Saturday, February 16, 2013

I'm Clean.

Saturday. Cleaning house today. In between lunch and dinner at Mom's. I go my haircut and took a shower so I am clean. Clara got a bath yesterday so my car is clean. Now my house. Then I will clean when work starts. There is just something about everything in order when you are busy that makes life better.

Update on my toe. It is healing really well. I am very pleased.

It did create some sleepless nights so I was happy to read the following article during the healing process:

I usually drive but as I get older I may give up the driving and turn it over to others. Since all my friends are over fifty I was curious what to do if something happened while they were driving. Now I know.

I like shiny things. I like Mars. I mean after all women are from Venus and men are from Mars:

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

First, great news on the toe and the healing!

Isn't clean great? I think we don't realize, until it somehow gets out of control. I know I'm feeling so much better, since Christmas is organized and packed away and the shed is better organized and Molly Maids came yesterday and caught up on all the cleaning that didn't happen while I was gone, then sick. Yup, makes life look better, especially when you've got a full plate.

Interesting article on sleep deprivation. Some of it I knew and it helped me curb my tongue and walk on eggs while out west, as both Deb and I were operating on limited sleep schedules. You can do that for a short bit, but long term... not a pretty sight.

I'm all for defensive driving, but would hate to think I need to take a course to avoid being killed or taking over for a dead driver. I think the example of "Grandma" dying at the wheel was pretty eye-opening, even if they weren't escaping would-be murderers.

William J. said...


It just gives me peace of mind when everything is in its place and it doesn't look dirty.

There are so many side effects from not sleeping and none of them are good. After a while you just can't help but react to the people around you.

I would kind of hope nobody dies while driving a car I am in. But now at least I know what to do.