Thursday, November 15, 2012

Healthy Thursday

Thursday. It was a nice night at Mom's last night. She slept pretty well, thank goodness. Today I am taking her to lunch or dinner, her choice. The other I will cook or put together.

Let's start the day of with a good story:

From a good story to some cleaning tips:

Since I am in a good mood because Mom slept well and so did I let's end with another good story:

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Lady DR said...

Yea on a good night at Mom's and her sleeping well.

I always like good Samaritan stories and it's refreshing you find so many and share them. Thank you.

Interesting article on the lemon for cleaning. Kind of ironic, as I just finished reading a declutter/organize book, in which the author offered pages of "cleaning recipes" using white vinegar, baking soda and salt, sometimes alone, sometimes in combination. Several of which I shall try in future. I remember Mom and Aunt D always used vinegar for windows and mirrors - cut grease, no smudges or streaks. Vinegar and salt and baking soda, in different mixes, for first cleaning. then polishing almost any metal, including sterling silver.

The last video told me the page was currently unavailable, but from the link title, I'll bet it's a feel good story.

dona said...

Glad to hear Mom is sleeping and a good nite, its always good to have a good nite of sleep.

I liked the good story, its funny as you always seem to find the stories before we see them on TV or internet! And good stories sometimes you don't even hear about it is nice to read these.

I knew about some of the uses for lemon, and DR, I also learned about cleaning with vinegar for windows from my Aunt too. Mine had a lot of ways to clean things without going to the store for chemicals....wish I could remember them all.

William J. said...


Yesterday at Mom's was great too. Her stats were amazing.

I like the good stories so much that I have to dial it back once in a while so that isn't all that I share.

Interesting that you were reading an article on cleaning at the time I share an article on cleaning. I would be interested in some of the cleaning recipies in it. The biggest thing I remember from Mom's cleaning years was liquid soap to get spots out of clothes.

The last story was a touching story about kids making a special needs kid homecoming king. Love stories like that because it shows the young ones have heart.


William J. said...

Hi Dona

I hope the good rests continue for Mom. I kept her pretty busy for the two days I was there and we got a lot done. I think that had somethine to do with it.

I watch several sources for news and AOL has a listing from several sources. The good stories seem to go to the background because the bad stories seem to peek more interest. And a lot of the stories I share that go national two or three days after they hit the locak paper. I also check some blogs on a rotating basis. I do make me mistakes but generally I try to verify everything before posting it.

It sounds like we all had the same Moms. I wish I would done of a better job of listening back then.