Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Good Health & Smelley Fears

Wednesday. Heading out to Mom's for lunch and to set up her bridge game. She is playing bridge this afternoon. Then I am cooking dinner and spending the night. I will be there all day tomorrow. Home at eight.

Cooking for diabetics is sometimes tough. So it is good to be informed.

I always thought green tea was the in thing, now I am finding out it is black tea.

Speaking of diabetes:

And let's close with a smelly article:

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Sounds like a busy couple days with Mom.

Yes, cooking for diabetes is tough, especially if you're cooking for only yourself or for someone who isn't interested in how food affects blood sugar.

Interesting about the teas. Like you, I was given to believe green tea was the antidote to ill health and helped promote good health. Also interesting about the herbals that may improve blood sugar levels, as well as cholesterol and the like. I'm laying odds the pharamacueticals (sp?) aren't in favor of research proving this is true. How much better to control such issues naturally and use preventatives, rather than prescription drugs after the fact. I noticed they warned about possible side effects and interactions. I find that interesting, given the lengthy list of side effects and possible interactions that comes with almost any prescription drug you get.

Not sure I'm understanding all that was in the article on smells. I mean, I can smell rotten and spoiled and someone who badly needs a bath, but I don't think I'm picking up on the fear and disgust odors.Maybe my nose needs remedial training?

William J. said...


The time always goes fast at Mom's.

I was really shocked at the black tea. I also agree with you that the drug companies don't want this kind of research to get out. As to the side effects of natural cures, so what. Like you said the side effect for drugs are far longer and often far worse.

I don't smell fear but I often sense it. It wills cause to walk a different direction or drive a different way home. I don't know if that is product of smelling it or just being aware of it.