Sunday, November 4, 2012

A great day yesterday. I was in my element. Recliner, remote control Ducks, Trailblazers and other interesting football games. It made the world go away. Awesome game between USC (DR that is Southern California no your home team South Carolina) and My Ducks. Final score was 62-51. It was a track meet. Then the Trailblazers won in overtime. Between time outs and half-times I watched most of both games.

Today is breakfast with the guys, then to Mom's for some TLC and some dinner setting out. They liked what I cooked last night so well they want to have it again tonight. There are enough leftovers to accommodate them. Tomorrow is a work day. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are at Mom's. Friday a me day. Saturday lunch and dinner for the troops at Mom's.

Last week was one of my easiest weeks. I did accomplish a lot. I fixed my tax program and was able to finish three long standing work projects. Sunday I spent the day at Mom's. Monday was at home. I got up that mornin and said I am not going to stop until I found a solution to my tax program. I did too. Tuesday was finishing the three work products. Wednesday from four o'clock until Thursday at seven at night was at Mom's. We went to Wendy's Thursday for lunch. I fixed dinners at home both Wednesday and Thursday night. Wednesday night was the night I was up all night with Mom. Thank goodness she hasn't had another night like that since. Friday was the movie CLOUD ATLAS. Don't bother. It is way to long at two hours and fifty-two minutes. It is to confusing. It is to boring. Other than that I liked it. I would have been better off going to FLIGHT.

That is my report for the day. Now I am ready for yours. What went on your life recently? What is going on in your life in the future, near and far.


I got an update from Kaye and here it is:

Things are holding steady with Tarzan. We see his oncologist on the 5th. She's wanting to increase his Temador from 300 mg to 400 mgs in November. He takes that only 5 days a month and he's been tolerating it well and she says he's stable, but she wants more than "stable" as the cells from this type of tumor are aggressive and could regenerate.

My 1st two months of retirement have been very busy! We've been to Monroe LA for Tarzan's youngest grandson's 1st birthday; to Corpus Christi for the internment of his mother's ashes then once again to Southbury Connecticut. Tarzan really wanted to see the fall foliage and visit his long time friend up there again. Since I really don't know what condition Tarzan will be in in a year, we went. I did most of the driving since Tarzan still does have some vision issues. The countryside views were amazing! It was a beautiful trip providing Tarzan and Steve some excellent photo opportunities. However, I'm happy to be home.

During all this, I sold my early 1980s bedroom set and selected a new one from Havertys. We painted the bedroom and doing the trim just about did us in. Sixty-year-olds are not meant to crawl around on the floor painting trim! Especially when we discovered after everything was dry, that we used flat paint instead of gloss. So we got to do that a 2nd time. Anyway, the new area rug is in, the furniture is in and I should finish filling up the drawers today. Undies, socks and what-not have been in boxes stashed in the tub in the hall bath :)

So, we have 2 more trips on our agenda: One to Hot Springs still. We thought we could combine that with our trip to Monroe in September, but my cousin and her husband were going to be in New Mexico. Then,.... the trip to Bellevue, Washington! I'm really wanting to do that next year. Will keep you posted :)

Again, I am saddened to hear about the loss of your Uncle and of Pat.

Much love,



Lady DR said...

Kinda bottom to top...

Kaye, I'm so glad things are holding steady with Tarzan and that you've been able to travel and see family and friends and have more trips coming up. Congratulations on the bedroom. You're a better woman than I - all I'm doing is changing out all the linens, rugs and drapes and that's quite enough right now. Prayers continue heading your way.

Bill, glad you had a great Saturday, altho sorry your team didn't win. Sounds like you had a good week. Congrats on resolving the tax program, the successful meals and time with Mom.

Had a week of ups and downs. Finished editorial project, except for final look at cover pages and sending invoice. Spent two days just on the book and I had similar software problems. Actually, by Friday night I was ready to pull the plug and say to the devil with the whole project. CreateSpace wouldn't accept the file because of a line issue on one page, tried to fix in Word and it wiped out the first four pages of the file and screwed up the margins, so CS wouldn't accept anything. I was ready to quit. Fortunately, Saturday I did some fiddling and got it all back to where it was two days before. Now, tomorrow I'll contact (call) CS and tell them I WANT the line to go into the gutter space of the book and see if they can make that happen. Spent some time on the cover and would like to send it to a few folks to get their reaction, but so far can't figure out to do that. Another question for the c/s folks. Needing some sort of productivity with visible results, spent Sat afternoon (between book uploads)scrubbing and scouring the window trims and vinyl panels in my office and washing inside windows. Boy, did I pay for that today! But it's halfway done. This is the kind of thing I'd hoped the cleaning people would do. No such luck. Working my way through various decluttering books I've downloaded. Some disappointing, a couple with good tips. The latter get into the psychology of clutter and help one understand just why you keep holding onto things for no good reason. I've started stacks in the craft room of stuff that will go to the Miracle Hills store and stuff that will go to the Mission. I recognize this will be a long term project.

Since my next editorial project is a client who hit a glitch and rescheduled and said she understood if I couldn't get to her project immediately, I'm taking advantage of her attitude for a mental health break for the next couple days. Clearing out bills, doing some laundry. We flipped the mattress today, to see if that helps or we need to buy a new one. Measured bed, comforter, rugs, windows in bedroom and bath and am taking tomorrow afternoon to go shopping for new linens (well, the comforter we'll keep, but will look for a summer coverlet that will match all the other stuff I hope to find). Will spend more time on the book and getting some answers to bring me closer to publication. Will gather up items to go to Miracle Hills thrift store and to the Mission. Threw out some ideas for redoing the LR/Family room to Himself for consideration. Said I didn't want any comments, just for him to think about them. (He's initially not too excited and raised concerns, but in time, I'm sure he'll resolve the issues he raised)/ God only knows when we'll get to that room, but it needs some major consideration, IMHO. Reading lots of books (most free Kindle downloads) on decluttering and creating spaces that meet both physical and emotional/serenity needs and reinforcing my goals. I actually cooked several meals this week and have a pot roast in the crock pot and am considering menu planning. And am back to written to-do lists. There may be hope for me yet.

dona said...

Bill so glad your day was good. Sorry your team lost. I honestly don't know how you even find the time to cook anything, let alone eat it! Sounds like, as usual, your week was still busy! Sometimes trying to get long overdue projects done takes away most of a day, so glad you got 3 finished.

I have to say I haven't even seen a preview for Cloud Atlas, but have for Flight, and it does seem like it may be something to hold your attention. But as always will wait until its within range of my remote to see it.

So glad to read the update from Kaye and glad to hear they are doing well. Its great you are getting to visit with friends and family.

DR, I hope you didn't over due it with the heavy cleaning, and if you paid these cleaners, why didn't they get that done!

Now at this moment I cannot even remember what I did this past week. Except for having to move several things out of our bedroom, as I had made a call to get a remote control replaced for a satellite receiver only to get talked into an upgrade, for $1 more a month so thought it was finally worth it to be up to code with the rest of the world. So did have to move things/clean things for the tech to be able to get to the TV's without having to climb thru dust bunnies, among other things.

Other than that, I guess I may have been lazy compared to you guys.

William J. said...


MY TEAMS WON!! The Oregon Ducks beat USC 62-15 and the Portland Trailblazers beat the Houston Rockets in overtime by ten points.

My prayers are also headed Kaye's way.

It was a successful week last week, one of my more successful ones!

Congratulations of finishing the editorial project. Sorry about the software problem. To solve mine I had to end up at the library. I am glad you spent two days on the book and don't your dare pull the plug on the cancer book. I am glad you eventually solved the problem but sorry you lost things in the process and had to do it over. Keep us informed on what CS says. I hope they can help you solve the line issue.

Cleaning sometimes helps me sort out things in my mind. When I am cleaning things often come into my mind. So even though it is hard work that might of been a good break from thinking for a while.

Sorry you had to pay for it today.

I just don't throw anything away until I wake up one morning and look around and then nothing is safe.

The only thing better than a mental earth break is know you need one.

Flipping a mattress almost always helps. Enjoy the shopping. And I am always excited when you say your book is getting closer to publication. I've never left my written to do lists.


William J. said...

Hi Dona

No need to be sorry because my teams won and won big.

I always find time to do things I like and I like cooking right now.

I was kind to Cloud Atlas because I could have easily given it an even worse review. If you and The Shankster are sitting around one day and need something to do, do go out to the movies and go to ARGO.

I was also glad to get an update from Kaye.

Moving anything is never fun. However, doing so for getting ready for a new remote control is heaven for us men.

I would never describe you as lazy. Just the opposite.