Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Good, Bad, Supportive.

Had a charming day with Mom yesterday. Ate a couple of good meals. Wrapped Ted's painting. Shopped. Mom likes going to Michael's and The Dollar Tree. Pushing the wheelchair is good exercise for me. Spending today at Mom's through about two and then I will return home until Saturday at lunch. YEA!!

Today we are doing the good, the bad, and the supportive.

The good animal story:

The bad human story:

The humans showing support for a prince:

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dona said...

You know the more I read about you and your mom, I am certain we are related.. I love Michael's and Dollar Tree also! No one I know likes to go to either one, so I have resorted to not going, it would have been nice to run there with you guys for a while.

Glad your time with mom has gone well.

Lady DR said...

Yea for another great day with Mom and another Yea for the fact you now have some "you" time.

Thoroughly enjoyed the article and pictures on the life-saving cats. Given my phobia about dentists, the second story made me shudder. As to the prince and his faux pas, why do we even need to know about it? That said, good for folks for supporting him, given the tremendous amount of good it appears he's done. He's a kid, for goodness sake. Given the rigid standards and what I suspect is a rigid and demanding schedule, I'm not surprised he cut loose. Just think it's a shame it became such a boondoggle, thanks to the media. It's more than I need to know, as is true of so much that appears.

William J. said...

Hi Dona

I stayed at Mom's until almost eight last night so sister could kind of slide back into her duties. We had a good time but Mom is a lot of pain.

It would be great fun if you went shopping with us! She would adopt you as a daughter in a heartbeat.


William J. said...


It is so nice to get up this morning and have no place I have to go. I need the battery recharge.

The cat article was charming and in a way reminded me of Katie. Still miss the little buddy.

The dentist guy just made me want to stay away from dentists.

I just could not agree with you more about Prince Harry. Let the dude be. Good for the soldiers that supported him.