Monday, November 26, 2012

Beautiful Women, Beautiful Things, Beautiful Girls.

I like beautiful women. The only problem I run into is I think all women are beautiful. Everyone of them have at least one outstanding feature, rather it be their legs, their eyes, their heart, their smile, their personality, their talent, their brains, and so on. What makes the women in the following article beautiful is what they did. Before and after what they dead they are beautiful:

Speaking of beautiful things, isn't gold beautiful? How do you tell what it is worth?

And lets close today's article with a beautiful girl:

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Lady DR said...

You're right - the cheerleaders are as beautiful bald as before. I think a big part of that is their smiles, the fact they seem happy to contribute to charity and to support their coach. Big hearts, rather than big hair.

The gold thing is such a confusing issue. Well, jewelry is confusing. I'm well aware, through some research and working with MA to sell some of unique items, that the markup on jewelry of almost any kind is between 200% and 300%. One article says sell your gold and get your money. Another says hold onto your gold, it may be the only "real" payment in a few years. I a number of pieces of gold jewelry, which I can't wear, due to allergies. I've no idea what it's worth and no idea whom to trust, as far as determining alloys and real value. So I waffle.

Loved the story about Savannah. Good for her! While I know letters from home mean so much to our military in foreign posts and wars, I rather suspect that a letter from a child, expressing thanks and blessings, has special meaning to many of our troops.

William J. said...


One of the girls that shaved their head is a cancer survivor. Great statement, big hearts instead of big hair.

I sold the gold I had because I didn't have that much, I doubt very much if money will ever be replaced as what we use, and I needed the money. I found a reputable jeweler that gave me what the gold was worth. I looked it up on the Internet, what is was selling per once and that is what I got.

Savannah is an amazing young woman and I have no doubt that the soldiers will be saving her letters and others from children.