Sunday, November 11, 2012


Had a great day yesterday. Took Mom out for a nice lunch. Then we got a call from a family friend in town from Idaho. Nikki is the granddaughter of Maxine a friend of my Mom for over sixty years. She is the daughter of Tammie my riding buddy when I grew up in Idaho on a small farm. Her grandmother had a gift for my Mom. She didn't have transportation. She was with a friend at the Art Museum in downtown Portland. I went down there to pickup the gift. Nikki comes from good stock. Bother her Mom and Grandmother were beautiful women so of course so is she. I got home and gave Mom the gift. Both Mom and I love angels. The gift was a book on angels. While Mom was resting I read some of the book. Very informative. I didn't know you weren't supposed to pray to angels. Fascinating book.

Going backwards my last week. Saturday after the above came home and pigged out in front of the TV and watched Oregon beat California 59-17. Friday I went to the movie, FLIGHT. A good movie but not as good as some of the others out there. Thursday was at Mom's. We went to lunch at Shari's. I fixed dinner. Got home at 7:30. Wednesday was at Mom's, I fixed lunch and dinner because it was her bridge club day. She played bridge in the afternoon and I did her shopping. We watch FAMILY FEUD and JEOPARDY together. Tuesday I was there for dinner. She had a really rough night and I was up most of the night with her. Monday was errand and work day. Sunday was football breakfast with the guys and dinner for the troops at Mom's.

On the agenda this week. Today is football breakfast with the guys (see a pattern?). Then dinner for the troops at Mom's. Tomorrow is a work day. Tuesday is going to downtown Portland to get a Multnomah County Library card. I live in Washington County so have a Washington County library card. Also have Portland Community College Library Card. But I don't have a Multnomah County Library card and they are the only library with an online OREGONIAN archive. You need a card to access it and it would be really helpful for my book research. Wednesday and Thursday are at Mom's. Friday is reserved for cooking. A day of cooking because I will be gone Saturday. While will I be gone? Because my nephew, Greg. My brother's oldest son, invited me to the Oregon-Stanford game. It as at Eugene, two and a half hours from here. I'm going. It is going to be a great game. An All day event. Looking forward to it.

OK, the blog is now yours. You know the drill. Catch me up with your doings and share your doings to come.


Mary said...

I worry about you being up all night with your mother, Bill. That can't be good for you. You are a wonderful, caring son, but be sure to take care of yourself too. If you get sick, you can't take care of her.

And congratulations on your little Duckies. You really do have an amazing team this year.

Lady DR said...

Congrats on your Duck's win. How sweet of Maxine to get the book for your mother. I hadn't realized you weren't supposed to pray to angels, either, altho I don't think I ever have.

Your last week and upcoming week are as busy as usual. I get out of breath just reading about them. Sure hope Mom continues to be better and do well.

Last week was screwy. Got the editorial project out the door Monday. Tuesday we voted, Wednesday was groceries and frustrate search for linens, Thursday called Hollis, as the hip was getting worse, Friday had a two-injection epidural in the morning, Molly Maids here in the afternoon. A different "team" and very good and I heard much muttering about things not done or not done properly by previous team, so it wasn't just me being picky. Spent much of last week on the techie stuff for the book, designed the cover, uploaded everything and got committee approval and should have a hard copy ARC to proof next week. Spent some time on the blog and website, but can't say I made much progress, beyond the theme. Frustrating learning curve on how to add pages and figure out how to bring in images of book cover and picture for bio. It'll come. Only three days at the pool, due to voting and epidural. Read a couple of really good books, escape fiction with a Christian thread. I'm delighted to say I'm discovering more and more of those these days.

Next week I have the annual mammogram and my massage with Lisa. I shift from author to full time editor tomorrow morning and find myself wishing I could just continue on with my own book. What is, is. All will be well. Should be able to get back to the pool Tuesday.

Your upcoming Saturday with your nephew sounds like great fun - enjoy!

Please hold good thoughts for the epidural to work this time. I think the ache is a bit less and hoping the next few days will see it gone and me back to being able to do normal things, as the toes are almost normal.

dona said...

HI Bill, I worry about you also doing so much without much rest. Sometimes we get in a routine, and forget to take care of ourselves. You are crazy busy, so be sure to take your own advice to me and take care of yourself!

What a nice gift for your mom, I did know about the angels. Glad you got to read it.

Hope your week goes well so you get to enjoy your Saturday Game.

DR, I do hope your epidural goes well this time. I hope you get to feeling much better. Did I ever say I was a Maid at Molly Maids? Only for a few months then a really nice client dragged me away for her own! It was then I formed my own cleaning business. I actually loved it. Yes I am weird, I love to clean. :)

William J. said...

Hi Mary

The nights I stay up with Mom I usually nap the next day and often go to bed early the next night. Fortunately it isn' every night.

I wish the computers would like the Ducks as much as the humans do!


William J. said...


First and foremost prayers, good thoughts, good vibes, on the epidural, please keep us up to date.

Maxine is a sweet woman and so are her daughter and granddaughter. You pray to God not the angels, the angels are messengers of God and praying to them puts them before God. Interesting take.

I think if something happens to Mom my life is going to be very boring.

Glad you got the project out the foor. Also glad you voted. I wish everyone would vote. Sorry about the hip pain, I am hoping and praying it gets better. Yea for this group of Molly Maids. I wonder if you can request that the same crew comes back? As annoying as the techie stuff is it just has to done but it sounds like you are through the worst part. When your blog is up and running let me know and I will post a link here. Also for the web site.

Good luck on the mammo and thank goodness for the massage. Editor is the ends to a means.

I am kind of a surrogate dad for my nelphew so I really am looking forward to spending some time. Let's hope it doesn't rain.


William J. said...

Hi Dona

Thanks for the kind words. I really do try to take care of myself and sometimes I even succeed.

I really want to finish reading the angel book once mom gets done with it because there was so much I didn't know.

Hope the week brings you and The Shankster nothing but this best.