Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

A little late today. My computer is still downloading my income tax update. It is taker longer than it would for me to read war and peace.  I have to get the program updated so that I can finish some work tasks that are already late. I'm really thankful to have a local library close to me where I can go and use their computers. That is where I am now.

Halloween today. Trick or treaters tonight. I always hand out full sized candy bars. I've become a neigborhood tradition! It is going to be a short night, however.  I'm only going to keep the candy give-a-way going for an hour or so?  Why? This is might night at Mom's so I need to be there to help get her ready for bed and she always does that at seven. The candy gifts or limited tonight to the hour between 5:30 and 6:30.
Could be worse.

What are the most popular costumes for this year?  Neither Gov.  Romney or President Obama make the list:

What is the most popular candy to hand out on Halloween?

Only Milky Way  and Baby Ruth made my list. I hand out a varity of full sized bars inlcuding Milky Way, Hersheys, Three Musketeers, Heath Bars, Snickers, Baby Ruth and a host of others.

I didn't decorate my house or my yard. If I did decorate my house it would be inside or on my porch not my yard. I would choose one of these decorations:



Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Make A Difference Tuesday

Tuesday, another me day, another overcast day, another work day. I solved a computer problem with my income tax program yesterday. I've been dealing with it for a couple of months now and finally found the solution. YEA!!!

Because I solved that problem I am in a good mood and only doing good articles today! Let's start with one of my favorite subjects. Kids making a difference.

Speaking of making a difference, shouldn't there me a Make A Difference Day? A day set aside where the main goal is to make a difference? Believe it or not there is one.

I also like articles about medical advancements, especially one that gives hope to the troops.
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Ketchup, Moms, & Diabetics.

A day to work. Dark and gloomy outside. Looking forward to a productive day. Had a really nice time with Nancie last night. ARGO was just as good the second time and I picked up some things I missed the first time.

My mom loves Ketchup. She uses it on everything. Eggs even. You name it she uses it on it. Little did she or I know she was doing it wrong:

What are you doing wrong? With me I am just doing life in general wrong.

Who would turn in if you suspected them of a crime? Your son?

In closing just a helpful article for Diabetics.
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Update

I pray that all of  those on the East Coast in the path of Sandy survive intact and their property does too. I am particlularly worried about DR.

Sunday, Sunday.  No football breakfast this week. Half the guys are out of town. Today it is lunch at mom's. Fixing them dinner tonight. Already done. A casserole.  At four I reconnect with Nancie. Haven't seen her for a while so it will be nice to get together with her tonight. We are going to the movie, ARGO. I have already seen but I wanted to see her, that is the movie she wanted to see, and I didn't have the heart to tell her that I had already seen it. Besides it is a good enough movie to see twice.  Monday is a work day. Tuesday depending on how much I get done Monday might be the movie CLOUD ATLAS. It is a three hour movie so I really have to be in the mood for it. Wednesday and Thursday at Mom's. Friday a me day. Saturday lunch and breakfast for the troops at Mom's.

Last week was Mom most of the week. Monday noon through Thursday at 7:30 was at Mom's. We played a few games of Scrabble. Went to Wendy's once for lunch and Shari's for dinner once. We ran an errand to the credit union. Thursday I helped set up the garage to paint. We watched the debates, Dancing
With The Stars two nights, and Jeopardy every night. I kept it light because not only did she lose her brother in the last two weeks, she also lost a cousin this week, and then she was worried about my sister. I think I did pretty darn decent.

I cooked a cassreole for tonight. How does it look?

I posted a couple of pictures on Facebook that generated a lot of interest. My great grandfather, Frank Teeters, was a stage coach driver who befreinded the Sioux. They used to hold powwows on his property. Thhe first picture is a picture of one of the powwows. He is the one standing. If you look real close there is a head dress in front of him. Rumor has it that, that is Sitting Bull.

The second picture is my Mom's dad and his two sisters in front of the home he homesteaded.

Comment Away. And give me your updates. Telll me everything about what went on in your life last week and what is going on in your week next week. I love to hear about you and yours. It keeps me going.         

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Second day at home and it is out of this world:

I'm not going to the temple today but may go to church tomorrow:

I am going to play with abandon today:

OK, on the agenda for me today. I am putting this at the end of the blog just to be different. Grocery shopping. Taking the garbage out. Cooking a casserole. Watching the Oregon Duck game. And buying a birthday gift.

Off to Safeway. Comment Away.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Animal Magic

I woke up in my own home this morning and it was really nice. I did miss mom a little pit. We had a decent four days. Had a lot of fun. She got better. My sister wants to do today and tomorrow. I kind of think this is a little early but my controlling nature is giving in to her controlling nature. I'm letting her do it. Who knows maybe exercise is what the muscles and nerves need. Today I have to work my nether regions off to catch up on the home front. It will feel good to get some home problems solved and some work done.

I am going to work like an animal today so in honor of my hard work to be, today's blog will all about animals.

If I knock at least five items off my to do list I will be in hog heaven.

No time for golf today.

My brother's nickname for me in high school sports was Wild Willie. That is because I made up for lack of talent with wild effort. It usually meant I got hurt more than anybody else but I usually made the team. Speaking of wild things.
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bras, Beers, & Memorials.

My last day at Mom's. I should be home my eight tonight. It was a pretty good three nights, four days there. Sister is doing as well as she should so I got the meals for the next few days and maybe the non-aide days next week. Being my efficient self I already have the menu planned and set.

We had a tragic event here last week. A twenty-one year-old happily married young woman got up at 6:30 in the morning and headed to her job at a nearby Starbuck's. Before she left a young man, twenty-five, asked her for a ride. He lived in the same apartment complex as her, went to the same church as her and it seemed safe. She never made it to work. Her body was found a few days later at Larch Mountain. Did you know that in over eighty percent of the rapes and murders of women that the victim knew the perp?
Here is Steve Duin's column in today's Oregonian. He gives some good tips on how to stay safe.

Now on to fashion advise. Valuable fashion advice.

After reading today's articles you may want to sit back in your easy chair and have a beer.
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Three I's

Wednesday. Not sure about tonight. Sister is better but just how much better is the question. Today were are doing the interesting, the informative and the incredible. I, I & I.

A really interesting video:

An informative article:

Now tell me the truth. Do you know what a deer crossing sign means? Pretty clear that it is a place in the road where Bambi and her cohorts cross, right? Well, not everyone thinks so:

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cat & The Door Step

Tuesday. Looks like another day at the ranch. Well not the ranch but Mom's ranch house. Sister is doing better but is in so much pain with the muscle pull that she is having trouble breathing. So it is Mom and I. Kind of the way it usually ends up.

Have you ever really stopped and looked at the front of your house? What's on the door step?

And just exactly is your cat or dog up to?

What is quilt worth? You know the one you used so much it holes in it? Your Mom made it and you just don't want to get rid of it.

Comment Away.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Boxers or Briefs?

Things change more often here than I change underwear. My sister pulled a muscle that runs down from her neck to her side and isn't good enough to take care of Mom. So I am at Mom's today. Maybe tomorrow. And maybe Wednesday.


Maybe while the young man is on the train he can study history:

The recent reports said that rice has arsenic in it. So since you can't eat it anymore I thought I would give you ideas as what to do with it:

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Drive Time

No update today. You can do one if you want. However, it was such a bad week that I just am not in the mood to rehash it. I am going to spend a lot of time in my car today. To Mom's. To the football breakfast. To Sears. To Mom's. To the grocery store. To Office Depot. To Staples. To Home. Today is DRIVE TIME! So I am going to fasten my seat belts and get going. But first I have to find the seat in the car.

Whew, I found my seat. Now I need to remember to use my turn signal.

I was struck by the statement in the article, " Society of Automotive Engineers study concluded that "turn-signal neglect" contributes to two million crashes annually, more than double the 950,000 caused by distracted driving. "

What is your driving pet peeve? Since I couldn't find "all of the above" I voted for tailgating.

OK. found my seat. Got my seat belt fastened. Found my turn signal. Now I have to remember that the first traffic light I come to has red light cameras on it. Or do I really need to remember?

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Errand Day

My mom is really having a tough go of it with the loss of my brother. She did play bridge yesterday. She said she would like to get out today so I am heading over there soon to take her to lunch. If she is up to it great, if not I will fix lunch there. I have dinner already for the troops tonight. Turkey pot roast, green beans, sweet potato steak fries, and a sugar free ice cream bar. The rest of the day will be to do list attacking.

We talked about revenge the other day on the blog, this is the ultimate revenge. I wonder if the ex is going to try get back into his good graces. Sorry to say if it were me, no way Jose.

I love story of those succeeding despite obstacles put in front of them. I love it more when it involves a seven year-old.

Those pesky buttons. You know the ones that keep falling off. I've got just the answer for you should one of those darn buttons fall of in public.

Off to run errands. Dry Cleaners, Grocery Store, Dollar Tree, Mom's, Wendy's, Mom's, Shower, and relax.

What are you doing today? Comment Away.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Life Goes On

Oregon defeated Azizona State last night 43-21. The score is closer than the game was. Oregon lead 43-7 at halftime. They didn't play any of their starters the second half. Basically it was Oregon's third team that managed the second half. Because of Oregpn's pace that they play at they alternate twenty to twenty-two players each on offense and defense so when they rest them, it is the third team.

One problem was solved. I got an email from my boss for my seasonal job. They want me back this year. I was kind of worried about that. As you remember Tom, my other boss has decided to sell his share of the business. I was worried about that meaning less clients for Mary and Mary then not needing me to come back. Mary said it is just the opposite. More work for us. That really is a relief. I am having lunch today to see what led to his decision to move on.  Tom and I started the same year so we kind have had a bond since then. I am sorry to see that bond breaking.
I always find things at mom that prove to be interesting and once in a while they are kind of valuable. However, nowhere near as valuable as the find in the following article:

Interesting article about The Cuban Missile Crisis in the USA Today a few days ago. The forgotten hero:

An update on a previous story and why you didn't hear this question during the presidential debate on Tuesday:

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Uncle Frank, My Cousin Debbie Together Again.

To say it was a tough couple of weeks would be a major understatement. First my good friend Pat left this world due to lung cancer. Then my heart just ached for The Dolan family already dealing with a dad with Alzheimer's found out their mother had stage IV lung cancer. I am keeping up my prayers for both Pat's family and The Dolan family. I hope you are too. Now I have another family to pray for.

Bridge was cancelled yesterday due to the death of my Mom's brother and my uncle. My Uncle Frank and my Aunt Velma have always been like a second set of parents to me. My cousins Dixie, Dave, Denny and the passed on at to young of age (14) Debbie weren't cousins they were sisters and brothers. I was helping Debbie with her math homework the night before she passed away. She hadn't been sick a day in her life. She had a rare form of leukemia that took her from this earth. My Uncle Frank and her are now together.

My connection with my Uncle Frank began at birth. I was a troubled pregnancy for my Mom. Originally we were at a catholic hospital in Billings, Montana. Then it wasn't known if mom or I or both of us would survive the birth. At that time if there was a choice to save the baby or the mother the Catholic hospital saved the baby. Mom didn't want to leave dad to raise to children (my brother and sister) by himself so chose to be transferred to a hospital where if they had to choose to save one or the other they chose the Mom. Of course both hospitals would try to save both but if that wasn't possible that is where the choice came in. We both survived. I survived mainly because of my Uncle Frank. I had a rare form of infant anemia that meant I couldn't get warm. Really cold, cold enough to die. Uncle Frank had a really warm body temperature and would hold me for hours on end to keep me warm.

All during the time we grew up Frank's family and our family lived in the same town. We celebrated all the holidays together. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter. You name it we were in it together. Like my dad, my second dad, Frank, had a wicked sense of humor. He kept us laughing. A gifted storyteller of immense proportions.

He was also kind. One Christmas we were all together at our cabins at Rocky Point, Oregon (The Delongs and The Dahns each had their own cabin there). We talked Uncle Frank in to playing poker with us. Also like Dad, Frank was an outstanding poker player. I will tell you if they would had those million dollar poker tournaments back then Dad and Frank would win them hands down. Our families would have been millionaires. We started playing poker. Frank won the first hand. Then he didn't want to take advantage of us kids so he started to loss on purpose. Make that try to lose. The harder he tried to lose, the more he won. I don't think he ever lost a hand before all of us young ones decided we had enough and quit. Frank gave us all our money back. We learned three lessons that day. You can learn a lot from our elders. Be Kind. If you accidentally take advantage of someone give them their money back.

It wasn't the only lesson my Uncle Frank taught me. Every time I was around he taught me something. A man fun to be around and a teacher to behold.

The last time I saw my Uncle/Dad was two September's ago. He told me loved me like a son, that I was always his favorite. It was incredibly heartwarming for me. My dad was never one to hold his emotions back and in that visit Frank followed suit. I just knew that it would be the last time I would see my uncle. I wrote about the visit on my blog:

I'm sorry I was right. I would have loved to see him again.

You can shed tears that he is gone,
or you can smile because he has lived.

You can close your eyes and pray that he'll come back,
or you can open your eyes and see all he's left.

Your heart can be empty because you can't see him,
or you can be full of the love you shared.

You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday,
or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.

You can remember only that he is gone,
or you can cherish his memory and let it live on.

You can cry and close your mind,
be empty and turn your back.
Or you can do what he'd want:
smile, open your eyes, love and go on.


I have another angel watching over me. My Uncle Frank and his youngest daughter are together again. The first picture is of my Uncle Frank and my Aunt Velma. The second picture is my cousin Debbie and Myself. Peace is with them I know.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Dumb, The Surprising, The Good

At Mom's today. She is playing bridge this afternoon Ninety-six and she usually wins every week even though the other players are ten or more years younger than her.

Let's start today with one of the dumbest things college men ever have done:

This is just so incredibly stupid it really makes you worried about the future of the world when college students post a flier like the about.

From stupidity to information. Surprising information:

Let's close today's post with a good story:

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jumping Off

Heading out to Mom's today. Going to be there a little before one to meet the Nielson people there to check the monitoring on their equipment. Then I will be at Mom's until Thursday night. In a way it is really tough duty. In a way it is enjoyable. In a way it is a very stressful. In a way it is not stressful because I can see with my own eyes how she is doing, improving, or declining. The ultimate in mixed emotions. Sometimes I just feel like jumping off the caregiver train. But I am not jumping this high in space:

I have never thought revenge was a useful emotion. I never sought it out. I believe in karma. What goes around comes around. I don't have to get even because eventually someone will do it for me. Apparently there are others that like to do things on their own instead of waiting for someone else to do it:

You can't really look back but if I did I would want to be just like the young person in the following article:

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Dreary Monday

Monday and it is raining very strongly today. It hasn't rained here for over three months until last Thursday now it is predicted to rain every day until Wednesday. I kind of like the rain and it is really needed. However, it is a little dreary outside. A good day to work inside or just get a book to read. I am choosing work today. It just feels good to get things done.

They don't predict any lightening anytime soon. So to feel the void I am starting today's post with an article about lightening:

One of the reasons I chose to work today instead of read or play is when I get my work tasks done it lowers my stress level. Are you allergic to stress?

I always appreciate people that break barriers:

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

This Week's Update

After losing Pat last week to lung cancer the following Facebook message from one of The Satellite Sisters had a major impact on me. Please read Lian's message and then take some time to Pray for Mr. & Mrs. Dolan and all the Dolans. This is just so unfair that they have to deal with so much:

My check-in. Next week first

Breakfast for dinner for the troops tonight. My famous breakfast casserole. Today was the football breakfast, left early to go fix mom lunch, set out the dinner settings and placed the breakfast casserole in the fridge. Then it was home for the day and trying to recover from a difficult week. Monday is a me day and a to do list attacking day. Tuesday through Thursday is at Mom's. Friday is lunch with my male boss, Tom. He has decided to sell his interest in the CPA practice. He wants to tell me what led to the decision. I'm kind of curious as to how it is going to effect my seasonal job. Saturday is lunch and dinner for the troops at Mom's house. Also next week is a Thursday night Oregon Duck game. They play Arizona State. Ducks 6-0, ASU 5-1. Should be a great game.

Last week. Sunday was making lunch for Mom and dinner for the troops at Mom's. Monday was shopping for a new printer, setting it up, and installing it. Also on Monday was Dancing With The Stars. Tuesday was a work day. Then the results show for Dancing With The Stars. I have decided to quit watching the show as long as Bristol Palin is one the show. I am tired of seeing better dancers leave the show when she stays on it. Wednesday was at Mom's. I took her to an art supply store to buy new paints. Thursday Mom and I had a couple of nice meals and played a couple of games of Scrabble. Friday I knocked off ten items from my to do list in the morning. Then in the afternoon I went to the movie, ARGO. Great movie! True story about the Iran hostage crisis. Lots of humor and lots of suspense. Saturday was taking Mom our for lunch and fixing roast beef, potatoes, and veggies for their dinner that night.

That is my update. Looking forward to your update. Tell me everything going on in your life!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

In Memory Of

Of Pat Peck

I have a heavy heart today after learning yesterday, that good friend, blog contributor, client, and all around good person, Pat Peck fell prey to lung cancer and has moved on to another world. She was one of the most supportive friends that I have ever had. She supported the blog. Helped me deal with the tense time with my mom. She supported my business by allowing me to do her tax returns until I retired. I first met Pat on the Internet:

Pat was at every face to face get together. She was an opera lover, sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider the right way, made great U-turns, was loyal mother, friend, and client, she raised a great daughter, and she had an outstanding career:

When my Mom found out that Pat was ill she took upon herself to write Pat a letter. She wanted to thank Pat for being my friend for so many years. Pat wrote the following lovely response:

" I got the sweetest letter from your mom today. She says you
consider me one of your best friends, and know that I return your
feelings on that score. I may not be able to write back directly
through you, but please let her know that I loved her letter and
also know how much you and she love each other and that it is a very
nice thing to know about in this world.

I may be pretty scarce from now on... part of the normal course.
One day is good, the next not so much, and it's hard to keep up
with computer stuff.


Pat "

The day's poem:

Is anybody happier today because you passed their way?

Does Anyone remember that you spoke to them today?

The day is almost over and its toiling tolling time is through

Is there anyone to utter a kindly word of you?

Can you say tonight in parting with the day that's slipping fast,
That you helped one of the many that passed your way?

Is a single heart rejoicing today over what you said or did?

Does the man or woman whose hopes were fading, now look ahead with courage?

Did you leave a trail of kindness?

As you close your eyes in slumber will God welcome you in his home?

In Pat Peck's case she could answer every question with a resounding yes. She will be missed. May she rest in peace

Friday, October 12, 2012

Health Friday

Up early this morning to attack my to do list. A combination of working at my desk and running errands. I will hold off until Monday to go to a movie. I am going to Argo. But today is all about getting things done.

We are lucky to have the author of When Someone You Love Has Cancer as a follower and commenter on this blog. DanaRae could written the following article and probably done better with it:

Staying with the health theme. Strokes. Watch out for them.

Life is temporary. We are all going to bite it one day. I am hoping for me and everyone reading this that it is far off in the future. However, I believe in the hereafter. I enter a room and wonder what I am here after. Do you believe in life after death:

Comment Away.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The People We Meet

I had a really nice day at Mom's yesterday. We ate a couple good meals and played a couple of good games of Scrabble. But the highlight was being able to meet an incredible woman. Our church is the Metzger Methodist Church. For a couple of years we had another amazing woman as a pastor. The lady was blind, brilliant and fun. I mentioned her on the blog at least twice before. She has moved on to another Methodist Church. And she has been replaced with another incredible woman. Mom can't really travel to church. Well, she can but it is really difficult for her. If mom and/or decide to go to the church on Sunday we have to start getting dressed on Friday. The new pastor, Pastor, Christy Dirren, was kind enough to come to Mom's house and meet Mom and I. While there she administered us communion. I also asked the minister to say a prayer for my friend that has lung cancer and The Dolan family who are going through the stage of life where our parents become our responsibility. She said a very nice prayer for both. Pastor Dirren is young, vibrant, humorous, intelligent, and fun to be around. I am going to try to go to church this coming Sunday.
Today Mom and I are eating lunch at home and then taking a trip out to an art supply store to look at artist oil paints. When we get home we will probably watch the Vice Presidential debates. Speaking of debates would you ask a question just to win free pizza for life?

Heck I'd ask the question.

I like funny bumper stickers. One of my favorites is "Jesus would use his turn signals." I like quite a few of them in the next article.

Make sure you remember the following date:

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Miscellaneous

Heading out to Mom's before noon and will return to the man cave by eight tomorrow night. I am going to concentrate on making Mom happy these two days. She has had a really rough two weeks. We are going to do miscellaneous stuff. Lunch and dinner out. Looking for oil paints for artists. Play some Scrabble. Watch Family Feud and the Vice Presidential debate.

To celebrate miscellaneous stuff today on the blog we are doing miscellaneous articles. First up is a discovery by a boy:

Next up is weird syndromes. I probably have eight or nine of them and you?

Can't do a miscellaneous day without a little controversy, can we? The following article is causing quite an uproar:

Comment Away.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Not So Brilliant Moves

Another kick back an relax day or a knock things of their perch on my to do list day. To we are doing the not so brilliant moves that people make.

You know what if I went to a strip joint and go injured because a woman sat in my lap I'm not so sure I'd sue:

I have Comcast Cable, if you want to watch the Portland Trailblazers in the Portland area you have no other choice because they just won't make a deal with The Dish Network or Direct TV so Comcast has a monopoly. Apparently in the Seattle area Comcast is allowing their employees free reign to indulge in bad customer service and bad publicity. There response to a customer's compliant borders on incredible stupidity:
Speaking of not so brilliant moves, covering up is never the right move. It wasn't what Nixon or Clinton did that got them in trouble, it was trying to cover it up. It would seem that everyone could learn a lesson from that history but it looks like one school didn't get the memo:

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Attacking The To Do List

I am having a successful morning knocking eight items off of the to do list. Taking a break from to do list attacking to report in with today's blog entry.

I had breakfast this morning but really wouldn't remember anything else I've eaten. Would you wear this wristband:

Would that lead you to mindful eating as a tool to relax?

Have you given any thought to the ten things every man should know? I really haven't and there on some things on the dudes list that I would disagree with. I also think there are a lot of things on the list that women should also do or know:

Comment Away and the go out and enjoy the holiday, Columbus Day.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Late Update

Just got back from breakfast and a football day with the guys.

This coming week looks easy compared to the last two or three weeks. Tomorrow and Tuesday is attacking the to do list and kicking back. I'm really kind of tired. Every once in a while I reach that stage where I just can't go anymore and I have to rest and recharge. I think I am there right now. I am little short-tempered, don't really have my normal energy, to me that is a flashing neon sign saying STOP AND TAKE CARE OF YOU. That is my mission for the next two days. Wednesday is breakfast with my friend Dave and then on to Mom's to be there from noon Wednesday until Thursday at nine PM. Friday is cleaning house. Saturday the Ducks are on a bye week so other than meals form Mom and the caregiver it is a find things to do day. I'm sure that won't be a problem.

Last week. Sunday was breakfast with the guys. A quiche for Mom and the caregiver. Monday was a day at home. Working on various things. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday were at Mom's. A lunch and dinner out. A few games of Scrabble. An argument or two. A few good meals. Watching the presidential debate and a couple nights of Jeopardy. Friday was errand day. Saturday was preparing meals and watching football day.

That is the week that was and the week to be. Now give me yours!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Born In A Barn

Saturday. An easy day really. Work this morning. Take Mom out to lunch. Set out Mom's dinner (turkey meatloaf, mashed sweet potatoes, green beans, and a sugar free ice cream bar for desert). Do a little shopping, home by three or four, take a little nap. Then get ready for the mighty Ducks to take on Mary's vaunted Huskies. I am a little worried about the games because I don't think the Ducks are a good as advertised and the Huskies are better than advertised. I'm thinking the Ducks pull it out but in a really close battle.

"Were you born in the barn?" my dad would always shout whenever we mistakenly left a house door open in cold weather. When we lived on a farm we did spend a lot of time in a barn, sometimes even spending the night in a cozy little cave we built. I remember one time when I was young and invincible , I thought I could fly. I got on the roof of the barn, put my arms out and jumped. I didn't fly but I survived. It was that broken collarbone that was a lot of trouble though. I am barn connected so I really liked the following story:

Now that I am learning to cook I don't go to restaurants as often because my food is healthier and as good or better than theirs. I do like the weird though so I might try some of the restaurants in the following story. I will probably avoid eating in the dark or on top of a crane but the others do spike some interest:

Cooking is a do yourself project isn't it? Should I move on to other DIY projects?

Comment Away.

go ducks. I didn't capitalize it because I don't want Mary mad at me.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Walking To The Music.

I'm sorry about the trouble with the links on yesterday's post. I hope today's are better. I can correct them sooner this morning because I am at home today.

I am going it slow this morning waiting for my expensive cheap shoes to show up. Friday is a me day, I don't really call it a day off because I have to much to do. I might find time to go for a walk:

Sometimes when I am sitting at my computer working away I turn on the music. Sort of working to the beat. Can you hear that someone is singing to you right now? Where is that sound coming from?

Sometimes when I am working away I turn on the news. My nice is an anchor. Well she was and is still looking for a job. No word on any of her try outs yet. Keep hoping folks. Because of having a relative in the family that is anchor I am critical of news anchors. Sometimes in borders on making fun of them. But I am neither going to criticize or make fun of the anchor in the following story, I am going to celebrate her:


Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Friday

Thursday. Always a day I look forward to because it is like my Fridays when I work my seasonal job. Home and away for a couple of days.

I sometimes worry about my house being robbed when I gone. Probably a needless worry because I have nothing of value and good security. Just the same I appreciated the tips in the following article:

Sometimes when I am home and just relaxing I enter contests. Most of the times I lose. Sometimes I win. However, I always read and follow the rules. What do you think should happen to the dude in the following article:

After getting home on Thursday, Friday is my errand day. Hope in the car to the dry cleaners, the grocery store, the office supply store, the bank, the car wash, the barber, and if need the car repair shop. I am a pretty careful drive but it looks like on errand day I may have to be even more careful:

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cars and Shoes

Second day at Mom's today. She is playing bridge today. She loves it but it always tires her out so I have to pay special attention tonight to how tired she is and if she is exhausted send her to bed early.

I am seriously thinking about looking for a new car but after reading the following article I may go with a used one.

Friday at nine in the morning I get my special shoes and inserts. I am looking forward to having comfortable shoes. Because they are special shoes the last time I had them they cost over four hundred bucks. This time the insurance company is paying for them. My co-pay is thirty bucks. I hope they look better than the following shoes:

If my shoes look like that people may make fun of me and I may be beat up by a six year-old.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Back On Track

I am hopefully putting the blog back on track and schedule. To celebrate my blogs recovery we are only doing good stories today.

Bullying must stop. Let's hear for a victim of it that stood her ground:

Strangers coming together to help someone. Couldn't get better than that.

And finally, let's celebrate strong voices.
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