Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pit Bull & Feet Update

Got a fun day planned. Lunch with Mom. Fixing breakfast for dinner for Mom and Susan. Then taking off to a movie, either LINCOLN or SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK. On the scheme of things this is going to be a pretty easy week for me. Tomorrow breakfast with Dave and then the to do list. Tuesday I will go to the movie I didn't see today. They have five dollar Tuesday at Regal Cinemas so everyone gets in for five bucks. Wednesday and Thursday or at Mom's. Friday and Saturday or me days.

Last week was a pretty busy week. Sunday was a Mom day. Monday was a rest day. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were Mom days. Friday was a errand day. Saturday was my nephew and great nephew coming up for the game. Boy did they eat. Downed one and a half large pizzas, a huge bowl of fruit, and six small bag of chips. Not to mention the cheese cake. I was really happy with Grayson, my great nephew. He really has the right attitude to turn his life around. Remember he was basically kicked out of the navy with a medical discharge. The he disappeared for almost two years. He returned to our lives just before Thanksgiving. He really seem to have it together and was working towards fixing the past and looking towards the future. He is a very nice young man and treated Mom with the utmost of respect. I am praying that he succeeds with the difficult task that he has in front of him.

Just a couple of stories to share today. One from Dona's area:

And advice from DanaRae's area:

The blog is now yours. Comment Away. Update me on your lives. Vent. Post whatever your damn well please. This is your day on the blog.


Lady DR said...

Great stories, Bill. While I'm not a fan of pit bulls, I realize part of their bad rep is due to human owners, not necessarily the breed. I love the shoe drive. I've heard of these before and it makes a lot of sense. Good for the doctors' office.

After the week you put in last week, I am so glad to see "Bill Days" coming up next week! I hadn't realized Grayson had a medical discharge. I hope it wasn't anything serious. I'm keeping him in my prayers.

The past week... last Sunday was charity day. I brought in the bins of winter clothes. I then went through all the summer and winter clothes, making a pile for the mission. I then went through my closet and drawers and tried on every pair of slacks and jeans I own. Since most of them were way to big, major addition to mission pile. I'm down to three pair of dress slacks and six pair of jeans. Who could need more? I felt much lighter, removing clothes that don't fit or I just don't wear. Tuesday was the first half of my annual physical. Leaving the doctor's building, there's a round about. I was watching a car coming out of the parking lot, pretty sure he was going to ignore the roundabout and pull out in front of me. Distracted, I went up over and against the big curb and blew a tire. Fortunately, we have emergency road service on our insurance and they had somebody out there pretty quick, but I missed the pool. Wednesday, Molly Maids were here, so there was some getting ready for them. Thursday was the lovely holiday buffet at the Hilton. I made this a long holiday weekend. Friday I packed up all the autumn decorations and took them to the shed and brought in all the Christmas linens. And spent a lot of time ironing tablecloths! But all the linens were in place by late afternoon. Saturday I devoted to working on my website. Major learning curve. It's close to being finished. Can't have it totally finished, until I get the book proofed and cover redone and submit for publication. At that point, I'll be able to get a .jpg of the cover to put on the site and a link for pre-orders. Today was playing Christmas. Got the small tree up and decorated in the dining room/hall area, an even smaller one in the bedroom, all the Santas set up and a started on the living room and bath. The creche is set up, so if nothing else is done, it's Christmas, far as I'm concerned, although I'm hoping to get the tree up next weekend and the mantle done. Other than that, it was four times at the pool and working on an editorial project I hope to finish early next week.

Next week is finish the editorial, do the pool, celebrates our anniversary. My hope is to have a few days I can devote to tweaking the website, then moving to the blog, as I have to make sure book readers and visitors can actually download the forms I plan to offer (once I figure out how to upload them), which are referenced in the book. Once I know that, I can proof the ARC of the book, redesign the cover and move forward. If the forms can't be up/down loaded from the blog, the book has to be revised, removing all references to doing so. The whole thing is becoming a domino game, just pick the right domino (wry s).

dona said...

Nice Stories Bill. Its crazy to me just what people will do for money. I am not much a fan of Pit bulls, but I think this one, just being a dog did his job well. I liked that.

Shoe drive sounded neat. I honestly have never heard of a shoe drive, mostly coats or toys, but a shoe drive makes a lot of sense.

Even with you days, your weeks always sound busy to me! I hope your movie days show good movies...I haven't heard of Silver Linings Playbook, so will patiently await a review.

Lately I've have been trying to get the Shankster "fixed" again. LOL His Blood sugar got out of whack and we have been working for weeks trying to figure out why his BP is up so high. (I think its stress) The man is on way too much medication for it to be this high, and these every week checks just aren't going anywhere.

So in between doing that and helping dad with his hearing aids repairs, I try to sew. Have 3 grandbabies and try to make them a cute blanket for their beds for the Holidays. So this week may be trying to finish those. I am sure I could get them done in a day or less, but with Step Son here, living in our TV/Dining room, I am resorted to trying to cut/pin/iron/sew on my bed,again! LOL
Shankster has Lab tests this week also, so say a few prayers that the last med did the trick and he is fine. I also have to call paper for dad to subscribe again, he gets a knot in his tail and every so often has me stop the delivery as he decides he doesn't want to pay for them, then after a week or two realizes he made a mistake as he goes every day and just buys one...(I have done this 4 different times in the past 9 years!)
Other than that I guess I may try to get some shopping done, I have none done and need to get crackin I guess.

William J. said...


Pit bulls scare me and I just don't feel safe when they are around. I think they deserve their bad rap. This one, however, seemed to do the right thing.

With the caregiver being sick last week the only day I wasn't at Mom's was Monday. This week I get three days when not there.

I'm bound by secrecy not to mention the medical reason for the discharge but it isn't life threatening and it isn't physical. Please do keep him in your prayers.

I like having a charity day. That is great. Congratulations on them being to big that means you are staying in good shape.

Please let us know how the physical comes out and how did the mammo go? Better a blown tire than a wrecked car. Emergency road service is well worth the cost as is AAA. Hope the Molly Maids were as good as last week's crew. The buffet sounds great. If anyone deserved a long holiday weekend it was you. I'm allergic to ironinhg.
Yea that your we site is almost done!

I'm not ready for Christmas or to even start it.

Four times at the pool is great.

I can hardly wait for your book to be published.


William J. said...

Hi Dona

I've done crazy things for money. Heck I've done crazy things for free.

That makes three of us that aren't fans of Pit Bulls.

I liked the idea of a shoe drive. We used to sell hot dogs to raise money to buy poor kids shoes. It is just something they need and often can't afford.

LINCOLN was a great movie. Well acted. SILVER LINING PLABOOKS is either tomorrow or Friday.

I really like The Shankster, Brother Shankster is what I call him because he would be a good brother. That being said fixing him must be a full time job! It is hard to keep the diabetes in check over the holidays. BP being high can be related to the sugar being high. Also the holidays bring a level of stress with it. Tell him to take a lot of deep breaths and an aspirin.

I'm sorry your dad is having hearing aid problems. WOW do you ever have your plate full with the men in your life. I certainly hope you are also taking care of yourself.

I love that you sew, it is a lost art. I didn't know you had your stepson living with you (that could add to the BP readings), how generous of you two to take care of your relatives.

You are in my daily prayers. Let us know how the lab went.

I have to laugh at your dad's paper saga because I do the exact same thing. Sometimes the daily is delivered to late to do any good, so I get pissed and cancel it. Then I get tired of having to get dressed to go buy it and subscribe again.

Wow reading what you are doing and have done I'm exhaused. You talk about me being busy! Not as busy as you!