Friday, November 2, 2012

Hellos & Good-Byes

Things were better at Mom's yesterday. I got her to exercise a bit. She felt enough to go out for lunch. I tried the Epson Salts thing. The rubber ball squeezing her hand thing. And I tried a myraid of other things. I don't know what worked but something did. She got a nice night of sleep last night and so did I.

I always like love stories. Happy ones. They make me happy. Saying hello after so many years apart!

While I don't really like good-byes (never did) I love loyalty and appreciation:

The one good bye I would like is a good-bye to cancer. Is that possible?

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

I'm so glad to hear things were better for Mom and hope that continues to be the case. Bless you for coming up with ideas to help.

Will come back and read the stories later. Seem to be having a time and motion issue (wry s)

dona said...

Hi Bill, so Glad to hear mom is better, & got to go out for lunch. Its funny as we do like you and try all kinds of different things and then wonder which one worked or was it all of them combined!

I couldn't after trying twice, get any of the links, I don't know if its my computer or what, but my computer is acting goofy the last few days.

I also like love stories and don't much like goodbyes. And I would love to say Goodbye to cancer, too many I have watched suffer with it, and would be happy to never have to see that again.

William J. said...


Mom has had two good nights of sleep so whatever I did worked I just wish I knew what I did!

I am also having a time and motions problem today!


William J. said...

Hi Dona

Yup that is the problem, we don't like to see our loved ones suffer so we go out of our way to try to find solutions and then when something works we don't know what we did!

I think I fixed the articles.

The love story was about a couple that was separated in the Nazi death camps and then came together several years later to marry.

The cancer article basically said cancer research has failed us and that we could get rid of cancer if we focused on a few things.

The middle article was a surprise go away from a loved soccer coach that joined the military.