Monday, February 4, 2013


Today is update day. From around the blog. DR is home from Arizona, exhausted and behind, with her body a little worse for the wear. Dona has a cold or a had an allergic reaction to a shot and still is having knee problems. The Shankster is having continuing health problems. My Mom is up and down. I have a pretty bad toe. So prayers, positive vibes, and good thoughts would be appreciated for all of us.

On the agenda this week. Yesterday was The Super Bowl Party. Today I am at Mom's for an hour or so. I am meeting our minister there at one, she is giving us both communion. Tomorrow lunch with Mark W. Wednesday breakfast with Dave T and a night at Mom's. Thursday is at Mom's until eight. Friday is a relax day or a doctor's appointment depending how my toe is going. Saturday is lunch and dinner at Mom's.

Last week Saturday was mom out to lunch and dinner for the troops. Sunday was lunch at Mom's and the rest of the day at home. Monday was cleaning house. Tuesday and Wednesday days and nights were at Mom's. Thursday was at Mom's until 8 at night. Friday a day I don't remember what I did but it was productive I am sure.

That is my check-in. Looking forward to yours.

Be well.


Lady DR said...

You've got my check-in for the past month. Sounds like you're as busy as ever. What's the story on the toe, please? And could you fill me in (an email, if everyone else knows) on what's up with your mom?

Good thoughts to Dona and the Shankster.

Saw the chiro today, extended Thursday's massage to an hour, rather than thirty minutes, see the ortho Weds for a check-up on hip. The therapy pool heater broke, so no pool for the week. This is Not a Good Thing. Since I can't do anything physical for a few days, I hope to devote time to restarting on the book project and getting it ready to launch. I've been away so long, it feels almost like starting from scratch.

William J. said...


I woke up Monday morning and the toe was all red and look infected. So I cut the nail. I have been elevating it. It is still read but the swolling is way down. I just have to pay attention to it.

I am glad you are getting an hour massage, you deserve it.

I can't imagine what it would be like to come home after being gone so long. I wouldn't no where to start.