Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Make A Difference Tuesday

Tuesday, another me day, another overcast day, another work day. I solved a computer problem with my income tax program yesterday. I've been dealing with it for a couple of months now and finally found the solution. YEA!!!

Because I solved that problem I am in a good mood and only doing good articles today! Let's start with one of my favorite subjects. Kids making a difference.


Speaking of making a difference, shouldn't there me a Make A Difference Day? A day set aside where the main goal is to make a difference? Believe it or not there is one.


I also like articles about medical advancements, especially one that gives hope to the troops.

Comment Away.


dona said...

Hi Bill, its been an overcast day here as well, with some high winds again. So glad to hear you found a solution to your computer problem, its always nice to get something finished like that.
Loved all the articles today, makes a person feel good about the world again.

Lady DR said...

Overcast here, but at least the winds were gone - the last two days have been exhausting, just listening to them. I can't imagine how the folks in the NE are faring. Congrats on resolving the computer problem.

Great articles. The thing I found interesting about the first one was how young the kids were, most of them not yet in their teens. Impressive.

Yes, I was aware of Make a Difference Day, but didn't realize it was today. For some reason, I thought it was in Nov. Pity there's very little media coverage about it, nothing on Google, for example. We have a number of corporations here who give employees the day off to work on projects. Various groups, from churches to Harley clubs are heavily involved.

TBI is a new disorder to me and I'm so glad to see that they're not wasting any time finding resolutions to the issue.

Btw, had the opportunity to try the catsup thing this evening - it actually works like a charm and makes it so much easier to dip, especially if you have onion rings (g).

William J. said...

Hi Dona

Sorry I am so late responding. My computer is doing a major download. I started it last night and thought it would be done this morning. It is still going so I am over at the local library respnding.

The article were refreshing, I had to share them!


William J. said...


I will take overcast and rainy like it is today over Sandy. I personally think all of us here in Portland are extremely lucky weather wise. We have had the best weather in the country this year.

That also impressed me about the kids, how young they were. I honestly don't know if I ever thought of things like that when I were their age.

I wasn't aware of Make A Difference Day until I read the article. I am going to check it out and see when it is in 2013. I would love to participate.

I am also glad they are looking for solutions to TBI.

Thank you for being our Ketchup guinia (sp)pig. I'm glad it worked!!