Sunday, February 17, 2013



This week. Today lunch at Mom's. Made breakfast for dinner for the troops. Tomorrow I start work. Tuesday is my annual eye appointment. Wednesday night at Mom's. Thursday night dinner at Mom's and there until seven-thirty. Friday work. Saturday dinner and lunch for the troops.
Sunday lunch and dinner at Mom's. Monday my day. Tuesday the foot doctor. Wednesday night at Mom's. Thursday at Mom's until eight at night. Friday me day went to Life of Pi. Saturday lunch and dinner at Mom's.

With me starting work Monday I'm not sure what kind of schedule I will maintain on the blog. I might post at night instead of the morning or I might make a few posts ahead. Or I might post on my lunch hour. Timewill tell.

Give me your update. Love to hear about your lives.


dona said...

Hi Bill I hope you take it easy with work this week among all your other chores. Be sure to take care of yourself so not to backslide and don't worry about the blog, see how things go.

At the moment I can't remember what all happened during the week as the last 2 days were crazy. Yesterday dads computer died, we came into the house and it smelled like it burnt up from the inside! This is the 3rd computer we have purchased for him since being here. You would have thought he was a teenager as he worried how he was going to view his email or Facebook page!! The Shankster let him use our laptop(we never use it) to see if that was the way he wanted to go this time. This morning we awoke to our laptop saying it had a bad hard disk, the kitchen pipe had exploded with water everywhere, Skunk in the yard & 0possum on back porch, And Dad was ready to go computer shopping.

I never get tired but I am ready for bed.

Lady DR said...

You've had another busy week, but sounds like you survived well. I'm with Dona - don't worry about the blog. Do it when it works and we'll go with the flow.

Dona, what a week you've had. Sounds like your dad is death on computers. A broken computer, broken pipe, skunk and 'possum? Uh... dare I ask if the computer shopping happened (g, d&R)

Good week here. Largely because I'm feeling near human again, after all the chemmies the doc prescribed Monday. And Christmas is packed away and the shed relatively organized and MM have been here and the house is clean. Some minimal progress on the book and getting clients and business organized. Bills paid and laundry done, but for a bit of folding and ironing. Bit the bullet and finally bought a new mattress (ten years overdue), as well as a platform head/foot board, which will be delivered and set up tomorrow. Attended a concert by the G'ville Chorelle this afternoon, something I'd never have done, but as guest of one of the pool regulars, who thought I needed a treat and had an extra ticket. We had two hours of snow and 2" accumulation yesterday afternoon, which made things white and sparkly and was, thankfully, mostly gone today. Life is good. Most mornings have spent with a lot of time exploring and discovering and pondering and such in MPs, which has been a Good Thing for me to do. Facing reality and considering what reality actually is and can be. Next week looks pleasantly busy.

William J. said...

Wow Dona

What a freaking nightmare. I don't know if you have a Staples near you but rumor has it they will fix computers for a pretty reasonable price.

I think I would be like your dad if my computer went out. But until I bought a new one or fixed my I would go to the library. They have computers there where you can use for free and get your email etc.

I have had water everywhere, it is just freaking awful. My heart just goes out to you. I would be exhausted.

I hope you can get some rest and the rest of the week is better for you.


William J. said...


I will try not to worry about the blog but it is one of the things I enjoy so I am going to try to do it at least every other day.

Elated that you had a good week. Even more elated that you are feeling human again. Good that Christmas is packed away for another year. After all you have been through I wouldn't expect any progess on clients and am impressed you had any progress at all. Yea on the new mattress! The concert would be great! What a nice break! Ugh on the snow but at least it looked nice.

Looks like an exciting week next week!