Saturday, February 9, 2013

Away From Here

An update. Thanks so much for your support, thoughts, and prayers. I usually stay away from the doctor because have you noticed when someone dies the last person they had seen was a doctor or a priest? But I am glad I went this time and went when I did. There is a small chance of losing my foot, the antibiotics already appear to be working so my guess is it is an extremely small chance. It is an off, off, on, and be all wet regiment. Off the computer, off the foot, on antibiotics, soak the foot twice a day, and change the bandage each time after soaking. I honestly feel I am going to be good, I've had this problem about every five to ten years since the accident when I was eighteen. After I am slapped on the side of the head I pay attention and it heals. So it is all good but since the relationship with my foot is the longest I've had and I don't really want to end it I am going to do exactly as the doctor says. There most like will not be a blog entry for the next couple of days. If I can figure out how to make a laptop really a lap computer while in the Duck recliner I may do a post. But right now it looks like a couple of days vacation.


Lady DR said...

Just take care of yourself, Bill. Do exactly as the doc said. We can muddle along for a couple days, in the interest of having the foot around for the long term, believe me.


Mary said...

You're funny even when you're not feeling good. Please do take good care of yourself and do exactly what the doctor says, I'm so glad it's healing up better already.

Lots of hugs from here too.

dona said...

Take care of yourself Bill, I think you are so busy with others you haven't the time to do what you tell me to do!!! So Practice what you preach! I am glad the treatment is showing signs of improvement already & glad to hear you have kept your sense of humor.
Take a vacation and get better.
Lots of hugs are headed your way.

William J. said...

Thanks, DR.

It seems to be improving, the regular doctor wants me to make an appointment with the podiatrist immediately which is what I will do in the morning.


William J. said...

Thanks, Mary

If I didn't view it with a sense of humor, I'd get depressed.

I am doing exactly what the doctor says. And I am posting message as I sock my foot. I just hope the laptop doesn't fall into the water.


William J. said...

Wow Dona

Tell me what you really think! lol

I am practicing what I preach. For once.

And thank you.