Friday, February 8, 2013


Mom's aide was sick again so I was there last night overnight and won't be there tonight. The kicker is she told mom she is never sick. This will be the seventh night she missed already this year, in five weeks. Heck I've worked years at places and never missed seven days. And I bet when I had my own office from 1981 to 1998 I never missed seven days of work total. I would hate to see how many days she missed if she was sick.

Are you happy? Sad? Could it be nothing you are doing but just the day?

I believe in paying forward. And sometimes when you do something kind it is returned to you in some way.

What are you doing for lunch today?

Shoot I just eat and read the USA Today or work the puzzle in the Morning Oregonian. I'm boring.

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I have an appointment at 4 today with the doctor about my toe. It is infected. On my bad foot so it is a worry. Prayers please.


Lady DR said...

Honest to goodness, the aide is gone as much as she's there. I so wish you could find someone caring and reliable, so you could actually plan your life and live your plan.

Here's hoping the app't today went well. Definitely sending prayers for quick healing.

I've never found any particular day or even holiday to be especially happy or unhappy. Go figure.

Yes, paying forward being rewarded is always good to hear about. Kudos to the couple and to neighborhood pitching in.

Gee, my lunches are as exciting as yours, except I'm usually reading a book. Well, actually... my lunch hour is usually spent at the therapy pool, then I scarf up some food after, while I read a book. Not sure that makes a great deal of difference.

William J. said...


I just wish the Aide would realize other people depend on her and put our job on a higher priority list.

The appointment was scary but I am on a regiment now.

To me happiness isn't a day it is a feeling. A feeling that comes from within.

I just like it when good people do things, expect nothing in return, and then when they need help the good Lord grants the help they need.

I am going to try to make my lunches more exciting.