Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

When I was going through my self-discovery period in the great city of Los Angeles, California I always went out to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of the New Year. Many celebrations didn't go exactly as we planned. Once ending up in a Hells Angels bar in a suit. Another time twenty of us took the celebration from her house down to the closest bar, where when I walked in I was gree...ted by a dude in nice evening gown who promptly said "should I kiss you or your date?". Since moving to Portland my New Year's Eve tradition is the boring man's threesome. That's the plan for tonight, Diet Coke, Pizza, and a movie.

I will be at Mom's tonight. My night so sister and her husband can celebrate. I'm looking forward to it in a weird way. Calm New Year's Eve, Calm New Year.

Speaking of traditions:

If I were going to a party I would probably pick one of these:

And things that I am not going to do at the stroke of midnight tonight.


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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Late Update

Late Today. No real reason other than the day got away from me.

Last update of the year. Future first. Next week first. Today lunch and dinner at Mom's. Tomorrow New Year's Eve dinner and the night at Mom's so my sister and her husband can go to a movie and celebrate the end of the year. New Years Day, lunch, dinner and the night at Mom's. Wednesday Morning at Mom's then I am free. Wednesday afternoon is completing a couple of work assignments. Thursday morning more work assignments. Thursday evening is watching the Oregon Ducks take on the Kansas State Wildcats in the Fiesta Bowl. Can hardly wait. Friday more work assignments and a me day. Saturday lunch and dinner for the troops at Mom.

Last week was a blur. Sunday was lunch at Mom's, dinner for the troops, and helping Mom frame her pictures and wrap them. Monday was Christmas Eve and we had a family of five come for dinner. My nephew, his wife, their daughter Katie, her boyfriend Paul, and son Grayson. It was a lot of work. Christmas Day and Night was at Mom's. Wednesday day and night was at Mom's. Mom played bridge in the afternoon and I ran errands. Didn't cook that night. Went with to from Elmer's. Mom said she liked my cook better. Thursday took Mom to Wendy's for lunch and cooked an outstanding dinner for us. Then got home at eight that night. Friday I fixed lunch for Mom and dinner for the troops. Saturday was at Mom's for lunch and dinner for the troops. Dinner Friday was meatloaf, sweet potato fries, green beans, and pumpkin pie. Dinner Saturday was turkey, sweet mashed potatoes, mixed veggies and an ice cream sandwich.

You know the drill. The blog is yours. Update me on your life. Let me know how your holiday went and what you week coming up is like. Past anything you damn well please

Saturday, December 29, 2012

What Would You Do?

Saturday. Sister is returning home today. I missed her. Today is lunch with Mom and dinner for the troops.

There is a show on ABC called "WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" It has a hidden camera and uses actors and actresses to act out situations to see how strangers would react to those situations. Maybe a mom is calling a daughter dumb or fat. Or maybe a waitress is treating someone with racial comments. I am always amazed at the strangers that stand up to the person doing the wrong thing. It really has become one of my favorite shows.

In honor of that show today we are doing a rip off of it and doing "What Would You DO".

What would you do if you bought some decorations, maybe Halloween or Christmas decorations, and when you got home, opened the box, there was a note asking for help. Would you do anything? If so, what?

I think I would call a reporter I know at the local newspaper.

What would you do if you were a security guard at a building and you discovered something out of order. You know if you bring it to someone's attention it could bring down the president and change the course of history? It also could put your life at risk. Would you do the right thing?

I would do the right thing. To protect myself I would shout it out to every reporter and every newspaper and every TV station hoping that if anything happened to me people would know why.

OK, you paid for valet parking at the local restaurant or the local shopping mall. You go back to your car and look on the receipt. Written on it is something insulting. "This guy is an ugly doofus." "This woman has a chest the size of the grand canyon." What would you do? Ignore and drive off? Confront the offenders?

I'd probably ignore it and drive home.

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Healthy Friday

Friday. Slept in my own bed last night. Today I am pretty much concentrating on my today list. There will be a couple of breaks to fix mom lunch and Mom and her aide dinner.

Yesterday we talked about be given a chance to succeed. Sometimes that chance is wrapped in less than stellar life events:

Continuing the health theme today:

Hobbies are healthy, no? One of my top personal stories this year is Mom starting to paint again. Think there are very many 97 year old artists out there? Neither do I. That is why I appreciate people with life's challenges doing artistic things. And I appreciate the people that appreciate what they do and the struggles they overcome to do it:

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wrapping Paper, Strange Love, & A Chance.

Sister and husband are on the road back. They should be here Saturday. I'm still at Mom's through Tuesday. Sister needs a rest after six of eight days on the road. That is my request not sister's. But I want her rested and raring to go for tax season.

I am going to let them do some things like take down Mom's Christmas tree. But unlike past years we aren't throwing out used wrapping paper:

Don't think it is nice when people tell you they love you? But would you want a stranger to do it?

Did you ever think if you were just given a chance you would succeed our find your niche? A chance to do something. Just anything. Love the following story:

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Continuing The Christmas Spirt

Day after Christmas. The new year is on the horizon. But I don't want to give up Christmas yet so I am continuing the Christmas Spirit:

I think it is possible to stay in the Christmas Spirit all year round, do you?

Some people probably think I am all wet because I want to continue the Christmas Spirit. With lights and all.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Miracles.

This is after dinner. It is proof that everyone survived my cooking.

Grayson (Grover's grandson who returned from missing this year), Greg and Angela Dahn (Grover's son and daughter-in-law), Paul, Katie's boyfriend, Katie Dahn (Grover's granddaughter), and my Mom. I took the picture.

Kids and Santa makes a fun Christmas:

Christmas is for miracles.

Miracle Number One.

Miracle Number Two:

Back to Mom's for the next few days. I hope your Christmas day is filled with miracles!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Stories.

Christmas Eve. Always loved it. My two favorite Christmas Eves. One was selfish. One was the true meaning of Christmas.

The first story is about the ultimate Christmas Gift for a seven year-old. We always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve. That is when Santa came. The first story takes place in Pocatello, Idaho. We always had big celebrations. My aunt and uncle and their family always joined us. Neighbors also. We usually had fifteen to twenty for dinner. After dinner kids were sent to their rooms to wait for Santa. There would be bells and ho ho hos. We came out of our rooms and there under the Christmas Tree would be a lot of gifts. Us young kids would hand out the loot. As each present under the tree disappeared there was nary a gift for me. As I was wondering what bad deed that I had done that year to be ignored by the jolly old fellow the doorbell rang. Dad said "Bill, that is for you." I opened up the front door and looked through the softly falling snow to see a little Shetland pony tied to the tree in the front yard. Dolly and I would become the best of friends. We would share many fun moments. I was big stuff when I road the pony to school for show and tell. I also felt pretty darn independent when I thought I was adopted and would run away from home to my grandparents. Dad would come get me, Dolly would jump into the back of his truck, and we would return home.

The next story is the true meaning of Christmas. It takes place in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Again my aunt and uncle and their family joined us as did neighbors. There was an air force base in Klamath Falls. Again we had fifteen to twenty for dinner. What is a couple of more? We lived on the corner of Alameda and Highway 97. Our house was the last house on the way out of town going North. Again it was snowing that night. We were getting ready to sit down for dinner when Mom looked out the front window. Standing on the Highway hitchhiking were two Air Force men. Mom just couldn't stand it. She went out and invited the two Air Force men in for dinner. They accepted. After dinner each one of us kids gave them one of our presents (Mom guided us on which ones to give them) and then dad took them to the bus depot. He paid for their fares home. We heard from the two young men for several years after that. That was the true meaning of Christmas.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas Eve Day and a stunning Christmas Day. Today will be a day of love, cooking, eating, presents, presence, family, and watching my Mom in her element. Admiring her family. I always go to church on Christmas Eve and every year I take this though home with me:

Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me
Let there be peace on earth
A peace that was meant to be.
With God as our Father,
Brothers & Sisters all are we.
Let us live with each other
In peace and harmony.
Let peace begin with me,
Let this be the moment now.
With every breath that I take,
Let this be my solemn vow...
To take each moment
And live each moment
In peace and harmony.
Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me.

Sy Miller
Jill Jackson


Sister and yours truly at Christmas.

My favorite Christmas gift:

The dinner table.

From left to right Aunt Velma, Grandma Goldy,  Cousin Debbie (may she rest in peace), my sister's hair, my sister's boyfriend (Paul Thomas), me being lovely held by my Uncle Frank, Mom,  brother Grover, Grandpa Goldy, cousin Dixie, and Cousin Denny. Dad took the picture.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday Update

“Families are designed to nurture the minds, wills, and emotions of its members so that the barriers created by fear of the unknown can be replaced by the confidence that comes from knowing you are loved whether you succeed or fail.”  -  Leigh A. Bortins

Things change so much at Mom's house. It is no longer just going to be Mom and I for Christmas Eve. My nephews called last night. His family is coming up from Eugene for dinner Christmas Even and to spend the night at Mom's. I've completed the Quickfire Challenge. Do a menu and shop for a Christmas Eve dinner for seven or eight. That task is completed. To honor one of the mothers we lost last year the main feature will be a Honey Baked Ham. Wheat rolls. String bean casserole. Scalloped potatoes. The troops from Eugene are bringing a salad and desert. The elimination challenge now is for me to cook the darn dinner, serve it, and make sure none of them get food poisoning. I think I can meet that challenge.

Because I will get exhausted if I do next week first my update will start with last week.

Sunday the football breakfast. Then the afternoon at Mom's so she could paint. Monday a day off to clean house, run errands, pay bills, wrap and put my final touches on shopping. Tuesday afternoon was at Mom's so she could paint, then fixed dinner for her and I, and then spent the night. Wednesday was the movie, "GUILT TRIP" (not the best) then dinner and the night at Mom's. Mom played bridge that afternoon. Thursday all day at Mom's. We framed pictures and wrapped packages. Paintings are sure hard to wrap. We wrapped ten of them. Five new ones by Mom, five from her stash. Thursday night we went out to dinner with my sister and her husband. It was a nice time. Friday sister and her husband took off for Texas. I fixed lunch for Mom and dinner for her and her aide. I had my lunch appointment with Tom. Interesting meeting. He is out of there January 7. He sold have of his business to the remaining partner, Mary. He sold the other half to the firm he will be going to work with on that date. Come to find out that it was Mary's original idea to separate. Tom also mentioned there is a tax season position at the firm he is going to work at if I was interested. I just couldn't do that so close to tax season, it would really let Mary down.

Now the next week. Today three times at Mom's. Already was there this morning. Then back to fix her lunch. Then back at bed time. The aide is a minister at a church on Sunday nights and leaves for about an hour so I or my sister fill that gap. Monday is Christmas Eve and I will be Mom's all day. Since I just have a feeling that this may be her last Christmas I am spending the day there and make it as special as I can. I will be cooking dinner with her. Then the troops from Eugene will arrive and dinner will be about four. I will leave about 6:30 to go to church at 7. Tuesday is my night at Mom's. I am also going to be there most of the Day. Making it special. Wednesday day and night is at Mom's. Thursday day is at Mom's then home by 8. Friday three times there. Morning, noon, and dinner time. Saturday is a repeat of Friday. I'm already tired are you?

OK, you know the drill. The blog is yours. Post what you damn well please. I would like to know how DR's mom is doing and I'd like to know if The Shankster is following orders.

Comment Away.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Surviving, Sleeping, Weird Traits, & Gifts

I survived the Apocalypse. How about you? Now it is just Mom & I the rest of the holiday season. Sister & her husband left yesterday for parts unknown. Christmas Eve and Day will be celebrated with church, love, good food, special presents, and a small gathering of the dynamic duo. This is Mom's latest painting. We are wrapping it today & giving it to Mom's aide. Mom has painted five paintings and wrapped ten paintings with five coming from her stash. Not bad for a ninety-six year and eleven month old stunning woman. For Christmas I got a painting from her stash and instead of a new painting from her I asked to do something special for me. Paint a portrait. She has never painted a human or a portrait before. She isn't sure she can do it but she is going to try. I love that she is willing to try something different. If she succeeds it will be done in January. I will give it to a friend to honor his mother (the portrait is of the mother). May you have a great day. May you feel as free as the bird in this painting is.

Now on to today's post. Are you a sound sleeper?

I love my family. The family tree has some stable branches but it also has few a nuts. I was surprised once when my brother call me offbeat. The actor that reminds him the most of me personality wise is Phillip Seymour Hoffman. At least he picked someone talented. Besides even I am offbeat I probably inherited it from someone in my family:

I've also been called charming by almost all of my Mom's friends. That is my niche I guess women over eighty. I like charming so I am ending today's post with a charming post:

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Did The World End?

The end of the world is near? Winter Solstice? This is what I posted on Facebook this morning:

"So far so good I don't think the world has ended yet. Maybe it will before noon. But for now I'm still here. The good is still happening. Mom is still painting. I have great friends. My relatives still provide me with support and entertainment. And the annoying is still happening. The Sherwood, Oregon newspaper delivery service is still the worst. People are still staying "at this point in time" when they mean "now." They are still saying "the fact of the matter" when they mean "my opinion." And they still are giving me no choice when they say "if you will." And today is winter solstice. People say it is the shortest day of the day (which it will be if the world ends before midnight) but if not it will be twenty-four hours long just like most days. Shouldn't they be saying that the winter solstice is the darkest day of the year? That is what it will be if the world doesn't end, happiness, sadness, joys, successes, failures, love, heartbreak, needing support, giving support, dreaming, looking for your niche, health, recovery, prayers needed, prayers answered, fun, boredom, annoyances, laughter and so much more. Wouldn't have it any other way."

I'm glad the day didn't end yet so the man in the following article could get a piece of history from 1941

And I'm sure everyday there is a genius born. What about you, are you a genius?

Since the world didn't end, let's look at our future:

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Justice, Crossing Guard, & Feeling Good

Last night at Mom's until Tuesday. Will be a lot of days, afternoons, and early evenings there but no nights until Tuesday. I'm really having a good time with Mom.

Today we are doing good stories. First one is justice for a McDonald's employee:
Nobody can say I am being catty with the following story because it is so darn charming. A creature of habit:

Let's end the day by feeling good with feeling good stories.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blood Tests, Gingerbread Houses, & Horney Dogs

I was at Mom's last night, well actually from about two o'clock on yesterday afternoon. Dinner fruit, chicken tenders, and veggies. Ice cream sandwich for desert. Mom is playing bridge today so the day is mine until about four. Dinner tonight, sweet potato tater tots, turkey meatloaf, and veggies. Ice cram bar for desert. I think the troops are all going out for dinner Thursday night but nobody tells me anything. Sis and her husband are leaving for Texas Friday morning to spend Christmas with my niece.

Let's start today's entry with some good news on the health front:

Going to have gingerbread cookies this week? How about gingerbread houses:

Ending the day with an animal story.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Mistakes, Needles, and Whales.

I like days when I can knock several items off my to do list and this is going to be one of those days. Looking forward to it.

DR is done with her Christmas shopping. I'm not sure about Dona. I'm done with my Christmas Shopping. But I am guessing there are still out there with unfinished Christmas Shopping. Heck I will be there are those out there that haven't started Christmas shopping so here are some helpful tips:

Does anyone else hate shots as much as I do? I don't like having my blood tested either. I see a hypodermic needle within a thousand miles the sure bet is me running the opposite direction. However, the following article gives me up.

In closing let me just wish you a whale of a day:

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Rough Week Update

Rough week on many levels. Nationally. Locally. Personally. I'm praying next week improves.

Let's look at last week. Mom's leg still hasn't healed. It is improving but hasn't healed. They did say at the doctor's that it would take a long time but just exactly what is a long time? I think if it isn't improved by tomorrow I am going to encourage her to go to the doctor. Last week. Sunday afternoon was at Mom's. While she painted I cooked breakfast for dinner for her and the caregiver. Monday was an errand and work day. Tuesday and Wednesday were very boring seminars. Wednesday night was at Mom's. Since the seminar didn't get out until after four (which didn't leave any time to cook dinner) I stopped on the way home and picked up some KFC and you know what? It tasted damn good. Thursday was shopping for Mom, lunch at Shari's with Mom, afternoon at Mom's house so she could paint, and cooking a damn good dinner Thursday night. I got home at about nine. Friday was errand day. I also bought Mom a brush cleaning kit and dropped it off at her house. Saturday I went to mom and fixed a nice little lunch and they stayed there the afternoon so Mom could continue painting. She is moving right along. While she painted I cooked an outstanding meal of turkey, potato tots, corn, and an ice cream bar. I came home and watched the University of Oregon's women's volleyball team lose the national championship to the University of Texas. They were trounced, three sets to none in a best of five contest.

Looking at this coming week. Today I am going to breakfast with the football boys. Then will spend the afternoon at Mom's so she can paint. Mom's studio is in the garage and she just feels better if someone is there while she is in the garage. I'll cook dinner and the Seattle Seahawks game while she paints. Tomorrow is getting the car washed, pick up dry cleaning, get a haircut, and sign up for the IRS E-filing program. Tuesday through Saturday are a lot of Mom duties. Sister and husband are heading to Texas for Christmas. So Mom is mine. Also on Friday I have lunch with the male boss from my seasonal job. The one that is selling his business. I am in contact with the female boss and she is extremely worried if she is going to be able to do all the work (she bought half of his business.) After getting Mary's input it will be interesting to get Tom's input and see what matches up and doesn't match up. No Christmas shopping is required this week since it is done. No trips to the North Pole are required, Santa has the packages in his hands and knows what to deliver. But I still might want to go North to see the Northern Lights.

It is update day. You know the drill. The blog is yours to post anything you damn well please. Tell me about your life. Good gossip. Good rumors. What you were up to last week. What is on the agenda next week.

Comment Away.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Celebrate Life With Lily,

The Elephant in the room is the shooting in Connecticut. A day of death, destruction, heartbreak, and gifts under numerous Christmas trees for children never coming home. I cried. I'll admit that. I cried a lot yesterday. It is an unspeakable tragedy of enormous proportions. The tragedy is so horrific I just can't write about it. I don't have it in me. I'm not up to it. All I can do is offer my prayers for all those killed in the senseless act of violence in Connecticut.

Today to keep me sane I just have to do a normal blog post. I have to celebrate life instead of death. I just have to.

Lily made her public debut yesterday. But let's look at Lily before the debut when she was one day old:

Now her public debut:

We now know where elephants come from but do we know missile toe comes from? I mean is there a better way to celebrate life than kissing? Do people still kiss under the missile toe anymore? Part of me says, "I hope so" but part of me says "I hope not" because I remember being the shyest kid in school and having the kissing used to embarass me. Ok, I admit, it was one of the few times I enjoyed being embarassed.

Nature. Life. Beautiful pictures of nature. Celebrating life with this stunning shot over the city of Cincinnati.

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Friday, December 14, 2012


First, lets pass on the words DR wrote in a message yesterday. Please pray for her mom, her, and her family, I know I am.
"Spent most of yesterday afternoon and this AM checkin home health care agencies, since Deb was give a list yesterday and told they wanted a decision today. Decision not needed today. Mom's kidney's are in shock, they're trying fluid intakes of various kinds, but if those do more harm than good ('cause the kidneys don't flush properly), they'll move her to new hospital and daily dialysis and see how that goes. It's just been a busy day, with emails, trying to do "daily" stuff, then the info on the kidneys and trying to decide what we do next (which we can't decide until we have more information.

All prayers, white lite and positive vibes are appreciated. I'm afraid I'm a bit obsessed with this situation at the moment."

On to today's post. Have you even been told to put a cork in it?

Going to drink a soda today? Then are you going to throw away the tab?
Do you hate it when the TV gets louder during the commercials?

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Good News & Fun Stories.

Seminars are over. At Mom's all day. Back tonight at eight. Then a me day. Good news. So today are good news and fun stories.

The good news:

The fun stories:

The touching Story.

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Mom decided to give her paintings as Christmas gifts this year. For us kids we got to pick one from her stash and then she is going to paint a new one for us. This is the one I picked from her stash:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


12-12-12. To celebrate I am in the last day of an accounting seminar. Then when the seminar it is in to Mom's to provide dinner and spend the night. I decided to get a couple of to go orders at the hotel that I am staying in and take it to Mom's. Just not enough time to cook.

First up is an article appropriate for today:

I always have projects on my to do list. Looking back at 2012 let's look at a few more:;_ylt=AtabwaZZnWZr6rLBUbrUdTKs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTRhbHM4cWhsBG1pdANTZWN0aW9uTGlzdCBGUCBUZWNobm9sb2d5BHBrZwMxYzJhZjk2MS0zZTYxLTMyOWYtODI3OS1mODQ4Y2JhY2E3NGYEcG9zAzUEc2VjA01lZGlhU2VjdGlvbkxpc3QEdmVyA2RmMjM5NTQwLTQyZDMtMTFlMi1iZmUzLTM4ZmFlOTMyMDMwZg--;_ylg=X3oDMTFpNzk0NjhtBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdANob21lBHB0A3NlY3Rpb25z;_ylv=3

And let's close the day with a good honest story.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Troubling Tuesday

First day at an accounting seminar. Two days of boredom. It troubles me to have to go to these trying things to keep my license. Troubling it is. To honor my first of two days of boredom we are doing Troubling Tuesday.

A local story that just makes you shake your head:

What would you do with the boys? Because of their ages and Oregon law the police couldn't arrest them and had to return them to their parents. I'm not usually one to blame parents but this sure smacks of a bad family environment. I also wonder where else they god have gotten the gun but home. Here is what I would do:

1. Parenting classes at the minimum for the parents. A fine or community service would be in order for them.

2. A night in jail with gang members to scare the hell out of the kids. (kids would be monitored)

3. Make them attend three or four funerals of those that were killed with guns. So they can see the impact
    on the families.

4. Make them visit wounded soldiers in the hospital.

What would you do?

Once in a while secrets are good but this is a troubling secret:

Closing with an article that just makes me happy that I am self-employed.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Pictures & Gossip

"A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge." Thomas Carlyle

I like pictures. I like Christmas stories. Let's start the day off with both:

I'm glad I am not from another planet. I kind of like this one:

Did you hear about the Jones? Do you know what your co-worker makes? I not only like pictures. I like gossip. Good gossip. When at work I want all the goods:

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

12-9-12 Update

We are asking for prayers for DanaRae and her family. Her Mom is in the hospital in Arizona and not doing well. I'm sending all my prayers, positive vibes, good thoughts, and love to both Arizona and South Carolina.

Going to go to breakfast with the guys this morning. Haven't went for a while with Mom and the holidays so it we be good to reconnect. Yesterday is cleaning, shopping, working, and a couple of hours at Mom's so she can paint. Tuesday and Wednesday are reading days. Well, really they are two days worth of accounting seminars to keep my license. Wednesday night and Thursday morning is at Mom's. Friday a combination rest and wreck day. Wreck havoc with my to do list and Christmas list. Saturday lunch and dinner for Mom and the troops and a little more rest and wreck.

Last week. Sunday was at Mom's during the day. Taking her to lunch and then cooking dinner for the troops. Monday I worked on my to do list, did some shopping for mom. Tuesday was pretty much a rest day. Wednesday a work day. Thursday day and night Friday day and night, and Saturday were at Mom's. We had a really nice time. Thursday mom and I went to Michael's Crafts. I made a good lunch and dinner. Friday I went frame shopping for Mom will she painted. I got some stunning deals for Mom. Late in the day Mom confessed to me that she didn't have some colors of paint that she needed to do a better job painting. I solved that by going to Joanna's Fabrics and Creative store (nicer, cleaner, and better than Michael's) Saturday morning and got a nice set of eighteen different colors of paints. It really pleased and gave her more motivation to paint. I made a nice lunch and cooked a nice dinner for us on Friday. Saturday we went out to lunch and had a light dinner (soup and fruit) because our big meal was lunch at Shari's.

Mom's aide was there at five so I headed home. All in all really a great three days at Mom's. A little eating, a little shopping, a little love, and a lot of painting.

You know the drill. The blog is yours. Post anything you want. Ask for Prayers. Vent. Share joys and tragedies. Update me on your life or just comment away.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Another World

Be home from Mom's about five tonight. We had a good two days and nights. She painted her buns off. I went frame shopping and got her a bunch of stunning frames. I am really glad she is painting again. Mom normally doesn't do potraits she is a flowers, beachscape, farmscape, and landscape kind of girl but I asked her to paint a potrait for me. She is going to give it a shot. I admire her willingness to try at 96.

Sometimes when I am at Mom's house I feel like I am living in another world. Makes me wonder if ours is the only world:

I think people are living in another world if they think I am going to pay fifty bucks for crappy coffee. I wouldn't pay a penny for it. Nor would I drink it.
  And I also think people are in another world if they think men and women think the same and see things the same way.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gifts, Stings, & Drivers

I started my Christmas Shopping and got one gift. I have a two day accounting seminar next week so I think I will finish my shopping during those two days. As you know by now nothing is more boring than an accounting seminar. To keep my license I have to go to five days a year of boredom. I've already bought two books to get me through the two day seminar next week. The latest books from Janet Evonovich and David Baldacci. This seminar is near a mall. Fred Meyers, Target, Sears, Safeway are all near this seminar. So I figure if I get tired of reading I can sneak out to shop and get back in time to sign the very important attendance sheet.

Found an article that is sure to help me. What not to buy.

I don't agree with them about gift cards, I do, however, agree about grave plots.

Interest information the police obtained from a sting:

Makes you proud to be a shopper.

What do you think of older drivers? Dangerous, right? Think again
Off to Mom's until Saturday night at four.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Shopping & Singing

Going to start my Christmas shopping today. Hey, I am a guy, this is early for our gender.

On the way to the mall and Nordstrom's I am going to listen to some good Christmas music. Sometimes the songs touch my heart and make me cry. Get the tissues out:

Maybe instead of driving to the mall I will hire a driver. Think I should consider the following driver?

Because I am gender-challenged I need ideas. Ideas for gifts. I am kind of wondering if any of the ideas for gifts in the following article will work for me.

Comment Away.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

Miscellaneous Mondays.

The Spammers are out of control again so comment moderation is back on. The only difference you will notice is that your comment won't appear right away. I just wish spammers would get a life and leave my blog alone. It is a waste of bother their time and mine since none of the spam ends up appearing on the blog. I'm just getting tired of the emails about them.

Ok, on to today's post. A little prayer and good vibes for my mom would be appreciated. She goes to the doctor this morning at nine-thirty. She somehow hurt her leg and it is really bruised. Let's pray and send good vibes her way that it isn't serious.

Interest article. Ever wonder how you would have turned out if you were raised as the opposite sex of what you are:

One of the most popular entries on this blog is when we talked about the elderly going blind. Good news on that front:

How about closing the blog today with a story about loyalty?

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

This Week's Update

Happy Sunday. A light week ahead, a good week behind. Next week first.

Mom's aide is going to miss work again. She will not be their Thursday and Friday night. She is doing Monday night instead. Sis is doing Tuesday and Wednesday night. I'm doing Thursday and Friday nights and the dinners for Saturday. Today I am doing lunch and dinner. So my week is today a couple of meals for the troops. Monday a work day. Knock off the items on the to do list. Tuesday is also a work day but I am going to take a couple of hours and take Mom shopping. She prefers that I take her because I let her alone and let her buy what she wants. It is her money after all. Others tend to tell her what to buy. So does a break from work and some mom shopping. Wednesday is my Christmas shopping. Thursday and Friday are Mom days.

Last week. Sunday the meals and taking mom shopping for frames. Monday and Tuesday me days. Wednesday and Thursday at Mom's. Really a pretty nice time. Friday was the movie SILVER LINING PLAYBOOK. It was an OK movie. Kind of boring and confusing for most of the first part of the movie but a very charming Ending. Saturday was a Mom day. I took her out to lunch. She hadn't been out for a while and it was good for her. Then while she painted I fixed the dinner for the night for her and her aide. Then I went shopping for a new coffee pot. Mine went tubes up yesterday. Can't live with out a coffee pot. The most important feature for me is the two hour automatic shut off feature. Then I don't have to trust my memory to shut of the coffee pot. I found a nice one for $29.99 at Walgren's. However, when they checked me out the price was automatically reduced to $19.99 because I had unused rewards.

Interesting conversation I had with my Mom over lunch. Because of things she shared with me, I asked her the ultimate question, "Mom, do you want to die?" She answered no but she was really scared of dying. When I asked her why it was because she was afraid she wouldn't go to heaven. I told her if she didn't go to heaven then I didn't really want to go there. She had said she had lied sometimes. Most of the time it was not to hurt someone's feelings. She also indicated that the way her aide talks about religion sometimes makes her feel she is going to hell. I told Mom that it says in the bible that none of us are perfect and that we all tell lies. That she was a good woman that never cheated on her husband, never coveted her neighbors spouse, always gave herself to the church, was always kind. That Susan's idea of religion is her idea and probably isn't the lords. Susan is one of those evangelist that believes unless you believe the way she does you go to hell. That I didn't now of a person that judges people more than Susan and a I never knew of a person that never judged anyone like my Mom. I pointed out some of the errors that I felt were made in Susan's beliefs that I didn't think were Christian. And I pointed to examples of things Mom had done during her life that were definitely Christian. I ended my telling Mom three things. That Susan didn't decide who goes to heaven, God did. That I knew there was a place in heaven right next to dad waiting for her. And that I didn't fear death, that I feared living more. The conversation did make me realize that I have to do a better job in communicating to Mom what a good Christian woman she is.

How was your week? You know the drill. The blog is now yours. Post anything your darn well please. Give me an update on your life, past and present. Our just comment on anything I've written

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday Type Stories

A lot of tragedy this year. Personal ones and Worldwide ones. 2012 hasn't been that great of a year. I am anxiously looking forward to 2013 and putting 2012 to bed. The type of year 2012 has been is going to make it hard to celebrate the holidays this year. Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, who really cares, as long as we can spend it with friends and family. Let's start the season today with good stories.

The officer didn't know anyone was taking his picture as bend over and put the shoes on the old homeless man. The video of course went viral. The officer has been on the force two years and live with his parents. No doubt proud parents. Here is an updated story:

The Christmas spirit alive and well in New York City.

Reunions can be charming and fun. And so much more important at this time of the year:

Even spies deserve a holiday. And they should know the rules:

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Friday, November 30, 2012


Today we celebrate Moms. Why? It isn't Mothers' Day, is it? Nope. But I have unfinished business with my Mom and today is as good a day as any to finish that business.

I offer my condolences to the Dolan family who lost their Mom, Edna Dolan, to lung cancer on Monday of this week. She had eight children. Lian the youngest posted a eulogy that I thought was just beautiful.

I never met Mrs. Dolan but from the way Lian writes about her she was one hell of a woman. I also know from the Satellite Sister and The Chaos Chronicles various postings that Mrs. Dolan's children appreciated her every day that she was alive.

After reading Lian's touching tribute it made me face the reality of my own Mom's mortality. Mom is 96, will be 97 in January. She isn't going to live forever. I really doubt she will make it another twelve months. When she goes it is going to create a tremendous void in my life. I'm not sure how I will be able to handle it. Looking at Mom's mortality made me wonder if I really have appreciated my Mom everyday that I've been life. I have been caring for an elderly parent in some fashion for over ten years. That really is an inordinate amount of time for anyone to care for anyone. There were a lot times when I resented being in that position. There were a lot times during those ten years when I acted poorly, when I wasn't on my best behavior while watching Mom. I have asked for forgiveness on more than one occasion. In my behalf I did my best. I also on many days created a fun atmosphere. Made a strong effort to get her out of the house two to three days a week (the only one in the family that takes her out). I did tell her that I loved her on numerous occasions. But did I ever tell her what I appreciated about her? Or how much I appreciated her? Or what a good mom she was?mNo. No. No.

I don't want my mom to move on to her next life with those questions still being answered with a no. Now is as good a time as any to correct that.

Mom I appreciate you. I appreciate the many times when I was growing up that you went without so I could be with. Mom I always felt lucky to have you as a mom. Sure you weren't perfect. Parenting doesn't come with an instruction book. It really is more trial and error. While I am sure I created many trials for you, you didn't make that many errors. In a contest of mothering skills my money is on you. When I needed help you were always there. Heck you were even there when I was beyond help. While there may have been times when your rules kept me from doing things that I wanted to do there was never a moment I didn't feel love. And those rules probably saved my ass more than once.

Now life has made it difficult for you. As you have always been, you are my everyday hero. How much pain you must be in with a degenerative hip. With a body overtaken by arthritis. I watch you struggle to take just one step. I watch you struggle to transfer to your mobile chair. I see you try to work with hands that you have trouble holding anything with. Yet I still see you smile. I watch you laugh so easily.

Mom did I tell you how proud of you I was when you told me what your Christmas mission is this year? You told me since you couldn't go shopping on your own that you were going to take up painting again. Then you would give paintings as Christmas gifts. I thought it was a wonderful, heartfelt idea. I just didn't think anyone 96 with your set of disabilities could do it.

Wednesday. The day you put me in my place. With nary a word. Just with talent. I was unloading my car to spend the night. I went through the garage, your studio. I looked at the painting on the easel. I sat down and cried. The painting was incredible. I honestly appreciate your talent. OK, when do I get my painting?

Today is the day when you tell my about your Mom. Have anything you would like to tell your mom and haven't yet? It matters not whether she is still with us because I believe wherever your Mom is she will read your words. OK, fire away about your Mom. Don't hold back.

Comment Away.

Closing with a poem and with pictures of Mom's recent paintings.

For all the Moms everywhere. The ones past, the ones present. Thank you.

"I don't think I ever told you,
how much I appreciate the things you do.

You have been there when I cried,
and always known when I've lied.
You taught me how to read and sing,
and punished me when I did the wrong thing.

You were there to tell me goodnight,
and always knew how to make things all right.

I look up to you, Mom,
and I love you very much.
I don't know what it would be like
without your loving touch.

You will always come first in my heart,
no matter how far we are apart.

Mom, I have not told you,
I don't know where I've been.
You're not only just my mother,
you're forever my best friend."

by Candice Winn

In order the paintings are as follows. The first one is the first one Mom painted since she started painting again. It goes to my sister. The second one is the second one Mom painted and goes to the caregiver. The third one is only about 70% done. It is of a place on the Oregon coast and goes to my Nephew in Texas. The next one she is going to paint is of a kitty surrounded by flowers and goes to me.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gifts & Health.

Heading out to Mom's to fix her lunch and get her house set up for her bridge club. Then running errands and back to Mom's for fixing dinner and spending the night. Tomorrow at Mom's all day and most likely will take her frame shopping. She has decided her Christmas gifts this year will be her paintings. Some she has painted a few years back, some she is painting now. Since starting painting again she has painted two pictures. Marvelous they are. I am taking her frame shopping Thursday. The painting is actually hepling her arthritic hands. Here some other tips to help arthritis:

Speaking of gifts. Here is my kind of CEO:

Back to health:

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lottery, Finds, & Secret Codes

A work day ahead. My plan is to knock at least ten items off my today list. Today and tomorrow I will be participating in my other occupation, future lottery winner. Tomorrow's jackpot is $425 million but should be over $500 million by the time the numbers are picked tomorrow night:

A winning lottery ticket would be quite a find. That just makes me want to share an article about an amazing find:
If I win the Powerball I wonder if I will start hearing and seeing secret messages. Then I will wonder if I will be able to solve the secret messages.

Can you figure out the secret message?

Comment Away.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Beautiful Women, Beautiful Things, Beautiful Girls.

I like beautiful women. The only problem I run into is I think all women are beautiful. Everyone of them have at least one outstanding feature, rather it be their legs, their eyes, their heart, their smile, their personality, their talent, their brains, and so on. What makes the women in the following article beautiful is what they did. Before and after what they dead they are beautiful:

Speaking of beautiful things, isn't gold beautiful? How do you tell what it is worth?

And lets close today's article with a beautiful girl:

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pit Bull & Feet Update

Got a fun day planned. Lunch with Mom. Fixing breakfast for dinner for Mom and Susan. Then taking off to a movie, either LINCOLN or SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK. On the scheme of things this is going to be a pretty easy week for me. Tomorrow breakfast with Dave and then the to do list. Tuesday I will go to the movie I didn't see today. They have five dollar Tuesday at Regal Cinemas so everyone gets in for five bucks. Wednesday and Thursday or at Mom's. Friday and Saturday or me days.

Last week was a pretty busy week. Sunday was a Mom day. Monday was a rest day. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were Mom days. Friday was a errand day. Saturday was my nephew and great nephew coming up for the game. Boy did they eat. Downed one and a half large pizzas, a huge bowl of fruit, and six small bag of chips. Not to mention the cheese cake. I was really happy with Grayson, my great nephew. He really has the right attitude to turn his life around. Remember he was basically kicked out of the navy with a medical discharge. The he disappeared for almost two years. He returned to our lives just before Thanksgiving. He really seem to have it together and was working towards fixing the past and looking towards the future. He is a very nice young man and treated Mom with the utmost of respect. I am praying that he succeeds with the difficult task that he has in front of him.

Just a couple of stories to share today. One from Dona's area:

And advice from DanaRae's area:

The blog is now yours. Comment Away. Update me on your lives. Vent. Post whatever your damn well please. This is your day on the blog.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Questions, Questions.

Going to be a good day. Greg and Grayson are coming to visit Mom this morning. Then they are staying to watch the Oregon vs. Oregon State football game. I am putting out pizza, a fruit tray, and chips for the game. Football food. I will be wearing my Duck Pajamas under my pants. The only week I didn't wear the lucky pajamas Oregon lost. While I am there I will cook and set out the dinners for Mom and the caregiver. On to today's entry.

If it was possible to know when you were going to die, would you want to know? I don't think I would.

If there were such a thing a a driverless car, where do you think it would end up?

Do you look anything like you did in high school? Sometimes I will run into people I went to high school with and they know me right away. I am stunned.

OK, off to watch a great grandson and a grandmother reunite after over a years separation. Should be fun!

Comment Away.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday? No. Good Friday? Yes.

I'm sure in the heck not shopping on Black Friday. I'd rather watch one hundred hours of Gilligan Island reruns.

Are your stuffed? I am. We had a nice dinner and good conversation and I got home early last night. Since we had a good day yesterday I am going to change the mood today from Black Friday to Good Friday.

Thanksgiving day started out with me reading the following article:

The true meaning of sports can be found in the above article.

Then I read the following article off of the Internet:

I'm thankful that they are people like that in the world.

The early this morning I watched a video.

I got younger just watching the video.

Comment Away.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I'm Thankful For.

Thanksgiving prayer:

O God, when I have food,
help me to remember the hungry;
When I have work,
help me to remember the jobless;
When I have a home,
help me to remember those who have no home at all;
When I am without pain,
help me to remember those who suffer,
And remembering,
help me to destroy my complacency;
bestir my compassion,
and be concerned enough to help;
By word and deed,
those who cry out for what we take for granted.


Thanksgiving. A day to give thanks. What am I thankful for? Really just about everything. Not in any particular order, and certainly not all inclusive.

The Mom I have.

That I have had Mom as long as I have.

My sister, Jackie, who uprooted herself and moved here from Utah to help with Mom responsibilities.

My sister's husband Bob, who has been the most supportive husband in the world and treats my mom and treated my dad with the utmost of respect.

That I had the dad I had and that I had him for as long as I did. I miss him dearly.

My brother who does what he is capable of.

The good dude in Oklahoma that made it possible from my great nephew, Grayson, to reunite with his dad, mom, and family in time for Thanksgiving.

All the posters here. You are like family to me.

All the readers here. Every visit to my blog is appreciated.

My Facebook friends. God love them. The put up with my daily posting of pictures, quotes, and musings. If they went out of my life I would miss them dearly.

That I've only lost part of my mind.

For the ability to laugh.

For becoming a good enough cook that Mom no longer uses Pepto Bismal as a salad dressing.

For The Satellite Sisters. Their humor. That as they go through a difficult time with a dad with Alzheimer's and a mother with Stage 4 Cancer that they have the courage and conviction to share their lives with us. It helps all of us caring for elderly parents.

The Chaos Chronicles. See Satellite Sisters. Lian's own blog and podcast. Her humor in tough times is amazing. Often her words are so touching they bring you to tears.

That I got to know Pat before the lord took her at much to young of an age. She was special.

My cousin Dixie who is like a sister to me.

My Uncle Frank who joined my dad in heaven this year. He was a second dad.

My cousins Belva and Don. Fun folks. Enjoy every dinner with them.

My football breakfast buddies, Ted, Bill E, Leland, Doug, Greg.

That I was able to reconnect with childhood friend, Dave this year.

My extended family in Texas.

My cousin Lavelle as she is fighting three active cancers, doing it with strength, humor, love, and courage.

And so much more. I know I missed so many people and so many things that I am thankful for. I'm thankful that I know they will forgive me.

Finally for today, I'm thankful that I am not a vegetarian.

What are you thankful for?


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Getting Ready

Tomorrow is my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. The four "F's" Family, Friends, Food, and Football. Today I am going to try to help you get ready for the big day.

First who are going to invite.

Are you going to have sweet potatoes or yams? They are the same thing you say. You would be wrong.

During out Thanksgiving dinner we often talk about the real meaning of Thanksgiving. Then we tell what we are thankful for. Here are some tips from kids about the real meaning of Thanksgiving.

Comment Away.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Going Ape.

After the last few years I think I not only deserve a nervous breakdown but I think it is finally time for me to have a mid-life crisis. I may even go ape over a mid-life crisis:

Maybe someone will eventually want to study my brain and see why I decided to have a mid-life crisis.

I certainly can't have a mid-life crisis without a new car. Checking out several brands and their customer service scores:

Comment Away.

Monday, November 19, 2012

2 In One, Update & Trip Report

Back from Eugene, raring to go and in the update mood. First the update of the past and a report of the future then I will discuss the trip.

On the agenda this week. I spent last night at Mom and did the meals for the day. Today I am off. Tomorrow lunch and dinner and a night at Mom's. Wednesday lunch, dinner, and a night at Mom's. She has her bridge club on Wednesday so after setting in up I will be off between lunch and dinner. Thursday morning and lunch for Mom. Then it is watching football and enjoying the holiday with family and friends. Sis is doing the Thanksgiving dinner. She ordered a dinner from Safeway. It is one of those dinners that is pretty much done but takes two hours to re-heat and put together. Jackie, husband Robert, friends Larry and Gloria, Rod & Marion, and yours truly at the dinner table. Should be a fun time. Friday it is Mom to lunch. Saturday my nephew and his son are coming to Mom's to watch the Oregon State-Oregon game. I'll a pizza or KFC chicken or hamburgers for the game. I do dinner that night too.

My last week. Sunday breakfast with the boys. Dinner for the troops at Mom's. Monday a to do list attacking day. Watched Dancing With The Stars. Tuesday another get the list marked off day. Caught up on Covert Affairs and NCIS LA. Wednesday lunch, dinner, and overnight at Mom's. Thursday all day at Mom's. Home at eight that night. Friday errand day and cooking day. Cooked a casserole for Sunday night for what I thought would be the caregiver and Mom. Saturday was the trip to Eugene.

The trip report. Left Saturday morning and took a leisurely drive to My nephews home. It is usually a two and a half hour trip to his house. I took three and a half hours. Stopped and had lunch on the way. I got to his house a little after one. It was supposed to rain that night. I thought I had layered pretty well but the thoughtful person my nephew is, he had a rain coat that he wanted me to wear as an additional layer. I did and it worked out pretty well. The plan was to leave for the Fairgrounds at 3:30 and take a shuttle to the stadium. At three O'clock I got a call from the caregiver. She was sick and couldn't be at Mom's that night. I think she thought I would save her neck and come back to Portland instead of going to the game. She was wrong. I told I wasn't coming back, my nephew had a ticket, and I wasn't driving back after the game so he had to find her own replacement. I was kind of ticked and the mean side of me wanted her to worry a bit because she keeps doing this crap and it needs to stop. Without her knowing it, I called my sister. Bless my sister's heart she spent Saturday night at Mom's. Just think if she hadn't moved up here I'd been stuck. Since the caregiver was supposedly still sick I did last night at Mom's. At 3:30 we took off for the fairgrounds. Since they got the tickets I wanted to pay for the shuttle. Six bucks apiece. However, it was free for my nephew as he works for the University. And was free for me because I am over fifty-five. Six bucks for all three. Certainly cheaper than parking. We got to the game and I bought everyone dinner from the concession stands. Then we went to our seats. Boy was that a journey. Sixty-eight steep rows up. I made it without much problems except my legs got pretty tired. I went back down at half-time to the use the facilities. Then back up before the half started. Made it again. Again my legs got tired. It was a great game except Oregon lost to Stanford, 17-14 in over time. Grayson, Greg's son was arriving at the bus depot at nine and we had assumed the game would be over by then. Angela, Greg's wife went to pick him up, Greg and I stayed until the end of the game. Then we walked over to where the shuttles were. Well, we were pushed over to where the shuttles were. It was a cattle call, thousand of people trying to get over a bridge and another thousand trying to through them to get to the shuttles. That was the most sex I had in ages. We made it to the Shuttle. The last shuttle. Got back to the Fairground where Angela and Grayson were waiting for us.

Grayson looked fantastic. He has the right attitude to right himself. I was very pleased. He ended up home with his family because of a good dude in Oklahoma. He found Grayson homeless, gave him a job. Grayson would help him remodel his home in return for food and lodging. Then he got some personal information, called Greg, and paid for Grayson's bus ticket home. Of course Greg reimbursed him. Good people in the world. Yes there are.

I came home early Sunday morning. A fairly uneventful trip with one very frightening moment. I was on Interstate 5 in the Northbound lanes. About a half of an hour outside of Eugene. Fortunately I was in the right hand lane. A car going the wrong way on Interstate 5 passed me. He was in the fast Northbound lane going South at easily over seventy-five miles an hour. It took me a minute to realize what happened when he passed me. When I got my bearings I called 911. He had already been reported by other drivers. I didn't hear of any accidents on the freeway Sunday morning so they must have gotten him off the freeway before he hurt anyone or himself.

When I got home I wondered how big of a problem wrong way driving is. I was shocked. Thirty-two crashes involving wrong way drivers in the last year on Milwaukie, Wisconsin's freeways. Five in the last three months on Seattle's 520. Ten in the last three months of Los Angeles freeways, the last three days ago. Over two hundred in a five year period on Illinois freeways.

In closing just going to share a couple of articles with you. The problem. The solution.

How was your week? What is going on with you this week? Comment Away.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Like A Dirty Shirt On Laundry Day, I'm Off.

Most likely there won't be a post tomorrow on the blog. The updates will be postponed until Monday. In a couple of hours I am heading down to Eugene, Oregon to attend the Oregon-Stanford game with my nephew and his wife. The game is at five, which means by the time we get home from it, it will be nine or later. I am just not going to risk driving home when I am no doubt going to be tired. I am going to spend the night with my Nephew and come back Sunday morning. I switched Saturday and Sundays with my sister for the Mom duties so Sunday when I get back it is straight to Mom's. Any responses to today's post probably won't be responded to until Sunday afternoon at the earliest.


On to today's post. First up is a discovery:

Next up is one of those good stories that has a bad turn.

I am betting that once the word gets out other good people are going to give her the nine hundred smackers back. She may end up with more than she lost. I do hope they catch the asses that stole from her.

Shortly I will be an aging driver on the road, so the following article seems appropriate.