Saturday, November 24, 2012

Questions, Questions.

Going to be a good day. Greg and Grayson are coming to visit Mom this morning. Then they are staying to watch the Oregon vs. Oregon State football game. I am putting out pizza, a fruit tray, and chips for the game. Football food. I will be wearing my Duck Pajamas under my pants. The only week I didn't wear the lucky pajamas Oregon lost. While I am there I will cook and set out the dinners for Mom and the caregiver. On to today's entry.

If it was possible to know when you were going to die, would you want to know? I don't think I would.

If there were such a thing a a driverless car, where do you think it would end up?

Do you look anything like you did in high school? Sometimes I will run into people I went to high school with and they know me right away. I am stunned.

OK, off to watch a great grandson and a grandmother reunite after over a years separation. Should be fun!

Comment Away.


dona said...

Gosh Bill, the football food sounds great! I was wondering does mom and caregiver watch too? You and your Duck PJ's, why not just wear them without covering up? :)

I am with you on this one, I don't think I would really want to know when I was going...although I can see why most get things in order etc..

Driverless car, wow I can't believe I watched the complete video! Kinda funny tho...but a bit confusing on how/why, but still funny when stuff like this is taped.

I don't think I look the same either, but sometimes I can bump into someone and they will tell me that as well. I also see the Shankster can identify almost everyone he went to school with, not me, I don't think I could recognize a soul!

Have a great time, eat a piece of pizza for me.

Lady DR said...

Sounds like a great day. So glad Greg an Grayson are coming for the football game and goodies. Does your mom enjoy football and ruote for the ducks?

Knowing the hour of my death doesn't give me a lot of info. The approximate date might be helpful in planning, but not sure I'd want to know that either.

I don't think I look much like I did in high school, but others do. OTOH, I most often find that visits "back home" result in comments more like "You must be Gerry and Oren's daughter!" or something similar, particularly from the folks of their generation or similar comments (you have to be Lake's sister) from folks of my own generation or younger. Guess it's not so much how I looked when I was younger as how many characteristics of older relatives I possess.

William J. said...

Hi Dona

The caregiver isn't there in the days and if she was she most likely would not watch the football game. Thank goodness. Mom tries but she gets tired and bored. For her it is just being with relatives. She left during the game and went to take a nap that last over two hours, so she missed a decent part of the game.
The three guys, however, were diehards.

I prefer not to show my assets in public, that is why I covered them up. Boy did those dudes eat!

Getting things in order would be the major reason I would want to know but it isn't worth taking the surprise out of life.

I thought the video was pretty funny also!

Gosh The Shankster is amazing. I'm more like you. I can't remember the names of the people I went to school with, let alone recognize them.

You had the pepperoni pizzz.


William J. said...


Mom is more of a basketball fan and roots for the Trailblzers. She tries to show interest in football and the Ducks.

I just wouldn't want to take the surprise out of life.

Interest comments about being recognized. I often get you look like your dad. I also get, you are Grover's brother? He was a lot more popular in high school than I was.

And I think we both are better looking now!