Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Good Ideas, Bad Ideas, Festivals.

This is such a good idea. When I am done with my working days I think I will enjoy them.

This is not such a good idea. Certainly not the best way to light up your life:

Wednesday is always known as hump day. Two days down in the work week. Two days ahead of you. Tomorrow on the downslide. So it is a festive day.

Happy New Year to all of you. Comment Away.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dancing, Lunch, & Dogs

They announced the cast for Dancing With The Stars this morning.  I already know who I am rooting for. I had a major crush on Dorothy Hamill when I was a mere youngster. Here is the rest of the cast:

I usually pack my lunch for work. Banana. Sun Chips. Sandwich. Pretty healthy. Once in a while I like to forgo my lunch and have a good old cheeseburger:  

You all know I love animals. And I think they love us.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013


Looking forward to the day. First a relaxing morning reading the newspaper and doing computer stuff. Then lunch with Mom. And the topping the day off watching The Oscars.

One of those days I just treasure.

I want to hear your updates. I really want to know how everyone is doing.

One the agenda for me next week. Monday a busy day. Foot doctor, my anniversary party at work, and then work. Tuesday-Wednesday work days. Thursday work and then taking mom out to dinner. Friday work. Saturday the day at Mom's. Lunch, dinner, and home.

Last week Sunday was lunch and dinner at Mom's. Monday was my first day of work. Tuesday was my eye appointment and work. Wednesday an uneventful work day. Thursday was the emergency room, work, and dinner for Mom. Friday was work and recovery. Saturday was lunch and dinner at Mom's.

That's mine. Now give me yours. Or just post anything you damn well please. It is your day.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Enjoying a late morning today.  Going to have lunch with Mom today. Then I am meeting a client at two. Then it is back to Mom's to cook dinner for her and her aide.

A tough week. I was leaving the house Thursday morning for work when I got a call from my sister. She couldn't wake mom up and mom was barely breathing. I shot into Mom's like a cannon. 911 was already there and they were taking her to the emergency room at Meridian Park Hospital.  They determined that mom took a sleeping pill instead of a pain pill and it knocked her out.  All her signs were great. They let her go home about noon. I went to work and after work took dinner to Mom. I stayed until the Aide got there.

By the way talk about good doctors. The emergency room doctor told us to call him Dr. Bob. He had a really long last name that was hard to pronounce so he said Dr. Bob was good.  Friday night Mom got a call from Dr. Bob at about nine. "Don't hang up. I am the doctor that treated you in the emergency room. I was really impressed with you and wanted to make sure you were OK."  I am getting his full name and writing to the hospital. We need more doctors like him.

Speaking of good people:

That is it for the day. Hope all is well with all of you.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Good Morning

The week is going really fast. Looking forward to the weekend to get back on track. Taking Mom to dinner tonight to give sister a break and then I am staying there until about eight tonight. I really kind of miss Mom. And I know she misses me because I am good for her.

How about some health tips?

Signs of a stroke:

The difference between a heart attack and indigestion:

And closing with a new invention:

Comment Away,

Monday, February 18, 2013

It was a good day at work. I was surprised how much  I remembered. Home now. The toe looks pretty good for being up on it most of the day.

Let's celebrate kids today. First up is a four year-old:

Now the cute kid note of the day:

Now teens doing good things:

Comment Away.

Sunday, February 17, 2013



This week. Today lunch at Mom's. Made breakfast for dinner for the troops. Tomorrow I start work. Tuesday is my annual eye appointment. Wednesday night at Mom's. Thursday night dinner at Mom's and there until seven-thirty. Friday work. Saturday dinner and lunch for the troops.
Sunday lunch and dinner at Mom's. Monday my day. Tuesday the foot doctor. Wednesday night at Mom's. Thursday at Mom's until eight at night. Friday me day went to Life of Pi. Saturday lunch and dinner at Mom's.

With me starting work Monday I'm not sure what kind of schedule I will maintain on the blog. I might post at night instead of the morning or I might make a few posts ahead. Or I might post on my lunch hour. Timewill tell.

Give me your update. Love to hear about your lives.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I'm Clean.

Saturday. Cleaning house today. In between lunch and dinner at Mom's. I go my haircut and took a shower so I am clean. Clara got a bath yesterday so my car is clean. Now my house. Then I will clean when work starts. There is just something about everything in order when you are busy that makes life better.

Update on my toe. It is healing really well. I am very pleased.

It did create some sleepless nights so I was happy to read the following article during the healing process:

I usually drive but as I get older I may give up the driving and turn it over to others. Since all my friends are over fifty I was curious what to do if something happened while they were driving. Now I know.

I like shiny things. I like Mars. I mean after all women are from Venus and men are from Mars:

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Friday, February 15, 2013

It's Friday!

I start my seasonal job on Monday so it is errand day. Off to get my car washed and then to get my haircut. The to shop for stuff to pack my lunches.

I decided on good stories today.

Story one. It is never to late to say thank you:

You can be inspiring at any age:

loving animals can make you famous:

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Before today's post I like to express my deepest sympathy to the Dolan family. The lost their dad to Alzheimer's Monday. Just barely three months after they lost their mother to lung cancer. I just can imagine the pain of losing both parents in such a short time. Peace be with them.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Even the weather folks are celebrating:

And some women are celebrating by banning men:

Want to know the secret of looking good for Valentine's Day? Maybe Guppies have the answer

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm Back

I'm a free man.

I went to a specialist yesterday.  The foot is healing marvelously. I no longer have to elevate it all day so I can get up and do things.  I am to continue soaking my foot twice a day. Continue to take the antibiotics until they run out. Wrap the toe.

The only things I can't do are swim and go to a hot tub party. I don't have a desire to swim nor the body for a hot tub party so I am good to go.

The specialist also came up with an idea to prevent this from happening again. After the swelling is down in the toe and it is back to normal she is going to make a rubber casting to put over it to protect it. This is the first time any doctor has even considered a long term solution. And it happened yesterday on the anniversary of the accident.  I am really pleased that the doctor is going to try a long term solution.

I missed everyone, hope everything is good with all of you.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Away From Here

An update. Thanks so much for your support, thoughts, and prayers. I usually stay away from the doctor because have you noticed when someone dies the last person they had seen was a doctor or a priest? But I am glad I went this time and went when I did. There is a small chance of losing my foot, the antibiotics already appear to be working so my guess is it is an extremely small chance. It is an off, off, on, and be all wet regiment. Off the computer, off the foot, on antibiotics, soak the foot twice a day, and change the bandage each time after soaking. I honestly feel I am going to be good, I've had this problem about every five to ten years since the accident when I was eighteen. After I am slapped on the side of the head I pay attention and it heals. So it is all good but since the relationship with my foot is the longest I've had and I don't really want to end it I am going to do exactly as the doctor says. There most like will not be a blog entry for the next couple of days. If I can figure out how to make a laptop really a lap computer while in the Duck recliner I may do a post. But right now it looks like a couple of days vacation.

Friday, February 8, 2013


Mom's aide was sick again so I was there last night overnight and won't be there tonight. The kicker is she told mom she is never sick. This will be the seventh night she missed already this year, in five weeks. Heck I've worked years at places and never missed seven days. And I bet when I had my own office from 1981 to 1998 I never missed seven days of work total. I would hate to see how many days she missed if she was sick.

Are you happy? Sad? Could it be nothing you are doing but just the day?

I believe in paying forward. And sometimes when you do something kind it is returned to you in some way.

What are you doing for lunch today?

Shoot I just eat and read the USA Today or work the puzzle in the Morning Oregonian. I'm boring.

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I have an appointment at 4 today with the doctor about my toe. It is infected. On my bad foot so it is a worry. Prayers please.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Rough night at Mom's. Rough nights are getting more frequent. Scary. I am there today until eight tonight.

Today is about articles that surprise me:

I was of the impression that you can't ward off Alzheimers', that it is predetermined. That is why the following article surprised me:

The age of some heroes always surprises me:

If I only had a nickel to my name I sure hope it was the one in the following artice:

  Comment Away.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Good, Bad, Ugly

Heading out in a couple of minutes. I have a breakfast meeting this morning. Then it is on to Mom's.

Yesterday I met with Mark, the one that bought my business. He is doing well and his cancer is in remission. I was really pleased with how he looked. His mom is still alive, in her nineties, and doing well. She gets depressed but I just think that is normal for the aging and someone that lost her spouse within the last couple of years.

Monday the minister came to Mom's to give us both communion. Mom can't make it to church so the minister came to her home. I don't know, I always feel so good after communion.

Not much else to report on today. Except:

The good:

The bad:

The ugly:

Comment Away.

Monday, February 4, 2013


Today is update day. From around the blog. DR is home from Arizona, exhausted and behind, with her body a little worse for the wear. Dona has a cold or a had an allergic reaction to a shot and still is having knee problems. The Shankster is having continuing health problems. My Mom is up and down. I have a pretty bad toe. So prayers, positive vibes, and good thoughts would be appreciated for all of us.

On the agenda this week. Yesterday was The Super Bowl Party. Today I am at Mom's for an hour or so. I am meeting our minister there at one, she is giving us both communion. Tomorrow lunch with Mark W. Wednesday breakfast with Dave T and a night at Mom's. Thursday is at Mom's until eight. Friday is a relax day or a doctor's appointment depending how my toe is going. Saturday is lunch and dinner at Mom's.

Last week Saturday was mom out to lunch and dinner for the troops. Sunday was lunch at Mom's and the rest of the day at home. Monday was cleaning house. Tuesday and Wednesday days and nights were at Mom's. Thursday was at Mom's until 8 at night. Friday a day I don't remember what I did but it was productive I am sure.

That is my check-in. Looking forward to yours.

Be well.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Sunday

We will do the updates tomorrow unless any of you would like to do them today. Before turning our attention to the Super Bowl just want to send prayers out to Dona, Kaye, DanaRae, My Mom, and anyone that needs them.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, one of the best Sundays in February, the other being the Oscars. Some of you may not be football fans but get sucked in to the magic because of party invitations or family pressure. Here is some information to help you out with the conversations that may take place.


Super Bowl Fun facts.

35% of people who attend the game write it off as a corporate expense.

Half of all Americans would rather go to a Super Bowl party than a New Year’s Eve party.

The average Super Bowl party has 17 guests.

Over 11 million (5%) Americans watch the game alone. Another 9 million watch the Super Bowl at a bar or restaurant.

1.5 million TV sets are sold during the week of Super Bowl.

9 out of 10 of the most watched TV programs of all time are Super Bowl games.

Research shows that 25% of women actually enjoy watching the big game. The others only watch for the commercials, the food, the friends and the overall atmosphere.

58% of people would rather take their bathroom breaks during the game than miss the commercials.

There are more drunk driving accidents on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year (except St. Patrick’s Day), according to the Insurance Information Institute.

8 million pounds of guacamole and 14,500 tons of chips are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.

6% of Americans call in sick the Monday after Super Bowl.

Antacid sales increase by 20% the Monday after Super Bowl.

Super Bowl weekend is the slowest weekend for weddings.


49ers are favored by 4 points. The line started out with the 49ers being favored by 4 1/2 then was bet down to 3 1/2 (which means a bunch of moola was bet on the Ravens) and then came back to 4 (which means 49er fans put their money where their mouth is)

The over/under is 47 which means if you bet the over the total points both teams score must total more than 47, if you bet the under, it must total less than 47. For example 31-28 the over wins, 24-21, the under wins.

You can bet the money line. That means you pick the team you think will win straight up. No points. You win more money than if you take or give the four points.

This is Ray Lewis's last game. The Baltimore Raven linebacker retires when it is over. Watch before the super bowl starts when Ray Lewis does The Squirrel Dance.

Don't go away at half-time. Beyonce performs and you can bet on whether or not she lip syncs. My guess is she performs for real.

This Super Bowl is being called the HarBowl because the two head coaches, John and Jim Harbaugh, are brothers.

Neither the 49ers or Ravens have ever lost a super bowl. 49ers are 5-0, Ravens 1-0. 49ers win they tie the Steelers for the most wins. Steelers, however, have lost twice and wouldn't have six wins if it wasn't for a horrible call when they played the Seahawks.

If you hear a lot of boos before the game chances are the NFL commissioner is in the house. New Orleans hates the dude due to his suspensions of Saint players before the 2012 season.

While Michael Oher was quoted as saying "I'm tired of the movie. I'm here to play football." He is still loves the Tuohy family who will be at the game to watch their adopted son. Then the Tuohys and Sandra Bullock will have dinner after the game.

In a twist of fate. 49er QB Colin Kaepernick is also adopted.

Don't wait to the start of the game to tune in. Twenty-six Sandy Hook Elementary school children will sing America The Beautiful. This group was formed shortly after the shootings and has been performing at various venues including Good Morning America.

The experts picks are as follows:

The majority of ESPN's writers picked the 49ERS (9 of 12)

CBS Sports picked the Ravens.

The Sporting News and USA Today picked the 49ERS.

Sports Illustrated picked the Ravens.

Madden's 2013 Simulation Game ended in a Ravens Victory.

My pick is Baltimore 31-49ERS 28


Friday, February 1, 2013

Handling Stress

Friday a day in heaven with no responsibilities just a big to do list. It exhilarated every time I cross something off my list that I even put things on like "take a shower" and "brush your teeth." Already got at least two things crossed off my to do list today.

Sometimes I handle stress by just doing something on my to do list. How do you handle stress?

Sometimes I handle stress by eating veggies. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, no?

Sometimes I handle stress by cooking. Facing danger and succeeding knocks stress for a loop:

Comment Away.