Saturday, November 17, 2012

Like A Dirty Shirt On Laundry Day, I'm Off.

Most likely there won't be a post tomorrow on the blog. The updates will be postponed until Monday. In a couple of hours I am heading down to Eugene, Oregon to attend the Oregon-Stanford game with my nephew and his wife. The game is at five, which means by the time we get home from it, it will be nine or later. I am just not going to risk driving home when I am no doubt going to be tired. I am going to spend the night with my Nephew and come back Sunday morning. I switched Saturday and Sundays with my sister for the Mom duties so Sunday when I get back it is straight to Mom's. Any responses to today's post probably won't be responded to until Sunday afternoon at the earliest.


On to today's post. First up is a discovery:

Next up is one of those good stories that has a bad turn.

I am betting that once the word gets out other good people are going to give her the nine hundred smackers back. She may end up with more than she lost. I do hope they catch the asses that stole from her.

Shortly I will be an aging driver on the road, so the following article seems appropriate.



Lady DR said...

Here's hoping you have a great time in Eugene, with your nephew and wife. You deserve a break and I think staying there overnight makes sense for a lot of reasons. Won't even look for a response to this message. You're on sabbatical, my friend. I hope this means you'll get a chance to greet Greg's son, on his return.

Great articles. Kudos to the two boys who found the medals and completed their mission of returning them to the family. I love good stories like this, especially with kids.

A pox on whomever stole the woman's purse, while she was saving lives. Talk about low as a snake. I was delighted to see the article said something like $5K had come in through donations, particularly since she's trying to save money to go to nursing school.

As to the travel article... I'm not at all sure they have it all right. Yes, I understand about more of us driving, for a variety of reasons. I understand about two car families. But I'm not sure I go along with the less driving, unless gas prices remain prohibitive. One of things we found, during the years we had RVs, was that many people over the age of 50 were active RVers. Many we met were in their seventies and eighties. They'd retired, bought an RV and spent many months on the road. Some were/are living in their RVs fulltime. Yes, we sold our RV - it was too big, gas prices high for a gas hog and we didn't have the time to enjoy it. That said, should we be able to retire from deadlines and clients and be financially able to buy a smaller, gas-efficient RV, I'd be ready to get on the road in a skinny minute for long weekends or month long trips around the country. The article left the RV group completely out of the equation, but I think it is and will remain a group that needs to be considered in the overall picture.

Have a great weekend. We'll look for you Monday, with an update for the week.

dona said...

Hi Bill, I hope you have a great time and I also thought it was good you staying overnite. I agree don't even worry about the blog, go enjoy yourself, be worry free, if only for a day.
As usual, great stories, see you Monday!

William J. said...


Had a nice time in Eugene, overcame some fears. Will report on it later today. Grayson looked really great.

The boys made the extra effort of returning the medals to the family, that makes it a special story and special boys.

The woman is still getting so many donations that she may have a year of her education paid for. It is always heartwarming for me that when someone tries to do something selfish or negative like stealing there are so many good folks lined up to turn that negative into a positive.

I think you make an excellent point about RVers almost everyone I know has at some point in the retirment either bought an RV or rented one to take a trip.

Update coming later this morning.


William J. said...

Hi Dona

Thanks for your encouragment, it is always appreciated.