Friday, February 15, 2013

It's Friday!

I start my seasonal job on Monday so it is errand day. Off to get my car washed and then to get my haircut. The to shop for stuff to pack my lunches.

I decided on good stories today.

Story one. It is never to late to say thank you:

You can be inspiring at any age:

loving animals can make you famous:

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Lady DR said...

Wow, hadn't realized it was already time for you to go back to work, despite the date. Seem to have lost the past couple months (wry s).

Great stories. One of the things I enjoy are the "happy" items you include in your post. Great about the young lady and her teacher. What insight the young man has. And, yes, happy ending animal stories always make me smile, especially when combined with caring humans.

William J. said...


I am actually about a week late this year. Because of the lateness of the fiscal cliff solution a lot of IRS forms either couldn't be done or were changed and it created a lateness in tax returns. The IRS still isn't processing some returns.

I just have to have happy stores every so often to survive!