Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm Back

I'm a free man.

I went to a specialist yesterday.  The foot is healing marvelously. I no longer have to elevate it all day so I can get up and do things.  I am to continue soaking my foot twice a day. Continue to take the antibiotics until they run out. Wrap the toe.

The only things I can't do are swim and go to a hot tub party. I don't have a desire to swim nor the body for a hot tub party so I am good to go.

The specialist also came up with an idea to prevent this from happening again. After the swelling is down in the toe and it is back to normal she is going to make a rubber casting to put over it to protect it. This is the first time any doctor has even considered a long term solution. And it happened yesterday on the anniversary of the accident.  I am really pleased that the doctor is going to try a long term solution.

I missed everyone, hope everything is good with all of you.


Lady DR said...

Welcome back! Great news on the foot and even better on the doctor considering a long term solution. Now, you're up and at 'em, but please go slow and allow the healing to continue, much as I know you want to dig into everything you didn't get done and all the things you noticed while you chained to the chair and had time to look around and think (wry s). Been there done that.

Happy to report all the chemmies seem to be starting to work, after the diagnosis of asthmatic bronchitis and sinus infection. I AM taking it slower than normal and rearranging some priorities, in the interest of healing and getting back on the top burner, despite a to-do list as long as my arm.

Glad to see you!

dona said...

Glad to hear you are better, hoping you will keep it slow until you are completely healed.

Shankster also is glad you are better, won't tell you all he said, but you can imagine....:)

DR, hope you get to feeling better soon, also.

William J. said...


Glad the chemmies are working and your are doing better. I am hoping for complete healing.

I'm alternating between elevating and working. Before I just elevated. I am still being careful.



Did I miss a status on your Mom while I was gone?

William J. said...

Thank you Dona and The Shankster!

I am going slow. Hope things are good with you and he!


Lady DR said...

Nope, no status on Mom until tonight. She's home, as of Monday AM. Deb is a bit frustrated. Mom just wants to sleep and Deb can't get through to her she has to get up, move, eat somewhat regular meals and such, if she wants to be home and get better. Thankfully, Rho gets in tonight and is there until Tuesday, so maybe they can double-team Mom. Personally, I think Mom's just tired of fighting the battles, being in pain, being mostly blind, all the health and quality of life issues. At the risk of sounding "cold," I'm somewhat angry at all the people, including three doctors, who told her she "couldn't" die and had to keep fighting, the day she said she just wanted to "go." I was the only one who told her that was her decision and if she was ready to go, it was okay. This is an issue I'd best not pursue.

Mary said...

Great news, Bill. I'm so very glad you found a good doctor and are on the mend.

DR, I'm so sorry you're going through this. We had similar things happen with my grandmother. Most of us realized she was done and ready to go, and my aunt was determined to take any and all steps. Good for you for letting her make her own decision.

Hugs to both of you.

William J. said...


Sorry you are dealing so much. I am glad Deb is getting help from Rho.

I don't think you sound cold at all. We have assisted suicide in Oregon. Doctors have to following the families wishes.


William J. said...

Thanks, Mary.

I just happy she is going to take a shot at a long term solution.