Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Going Ape.

After the last few years I think I not only deserve a nervous breakdown but I think it is finally time for me to have a mid-life crisis. I may even go ape over a mid-life crisis:


Maybe someone will eventually want to study my brain and see why I decided to have a mid-life crisis.


I certainly can't have a mid-life crisis without a new car. Checking out several brands and their customer service scores:


Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Yes, to the nervous breakdown - I have a poster in my office that says "As soon as the rush is over, I'm having a nervous breakdown - I've earned it, I deserve it and no one is going to deprive me of it." ('Course, I've no idea when the "rush" will be over).

As to mid-life crises, I wonder if anyone has done studies to tie them to bio-rhythms. Are there points where the body - physically and psychologically - just hit a point of saying "need a rest!" Consider how hard we push in the early years, to get our education, find good jobs, climb the ladder (one way or another), become a success. Then there's the point of asking "Is that all there is?" (midlife crisis) And then the point of accepting what is and looking for other challenges and opportunities, later in life, which may bring more satisfaction that the typical rat race.

Article on Einstein was interesting. I suspect it will be some time before we really understand how the brain works and why.

If you want a new car for a mid-life crisis, I highly recommend a metallic blue Toyota Rav4 or, if you're into a larger (still efficient) car, the Highlander. The Rav is gas efficient, sporty looking, but practical, storage space for anything from groceries to straw bales to wheelchairs and walkers. It just "feels good" to drive. (Okay, I'm prejudiced) I've no desire for an ultra expensive car I can't afford, which eats gas and isn't practical (guess maybe I've not hit midlife crisis on cars). I remember lusting after a Miata years ago - maybe that was my midlife crisis car. Fortunately, I couldn't afford it (G).

William J. said...


I like the poster, I should get one.

It would be an interesting study on on bio-rythms relate to mid-life crisis. I do think the body and the mind bot hit points where they need rest some times separately, sometimes together.

The power of the brain is amazing. Einstein's would certainly be one that I would like to study as well as Edison.

My dad would turn over in his grave if I bought a Toyota instead of an American car. I really like Lincolns and Fords. I loved Miatas and knew people that had them. Cute cars.