Sunday, October 21, 2012

Drive Time

No update today. You can do one if you want. However, it was such a bad week that I just am not in the mood to rehash it. I am going to spend a lot of time in my car today. To Mom's. To the football breakfast. To Sears. To Mom's. To the grocery store. To Office Depot. To Staples. To Home. Today is DRIVE TIME! So I am going to fasten my seat belts and get going. But first I have to find the seat in the car.

Whew, I found my seat. Now I need to remember to use my turn signal.

I was struck by the statement in the article, " Society of Automotive Engineers study concluded that "turn-signal neglect" contributes to two million crashes annually, more than double the 950,000 caused by distracted driving. "

What is your driving pet peeve? Since I couldn't find "all of the above" I voted for tailgating.

OK. found my seat. Got my seat belt fastened. Found my turn signal. Now I have to remember that the first traffic light I come to has red light cameras on it. Or do I really need to remember?

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Have seen other articles on the theft of third seats in SUVs and vans. Guess I'm glad I've not got a third seat, especially since I need/prefer the cargo space.

Turn signals. I honestly don't understand why people don't use them and I'm well aware not using them causes accidents. The accident Mom and I were in was due to a woman not using her signal, but stopping dead to wait for a car, so she could turn left. The car behind her had no clue, slammed on breaks, I slammed on breaks, car behind me did same. It was a busy street in a 40 mph zone. No one was tailgating, but stopping soon enough wasn't possible. The woman who caused the accident, with damage to all cars, turned and went blithly on her way. I've come too close, too many times, to accidents because people didn't use signals for turns, let alone lane changes. What, do they think they're saving gas or their battery?

As to pet peeves... like you, "all of the above" would have worked, but I narrowed it down to turn signals, tailgating, people texting while driving (scares the heck out of me) and slow drivers in the left lane. Various studies have shown the latter are also a big cause of accidents, as other drivers take dangerous risks to try to get around the pokey joes, weaving in and around slow cars in both lanes.

I am totally against the guy with the device to block intersection cameras. How is it an invasion of privacy to capture the license plate of some one breaking the law? Again, I've witnessed accidents or near accidents, some quite nasty, as a result of folks running red lights. If the light is yellow as you approach the intersection, you stop. How tough is that to understand? Is wherever you're going so important it's worth a dead body, to avoid a two minute wait at a light? I don't know of any municipality with the manpower to have a cop at every major intersection, although a cop could probably make his salary in a week or less, writing tickets.

I found the guy's comment interesting - he decided to invent the camera blocker, after hearing so many complaints from his family about the tickets they were receiving? Uh... I wouldn't want to live in their town. IF they have a picture of your car, in the middle of an intersection with a red light, I say you're busted, fair and square, and you might consider following the traffic laws.

Short update. Pretty routine week. Good news is I found a national cleaning service, with locally owned franchises, who came out and gave an estimate for a first-time "serious clean" to correct years of neglect, in some cases, then tailor the services to my particular needs and wants. Dear goodness, they're even going to do the oven, the first go-around! The service that never showed up was "one size fits all." Synchronicity here? The crew will show up Wednesday, two people for five hours, then we'll try every other week. I'm already feeling better and it's encouraged me to start serious decluttering and take a close look at some changes I want to make. Second, doing the pool, resting the foot and leg, using the TENs unit all seem to be helping the hip and foot. Ain't on the top burner yet, but am cautiously optimistic at this point. Third, making little progress steps on the cancer caregiver's book. The writing is done, now it's all the techie stuff for conversions (one must go through several), cover design, blog and website. Not my strong suit, but I shall get there, even if it takes longer than anticipated.
Pretty much a good week. Will admit part of it is likely due to some attitude changes in various area.

dona said...

I am always amazed at what people steal out or off of a vehicle, and when you hear about it on the news then it seems like it happens everywhere!

I don't understand either how some people can forget or simply not use their turn signals....and I believe those are the same people who would argue to their death that you didn't use your signal and maybe apply a bit of road rage towards you.

I also think the blocking device is uncalled for, it was inevitable tho I am sure, there is always someone that seems to be waiting to fight that something is invading their privacy.

Not a lot on for this week, we have some car repairs to deal with, I need to reorganize a few more things for winter, so other than more mowing its a pretty easy week ...I think.
Only one appt. for the Shankster this week, a few weeks back his BP got really high. First time since 06 and I mean ridiculously high for someone who is already on 3 BP meds a day. SO we have worked really hard for several weeks getting his Blood Sugar under control,( it was high again but not as bad as it could have been) and we also got his BP down, with the help of more drugs! UGGH. Shankster is NOT one to take them willingly. But I put my foot down. :) as he had a few tests that showed he needed to do something quickly. So I have been on him to quit the caffeine and walk more, he has been under a lot of stress and I think that was mostly the cause, doc agreed, but its always good to get it checked out.
SO a lil prayer that BP is under or at the least back to normal so he doesn't have to have more tests, he doesn't fair well with the nuclear stress test, and thats the next one. SO I guess mostly this week I will be his cheerleader getting him to do what he is supposed to do! ha maybe you all should wish me luck?

Lady DR said...

I'll not only be sending good thoughts for the Shankster, but I'll be shaking my miniature pompoms in best cheerleader mode for both of you. I understand his feelings about meds (hate to take pills), but when needs must... tis better to pop a helpful pill than deal with other consequences.
(Hugs to both of you)

William J. said...


It always amazes me what people still. The big thing here for a while was metal from construction sites. Now seats it is just a head shaker.

I also don't understand why people don't use turn signals. It is such an easy thing to do. You are a walking testament to the dangers of not using turn signals. I also hate slow cars in the fast lane but the dumbest of all is texting while driving.

I would have been against the guy until Sherwood installed the red light cameras at a light near my house. The supposed reason was safety which is a bunch of bull. It was to raise revenue. Most cities that have reg light cameras (Los Angeles and Portland for example) don't ticket right hand turns. The old California Stop. Eighty percent of Sherwoods tickets were right hand turns. And on another note the first three months they had the cameras they had to refund all the money from tickets because they set the timing wrong on the red light. Add the third problem. The lights are on a main HWY that runs through the city. It is both a local and a state highyway. A couple of years after they put the cameras in, the state came in and changed the light so that people would have a green arrow for a right hand turn, even though the north and south would be red. The city kept ticketing the cars even though they had the green light. So I would buy the equipment from the guy.

Glad you found a national cleaning service with local owners! Amazing that they will do the oven. I am anxious to hear how they do. Getting the pool in because of your hip is critical, I am glad that is on the agenda. Any progress on the cancer book is great, I am also anxious to see that in print. Attitude changes usually helps all of us, I know it helped me.


William J. said...

Hi Dona

First and foremost good luck to you and The Shankster. I hope the Shankster begins towing the line. I don't think anyone likes taking pills but, frankly, I thinkin dying due to high blood pressure is a little worse. The thing about the sugar is we sometimes get overconfident when we control our sugar and then go back to our old ways. Then we start worrying about our sugar which raises our blood pressure. Then when we see our wives with a sledge hammer to keep us in line that is a bit worrisome. So my words to The Shankster just do what you are supposed to do and what Dona tells you to do from the start it is just easier.

I wish people would use their creativity to make this a better world then to figure out things to steal from a car.

I think you pegged the kind of people that don't use turn signals.

Considering how the local Barney Fife's handle our red light cameras I am all for the blocking device.

You and The Shankster are always in my daily prayers. You deserve some good things to come your way.