Monday, November 19, 2012

2 In One, Update & Trip Report

Back from Eugene, raring to go and in the update mood. First the update of the past and a report of the future then I will discuss the trip.

On the agenda this week. I spent last night at Mom and did the meals for the day. Today I am off. Tomorrow lunch and dinner and a night at Mom's. Wednesday lunch, dinner, and a night at Mom's. She has her bridge club on Wednesday so after setting in up I will be off between lunch and dinner. Thursday morning and lunch for Mom. Then it is watching football and enjoying the holiday with family and friends. Sis is doing the Thanksgiving dinner. She ordered a dinner from Safeway. It is one of those dinners that is pretty much done but takes two hours to re-heat and put together. Jackie, husband Robert, friends Larry and Gloria, Rod & Marion, and yours truly at the dinner table. Should be a fun time. Friday it is Mom to lunch. Saturday my nephew and his son are coming to Mom's to watch the Oregon State-Oregon game. I'll a pizza or KFC chicken or hamburgers for the game. I do dinner that night too.

My last week. Sunday breakfast with the boys. Dinner for the troops at Mom's. Monday a to do list attacking day. Watched Dancing With The Stars. Tuesday another get the list marked off day. Caught up on Covert Affairs and NCIS LA. Wednesday lunch, dinner, and overnight at Mom's. Thursday all day at Mom's. Home at eight that night. Friday errand day and cooking day. Cooked a casserole for Sunday night for what I thought would be the caregiver and Mom. Saturday was the trip to Eugene.

The trip report. Left Saturday morning and took a leisurely drive to My nephews home. It is usually a two and a half hour trip to his house. I took three and a half hours. Stopped and had lunch on the way. I got to his house a little after one. It was supposed to rain that night. I thought I had layered pretty well but the thoughtful person my nephew is, he had a rain coat that he wanted me to wear as an additional layer. I did and it worked out pretty well. The plan was to leave for the Fairgrounds at 3:30 and take a shuttle to the stadium. At three O'clock I got a call from the caregiver. She was sick and couldn't be at Mom's that night. I think she thought I would save her neck and come back to Portland instead of going to the game. She was wrong. I told I wasn't coming back, my nephew had a ticket, and I wasn't driving back after the game so he had to find her own replacement. I was kind of ticked and the mean side of me wanted her to worry a bit because she keeps doing this crap and it needs to stop. Without her knowing it, I called my sister. Bless my sister's heart she spent Saturday night at Mom's. Just think if she hadn't moved up here I'd been stuck. Since the caregiver was supposedly still sick I did last night at Mom's. At 3:30 we took off for the fairgrounds. Since they got the tickets I wanted to pay for the shuttle. Six bucks apiece. However, it was free for my nephew as he works for the University. And was free for me because I am over fifty-five. Six bucks for all three. Certainly cheaper than parking. We got to the game and I bought everyone dinner from the concession stands. Then we went to our seats. Boy was that a journey. Sixty-eight steep rows up. I made it without much problems except my legs got pretty tired. I went back down at half-time to the use the facilities. Then back up before the half started. Made it again. Again my legs got tired. It was a great game except Oregon lost to Stanford, 17-14 in over time. Grayson, Greg's son was arriving at the bus depot at nine and we had assumed the game would be over by then. Angela, Greg's wife went to pick him up, Greg and I stayed until the end of the game. Then we walked over to where the shuttles were. Well, we were pushed over to where the shuttles were. It was a cattle call, thousand of people trying to get over a bridge and another thousand trying to through them to get to the shuttles. That was the most sex I had in ages. We made it to the Shuttle. The last shuttle. Got back to the Fairground where Angela and Grayson were waiting for us.

Grayson looked fantastic. He has the right attitude to right himself. I was very pleased. He ended up home with his family because of a good dude in Oklahoma. He found Grayson homeless, gave him a job. Grayson would help him remodel his home in return for food and lodging. Then he got some personal information, called Greg, and paid for Grayson's bus ticket home. Of course Greg reimbursed him. Good people in the world. Yes there are.

I came home early Sunday morning. A fairly uneventful trip with one very frightening moment. I was on Interstate 5 in the Northbound lanes. About a half of an hour outside of Eugene. Fortunately I was in the right hand lane. A car going the wrong way on Interstate 5 passed me. He was in the fast Northbound lane going South at easily over seventy-five miles an hour. It took me a minute to realize what happened when he passed me. When I got my bearings I called 911. He had already been reported by other drivers. I didn't hear of any accidents on the freeway Sunday morning so they must have gotten him off the freeway before he hurt anyone or himself.

When I got home I wondered how big of a problem wrong way driving is. I was shocked. Thirty-two crashes involving wrong way drivers in the last year on Milwaukie, Wisconsin's freeways. Five in the last three months on Seattle's 520. Ten in the last three months of Los Angeles freeways, the last three days ago. Over two hundred in a five year period on Illinois freeways.

In closing just going to share a couple of articles with you. The problem. The solution.

How was your week? What is going on with you this week? Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Okay, I didn't save my comment, because everything looked normal, but the blog ate it. I'm not up to repeating it, as it was lengthy. Maybe, after supper, I'll do a quick recap.

Otherwise, know I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your week, your weekend, your nephew's return and your safe escape on the return home.

We're fine, it was a productive week, more or less. The mammo is done and the first half of the annual physical is tomorrow, including the fasting blood test tests.

dona said...

First off, DR, I hope the Mammo went well and that tomorrow goes off without a hitch, its always rough at least for me, to get these things over with. So fill us in and I hope you do fine. Prayers your way.

So Bill, I am glad you are home safe, and you had a good time. I am sorry to hear your caregiver is up to old tricks. I am glad you didn't give in and that Sis was close and good enough to fill in so you could have a bit of a social life. It was very nice to hear of all you got to do and see, and of course what all you are planning this week, you have me tired just reading it all.

Oh and the Shankster(after me reading your post to him) has just one question.... Did you enjoy it? :)

William J. said...


First and foremost good luck on the results of the Mammo and good wishes for a healthy physical.

I'm sorry Google stole your response because I alway appreciate your insights and comments. I always compose my responses offline and then cut and pace because I got to darn frustrated when I lost messages.


William J. said...


Tell The Shankster not to worry, I had a great time. I'd do it again, I just would do the exit of the game differently and would get better seats.