Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Not So Brilliant Moves

Another kick back an relax day or a knock things of their perch on my to do list day. To we are doing the not so brilliant moves that people make.

You know what if I went to a strip joint and go injured because a woman sat in my lap I'm not so sure I'd sue:


I have Comcast Cable, if you want to watch the Portland Trailblazers in the Portland area you have no other choice because they just won't make a deal with The Dish Network or Direct TV so Comcast has a monopoly. Apparently in the Seattle area Comcast is allowing their employees free reign to indulge in bad customer service and bad publicity. There response to a customer's compliant borders on incredible stupidity:

Speaking of not so brilliant moves, covering up is never the right move. It wasn't what Nixon or Clinton did that got them in trouble, it was trying to cover it up. It would seem that everyone could learn a lesson from that history but it looks like one school didn't get the memo:


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Lady DR said...

Not only not so brilliant, but bordering on stupid?

The strip place guy is a bit like the McDonald's coffee thing. Did anyone force him to lay at the bottom of the pole? Is there any indication the incident was intentional. I mean, I'm sorry for his pain, but I've never understood bachelor parties at strip tease joints, so call me less than objective.

As to the Comcast deal - that's a bit scarey. Even more so, when it turns out the guys are contractors and the company has no direct control over them and, it seems, a nebulous relationship, if they don't know to where to find them. Enjoyed the additional video about how customers get back. Have seen the audio about United Killing guitars and loved it.

The school, its board and its administrators need to be hung out by their thumbs to dry. The issue is not protecting teachers/principals, it's protecting our kids. Is that such a difficult concept to understand?

William J. said...


I agree bordering on stupid.

The only time I went to a strip joint and I went several time is when I represented a bunch of exotic dancers against the IRS. An attorney reffered them to me because he knew that I would be completely professional and no hanky panky. Learned a lot through that case. You know the dancers don't get paid by the club, they pay the club. They play floor rent and at that time the nightly floor rent was thirty bucks. They paid thirty bucks a night for the right to dance. All their money came from tips. The IRS was going after the clubs for payroll taxes and in the process declared a lot more tip income then the dancers earned. When the case finished I never went back because I thought the dancers were getting ripped off. I did stay in touch with several of the dancers after the case, helping them to new careers. One went to medical school, another to law school, and a third became a realtor.

Even though they are independent contractors Comcast could write the contracts in such a way that good customer service was required. Their refusal to do something with the contractors was just avoiding their responsibility.

The safety of the kids first. Why is that such a hard concept to understand?