Thursday, October 11, 2012

The People We Meet

I had a really nice day at Mom's yesterday. We ate a couple good meals and played a couple of good games of Scrabble. But the highlight was being able to meet an incredible woman. Our church is the Metzger Methodist Church. For a couple of years we had another amazing woman as a pastor. The lady was blind, brilliant and fun. I mentioned her on the blog at least twice before. She has moved on to another Methodist Church. And she has been replaced with another incredible woman. Mom can't really travel to church. Well, she can but it is really difficult for her. If mom and/or decide to go to the church on Sunday we have to start getting dressed on Friday. The new pastor, Pastor, Christy Dirren, was kind enough to come to Mom's house and meet Mom and I. While there she administered us communion. I also asked the minister to say a prayer for my friend that has lung cancer and The Dolan family who are going through the stage of life where our parents become our responsibility. She said a very nice prayer for both. Pastor Dirren is young, vibrant, humorous, intelligent, and fun to be around. I am going to try to go to church this coming Sunday.
Today Mom and I are eating lunch at home and then taking a trip out to an art supply store to look at artist oil paints. When we get home we will probably watch the Vice Presidential debates. Speaking of debates would you ask a question just to win free pizza for life?

Heck I'd ask the question.

I like funny bumper stickers. One of my favorites is "Jesus would use his turn signals." I like quite a few of them in the next article.

Make sure you remember the following date:

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Lady DR said...

I'm sorry to hear you lost the pastor you thought so highly of, but it sounds like the new pastor is equally caring and understanding and I'm so glad she was able to spend time with you and your mom.

Sounds like a busy day. Like you, we'll likely be watching the debates this evening, although much later here.

The pizza issue? I think it's demeaning. Presidential debates are to address issues and not pizza preferences. Pizza Hut loses points for this one.

Enjoyed the bumper stickers. Thanks for sharing.

Excellent article and videos on breast cancer month and breast reconstruction. Used to be, that was considered somewhat dangerous and done only for vanity's sake, but it sounds much different these days and I can see where it could make a huge difference in the patient's outlook, attitude, recovery.

William J. said...


The Methodist Church likes to move their pastors after a few years. It gives new perspectives to the congregation and new experiences for the minister. In this case it is a promotion for our form pastor. She gets her own church. It is only about fifteen miles away if want to connect with her. And she was replaced with a woman and with a fun and talented one.

It is always funny to me that we are watching the debate at the same time but I am watching it at six and you are watching it at nine!

I also think it is demeaning but I've done worse for less than free pizza for life. If I was one of the debaters, I would start the debate and ask who wants "to ask me about pizza" and then move on.

I loved the first bumper sticker, "pass quietly, I am asleep"

The article on cancer just seemed so important that I had to share it.