Saturday, February 23, 2013


Enjoying a late morning today.  Going to have lunch with Mom today. Then I am meeting a client at two. Then it is back to Mom's to cook dinner for her and her aide.

A tough week. I was leaving the house Thursday morning for work when I got a call from my sister. She couldn't wake mom up and mom was barely breathing. I shot into Mom's like a cannon. 911 was already there and they were taking her to the emergency room at Meridian Park Hospital.  They determined that mom took a sleeping pill instead of a pain pill and it knocked her out.  All her signs were great. They let her go home about noon. I went to work and after work took dinner to Mom. I stayed until the Aide got there.

By the way talk about good doctors. The emergency room doctor told us to call him Dr. Bob. He had a really long last name that was hard to pronounce so he said Dr. Bob was good.  Friday night Mom got a call from Dr. Bob at about nine. "Don't hang up. I am the doctor that treated you in the emergency room. I was really impressed with you and wanted to make sure you were OK."  I am getting his full name and writing to the hospital. We need more doctors like him.

Speaking of good people:

That is it for the day. Hope all is well with all of you.


Lady DR said...

Glad you had a pleasant day today. So sorry to hear about your mom's episode. Been there done, all to recently, and it's scary as heck. Is there some way to separate her meds, so this doesn't happne. I'm so glad to hear she's doing well. And what a great guy Dr. Bob sounds like. Few docs would call to check on an ER patient, as he did.

Wow, how observant of the two fishermen and how fortunate they cared enough to go back and check out the site. I love reading the feel good stories about people who care and make a difference.

William J. said...


We have seperated out the medicine now. A little late to get smart. But I am sure it won't happen again now that we rearranged her medication.

The thing about the two guys in the story is they were not only heroes but very loving and caring men. From playing Disney tunes on their cell phone to the guy flying to Seattle to hug his daughter. Yup we need more of these dudes.