Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Miscellaneous

Heading out to Mom's before noon and will return to the man cave by eight tomorrow night. I am going to concentrate on making Mom happy these two days. She has had a really rough two weeks. We are going to do miscellaneous stuff. Lunch and dinner out. Looking for oil paints for artists. Play some Scrabble. Watch Family Feud and the Vice Presidential debate.

To celebrate miscellaneous stuff today on the blog we are doing miscellaneous articles. First up is a discovery by a boy:

Next up is weird syndromes. I probably have eight or nine of them and you?

Can't do a miscellaneous day without a little controversy, can we? The following article is causing quite an uproar:

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Google is playing games again, wiped out my comment, refused to let me sign in with my response. Dumb me didn't realize that and lost entire response and hadn't saved it. Sorry.

William J. said...


All I can do it apologie for Google. I've went to composing my messages off line and cutting and pasting.