Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Back On Track

I am hopefully putting the blog back on track and schedule. To celebrate my blogs recovery we are only doing good stories today.

Bullying must stop. Let's hear for a victim of it that stood her ground:


Strangers coming together to help someone. Couldn't get better than that.


And finally, let's celebrate strong voices.

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Nice to return to normal (g).

Gold stars for Whitney, for standing up and attending the homecoming. Gold stars for the businesses and individuals who showed up to support her. Black stars for school officials who refuse to recognize the problem.

Great story on the three folks who came together to rescue the young man hit by a car. I also enjoyed the slide show at the bottom, showing various heroes.

Good for the woman on the deck, although I think I'd have been a bit more cautious (wry s). I probably would have approached the deck with a coffee can full of anything that made noise, while issuing my admonishments to the visitor.

William J. said...


At least close to normal!

Whitney is my new hero. What I liked about the story is the people that came and supported her. Even the opposing high schools sent representatives. It is to bad that her own school officials are so clueless.

The three people that came together is what life is all about. I always like it when you go the extra mile and read additional information. I went back
and watched the slide show after you mentioned it.

I am with you. I would have been moe cautious. Like out the backdoor and the heck out of there.