Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Election Day. With freedom comes responsibility. You have a right as an American Citizen to vote in an open, honest, and free election. You also have a responsibility as an American citizen to vote in that election. I really care more that you vote than who you vote for. The presidential race gets all the press but the choices you have in the City, County, and State elections could impact the way you lead your life for the next few years. One vote can make a difference:



Election day is always a good, bad, and ugly kind of day. Let's start with the good:


Let's move on to the bad.


Next up is the ugly.


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Lady DR said...

I agree with you on the right and responsibility to vote and the fact that state and local elections are equally important, may even have more impact on your day-to-day life than national decisions, in some cases. I was glad to see so many out to vote here, even if it meant standing in line for an hour or so. It shows people are engaged.

I was pleased to see the advances being made in stem cells and the positive results many studies are showing.

I'm not sure the "bad" is bad. I think there's a valid point in the contention that the more technology, the more "advances," the more things there are that can go wrong.

Quite frankly, I didn't get past the first few frames of the nuclear article. I may be the ostrich with my head in the sand, but for the current moment, I really am trying to avoid as much negativism as I can. The economy, Sandy and the like are about all I care to deal with and even those are things over which I have no control. Right now, I'm looking for all the positives I can find and avoiding the negatives, whether in news or conversations. It's a mental health issue, I guess (wry s)

William J. said...


I don't know where my mind is today as I forgot to respond to your post.

For me the more people that vote the better. Here we avoid the lines by vote by mail. The only ones that vote election day are the straglers.

I am pleased whenever three are new health advances.

Off to get some sleep after being up all night with Mom.