Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sexy Saturday.

I went to FLIGHT yesterday and it was a decent movie. I didn't like it as much as others did. I was very disturbed by the amount of booze and drugs used by the commercial pilots in the film. I was also very disturbed by how the illegal drug distributor was portrayed. Very good acting. Very good story. Very good special effects. Very disturbing. I'd choose ARGO or THE TROUBLE WITH A CURVE over it.

I love Saturdays during college football season. I just wish the Duck game was on earlier so I could put my Duck Pajamas on first thing. They are so comfortable. Today it is taking Mom to lunch. Spending the afternoon at Mom's so she can paint. She took up painting again (YEA!) but her studio is in her garage and I don't want her out there when she is home alone. I'll cook her and her aide's dinner (chicken strips, sweet potato curly fries, peas and corn, and a sugar free ice cream bar) and set it out while I am there. Then head home at four to watch the SMU and Duck games. Recliner and two TVS will be in position before heading to Mom's. Snacks in the fridge with a non-adult beverage. Comfy Quilt mom made within striking distance. Remote on the recliner so I won't spend anytime looking for it. GO MOM. GO SMU. GO DUCKS.

Since I will be with my Mom a lot of the today most of the day I will be the young one. Today' articles will honor the young. What do you do when the adult in charge tells you that you can't have candy?

Speaking of football. Watch this video. I think you will be shocked at who leaves the guys behind.
Let's move on from a unexpected football star to a teen mom:

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Hope you're serving dinner and preparing to head home as I type. Two football games, a recliner, comfy quilt and Ducks jammies - does it get any better than that?

Great story about the teamwork to create healthy "junk" food and candy. I hope they make it work. I hadn't realized the upcoming generation had a shorter life expectancy than their parents and grandparents, but it does make sense when you consider obesity and all the health issues related to it.

Couldn't get to the second page. Will try later.

What a success story on the young woman who went from an unwed mother, kicked out of the projects, to a woman providing employment for 1500 people and still keeping her priorities straight. A happy story to end the day. Thanks.

William J. said...


Had a great day and night. Ducks win 59-17 and should move to No. 1 in the human polls. It has to be the good luck Duck pajamas.

I also did not know that the generation's life expectanancy went down. Kind of shocking until you think about.

The second page was a video of a nine year girl that scored almost thirty touchdowns in a boys league, she is truly amazing.

I love rag to riches stories because it gives me hope. Have to admire the woman's spirit.


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