Friday, November 16, 2012

Ding Dong

The Twinkie is dead:

The spread of diabetes has not only lead to the death of several people it killed a company. We always had Hostess cupcakes in the lunches Mom made for us to take to school. Sometimes the lunches included Twinkie. The truth is I never liked Twinkies but they were valuable on the lunch trade market. You could trade them for a banana AND chocolate pudding or cake.

Despite me not being able to call someone a Ding Dong in the near future yesterday was a day filled with good personal stories. I've never shared with you this story before. Greg is my nephew that I am going to the game with tomorrow. His son, my great nephew, has been missing for over a year.

They found him, sent him a bus ticket and he will be home Saturday night. I hope it is a new beginning for young Grayson. Then later in the day Mom's lawsuit had a judgment issued. She and our friend Bernice are free and clear. A good day.

Speaking of diabetes, how do you really know if sugar substitutes are good to use?

Speaking of packing lunches. Or making lunches. Here are some good tips. They are meant for kids going to school but I think they can be helpful for anyone in charge of managing a diet for someone else. Like caregivers.!/back-to-school/3313-10-items-not-to-pack-in-your-childs-lunch/

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Lady DR said...

Yes, Himself informed me of the demise of Hostess before I even had a cup of coffee. I was never a big Twinkie fan, but the cupcakes and ... I can't remember their name, but the long skinny chocolate "cakes" with creme filling were among my favorites. I find it somewhat surprising no one stepped forward with an interest in buying the company. One more icon of my youth gone. Sigh. Yes, diabetes and obesity may have helped the demise, but there are still plenty of junk foods out there. In this area, "Little Debbie" provides almost identical items.

What great news you have to share about your family! I shall hold Greg, his son and family in my thoughts and am so glad the young man will be home tomorrow night. Also great news on getting the judgement on the lawsuit and knowing all is resolved to your mom's benefit.

I'm not sure about sugar substitutes. Himself did a lot of research a couple years ago and made the decision to cut back on regular sugar intake, rather than using sugar substitutes, which had really mixed reviews at that time. (Never mind he still drinks diet colas, sigh.)

The lunch box issues aren't real surprising, if one follows any of the nutrition articles. I wish there was some way to control the mis-information in advertising, since producers don't seem to have any interest in being honest and too many consumers don't have/take time to read ingredients. Many juices, not just the juice boxes, have more additives than juice. When Mom was here, I took a close look at the various breakfast and granola bars and was appalled at the calories, sugar and fats in most of them. Junk food is junk food, no matter how it's described as a "healthy" snack.

I've reached the point of checking ingredients and nutritional values on darned near anything, a habit I developed when trying to shop for Mom and find stuff she'd eat that wasn't totally detrimental. There are times when I buy something that's a bit over the top, but plan to use it on a day when lunch or side dishes or whatever are way low, so the numbers come out okay for the daily nutritional recommendations.

At the same time, I understand how difficult and time consuming that is for a parent with children, who's working a full time job, maintaining a home and all that goes with managing a family, especially if he/she has the children along for the shopping trip. I don't know what the answer is, but we haven't found it yet. Articles like this are good, if parents/individuals have time to read them and check ingredients, but I think that's often not the case. It would be nice to have a list of "good" and "bad," but I'm not sure whom I'd trust to put together such a list, quite frankly.

William J. said...


I can't remember the last time I had a Hostess product so I am no doubt one of the one of the reasons they went broke!

Keep Greg's family in your prayers and especially Grayson. Grayson really needs to turn his life around.

This article seems to dispute a lot of the previous research about the harm of subsitutes. I am not ruling them out, just going slow with them.

I could not agree with you more on the advertisers. They shouldn't be allow to sell products as healthy when there aren't even close to being healthy.

I am an ingredient reader and have been for a very long time. Mostly because of Mom but also I kind of liking knowing what I am eating.
They do tell it is OK once in a while to buy things over the top to stop the craving. I always give Mom a Frostie when we go to Wendy's. She loves it.

You are right, the sad thing is the people that would benefit from these articles often aren't the ones that have time to read them.