To let my funny side come out more often because I love to make people laugh.

It is more fun to being the person offering contests and prizes than it is being the person entering the contest and winning the prizes.

Kindness is catching.

Aging is often difficult but easier when we share our experiences.

Through a few dates I’ve learned more about what I want in the woman that will be my life partner than I have learned about myself. Looks really don’t matter. I just want someone fun, intelligent, and most importantly one wwho enjoys being with me.

That I despise men that cheat on their wife. That because of those feeling I *probably* would never cheat on my wife. I can’t say for sure that I wouldn’t because the situation has never presented itself. I do know three things, that it would show no respect for the relationship I was in, that I would despise my actions if I succumbed, and that sure as shooting I’d get caught. I just can’t hide those things. Everyone within ten thousand miles can tell I am lying by the look on my face.

Finding old friends is very rewarding and that you often impacted their life as much they have yours.

Sometimes my writing sucks. Sometimes My writing is very good.

To get of my ass and get my book done because although I don’t think I have enough talent to be published others do.

That at work I produce twice as much as people half my age.

That you have to be prepared to have your dreams come true.

That a hug from a stranger can make the day.

That I truly am different than the rest of the family.

Venting and laughing are both good for the soul.

That I have so much to be thankful for and I am the most thankful for all of you here and what you have taught me.Certainly I’ve learned a lot more from you than just the highlights posted here. What have you learned in the last year? Since the last time we celebrated the United States’ birthday? Inquiring minds want to know?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dona's Pictures, What's To Come, What May Come, & Analogies

The answer to the where am I question yesterday really described where I am. The answer was Sherwood, Oregon. Today at the end of this blog entry we test how well you know analogies. In between Dona's pictures and the daily test we will discuss what will come and what may come on the blog in the not to distant future.

I loved all of the descriptions in the comment section of yesterday's post describing the cities where you live. Learned a little more about each one of you. Dona's husband, lovingly referred to as "The Shankster", had some solid conenctions to fame. I was honored to see the picutres that Dona sent me. I know you will enjoy them too. First let me quote what Dona wrote":

"the Hall of Fame Museum which holds Tons of memorabilia and a special place in The Shankster's heart as there is the Borg-Warner Trophy which was originally designed by his daddy. As a jeweler he designed the cup and the faces for each year on the cup, which looked very much like each winner (until his death and now they all look the same) I have pictures if you like. He also designed & made the rings for the winners as well which are in the museum. Also The sword that the Japanese surrendered toward the end of the war, his dad made the only replica of it and it was out at Fort Harrison, which is in Indiana. Now they show it on a tour with the Smithsonian all around the U.S."

These are stunning pictures.

What will come on the blog either tomorrow or some day next week is a blog entry titled "What I've Learned." I've been thinking we have been through a lot in the last year. If you remember last 4th of July was the weekend that an old lover visited me to see if we could renew, rebuild, or move the relationship forward. The answer to all of those questions were no. When she left I ended the relationship for good. Other than the socially required thank you note, there has been no contact since then. After that weekend there has been tryouts at assisted living centers, going out of comfort zones (comedy classes), a few dates, some trips, some memories of dad, honoring of mothers, medical questions, an absolutely amazing birthday experience, some contests, some questioning of our lives, some vents, a lot of news stories, a lot of public figures cheating on their spouses, some of us discovering we have sexy legs, finding out snakes still are frightening, some amazing discoverings in cleaning up the clutter in both my life and my garage, love vs. like, some good and bad movies, some reality TV, a lot of supporting each other, a lot of frustations with the caring for our elderly and of our siblings for not picthing in, a lot of prayers and good thoughts, and the list goes on. I've learned a lot through all the experiences and from you and will share what I've learned from the experiences and from you. I would also love it, if you would share with me what you have learned in the last year through your experiences. So start the thinking process now. That is an order!

Then the next subject is one that I haven't decided if I should post here. However, I may ask you to help me write a profile for a dating site. I'm having a lot of trouble drafting one for a number of reasons. One is that I don't really see myself as others describe me. I cannot tell you how much I was touched by a comment by a neat happily married woman in an email to me, that comment was "Why a woman hasn't plucked you up before now is beyond me!." Nobody has ever said that to me. But I honestly don't know if I am a good catch or not. I'd definitely be tough to live with but I think I can work to improve at that. Another reasaon is the minute you do a profile you put what you are searching for in a box and what if the woman that is perfect for you is outside that box? So just in case I get up enough nerve to ask for you help, I want you to think of how you would write my profile. Complete honesty is a requirement. Might be a fun post!

Now today's question. We are doing analogies today. I give a sentence and four choices. You are to pick two of the four choices that most relate to the two in the sentance:

Sample Question. Dona is to The Shankster as (Wife, Brother, Sister, Husband)

Answer: Wife is to Husband.

Here goes, five questions. And remember you cannot use the words in the first sentence in the answer. It is basically what two of the answers in () most relate to the stated relationship.

Mother is to girl as (man, father, male, boy)

Wall is to window as (glare, brick, face, eye)

Island is to water as (without, center, diagonal, perimeter)

High is to deep as (sleep, cloud, float, coal)

Form is to content as (happiness, statue, marble, mold)

Thanks for the pictures Dona! May you all have a great day filled with happiness!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Let's Talk Cities

Yesterday’s answer to the Where Am I question was Estonia. Tell me where I am today. In 2006 my population was listed as 16,115. Originally inhabited by the Atfalati band of the Kalapuya nation in 1843. I was originally named after my co-founders. Not even the co-founders liked the original name, so the name was changed to be named after a city in a midwest state. The US Post Office began sending us mail on July 5, 1891. The city was officially incorporated in 1926. Go seventy miles one direction from our city and you will run into a famous ocean. Go seventy miles the other direction and you will be at the base of a well-known mountain that at times has made the national news for being deadly. According to the 2000 census, 46.3% of the households had children under 18. For every hundred females, there were ninety-five males. Now largely a residential community, in its early years the main industry was a pressed brickyard. A recession changed that and the economy of the city was jumpstarted by the Klondike Gold Rush. Not all that many years ago a well-known magazine named us as one of the 15th most livable towns in the United States. People that know my name know the forest through the trees and assume I was named for where a raggedy England bunch resides, instead of a city in a Midwestern state. Where am I?

Now lets talk about some other cities, trip advisor.com surveyed 3,400 people and some of the results of their survey:

Friendliest and Most Helpful: New York City
Least Friendly and Helpful: New York City

Least favorite cities:

Detroit, Michigan. Followed by Los Angeles, California, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Favorite Cities:

New York, New York, San Francisco, California, and Chicago, Illinois.

The nicest sounding accent:

Atlanta, Georgia.

The most annoying accent:

Boston, MA.

Sexiest city was Miami. The most romantic city was Honolulu. Seattle, Washington was healthiest. Washington, D.C. had most free attractions. Cleveland, Ohio was the most boring city.

You can read the entire article here:


Tell me about where you live, the highlights and the lowlights. Hope today will bring you happiness, fun, love, and be stress free!

Friday, June 26, 2009

What Country Am I In? Update Me On Your Life!

Answers to yesterday’s trivia questions: What Samuel Beckett play’s London premiere was greeted with a mass walkout by the audience? Waiting For Godat. What four elements make up 90% of the human body? Oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen. Name the movie and the actor that said the following: “Can I borrow your towel, my car just hit a water buffalo? Chevy Chase in Fletch. What game show included contestants, Tom Selleck, Michael Jackson, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Farrah Fawcett, and Joe Namath?. The Dating Game. Which weighs more, hot water or cold water? Cold water. According to the National Sausage and Hot Dog council, what did kids say they would prefer on their hot dogs as long as their mom wasn’t watching? Chocolate sauce. How many bolts of lightening strike each day in the United States (be within 50,000)? 250.000 per day.

Today is a where am I? In 2005 my estimated population was 1,333,000. Despite my northern location my climate is mild because of marine influences and numerous lakes. Russians constitute 25% of my population and minorities within my border include Finnish, Ukrainian, and Belarusian. The majority of those here that practice religion are members of either Evangelical Lutheran or the Russian Orthodox church. I gained independence in 1991. We are governed by the Constitution of 1992. We are the world’s second largest producer of oil. The president, who is the head of state but has little substantive power, is elected by parliament for a five-year term and is eligible for a second term. The government is headed by the prime minister, who is nominated by the president and approved by parliament. The unicameral Parliament has 101 members who are popularly elected to serve four-year terms. Administratively the country is divided into 15 counties. I’ve been owned at times by Poland, Sweden, Russia, and Germany. My capital city starts with the letter T. If the owner of The Dahn Report were within my borders what country would he be in?

Today is Update Day. You know the drill. Let me know everything going on in your life and in addition if you would like to share an act of kindness with us please do so. If you are new to the blog or have been reading the blog for a while and not posted we would love to know a little about you, so if the mood strikes you please introduce yourself. This is the day when there are no restrictions on what you do here. Post about any subject you damn well please!

For me the week was three days, two nights at Mom’s. A lot of birthday meals, lunches, and dinners out. And yesterday mom took me to a movie for a belated birthday gift, THE PROPOSAL. I will review it at some point but will just say now that it is such an effort for mom to get ready to go out, to switch from the wheelchair to the theater seats ,that I will enjoy any movie with her. Because when you first come into the movie it is so dark, I always take a little flashlight along. Then when Mom transfers from the wheelchair to the seat, I can use the flashlight to show her where she is and where she is going so that she doesn’t fall. Having that flashlight allowed me to do my act of kindness for the week. During the movie a woman that was using a cane and could barely walk got up to be taken to the rest room by her daughter. It was pretty dark and they looked like there were struggling, so I got up and used my flashlight to guide them to and to open the door for them.

That was my week. Now tell me about your week. Tell me everything!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Should I Become Rich or Stay Poor? Hoax or Real?

The answer’s to yesterday’s trivia questions: Chickens can travel up to 9 miles per hour, 44 stars are in a can of Campbell’s Chicken & Stars Soup, If you simulate a longer day chickens will lay thicker and bigger eggs, Christmas is a good holiday in Japan to eat fried chicken and strawberry shortcake, and Brad Pitt used to dress up as chicken.

Today’s questions: What Samuel Beckett play’s London premiere was greeted with a mass walkout by the audience?, What four elements make up 90% of the human body?, Name the movie and the actor that said the following: “Can I borrow your towel, my car just hit a water buffalo?, What game show included contestants, Tom Selleck, Michael Jackson, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Farrah Fawcett, and Joe Namath? Which weighs more, hot water or cold water? According to the National Sausage and Hot Dog council, what did kids say they would prefer on their hot dogs as long as their mom wasn’t watching? How many bolts of lightening strike each day in the United States (be within 50,000)?

Yesterday I used sleazy television shows and sexy movies for ideas for my blog. Today I am using my own personal email. I need to know what you would do if you got the following email:

Dear Sir/Madam
I wish to notify you again that you were listed as a beneficiary to the total sum of USD$11,000,000.00 (Eleven Million United states Dollars) in the codicil and last testament of the deceased (Name now withheld since this is my second letter to you). I contacted you because you bear the same surname identity and therefore can present you as the beneficiary to the inheritance therein.
I therefore reckoned that you could receive this fund as you are qualified by your name and all the legal papers will be processed in your acceptance.
In your acceptance of this deal, I request that you kindly forward to me your letter of acceptance; your full name and occupation, current telephone and fax numbers and a forwarding address to enable me file all the necessary documents at our high court probate division, for the release of this sum of money. Please get back to me ASAP so as to get this done immediately: PLEASE KINDLY REPLY ME THROUGH MY PRIVATE EMAIL ADDRESS: fileclaim90@uku.co.uk

Yours faithfully,
Barrister William Henson

First of all this isn’t the second email to me because I never got the first one. Secondly, if I was to inherit any money they would send a certified or registered letter to my snail mail address. If they can find my email address, they can find my snail mail address. Last, I have no relatives that I know of in England. So what I am going to do is to ignore the email. What would you do?

Hope you enjoy all the richness around you today!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Moral Dilemmas & Chicken Trivia.

Sandra Day O’Conner was the answer to yesterday’s question. Today’s trivia is after today’s blog entry.

I’m not above using sleazy television shows or movies with a lot of sex scenes in them for subjects to discuss on my blog. Today we get the idea for the moral dilemmas from The Real Housewife’s Of New Jersey and from THE READER.

The Real Housewife’s of New Jersey is a reality show on Bravo. I never knew it existed until I read about it on a blog I frequently visit. I watched a couple of episodes of the show and it turned out to be my cocaine, I got addicted. Rich bitches and drama queens and one woman true to herself. Who could want more? But it begs a couple of questions. A couple of moral dilemmas. What would you do if in your circle of friends you found out that one of them had a shady past? Maybe she used to be a prostitute. Maybe she changed her name. Maybe she spent time in jail. This came to light because a book was found that had been written about her. If you were the one that found the book, would you out the woman behind her back? Would you make the book public by taking it to a local hair salon? Would it matter to you because it was 24 years in the past and it really isn’t who she is now? And what if you were the woman that the book was about and you knew who outed you? Would you go to that woman and confront her in private or would you wait until everyone in your circle of friends were together for dinner at a popular restaurant to confront her? Here is my thinking on the subject:

We all make mistakes, we all deserve to be accepted for who we are TODAY not who we were twenty-four years ago. If I had found out about the book I would have not made it public, I would have gone to the woman that was the subject of the book and let her know about the book being out. Then I would have suggested that she go privately to each one in the circle of friends and out herself. I would basically let it be her decision not mine. If I liked her today, the book wouldn’t matter, I’d still like her. If I didn’t like her today, I’d fell a little more sorry for her but I still wouldn’t like her. And if the book was about me, I’m going directly to the person that brought the book to light to confront her. No public scenes for me. What would your game plan be as either the subject of the book or as the outer of the book?

Now the next dilemma. I finally got around to watching THE READER. Good story. Good cinematography. Great acting. Ralph Fiennes and Kate Winslet give absolute stunning performances. Where it went off track for me is when a man didn’t act with the morality that I thought he should act with. Basic story; teen has an affair with a woman twice his age. Flash forward ten years and the teen is a law student observing a Nazi war trial. The woman who had suddenly disappeared from the teen's life ten years earlier is now on trial for war crimes. She was a guard at a concentration camp during war. The woman is illiterate. She is found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. During the trial the young law student discovers something about the woman that could save her from that life in prison. The woman could save herself but if the secret comes out it would be extremely embarrassing to her. She would rather go to prison for life then to have people know this secret. The law student can save her by going to the judge but he doesn’t, respecting the woman’s willingness and right to keep the secret to herself. What would you do if you could save the person that you were once in love with, that taught you the finer things in life, shared many touching moments with, by going to the judge and telling him the secret that could save her from that life in prison? Do you ignore the want of the woman to keep the secret? Or do you save her from a life in prison? I’m sorry I’d go to the judge and save the woman from the life in prison. I’d tell the secret. She would get over people knowing the secret and I just couldn’t wish a lifetime of suffering on any woman that I loved or had loved. What would be more important to you? Saving the woman from a life in prison or the woman’s right to keep the secret? What would you do?

Today’s trivia: What is the fastest a chicken can run? How many stars does the Campbell Soup Company use in its canned Chicken & The Stars Soup? In Japan what holiday is a good day to eat fried chicken and strawberry shortcake? If you change the lighting to make the day seem to be 28 hours long a chicken will do what? And last but not least, what actor held a job as a costumed chicken for El Pollo Loco Restaurant?

May this be a rewarding day for you!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Only A Puzzle Today

The last two blog entries kind of exhausted my writing skills as they were very emotonal to me as were some of the responses so I am taking a day off from writing to recharge my creative energies. Before the puzzle I would like to mourn the death today of Ed McMahon and send my love and empathy to his friends and family.

The answer to yesterday's "Who Am "?" was Gary Crosby, son of Bing.

Now todays's puzzle. Born in El Paso, Texas on March 26, 1930. I married in 1952. My husband and I have three sons. I have received two degrees from Stanford. Although I wrote a book with one of my brothers about growing up on a cattle ranch and also wrote a children's book my fame came from an occupation other than writing. Because of my gender, firms in California that practiced the occupation that one of my advanced degrees was in refused to hire me. That was despite graduating third in my class at Stanford. I retired in 2007 to take care of a relative with Alzheimer's. I served as a state senator in a state spotlighted in the 2008 presidential election. As being the first woman in a position I felt relief from the media pressure when Ruthie joined me. I was successfully treated for breast cancer in 1998. In 2001 Ladies Home Journal chose me as the most powerful woman in the United States. In 2004 I was listed by Forbes Magazine as the sixth most powerful woman in the world, with the only American women preciding me being fellow Stanford grad, a woman from New York and a well known Texas wife. Since my retirement I have been called to service a few times, wrote some articles, and taught some classes. Some of the awards that I have received? I am in the National Cowgirl Hall Of Fame. I was awarded the Liberty Medal in 2003. For my ideals of "Duty, Honor, Country" I was awarded the Sylvanus Thayer Award by the US Military Academy in 2005. I was also a grand marshall of The Rose Parade. In 2008 I was given the Franklin Award for commitment to community service. I am an avid golfer and scored a hole in one at the Paradise Valley Country Club in 2000. Who Am I?

May you have a bright day filled with love, fun, fulfilled wishes, and time with friends and family.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Kind Birthday, An Amazing Experience

To enlarge the above photo just click it on because finding this award, that I won several years go, when I was recently cleaning out the garage was how it all began. It brought back memories how happy I was when I was doing things for others. Not big things, little things. It also reminded me of a Margie Boule cloumn in the Oregonian where an elderly woman sent a letter to her family and friends saying that for her 80th birthday she didn't want gifts what she wanted for her birthday was for them to do one act of kindness. I decided that is what I wanted for my birthday, no gifts, but one hundred acts of kindness done by my birthday.

So I asked for help. On June 9, 2009 I sent a letter to my family and friends telling them to put their money away and do one act of kindness for my birthday. I also posted here on the blog asking for your help. One hundred acts of kindness by my birthday. One hundred acts of kindness in nine days.

Did everyone every respond!! Thirty-six people did more than one hundred acts of kindness in nine days. I am so touched by everyone's support that I am typing this through tears of joy. I would love to list every single act of kindness that was done but there just isn't enough room here. So please don't be offended if I leave off your act of kindness. Just know it was recorded and treasured by me and treasured by the person that you did the kind act for.

The first act of kindness was done by Pat. Here is what she wrote: "One of the residents where my mother lives has become very intrigued with my little traveling cup. It's very cute, a small cup, aluminum with a red handle that can clip to a belt or backpack. I take it with me when I visit, since I'm always hitting their coffeepot and don't want to make another cup for them to wash when they just finished the dishes. Irene is 104, and keeps asking me about my cup and whether coffee tastes different in it. So I'm going to order another cup just for her, but catalog orders can take a little time, so she'll get a belated b'day present from you"

Number 100 was done by me. Yesterday morning I stopped by a 7-11 store to check a lottery ticket. There was a delivery driver there stocking shelfs and he really had a frown on his face. I said to him "To bad your have to work Fathers Day", he responded "It stinks, doesn't it?" The lottery ticket I had won fourteen dollars (I used the automatic machine to chek it instead of having the teller check it), on my way out of the store I gave him the lottery ticket then went out and got in my car. I watched as the clerk and the driver talked to each other. You could just see that they thought that I gave them a losing ticket. Then the clerk checked it. Frowns turned to smiles and they both waved at me. That was the exclamation point about what this was all about, turning frowns to smiles.

Again if I fail to list your act of kindness here please forgive me but there just isn't room to describe all of them. Between 1 and 100? Three dogs were rescued. One child was sponsored. In twelve instances the elderly were helped, whether it be helping them pack, cleaning out their room at an assisted living center, cooking them meals, or just spending time with them. And the elderly did four acts acts for others, taking refreshments out to their landscaper, shopping for a son's birthday card even though it was a struggle for her to walk, giving clothes to charity. Eight phone calls were made, some to friends that they hadn't talked to in years to reconnect, to calling grieving widows, or just calling people to check on them. Three meals were cooked for other than the elderly. Two lawns were mowed, including one for a neighbor whose house had burnt down. Five grocery carts were returned to stores, not their grocery carts but others. Three rides were given, including one so a dad could watch his daughter's play. Thank you notes were left. Three letters were written, one to a serviceman, two to doctors thanking them for their services. Strangers were complimented twice. Strangers on the street were given coupons for free Subway sandwiches, strangers in lines at the grocery store were given and made aware of coupons. Diabetic research was impacted when forms for an event where the money from the event was given to diabeetic research. Ham Radios were fixed. New residents were welcomed to the community. Thank you notes were left. Meals were cooked for others. Trips to Goodwill were made. Supportive messages were emailed and posted. Books were donated to a library. Time was donated to an animal shelter. A broke stranger with a disabled car was given a hot dog meal and twenty dollars for gas. Laundry was folded for a disabled person. In one of the most touching and selfless acts the only hankerchef that a lady had that was given to her by her mother, was given to her new daughter-in-law. Caregivers were taken to lunch. In one of the most inventive acts of kindness, in a retirement community the morning papers were taken from the sidewalk and put on people's porch so the elderly didn't have to fight the weather to get their paper. Two special gifts were sent to friends not expecting them. Seven young girls were taken camping. Donations were made to prostate cancer, to a local church, and to a no kill cat shelter. A thousand dollars was given to a family member in dire straits. A reunion was planned. A six year old was introduced to 45 rpms. And acts of kindness was done for me, I was taken out for lunch twice and dinner once and told that I had to learn how to accept kindness done my direction too. And the list goes one.

How did it impact the person doing the acts of kindness? One lady wrote me and said it made her more aware of how many times a day we have a chance to do some little thing to make someone else's life easier. For me it made me aware of how many kind things were done my direction on a daily basis. One person asked if we could make recording acts of kindness a weekly thing on the blog. I'm considering that on Update Day we also record one act of kindness we did the previous week. Another lady thought it would be a good idea to make it a birthday tradion.

Yesterday when I honored my dad I said there were two words that I should have said to him every day when he was alive. Now I am also going to say those two words to you. THANK YOU!!!

"Walking with a friend in the dark, is better than walking alone in the light." Helen Keller.

Today's Puzzle:

My father was one of the most famous people in show business and often is considered the first multi-media star having success on radio, on television, and in movies. I have three brothers, two half-brothers, and one half-sister. Mary, my half-sister, acted on one of the most popular television shows in history, with a noted scene in which she got wet. I was born in Los Angeles on June 27, 1933 and died of lung cancer in Burbank, California on August 24, 1995. I had my own entertainment success. Performing with my three brothers in a boy band before the phrase boy band became popular. I appeared in many television shows but the television show that I am the most well known for was a cop show, on TV from 1968-1975, in which I played a police officer. Six years after dad’s death I published a revealing autobiography in which I revealed the impact that alcoholism had on me. In my autobiography I also outed my father as a physical and emotional abuser. While one of my brothers, Phillip, disputed my accounts, my other two brothers, Lindsay and Dennis confirmed my account. Sadly both Lindsay and Dennis later committed suicide by shooting themselves. I was on TV and in movies and recorded songs. One of the movies that I was in made famous the number 714. When the owner of The Dahn Report was working for a CPA firm in the LA area I met him when he delivered my tax return to my house. Who Am I?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Memories Of Dad

I read the rules of Fathers’ Day and it didn’t say that your dad had to be alive for you to honor him so pull up a chair, have a couple of pieces of his favorite candy (orange slices) and let me tell you about the man that helped to make me who I am today and the lessons that he taught me. Then when I am done I want you to tell me about your dad and the lessons you learned from him.

Be kind. Dad paid it forward long before the movie came out. I remember when I was in the eighth grade and some friends of my sister had just gotten married. Wayne and Sandy stopped by my parents house before going off to college. They were broke. While they were getting in the car dad pulled Wayne off to the side and gave him forty dollars. That would be maybe five hundred dollars easily in today’s world. Money he didn’t really have or could afford but Wayne and Sandy needed the money more than he or we did. I remember him telling Wayne “You will be a success, when that day happens find someone less fortunate than you and give them forty dollars.”

Be fun. It wasn’t unusual for my dad and my Uncle Frank to dress up as the Bobsie Twins and attend a Halloween Party. When dad and friends Ed and Ted dressed up as women and joined the minister’s wife to form the Mongrel Sisters quartet for a church event they were a hit. While they were performing they overheard a six year-old boy tell his mom “Those are three of the ugliest women that I have ever seen” they laughed so hard they couldn’t finish their song.

Be playful. It wasn’t above dad to get down on his hands and knees in a store when Mom was shopping for a dress and crawl over to Mom where he couldn’t be seen and tickle her legs. Mom would wonder what is that feeling on her legs. There was nobody around. What just was happening? After a few tickles he would jump up and say “Hi, Honey!”. Mom would look down and laugh and mumble “Only, John!”

Be affectionate. It is OK for men to hug.

Surprises can be good. We always had big holiday celebrations. My aunt and uncle and their three kids weren’t really cousins and aunts and uncles they were another mom and dad and another set of siblings. So we always had twenty or more at our celebrations. We never spent a lot on gifts but because there was so many of us there were always a lot of gifts under the tree. The Christmas when I was seven after dinner they started handing out gifts, all the gifts disappeared and I didn’t get one gift. I was wondering what horrible thing that I did to not deserve a Christmas gift. Just then the doorbell rang and dad said “Bill, that is for you” I answered the door , looked through the softly falling snow, and tied to a tree in our front yard was a beautiful Shetland Pony. Dolly became my best and most faithful friend for years.

On Mothers’ Day I told you of the tough time when my life was in danger, my sister was having problems, and mom was recovering from cancer that Mom taught me a Mother’s love. Through that same time Dad taught me a Father’s love. While mom stayed by my bedside dad stayed home and ran the family hardware store. Well that is what he did during the day. At 6 PM he closed the store and drove the eighty miles to the hospital to spend an hour with mom and I, then drive the eighty miles back home. The next morning he would open the store at 8 AM, close the store and drive the eighty miles back the hospital. Six days a week he would make that one hundred and sixty mile round trip. Saturday nights he stayed at the hospital and Sundays he would spend the day with us. He never failed to tell mom and I he loved us nor failed to tell me to hang in there because he knew I was the toughest one in the family. I would have never recovered without his support.

There were many other lessons dad taught me. Sometimes doing the right thing means you will stand alone. That it often harder to be kind than be mean but always be kind. Even when he was dying he taught me faithfulness. He told me the last week that he was alive that in over sixty years of being married to mom that not only had he never cheated on her, he never even thought about it. I even learned a lesson from him after he died. Quality is better than quantity. A few years after he died mom and I were cleaning out a trunk and I found a love letter from dad to mom. In it he quoted someone “ a good lover isn’t one that romances several women, a good lover is one that romances one woman for a lifetime.” Dad lived that quote.

Dad wherever you are I need to stay two words to you that I should have said to you every day that you were alive. Thank you.

Now tell me about your dad and the lessons that he taught you.


Dennis Day was yesterday’s answer. The question of the day starts again Monday.

The kindness meter, 35 people, 89 acts of kindness. Only 11 to go by midnight tonight!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Life's Questions?

Yesterday’s Who Am I, was John Adams who opposed The Stamp Act of 1765. Today’s Who Am I is at the end of today’s blog entry.

First up are some questions that have been taking up a lot of my mind space lately and I thought maybe you might have some answers for me!!

How can a woman that used to send all her children to their room for talking with their mouth full at the dinner table now not make it through a meal without talking with her mouth full?

And just why can’t I send her to her room? I mean I am basically her parent now, so shouldn’t I be able to send her to her room?

How can people that hold bachelor degrees, masters degrees, and phd’s turn into idiots the minute they get behind the wheel of a car?

Why don’t people know that when they are on the freeway that all cars have a blind spot and if they ride in your blind spot they are endangering their life and yours?

Why do people think the turn signal in their cars are for decoration purposes only?

Why do people speed up to get to a red light?

Just exactly when did a Hummer become a compact car?

Why do you have to wash dishes before you put them in a dishwasher?

How can I lose two inches around the waist and gain a pound?

Why do people constantly interrupt when you are talking?

Why do people lose their ability to count accurately when they are in the 15 items only line at the grocery store?

Why do people go to a movie if all the want to do is talk with each other? Go to Starbucks and let me watch the movie in peace please.

Why do unsweetened juices have twenty-eight grams of sugar in them?

Why do people say, wow you look good “for your age”? Can’t I look good for another age too?

Just exactly when did a red light start to mean three more cars can go through the light?

Why isn’t the justice system about justice?

Why is the women’s prison system referred to as being in the penal system?

Today’s Puzzle:

One of my brothers was married to Ann Blyth. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of The Dahn Report when he delivered some documents to my house for my wife, Peggy. Because I lived on a blind curve in Brentwood, California when Bill backed out of my driveway I directed traffic for him. Peggy and I married in 1948 and we had ten lovely children. I am noted for my singing but am also a comedian and a mimic. My first job in the entertainment business was in radio as a frequent guest on a famous fiddler’s show. When the fiddler’s show moved to television I moved with him. A tenor, the first song that I sang on radio was “Goodnight My Beautiful.“ I’ve done marvelous imitations of Ronald Coleman, Jimmy Durante, and Jimmy Stewart. From 1944 to 1946 I was a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy. I had my own radio show from 1946 to 1951 and my own televison show from 1952 to 1954. I have also done the voices of several Disney Characters. I was born in New York on May 21, 1916 and died of Lou Gehrig’s Disease at the age of 72. My star still sits on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. Who Am I?

Today I would like to know what life questions are bothering you now or have in the past? Whether or not you have answers to my above life’s questions? And what famous person once directed traffic for me?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Update And The Mens' Health Fair.

Thomas Edison was the answer to yesterday’s puzzle. Today’s puzzle is at the end of today’s blog entry. The kindness meter is at 75 acts of kindness performed by 32 people.

Today is update day. Tell me about your life. Your siblings. Your friends. Your parents. Your Children. Your nieces and nephews. Your grandparents or grandchildren. Your step children. Strangers you encountered. Events attended or attending. Your concerns. Your joys. Vent if you need to. If you are new to the blog and the mood strikes you introduce yourself. Basically this is your day to post anything you damn well please.

The main event for me this was a Men’s Health Fair. Seven tests. The vascular & Cardiac Package plus Osteo. I get the results within three weeks. They did make me pay before I left so that concerns me a bit. Here are the seven tests:

Ankle Brachial Index that checks for blood circulation
Abdominal Aortic Anuerysm Ultrasound
Arterial Stiffness Index
Ultrasound test showing plaque build up in the carotid artery
Ultrasound video of the heart, showing valves, chambers, walls, and blood flow.
Ultrasound showing the electrical activity of the heart
Ultrasound for bone density.

The thing that I was surprised about was how many women were at a Men’s Health Fair. And most of the men looked like they didn’t want to be there. I kind of got the impression that the men were hogtied, kidnapped, browbeat, bribed and dragged screaming to the health fair. I honestly think I was the only man there willingly. What is there about us men that makes us avoid doctors? I sometimes avoid doctors because I've noticed that when someone dies the last person they have seen is a doctor or a priest. I am really curious if you have to (or had to if your spouse is no longer with us) browbeat your husband, boyfriend, brother or the men in your life to get them to go to the doctor?

Now the puzzle of the day. The owner of The Dahn Report is descendent of mine. For eight years good old George was my boss, then I followed in George’s footsteps and become the head honcho for four years. A few years later my son did me proud by following in my footsteps. My family came to America in the 1630s. At age 20 I graduated from Harvard and began a career as a teacher after which I went to law school and became admitted to the bar at age twenty-seven. At age 29 I married the daughter of a minister. We had five children and a sixth child was still born. My second cousin Sam was considered by many to be more popular than I was. My first fame came from opposing an act in 1765 that Britain tried to impose on the colonies. I anonymously contributed four articles in opposition to the act to The Boston Gazette which were later published in The London Times. My opposition to the Act of 1765 was that the act deprived The American Colonists two rights guaranteed to all Englishmen which all free men deserved. The right to be tried by a jury of his peers. The right to only be taxed by consent. Receiving a retainer which has been said to be one guinea to eighteen guinea, depending on the source, I defended seven British soldiers accused of killing five American civilians. Five of the soldiers were acquitted and two that fired into a crowd were tried for murder but convicted of manslaughter. Many think people should read one of my writings as the articulation of the classical Republican theory of mixed government. I attended the first Continental Congress, seconded “The Resolution of Independence” and was later one of the signers of The Declaration of Independence. In my first official political office I set a record by casting twenty-nine tie breaking votes. As my only term as head honcho was expiring I appointed a series of judges, now known as the “midnight judges.” Tell me not only who I am but also name the act of 1765 that I described in this paragraph. If you are unable to email your answers just give me the initials of the act of 1765. Give me that you will know who I am!

Hope this will be a great day for all of you and that many acts of kindness will be done your direction!

The blog is now yours!!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who Am I?, Kindness Meter, and Blog Schedule

Today's puzzle is a Who Am I?:

I was born in Milan, Ohio to Sam and Nancy. I grew up in Port Huron, Michigan. After three months of official schooling I was described as being “addled” and sent home. I was then home schooled by my mother. One of my first jobs was on the train from Port Huron, Michigan to Detroit, Michigan selling candy, veggies, and newspapers. I once saved a three year old boy from a runaway train which led to job that would open doors and bring light in to mine and others lives. Late in my life was able to engineer electric trains from Hoboken to Gladstone, Montclair, and Dover, New Jersey. I founded fourteen companies, including one of the largest companies still in existence. At age 24 I met and married the 16 year-old Mary. We had three children, Marion, Thomas, and William. My lovely wife died at age 29 of a brain tumor. At age 39 I fell in love again, with the 20 year-old Mina. Mina and I also had three children, Madeline, Charles, and Theodore. I died in 1931 from complications from diabetes. The lovely Mina lived until 1947. Few people know that as a wedding gift I bought a home for Mina in New Jersey. I also later built a winter resort in Ft. Myers, Florida. The writer of The Dahn Report recently found something in his garage that reminded him of me, he also often refers to me along with his dad and RFK as one of his three idols. 1093 is an important number to me. Who am I?

The kindness meter is ticking and going wild. Thirty people have performed sixty-eght acts of kindness for my birthday. We are easily going to make my goal of 100 by midnight Sunday. Thank you everyone!!!!

The Blog Schedule:

Tomorrow is Update Day so please think about all the fun and exciting or even the difficult and troubling things that are going on in your life that you would like to share with us.

Saturday is life's questions day. Lately some things have been bothering me. I would love for all of you to think of little things that go on in your life that have you asking yourself, how could that be? or what? or how? Would love to know some of those questions!

Sunday is the lessons your dad taught you. Think of your dad, think of what was the most important thing that you learned from him. Let's spend Sunday honoring our fathers.

Monday is the kindness summary. I am going to tell you how it changed me.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Drawing Was Held & The Winner Is

At precisely 10:15 AM Pacific Daylight Time at the home of Mom in Oregon, supervised by the accounting firm of William J. Dahn, CPA, PC seven letters were chosen, to verify that all seven letters where in the box, by Mom in the following order:






Mary Z


Connie Gets her first choice of prizes. DR gets the second choice of prizes. If any prizes are refused the next person on the list gets the choice.

This was such great fun I am sure we will have another contest at some point in the future. In the meantime following Pat's suggestion we will have a question of the day. They will be trivia questions, I.Q. type questions, three in common questions, name this person questions and so on.

The Resutls

The kindness meter is going wild! To date twenty-six people have performed sixty acts of kindness for my birthday. We are on the downside to get to one hundred by midnight Sunday June 21. You will be proud of me too, I didn't count it as an act of kindness when I told a man that he had a really nice car but should probably take it back to the dealer to get a turn signal installed!

Nobody got 25 of 25 on the contest on the first go around. Five people got 24 of 25, one 23 of 25, and one 21 of 25. However, remember the rules allowed you to submit as many entries as you wanted by the deadline of 7 AM this morning. Connie, Dona, DR, Kaye, Mary, Mary Z, and Pat all tied with perfect entries. Sometime this morning my Mom will draw TWO winners. The first winner drawn will get the the first choice of prizes, the second winner the second choice. Rather than put your names on a piece of paper and put them in a hat I am going to use Scrabble playing pieces to represent the first place finishers. The problem with using paper is it is almost impossible to get all the paper the same size and the larger ones have a better chance of being drawn. The following Scrabble pieces will be used: C = Connie, D = Dona, R = DR, K = Kaye, M = Mary, Z = Mary Z, and P = Pat. The winners will be announced between 2 PM Pacific Daylight Time today and 8 PM Pacific Daylight Time.

While people struggled a lot with number 18, the most often missed question were number 14 followed closely number 22. The most often mistake was making the questions to hard by doing Google research when all you had to do was to look at the names!


1. A Court Room. A Dugout. A Park

They have benches.

2. Dr. feel good, chain of fools, Respect

Aretha Frankling Songs.

3. Julius Caesar, Robert Kennedy, John Lennon

They were all assassinated.

4. Eggs, Bricks, Carpets

They are all laid.

5. Dick. Ted Turner. Tarzan.

They all have Jane's

6. A car. A Tree. An Elephant

They all have trunks

7. Pinocchio. Geppetto. Jonah.

They were all swallowed by whales

8. The American Queen. On Golden Pond. The Philadelphia Story.

Katherine Hepburn movies.

9. Judy Resnik. Sally Ride. Kathryn Sullivan.


10. Popeye The Sailor. A Martini. A Greek Salad.

They have Olives.

11. Errol Flynn. Sean Connery. Kevin Costner. Actors but that doesn’t count.

They played Robin Hood.

12. Florida. A piano. A Jailor.

They all have keys.

13. A person. An artichoke. A Deck of Cards.

They all have hearts.

14. Martin Luther King. Patty Duke. Jack Lord.

They all have royal titles in their names.

15. French. Eskimo. Hershey’s.


16. Sabrina Duncan. Jill Monroe. Kelly Garrett.

Characters on the TV Show, Charlie’s Angels.

17. Ducks. Debtors. Congress.

They all have bills.

18. A checkbook. A tire. A scale.

They are all balanced.

19. Porky. Spanky, Alfalfa

Little Rascals.

20. A song. A heart. A Policeman.

They all have beats.

21. Julia Grant. Lucy Hayes. Laura Bush.

Former fist ladies.

22. Samuel Benedict. Sylvester Graham. James Salisbury.

They all had food named after them.

23. Mickey Rooney. Artie Shaw. Frank Sinatra.

They all were married to Ava Gardner.

24. Debbie Reynolds. Elizabeth Taylor. Connie Stevens.

They were all married to Eddie Fisher.

25. A kite. A dog. A storyteller.

They all have tails or tales.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Contests, Lunches, Men's Health Fairs

Acts of kindness to date, total forty-eight by twenty people. We have until Midnight Fathers' Day to complete fifty-two more acts of kindness. Dona so far has set the record!

Right now in the "what do these three things have in common" contest Kaye, Pat, and Mary Z are tied for the lead with perfect scores. Dona still has the chance to tie with them if she finds the answer to one more question. DR needs to find the answers to a couple of more questions. I am anxiously awaiting Connie's and others entries!

Oh and Kaye had a great idea. She thought it would be great if my Mom pulled the name out of the hat for the winning entry among those that are tied for first place! Because it is such a great idea, that is what we are going to do! My mom will choose the winning entry! That takes it out of my hands!

On the agenda today other than being at Mom's is lunch with a friend that I haven't seen for a while. It will be great to catch up with her. Speaking of kindness, kindness is her middle name! When I had that online date that went screwy (the one that I found out was married when she had a heart attack on a date), she helped out by visiting the lady in the hospital to take the visiting burden away from me. She attended my dad's memorial to support me even though she didn't know my dad. She does read the blog but doesn't post. It will be great to see how her job and her life in general are going!

Tomorrow I am going to a Men's Health Fair. It is one where they do seven tests, mostly to determine heart and stroke risks. Of course I am a little scared that they might find something but not knowing is probably more frightening. I have to fast for four hours before the tests, so that should be a piece of cake. Fasting has never been all that hard for me. However, since they file my medical records under "wuss" I would appreciate your prayers, good thoughts, vibes, four leaf clovers, and anything else you can think of to send my direction!

I don't know who is having more fun with the contest, the posters or me! I'm having a great time! The question for the day, are there any old friends that you haven't seen for a while that you would like to have lunch with?

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Contest Starts

Kindness meter. Fourteen people have performed thirty-eight acts of kindness. There is now 7 days left to complete sixty-two more acts of kindness. Also welcome to the blog a long time friend of mine and former co-worker Suzie. She posted yesterday on the Happy Birthday/100 Acts of Kindness Thread. She currently is happily married and works as flight attendant.


You have nailed the sample questions, now it is the real thing. You have to guess what each of the three items mentioned in the twenty-five questions have in common. The one that gets the most of the twenty-five questions right will win their choice of a $25 Starbucks Gift Card, a $25 Home Depot Gift Card, or a stained glass "angel on bridge valued recently at over $100. An eligible participant for the contest is anyone that posted a comment on The Dahn Report between May 27, 2009 and this morning before the official contest started. If you are an eligible participant you have until 7 AM Pacific Daylight Time on June 17, when the contest officially ends, to submit your entry or entries. Eligible participants may enter as many times as they like. If more than one entry ties for first place, all entries tying for first place will be put in a hate and the winning entry will be drawn from those entries.

Eligible particpants for the contest are Dona, Pat, DR, Suzie, Red Whistle, Kim, Bev, Kaye, Mary, Mary Z, and Connie!




1. A court room, a dugout, a park.

2. Dr. feel good, chain of fools, Respect. Besides being songs.

3. Julius Caesar, Robert Kennedy, John Lennon. Besides being famous.

4. Eggs, Bricks, Carpets

5. Dick. Ted Turner. Tarzan.

6. A car. A Tree. An Elephant

7. Pinocchio. Geppetto. Jonah.

8. The American Queen. On Golden Pond. The Philadelphia Story. Besides being movies.

9. Judy Resnik. Sally Ride. Kathryn Sullivan.

10. Popeye The Sailor. A Martini. A Greek Salad.

11. Errol Flynn. Sean Connery. Kevin Costner. Actors but that doesn’t count.

12. Florida. A piano. A Jailor.

13. A person. An artichoke. A Deck of Cards.

14. Martin Luther King. Patty Duke. Jack Lord.

15. French. Eskimo. Hershey’s.

16. Sabrina Duncan. Jill Monroe. Kelly Garrett. Besides being women's names.

17. Ducks. Debtors. Congress.

18. A checkbook. A tire. A scale.

19. Porky. Spanky, Alfalfa.

20. A song. A Heart. A Poliecman.

21. Julia Grant. Lucy Hayes. Laura Bush. Besides being women.

22. Samuel Benedict. Sylvester Graham. James Salisbury.

23. Mickey Rooney. Artie Shaw. Frank Sinatra. Besides being actors.

24. Debbie Reynolds. Elizabeth Taylor. Connie Stevens. Besides being actresses.

25. A kite. A dog. A storyteller.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Around The Sunday Paper

Kindness Meter: Eleven people, including four strangers, have performed twenty-eight acts of kindness. Eight days left to perform seventy-two more acts of kindness.

One of the acts of kindness was a stranger sending me a link to a web site about acts of kindness. I guess it is an actual movement! Here is a link with examples of seven hundred and ninety-three acts of kindness:


The answers to Friday's sample questions are: Robert Lowery, Adam West, and Michael Keaton all played Batman. “The Crooner”, “Chairmen of The Board” and “Ole Blue Eyes” are all nicknames for Frank Sinatra. Since the contest starts tomorrow there are no sample questions today. As of now eligible participants for the contest are Mary, Mary Z, Bev, Dona, Pat, DR, Kaye, Red Whistle, Kim, and Connie. If you want a chance to win your choice of a $25 Starbucks gift card, a $25 Home Depot gift card, or a stained glass angel valued at over $100 post a message anywhere on The Dahn Report between now and when the "what do these three things have in common" contest starts at 7 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time on Monday, June 17, 2009. For more about the rules of the contest read my post from June 12, 2009.

OK, did anyone notice that they no longer have analog TV? Did the switch from analog TV to digital TV go smoothly in your house and your city? Frankly, I wouldn't have noticed any difference had there not been so much news about it!

Now a couple of stores from today's Oregonian. You can always read the Oregonian at oregonlive.com

Dateline, Nicktown, Pa. "In 29 years of enforcing sewage laws in Pennsylvania. Jack E. Crislip has never faced violators more adamant or more pleasant to deal with than members of the ultraconservative Swartzentruber Amish sect." The basic story is that for over two years Crislip has trying to get members of the Amish sect to upgrade outhouses next to a school house on land owned by Andy Swartzentruber, one of five elders that guide the twenty family Amish set. Elder Swartzentruber was scheduled to be released from county prison today, after spending ninety days behind bars for failing to correct county violations at the outhouses. This Amish sect shuns all modern conveniences such as cars, television, telephones, and running water in their homes. The sect did agree to upgrade their outhouses by adding a 250 gallon holding tank and treating the waste with lime. However, they determined that the county's request of a five thousand gallon pre-cast concrete tank and allowing someone certified by the state to use an electronic meter to test the waste content as being to modern for their beliefs. In response a judge has ordered two homes and their barns padlocked forcing those two families to move in with relatives. Which side of the sewer debate do you land on? The Amish own the land that the outhouses are on, shouldn't they be able to do what they want with their own property? However, the county is worried about health issues and disease, don't they have the right to protect their residents?

Dateline, Prague. "When Petra Kalivodova, a 31 year-old nurse, was considering whether to renew her contract at a private health clinic, the offer of special perks helped clinch the deal: complimentary German lessons, five weeks vacation, free liposuction, and silicone breast implants." She stated she would rather have plastic surgery than a free car. As the Czech health care system faces a dire nursing shortage, clinics and hospitals are resorting to unusual incentives to retain talent. Health care officials have stated that they view free tummy tucks or remodeled breasts no different than one shot signing bonuses. Where Kalivodova works, as a surgical nurse, the offers of plastic surgery has increased the number of applicants by ten percent in the past three months. Supporters of the bonus plan say that the nursing shortage is hurting patient care. Critics say the offer of plastic surgery demeans what is largely a female profession. Where do you land on the issue? Bonuses of plastic surgery, rewarding or demeaning?

What is the most unusual bonus that you have received? (I've never received anything but money, a turkey or a ham.) Like the Amish going to jail because of their beliefs, do you believe in anything strong enough to go to jail for? (The only thing I can think of is I'd *probably* go to jail rather than to indict someone I love.)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Your Day

You can win your choice of a $25 Starbucks gift card, a $25 Home Depot gift card or a stained glass angel called “Angel On Bridge” recently valued at over one hundred dollars by winning the “What Do These Three Things Have In Common” contest starting right here on The Dahn Report at 7 AM Pacific Daylight Time on June 15, 2009. The eligible participant that answers the most of the twenty-five question between the time the contest starts and the time the contest ends at 7 AM Pacific Daylight time on June 17, 2009 will be declared the winner. If there is a tie for the most answers among eligible participants, all of the tying entries with the most answers will be put in a hat and the winner will be drawn from the hat and declared the winner. The winner will be announced by 7 AM Pacific Daylight time on June 20, 2009 but may be announced earlier than that. Eligible participants can enter the contest as many times as they please between the time the contest starts and the time the contest ends. As of now eligible participants for the contest starting at 7 AM Pacific Daylight Time on June 15, 2009 right here on The Dahn Report are Mary, Mary Z, Bev, Dona, Pat, DR, Kaye, Red Whistle, Kim, and Connie. Post a comment any where on The Dahn Report between now and the time the contest starts and you will become an eligible participant too!

Today’s sample questions? Other than being actors what do Robert Lowery, Adam West, and Michael Keaton have in common? What is the link for “The Crooner”, “Chairmen of The Board” and “Ole Blue Eyes”?

Today you all know the drill. Tell me what is going on in your life, how all those that you love and/or care for are doing. Telling me about events attended or attending. Tell me anything or everything that is going on in your life. Introduce yourself if you so desire. Post about anything you damn well please! This is your blog today and every day but today it is officially yours to post about what *you* want to post about.

My updates? I’m still in touch with the old friend that found me through Facebook. We are enjoying getting to know each other again. Mom still is talking about going to Utah but the timeframe has been reduced from three weeks to two weeks.

Now the big update. If you remember with my birthday is coming up June 21 I asked that everyone perform one act of kindness between now and June 21. Then once you perform the act of kindness email me at williamjdahn@aol.com and tell me what you did. My goal is one hundred acts of kindness by June 21, I don’t have to know you, if you read the blog and think it is a great idea it would be El Dorado for me to have a stranger email me and tell me they performed an act of kindness for my birthday! To date Pat, DR, Mom, a stranger that heard mom and I talking about it, and myself have performed fourteen acts of kindness. We and everyone have 10 days (till midnight June 21) to perform eighty-six more acts of kindness. The reaction so far has been amazing. One person said that it made them think more about the acts of kindness they do every day. Mom has said it motivates her to call people rather than to sit there and wait for people to call them. In my case I changed a little too. As most of you know I sold my practice a couple of years ago so I am not in the market for hiring employees. Once in a while I will get resumes in the mail from people looking for a job. Normally I just toss the resumes. I got one in the mail this week, before tossing it I stopped and asked myself what would be the kind thing to do be? So I called the guy to let him know that I got his resume but had sold my business and wasn’t really looking for help. I also wished him luck in his search.

OK, it is your turn. Tell my anything about your life you wish to share. Post about anything you want to post about. Ask any questions that you want to ask. Introduce yourself if you want. Tell me about an act of kindness if you want. And tell me what other than being actors that Robert Lowery, Adam West, and Michael Keaton have in common? Also tell me what links “The Crooner”, “Chairmen of The Board” and “Ole Blue Eyes”?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Top Chef Masters

Kindness meter: 8 done, 92 to go, 10 days to reach 100. Contest meter: 4 days until the official “what do these three things have in common” starts.

The original Star Wars in Theatres, Roots on TV, and Annie on Stage all happened in 1977. Christmas, Easter, and Virgin are all islands. Other than being movies what do East of Eden, Rebel Without A Cause, and Giant have in common? What do other than being colors what do Mr. Green, Miss Scarlett, & Colonel Mustard have in common?

Was I the only one that watched Top Chef Masters last night? I actually enjoyed this more than the last two series of Top Chef. Top Chef Masters pits 24 famous chefs against each other with the winning chef winning a hundred grand for their favorite charity. It is going to be done tournament style with 4 chefs each for the next six weeks competing. The winning chef of the four each week then will move into the championship round. Each week there will be two challenges, the quickfire challenge and the elimination challenge. The scoring system is so much better than the regular Top Chef. The scoring system is based on a star system with the diners and the judges having equal votes!

You can see the bios of the hostess, the judges, and the twenty-four chefs here:


My life’s lessons from this week’s Top Chef Masters were that you have to be adaptable. Even the pros will make simple mistakes. It isn’t the mistake you make it is how you recover from it and move on.

The four famous chefs for this week were as follows:

Michael Schlow, owner of Radious in Boston as well as other restaurants. Playing for the Cam Neely Cancer Foundation.

Hubert Keller - Owner of Fleur De Lys restaurants in San Francisco and Las Vegas. Was a judge on season one of Top Chef. Playing for Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Christopher Lee - Executive Chef of Aureole Restaurant. Playing for Autism Speaks.

Tim Love - Owner of Lonesome Dove Western Bistro in Texas. Playing for The March of Dimes.

Quickfire Challenge? In sixty minutes make a great desert to be judge by four Junior Girl Scouts. Yup that is right, four Junior Girl Scouts were the judges. Watching these pros react to criticism from these young ladies just made you love these guys. They took the criticism in such fun and good spirits.

The scouts gave Keller’s Chocolate Mousse Swan with a whipped cream mouse five stars, they gave Christopher’s French toast and Tim’s strawberries three ways three and a half stars each. Michael’s milk chocolate cake came in last with two and a half stars.

The elimination challenge was to cook a three course meal for Pomona College Students and three critics. The tricks were is that they had to cook the meal in a dorm room and all they had to cook the meal was a microwave, a hot plate, and toaster oven. Yup, these famous chefs used to using the most sophisticated cooking equipment were reduced to being back in college to compete for twenty stars (fifteen from the judges, five from the diners)

The highlights of the elimination challenge was that Tim confused a freezer with a fridge all his ingredients were frozen. He turned a lemon into lemonade and made a pretty good dish. The other highlight wass Hubert using the shower to first cool the pasta with cold water and then heat with hot water.

Michael’s salmon crude, cabbage soup, and pork a’la apicious garnered three and half stars from the college students, seven and a half stars from the judge, and added to the quickfire’s two and a half stars gave him the low score for the night. 13 ½ stars.

Tim’s scallop cappaccio, squash pozole and strip steak earned three stars from the students, eight stars from the judges, added to three and a half quickfire stars gave him the second lowest score. 14 ½ stars.

Christopher’s red snapper, creamy risoto, and pan fried pork chope earned him four stars from the students, eleven and a half stars from the judges, added to the quickfire’s three and a half stars gave him the second highest score for the night. 19 stars.

My man Hubert’s Scottish salmon, macaroni and cheese, and carrot pea soup earned him four stars from the students, eleven and a half stars from the judges, added to the quickfire’s five stars gave him the highest score of the night. His 20 ½ stars earned him ten grand for his charity and a place in the championship round.

Questions for today. Are you adaptable? Do you recover easily from mistakes? . Other than being movies what do East of Eden, Rebel Without A Cause, and Giant have in common? What do other than being colors what do Mr. Green, Miss Scarlett, & Colonel Mustard have in common

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ditch It & Shred It

Kindness meter: 4 done, 96 to go, 11 days to reach 100. Contest meter: 5 days until the official “what do these three things have in common” starts.

A Cape Lion, A Labrador Duck, and a Dodo are all extinct. Tweedledee & Tweedledum, Castor & Pollux, & Minneapolis-St. Paul are all twins. Today’s questions? What do the Original Star Wars in Theatres, Roots on TV, and Annie on Stage, have in common? What do Christmas, Easter, and Virgin have in common?

One of the questions I get asked a lot in my business is, “how long do I have to keep my records?”, followed by “what should I shred?” I thought I would share how I usually answer those questions.

A few things first. Laws are often different by state so before following any advise that I give you here check with a local professional. Second, there are two main reasons that you would keep records and those are for tax purposes and for legal purposes. I am not a lawyer, nor do I want to be one so before shredding or throwing out documents for tax reasons check to make sure there aren’t any legal reasons that you should keep the documents. One glaring example of a legal reason to keep records is a lawsuit where wages might come into play, if you had your w-2 forms for ten years it would give a nice history of your earnings and a possible projection of what you might make in the future. A legal reason to keep the documents ten years, when for tax purposes you could have ditched them long before.

Also follow the when in doubt rule. Also known as the better safe than sorry rule. If you aren’t sure if you should shred a document or just throw it away, shred it. If you are not sure whether or not to keep a document, keep it.

For tax purposes, documents fall into two main categories. Fixed Documents. Annual documents. An example of a fixed document would be the settlement statement when you purchased a house or the contract when you purchased a car. Examples of annual documents are W-2 forms, annual mortgage interest statements, annual pharmacy statements and so on.

The IRS can audit your tax return for three years after the due date of the return. For instance your 2008 tax return was due 4-15-09, the IRS can audit your return until 4-15-12. UNLESS, FRAUD IS INVOLVED. UNLESS YOU FILED AN EXTENSION. If fraud is involved the IRS can audit it forever. If you filed an extension of time to file your return you willingly gave the IRS an additional six months to audit your return. Since I love everyone here and know that none of you would ever consider defrauding the IRS you should keep all *annual* records that you used to prepare your 2008 tax return until 4-15-12 (or 10-15-12 if you filed an extension.) Keep all *annual* documents that you used to prepare your 2007 return until 4-15-11 (10-15-11 for extension filers.) For 2006 returns keep all *annual* records until 4-15-10 (or 10-15-10 if you didn’t get your chit together and filed an extension.) Assuming that you didn’t file an extension you can now ditch all *annual* records used to prepare your 2005 and earlier tax returns.

Fixed documents, like house purchase records, car purchase records, etc should be kept for four years after the year the asset in question is either sold, given away, retired, reported lost, or stolen. Sold your house in 2008, keep both the purchase and sale documents of that house until at least 4-15-12,

What should you shred? Basically everything with an address, a name, a social security number, or an account number on it. A bank account number, a credit card account number, etc. About the only thing I don’t shred are credit card receipts. In Oregon, the law requires anyone accepting your credit card to show ONLY the last four digits of your credit card number on the credit card receipt. Since it would be almost impossible for anyone to figure out your credit card number with just the last four numbers, I just cross out the name on the credit card receipt and ditch it. Your homework today is to check your last credit card receipt and to see how many of your account numbers appear on that receipt and then report to me what your state does.

Any questions? You may be tested on this later. And what do the Original Star Wars in Theatres, Roots on TV, and Annie on Stage, have in common? What do Christmas, Easter, and Virgin have in common?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday/ 100 Acts of Kindness

Six days until the official “What do these three things have in common” contest starts. As of now eligible participants for the contest starting at 7 AM Pacific Daylight Time on June 15, 2009 right here on The Dahn Report are Mary, Mary Z, Bev, Dona, Pat, DR, Kaye, Red Whistle, Kim, and Connie. Post a comment any where on The Dahn Report between now and the time the contest starts and you will become an eligible participant too!

What do a storm, a needle, and a potato have in common? They all have eyes. What do Princeton University, Exxon Oil, and Frosted Flakes have in common? They all have tigers as a mascot. Today’s questions? Two really hard ones. What do a Cape Lion, A Labrador Duck, and a Dodo bird have in common? What do Tweedledee & Tweedledum, Castor & Pollux, & Minneapolis-St. Paul have in common.

I really couldn’t find the entire column where I got the idea for what I want for my birthday but you can read a partial column here:


One hundred acts of kindness. My birthday is coming up June 21. Every year Mom gives me money, sis & bro give me clothes, and friends give me gift cards. This year I don't want any gifts and am informing friends and family that for my birthday I want them to perform one act of kindness. And I am asking all of you here to do the same to help me have a very happy birthday, perform one act of kindness between now and June 21. Help me reach a goal of one hundred acts of kindness being performed for my birthday. It doesn’t have to be anything major and I would prefer it not be a cash donation. It can be something like any of the following:

Calling a friend that you haven’t heard of for a while just to check on them.

Stop by a nursing home and give a rose to a resident that usually doesn’t have visitors, you can ask at the nursing station what patient needs a pick up.

Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in the line at Starbucks or for the meal of the person behind you in the drive-up window at a fast food restaurant.

It can be something simple like saying hi to a stranger that you wouldn’t normally speak too.

Cook an extra desert and take it to your neighbor.

Have a neighbor that isn’t able to do yard work? Get a couple of friends and pull the weeds for them.

You choose what you want to do. Remember it doesn’t have to be big, it just has to be kind. One hundred acts of kindness between now and June 21. Then email me at williamjdahn@aol.com or post on the blog here what you did and how it made you feel.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kissing & Adjusting

A tent, a baseball, and a horseshoe all can be pitched. Two questions today since there will be no blog entry tomorrow. What do a storm, a needle, and a potato have in common? What do Princeton University, Exxon Oil, and Frosted Flakes have in common? Two readers have asked that you not post your answers on the blog but that you email them to me at williamjdahn@aol.com. Please trust I will do nothing with your email address other than read the answer, I won’t even respond to the email unless you ask me in the body of the email to let you know if your answer is correct. I have several email addresses of posters here and I am sure they will verify that you can trust me with your email addresses.

Kenny Chesney was quoted as saying. “We were lower-middle class and everyone I knew was --- we didn't know there was anything different," says Kenny. "This is a bit of curveball, but people who are really good kissers never have anything given to them. People who can't kiss had everything given to them. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm a helluva kisser." Then I must be a helluva kisser too! Do you agree with his theory?

Most of us here have elderly parents that take up a ton of our time. Some of us to the point that we have lost our dreams and lost a lot of our lives. The thought occurred to me that one day we will wake up and they will be gone. That begs the question, what are you doing to adjust to life without your parent when that day happens? This is what I am doing:

Distancing myself from Mom slowly. Taking more full days when I don’t go over there. Of course, I am available on call should anything happen.

Getting healthy. Walking more. Building up arm strength. Do a lot more physical activity.

Getting out more. Just going to a coffee shop and read, for example.

Dating more. Yes, I’ve been on a few dates but not with anyone I met online. I’m still hesitant to put my profile one a dating site. I’m getting really good at first dates though. Now I need to try second dates!

Making new friends.

Trying new things.

Doing a lot more freeway traveling. I live in a community where I can walk to what I need. Movies, grocery stores, restaurants, libraries, etc are all in walking distance. The longest required trip for me is Mom’s four miles away with no freeway involved. I’m a really, really good driver according to people that ride with me. I just haven’t driven the freeway for a while. I figure once I get familiar again with the freeway I’ll be more comfortable traveling. This morning got up early and hit the freeway. Purposely took a route over and under overpasses etc. The seminar that I am going to tomorrow, I purposely scheduled in another city to get more freeway driving in.

Here are the questions for today and tomorrow. Do you agree with Kenny Chesney’s theory on kissing? What are you doing to adjust to the day that you wake up, your parent is gone, and you have all that time on your hands? What do Princeton University, Exxon Oil, and Frosted Flakes have in common? What do a storm, a sewing needle, and a potato have in common?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Do You Have A Double?

Today’s question. What do a tent, a baseball, and a horseshoe have in common?

As of now eligible participants for the contest starting at 7 AM Pacific Daylight Time on June 15, 2009 right here on The Dahn Report are Mary, Mary Z, Bev, Dona, Pat, DR, Kaye, Red Whistle, and Kim. In order to be an eligible participant for the “what do these three things have in common” contest you must post a message anywhere on The Dahn Report between now and when the contest starts. In the contest you will be given twenty-five questions, each question will have three items and you will have to guess what the three things have in common. You will have until 7 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time on June 17, 2009 to complete the twenty-five questions. The eligible participant with the most correct answers of the twenty-five questions will win the contest. The prize will be your choice of a $25 Home Depot credit card, a $25Starbucks Card, or the Stained Glass “Angel on Bridge.” If two or more people tie, the names of all the winners will be put in a hat and a winner will be drawn for those that tie for first place.

The answer to yesterday’s sample questions are: Mary Queen of Scots, Marie Antoinette, and Lady Jane Grey were all beheaded. James Dougherty, Arthur Miller, and Joe Dimaggio were all married to Marilyn Monroe.

Just to let everyone know, Monday there will not be a blog post. I am at a seminar that day and the seminar is about ninety minutes from here, starting at 8 a.m. When the seminar is complete then I will be headed to Mom’s. That just doesn’t allow enough time to do a post that day.

Yesterday Mom got the OK from the doctor to travel as long as we stop every hundred miles to allow her to stretch. YEA.

I am reading a book about an interesting subject. Catherine Coulter’s DOUBLE TAKE. It is running on the theory that everyone has a double. Someone that looks like you. Once in a while I’ve seen someone that looks a little like me and once in a while I’ve been mistaken for someone else. But I am not sure anyone but twins really have a double.

The questions for the day? Have you every run into someone that you think looks exactly like you? Have you ever been confused for someone else? What do a tent, a baseball, and a horseshoe have in common? And to everyone but Pat and DR since they were the only ones to update us, get off your duffs and tell us about what you are up to.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Updates And A Thank You To The Posters Here

The answer to yesterday’s question? Kim was right, they all run. Today other then being queens what do Mary Queen of Scots, Marie Antoinette, and Lady Jane Grey have in common? And since this is a special day a bonus question as a thank you to all of you for convincing my mom to try Utah! What do James Dougherty, Arthur Miller, and Joe Dimaggio have in common?

Another week bites the dust and it flew by. Update Day is here again. You know the drill. I want to know about everything going on in your life. The pains. The joys. The concerns. The questions. The events you either attended recently or are going to attend. How are you elderly parents doing? How are you children doing? How are you doing? Any jokes you want to share? Want to vent? Want to confess to anything? I need some excitement in my life so tell me a secret that would curl my toes. Or if you haven't posted lately, just stop by and say hi. If you have never posted come on and introduce yourself!

I owe all the posters here a lot. Thanks to all of you I changed my mind about Mom going to Utah. After your comments I changed from thinking it was a bad idea to thinking that it would be a great idea because if she does this trip successfully then it will open up doors for her. Doors to travel, for instance, to go see her brother in Arizona. And after reading your comments Mom has already decided to go to Utah for three weeks and told sis to pick the date. Mom has gone from being negative about the trip to being excited about it. She has already expanded her thinking to going there every three months. Sis and her husband would come up here for a week, then take mom to Utah for three weeks, bring mom back and stay a week here, then go back. Which would give me my life five weeks every three months. That would do so much for me! I honestly could expand my search to other cities for the one. I could explore classes in other cities. Or I could just stay here and be emotionally free for five weeks every three months. First baby steps. Let’s get this trip out of the way first and hope it is successful. This trip will just be three weeks. I will take Mom to Boise where we will meet sis and her husband. Then they will go on to Utah and I will come back home to do whatever I damn well please for three weeks for the first time since 2001. OK, everyone put your prayers, good vibes, positive thoughts, what ever you can muster my direct, Mom’s direction, and sister’s direction that this will happen! Not only happen but turn into a once every three month event!

Last week: Some pulling weeds, a little work, three days - two nights at mom’s and a few things that I am forgetting because I am so excited about the above!

Next week: Mom to the doctor early this morning where one of the questions will be “Is, mom OK to travel?“, my car to the doctor for her three month checkup, a seminar on Monday, three nights - four days at Mom’s, a couple of work assignments, exploring self-hypnosis, some reading, some freeway test driving, and some walking.

OK, your turn. Fess up. Tell me everything going in in your life! And give me the answer to what do the Mary Queen of Scots, Marie Antoinette, and Lady Jane Grey have in common. And what do James Dougherty, Arthur Miller, and Joe Dimaggio have in common?

Once again thank you all for being friends enough to give me advise and for your honesty!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Keep Crying, Baby, Keep Crying"

The answer to yesterday’s question was “The Three Musketeers. You guys are getting to good. Today’s question is “Candidates, Track Stars, and Pantyhose, what do they have in common?

I don’t have much to write about. I have a ton to write about tomorrow on Update Day but I am a little short on things to write about today.

Need a really good cry? Here is an article in today’s Oregonian that will give you just that. I was struck by the words in the article “I kept saying, keep crying, baby, keep crying.” Read the entire article here:


It wasn’t the economy that caused this awful act, it was revenge. Revenge isn't always sweet. In fact, I think it never is. I also think what goes around comes around so it isn’t necessary to seek out revenge because eventually someone will do it for you.

That is it for the day. Tell me what you think of the above article. Where do you stand on revenge? And what do candidates, track stars, and pantyhose all have in common?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Busy Day.

Yesterday’s question was an easy one. The answer is that they were all nicknames for a commode. Let’s try a really hard one today. Athos, Porthos, Aramis. What is common about them?

I read Mom the blog post about the struggles I am having about her going to Utah. Then I read all the comments to her including mine. I also shared an instant message that I was having with one of the women here that in that message she suggested that Mom and I needed a break from each other. I really don’t want to mention names without permission but Mom knew of the lady because the lady had sent mom a really nice gift that she had created. It was a very touching thing for that lady to do and Mom was very touched by it. So touched that Mom sent her a nice thank you card. After the comments and the instant message, Mom is now leaning towards going to Utah. She wants me to make the decision as to when she goes but I think that should be left up to mom and sis. Oh, and by the way if anyone wants to instant message me they can do it two ways, through Facebook or through Aim or AOL as williamjdahn.

Busy day ahead today. I am at Mom’s today as part of my two night, three day weekly gig. While there I have to get the dining room ready for Mom’s bridge club which is meeting at her house tonight. Even if I have to stay there tonight, we don’t know if my nephew is back from Chicago yet, the bridge club being there frees me up to go out tonight if I desire.

I also have two work assignments. The firm that bought my business are tied up on a long project and one of my old clients would like to have his returns done by Monday. That involves a partnership and a corporate return. He has a legitimate reason for wanting the returns done, he wants to pay the manager of one of his businesses his bonus. That is where I come in. They called and want me to prepare those returns. I have to pick up the work this morning. It is nice to have the extra income.

Then there is a very much needed haircut. Sometimes I am tripping over my hair now. They may have to use a lawn mower to cut it. I figure if I get a haircut I will be ten pounds lighter. So there is an hour with Sandra planned for today.

Also on the platter is taking mom out for lunch, cooking dinner for Mom tonight, and some shopping for the bridge club tonight. Mom wants some new cards for the game tonight. And she needs a few snacks, etc. for the game.

Any comments today? What do Athos, Porthos, Aramis have in common? They are not all colognes.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Bad Movie and Nice Legs (?)

The answer to yesterday's question is that they were all Jack Lemmon movies. Today's qustion is: Head, can, throne, what do these three things have in common?

Just as I was going to ask for prayers that they find the missing Air France Jet I read this story on AOL: http://news.aol.com/article/air-france-plane-missing/505817?icid=main|htmlws-sb|dl1|link3|http%3A%2F%2Fnews.aol.com%2Farticle%2Fair-france-plane-missing%2F505817. A British Airliner spotted parts of a plane in the Atlantic Ocean.
My heart goes out to the relatives of the passengers and crew of the missing French Airliner.

I went to a movie this weekend and frankly the movie would have to improve to be awful. "Ghosts of Girl Friends Past" starring Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, and Michael Douglas. I’d give it a minus five footballs. One minus football for a stolen story line. One minus football for a terrible waste of acting talent. One minus football for sexiest comments throughout the movie. One minus football for casting Jennifer Garner as a Doctor, which would be like casting me as Casanova. One minus football for cheesy lines like “spooning is good but forking is better.” Basically don’t waste your time.

I never did wear shorts before but lately I’ve been going out of my comfort zone. I went out and bought a pair of shorts and started wearing them. Wore them when I worked on Mom’s yard. When I came back in Mom and the caregiver both said “do you know you have really nice legs?” That kind of stunned me. Then when we went to the casino last week it was a nice so day so encouraged by the caregiver’s comment (I ignored Mom’s because that is a mother who is required by the mother code of ethics to say nice things about me) I wore shorts. When I was gambling my sister came by and said “you have really nice legs.” Whoa ignoring the wondering if moms and sisters should be looking a son’s or brother’s legs it did kind of build up my confidence a little. So I went out and bought another pair of shorts. And I am going to wear them more often now. Another case of trying new things. I do have a question for the women here, do women really look at things like men’s legs? I know us men look at women’s legs. It is in our genes and part of our job description. Am I going to have to start checking my butt out in the mirror before I put my profile on a dating site?

Other questions for today, seen any good or bad movies lately? Read any good or bad books lately? What do head, can and throne have in common?

May this be a great day for everyone with people saying nice things about you!