Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lottery, Finds, & Secret Codes

A work day ahead. My plan is to knock at least ten items off my today list. Today and tomorrow I will be participating in my other occupation, future lottery winner. Tomorrow's jackpot is $425 million but should be over $500 million by the time the numbers are picked tomorrow night:


A winning lottery ticket would be quite a find. That just makes me want to share an article about an amazing find:

If I win the Powerball I wonder if I will start hearing and seeing secret messages. Then I will wonder if I will be able to solve the secret messages.


Can you figure out the secret message?

Comment Away.


dona said...

Hope you put a dent in your list of to do things today. I always feel like I have gotten something accomplished when I have all my list items marked off! Usually after a while I just get a new piece of paper and start over, putting the same things on it again...but I use a different color of pen thinking it will help me get it done quicker.

Here's to one of us hitting the lotto! When it gets this high the Shankster gets a bit too hopeful.

Really interesting article about the Pigeon. My BIL has pigeons and did the carrier thing for quite a few years, I am sending him this article, see what we can do to decipher it. ;)

Lady DR said...

Good job on the to-do list! I got most of last week's done, but have a new one that's lengthy.

I really should get back into the lottery habit. I bought each week when we lived in FL, but just don't do it up here. You can't win, if you don't buy a ticket.

Enjoyed the story about the picture. Amazing what can sometimes be discovered in garage and flea market finds.

I think I'd seen something about the mysterious carrier pigeon message a couple weeks or so ago. I hope someone can break the code (although I think most of our WWII code breakers are gone). It could reveal a fascinating piece of history.

Prayers, please. Himself got a call from his brother. One of his bulls, who'd become rather a pet over the past several years, attacked Carl this afternoon. Literally knocked him out of his boots. Carl suspects broken ribs and a broken finger and possible damage to his right leg. When they talked, he was waiting for Benny to bring the doctor to the ranch, as Carl barely made it back to the house, as I understand. The ranch is pretty isolated, outside a very small town. We won't know any more until tomorrow morning, probably. My hope is the doc will insist Carl go to the hospital for x-rays and to be sure there are no internal injuries, then insist he go back to Dallas (where he and his wife live) while he mends, but Carl can be very stubborn and independent. Please send good thoughts and positive vibes for Carl and calming vibes for Himself, who has admitted he's very concerned, which is unusual.

William J. said...

Hi Dona

Gosh I hope your BIL can solve the mystery of the ages! Wouldn't that me cool.

I always feel good when I knocked an item off of my to do list. It makes me feel like I accomplished something. I did reach my goal of ten and am going to try to do it today too. I like the idea of a different color pen but my to do list is on the computer.

I hope one of us wins the Powerball.


William J. said...


First and foremost Carl, Himself, and you have my prayers, good vibes, and good thoughts for healing and comfort.

I do a new to do list every Saturday morning.

You definitely should take up the lottery today. 500 mill now 550 by the time it goes off!

I am becoming a fan of garage sales reading all these stories of great finds.

All of our WWII code breakers are gone but maybe they left the secret with their heirs. It would be great to find out the secret code in the pigeon even if is just says "pick up the dry cleaning, Tuesday."