Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Tough Day Update

I want to say a special thank you for all your help with yesterday's post. It is really appreciated. Based on the input received I will ask the manager for help when Mom's issue comes up in a restaurant and I will draft and sent a letter to my long lost friend. Thank you!

I am late with today's entry. It has been a busy day. I went to the football breakfast with the guys. I stopped by Mom's before heading over to the breakfast and there had been another explosion and Mom was really ill from the fallout and the mean things said. I won't repeat them here other than to say that once again it was stated that I am the favored child. I'm so sick of hearing that bull shit, if anything Mom has done more for the perp than anyone in the family. I guess reality isn't her strong suit. I spent some time with Mom and got her back on track.

I enjoyed breakfast with the guys and the football games. It was a fun time out. I stopped at Mom's after the breakfast to set out the plates for dinner tonight and clean her refrigerator. She was still down, so I tried to tell her the mean things weren't really meant, that obviously something else was going on in the perp's life and Mom was just taking the fallout. Oh by the way, for dinner tonight the aide and Mom are having Chef Boy Ar Dahn's Sausage quiche. I will post a picture on the next blog entry.

My update. Last week was once again a blur. Yesterday was getting my car fixed, fixing lunch and dinner for Mom, and watching the Oregon vs. Washington State Game. Friday was the movie, WE WON'T BACKDOWN, cooking spare ribs in a crock pot for Saturday night's dinner, and cleaning house. Thursday was relaxing and just kicking back while attacking my to do list. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday through noon was at Mom's. I really worked hard at Mom's, made sure she ate healthy, let her do a lot of things (she feels better when she is allowed to do things), took her out a few times, played a few games of Scrabble, and just made it an easy time. I had to be there so I just made it fun. I was rewarded when Wednesday before her bridge club came she said, "I feel really good", it was the first time in four or five years since I heard her say that. It made me feel really good to hear that. Sure a step up from, "I would rather die than live in this pain." It made me feel appreciated and my time there worthwhile.

On the agenda next week. Today already told you most of it, tonight it is watching football and the Amazing Race starts tonight. Monday is a me day and I plan on finishing my computer shopping. I checked out all the ads in today's paper so I am reading to help the economy. Tuesday I head to Mom's from one that afternoon until Thursday at seven. I am actually looking forward to it. Feeling appreciated and changing my attitude to work towards making it fun has done wonders for me. Friday is a movie and work related projects. Saturday is back to being Chef Boy Ar Dahn cooking dinner for the Mom household, watching the Oregon-Washington game (Good luck Mary!), and just working on my to do list.

That is my update. Now I need yours. Tell me what went on in your life last week and what is on the agenda for next week. And you know the drill post, the blog is now yours, post anything you darn well please!


Due to the lateness of today's post there will not be a blog post tomorrow. Regular blog schedule returns Tuesday Morning.


Mary said...

Let's just say that I'm not optimistic about next Saturday. :( said...

It's tough being the favorite child. You get labeled that when you're the one who ensures you bring a smile to their face, make them feel happy in the day, and actually spend time with them (like playing scrabble), fix special dinners, and have REAL conversations with them. Those who only visit to find fault with things just don't understand that. It's very sad that the perp vents her frustration with the situation out on your Mom. She is apparently incapable of changing in providing anywhere near the same level of loving care that you do. I'm so glad your Mom has you. Now, enjoy your busy week!

William J. said...

Hi Mary

I actually think Washington is going to give Oregon one heck of a game and there may be an upset. The Huskies new defensive cooirdinator this year is a former Duck player that knowns the Oregon offense pretty well. Don't be surprised if the Huskies win.


William J. said...


Always good to see you hear.

I've been accused of being the favored child since I was eighteen.

The perp has her good points but you are right about her not changing. It is her way or the highway. Several pople, my aunt and uncle, friend Ted and Betty and so on have told the perp she needs to give mom more freedon. Goes on deaf ears. She just knows more than everyone, doctors included.

Mom did admit Sunday that I was her favorite, I told mom not to tell her that.