Sunday, February 24, 2013


Looking forward to the day. First a relaxing morning reading the newspaper and doing computer stuff. Then lunch with Mom. And the topping the day off watching The Oscars.

One of those days I just treasure.

I want to hear your updates. I really want to know how everyone is doing.

One the agenda for me next week. Monday a busy day. Foot doctor, my anniversary party at work, and then work. Tuesday-Wednesday work days. Thursday work and then taking mom out to dinner. Friday work. Saturday the day at Mom's. Lunch, dinner, and home.

Last week Sunday was lunch and dinner at Mom's. Monday was my first day of work. Tuesday was my eye appointment and work. Wednesday an uneventful work day. Thursday was the emergency room, work, and dinner for Mom. Friday was work and recovery. Saturday was lunch and dinner at Mom's.

That's mine. Now give me yours. Or just post anything you damn well please. It is your day.


Lady DR said...

As usual, you've been a busy guy and it looks like next week is going to be full. What's the anniversary party at work?

My week was continuing my goal of slowing down a bit. Lots of time with morning pages and taking a look at life. Tuesday and Wednesday were medical tests. They still don't have an answer and want more. Massage on Thursday, back to the pool Friday. Saturday was back to Rooms to Go, to buy the matching night stands for the new bed/headboard and make arrangements to get the lower profile foundation for the mattress (both of which will be delivered sometime between 7:00 and 11:00 am on Tuesday to the lady whose alarm is set for 8:00 and she usually ignores it). Time spent on finalizing the ms for upload (somewhere along the line, the file blew up and I had to go back and recreate parts of it) and I'll order the second proof tomorrow. Hours spent continuing exploration in the MPs. I want to spend less time working and more time writing and creating. Gradually putting the house back together, not quite the way it was.

Next week is furniture deliveries/changeouts on Monday and Tuesday, pool, hopefully line dance Wednesday, tidying up some paperwork and domestic duties, finding inspiration and creativity to get the blog pages set up and started, taking time to just "be," maybe some additional medical tests, probably more time with the MPs, which are proving quite enlightening over the last three weeks. Maybe taking a look at the second self-help book and/or the contemporary women's fiction. At this point, I'm looking at flexible (G).

William J. said...


They are celebraing my fifth year there.

I am tickled you are slowing down. I am glad you are getting the tests very disappointed they haven't figured it out yet. Really looking forward to the finished book!

Looks like a pretty busy week ahead of you. Flexible is always good.

Wishing you health.


Lady DR said...

How time flies. Hadn't realized you'd been there five years. How nice to have a party.

Yes, slowing down feels good. As to tests, one of the docs is out of the office, so I'll get a call later this week scheduling additional tests for first week in March.

Finished book? You and me both! Get the proof early next week and hopefully it will be fine and I can convert to ebook and then take a look at promotion (blatant or otherwise) and see where it goes. Must get blog messages ready to go.

Thanks for the good wishes for health. From your lips to God's ears.

William J. said...


It is just I know people right now dealing with cancer than I ever have and just think there is a real need for the book.

Yup five years and they said it wouldn't last.