Friday, November 9, 2012

Retiring With Hairy Socks.

Looking forward to a relaxing day after an up and down few days at Mom's. One night I was up with her all night, the other nights were pretty good so got sleep those nights, two of the days were good, and yesterday was a nightmare. I'm ready to retire from care giving. Speaking of the State of Retirement:

California always is high on my list.

Even in retirement I am going to have to do laundry. I get so annoyed when I get all my socks to match up. At least now I know what to do with them:

No matter how old you are you can have a bad hair day. As someone with naturally curly hair I am a real candidate to have a bad hair day.

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Lady DR said...

Sorry to hear yesterday was a nightmare at Mom's. I think you're long past being ready to retire from caregiving.

As to states for retirement, I think I'll stay right where I am. I was surprised at the number of states in the list with a high crime rate, especially after the comment that crime was a major consideration.

Good ideas on the socks. I'd heard about the "instant heating pad" but hadn't thought about using them for dusting.

Bad hair days - I usually have them on mornings when I have about five minutes to spend on my hair (wry s), so many of these don't work. Hats are a good thing to own.

dona said...

Hey Bill, sorry you and mom aren't doing the best, here's wishing you both get some much needed sleep & rest & I agree with DR, you are past the retirement age for care giving!

Nice to see the places people are flocking to, and why. Shankster and I always wanted to go to Alaska, but I think our time passed, besides that wasn't even on the list... I can go to Florida any time and visit my sister, and in the past 40 years have done just that, I can honestly say its a nice place to visit but I never want to live there. Virginia sounded good just because of the lower crime rate, but I wondered how the cost of living is there, I always assumed it was higher. Arizona? I just never thought of it being a place I wanted to go, same with Idaho, but the lower crime rate seemed good and the cold don't scare me none, I rather like cold best. Go to Utah, and live like Queen for a change? sounds pretty good to me. Hawaii, I never thought of going there either just because of the cost of living...and besides the Shankster lived there a while and his stories are good enough for me.

I have to say on the socks, I don't ever seem to get mismatched socks but a lot of socks with holes! I have done the rice trick and don't really like it, as the guy said to make sure the sock is clean so it won't smell? I think they smell anyhow, I mean you are constantly putting it in the microwave and "cooking" the rice in that sock, trust me it smells, my mom and my sister swore by them, I just couldn't get past the smell. Have done most of the other tricks, but never the Potpourri, so that is a new one to remember, I like that idea.

Bad hair day? I have them all the time, have tried most of these but the baking soda, never heard of it, guess it's worth a try. The baby powder took me back to when I was in school, I remember they actually had something in the way of Powder, called Dry Shampoo or something like it, and I used that constantly. I don't think they make it anymore, guess it was made of baby powder, so why bother? :)

William J. said...


Mom and I are back on track but boy I don't want anymore of those days.

I like Oregon but would consider California. If I am moving I am moving away from the cold. Ideal for me would be here six months and a warmer climate six months.

I've actually used socks for dusting before. And for heating so I am ahead of my time.

A hat certainly is an easier solution than anything in the article!


William J. said...

Hi Dona

Mom and I are back on track, I just need to do a better job of ignoring what she says.

Alaska is beautiful country but I wouldn't want to be there because of the weather. Florida just seems so far away for me, as does Virginia. Arizona is just to damn hot in the summer, averaging over 100. I grew up in Idaho and loved it, but at my age no thank you due to the winters. Utah is an option with relatives there but I would need three of four wives before I moved there so I would fit in. I didn't know The Shankster lived in Hawaii! Learn something everyday.

My socks are also religous. Holy. I am with you on the rice trick. First of all we aren't supposed to eat it anymore, second if I am cooking it, neither in a sock or a microwave.

I remember Dry Shampoo. And they don't make it anymore.