Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cars and Shoes

Second day at Mom's today. She is playing bridge today. She loves it but it always tires her out so I have to pay special attention tonight to how tired she is and if she is exhausted send her to bed early.

I am seriously thinking about looking for a new car but after reading the following article I may go with a used one.

Friday at nine in the morning I get my special shoes and inserts. I am looking forward to having comfortable shoes. Because they are special shoes the last time I had them they cost over four hundred bucks. This time the insurance company is paying for them. My co-pay is thirty bucks. I hope they look better than the following shoes:

If my shoes look like that people may make fun of me and I may be beat up by a six year-old.

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Cars: I can't recall the last time we bought a new car, maybe the van in 1986? Given a new car drives about $5K+ in value when one drives it off the lot, we're too "Scot" to do that. We use CarMax routinely and buy late model, based on Consumer ratings and mileage. I'm sorry to see the CDs go. I was unhappy the Rav didn't have a tape. Not everyone in the world has an MP or smart phone or whatever. Also sorry to see the spare tire go, regardless of what they say. Fortunately, the Rav4 has an exterior spare in a covered case on the back.

Shoes - I hadn't thought shoes could get any uglier or less "user friendly." Obviously, I was wrong. The only one with any appeal were the flat, short boots. As to the rest - obviously the designer lives where there's no rain. Equally obviously, she cares less about health and has read none of the reports on the back problems created by the spike heels and platform shoes, which totally throw off the center of gravity and do nasty things to spinal issues. I suspect we'll see an increased need for chiros and orthas in about twenty years.

The kid at school? The reports seem to be somewhat conflicting, but the one comment that caught my attention was that he was an angel one minute and a terror the next. It seems to me someone ought to have the boy in for some testing, as this sounds like something like autism, ADD, ADHD or other potential mental/
emotional issues may be at play, many of which can be controlled or managed.

William J. said...


I was also upset when the last car I bought didn't have a tape player. I usually buy a demo car, low mileage and cheaper. I feel really uncomfortable not having a spare.

Some of those shoes were awful, why anyone would buy any of those shoes is beyond me. I think it will be sooner than twenty years.

I just have a hard time believing a six year old could beat up a twenty year-old man. I agree that ADD and ADHD testing is in order.


Kaye said...

Good morning! Now, now Bill... I thought the yellow fuzzy pumps were kinda cute :) (Big Bird comes to mind). Glad you're getting your new shoes for a co-pay. I know that helps a lot. We expect pics, yanno.

I bought my 2nd new car earlier this year. My 1st car was a used 1967 cougar. The first NEW car was a Ford Maverick in 1973 with a great 8 track player. After that, I've had used cars, but this year, Kia Motors made me an offer I couldn't pass up. So I traded in my 2009 CX7 that used premium gas to a new 2012 Kia Sportage. It's actually my dream car. It's red (YAY!) and has a sun roof in the front and back seats (sigh). Heated & cooled seats... I'm in heaven. I know new cars depreciate, but actually I've been happy with taking my cars to the dealership for maintenance. I get free oil changes for a year, and some of the regular maintenance is free for at least the first year. How can you not like that? I've never been lucky taking cars to other car mechanics, so taking them to the dealership works for me. You should also get SIRIUS radio for a trial period, and I've enjoyed that so much, I very seldom use the CD player. I use to "poo poo" the idea of paying for radio, but I've been converted. Especially on the trips Tarzan and I have taken. We're off to Connecticut on the 10th to see the fall leaves turn other colors besides brown.

William J. said...

Hi Kaye

It is so nice to see you here more often! I'm liking your retirement. I will take pictures of the new shoes and it might be a while before you see me in pumps let alone yellow pumps.

Congratulations of you new car!! I was reading an article that used cars are now holding their values causing people to ignore new cars which causes the dealerships to put the new cars on sale, many time less than new cars, to turn their inventory over. I'm tickled that you have your dream car!!

The trip to Connecticut sounds delightful!