Friday, September 14, 2012

Rules Of Attraction

Ted wrote my Mom a letter. He had to look up her address on the Internet because he didn't have it. It was a beautifully written thank you. Here it is:

Dear Mrs. Dahn

Thank you so very much for the thoughtful wonderful painting. I tried to take it to my office this morning but Sandy (his wife) stopped me at the door and informed me we are hanging it home!

You should be quite proud of Bill and Grover. They are outstanding individuals. I am particularly glad to have Bill as one of my closest friends.



Reason number one for not buying a dishwasher:

Can men and women be friends?

Am I old or am I am extinct?

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

What a lovely note from Ted and how sweet his wife isn't allowing Mom's painting out of the house.

The dishwasher thing is a bit strange. I can see where a snake might get into a dishwasher in FL, but *taped* inside the dishwasher? Sounds like a sick joke by a disgruntled employee? I think I'm glad I don't have a d/w.

I disagree with article on friendships. I've had numerous male friends in my life, still do. Had them when both of us were single, close friends, nothing else. Had them when I've been married and so have they. I can honestly say, I've never been attracted in a way that has any negative impact on my marriages. And it's not an age issue. I had male friends when I was in high school, my early twenties and single, and now in my sixties and married. Not sure where they're getting their stats or how wide their study was, but I don't fit the profile.

Interesting article on redheads. I was a "bottle" redhead much of my adult life, because I had the complexion and freckles to go with it, but I guess that doesn't count (G). Out of five siblings on Daddy's side, only one family has red hair and every one of the children and grandchildren are redheads, although both parents were brunettes. Go figure.

William J. said...


I was blown away by Ted because he has known Grover longer than he has known me.

You would think someone would have checked out the dishwasher before sending it to a customer. I like your take of a disgruntled employee putting the snake in there.

I also disagree with the article on opposite sex friends. I have always had more women friends than men and unless I am reading the situations wrong none ever thought of me as a potential mate, just a good friend. And I never thought of them as a potential mate, just someone to talk to. I think this was the kind of research that determined the outcome before starting the research and then directed all their research to the outcome.

Israel once did a study on the combination of left handed and red headed. Which would be me. The combination was less than 1% of the population and were considered to be creative. There are only two relatives in our whole family tree that have or had redhair. My cousin Lavelle and myself. Three siblings in my family. Oldest is Sis a blonde. Middle is Grover a brunette. Myself a red head. Weird.


Pat said...

Poor snake! Some shipping guy's idea of what's funny. Wrongo!! For everybody else, whatever their reason(s).

I think the findings on male/female friendships are pretty well right on. It can be done, but it's not easy. I've had quite a few that lasted the length of a show's season. Work close friendships. But they petered out when the show ended. And of course there are longlasting ones with gay guys and women, not so sure about lesbians and men.

Love "Frankenswine". Also the cabbage and the very talented silk spinning goats. Why do the keep making excuses for ruining tomatoes? Why not go to work and bring back REAL vegetables that taste like they should?

I have no clue about red hair, except that I've always liked it but never tried being a redhead.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Poor snake were two words that never even thought about entering my world! The shipping guy was no doubt misguided.

I have also had a lot of work friendships that ended when the job ended. While the men friendships lasted after the job. I think all friendships are hard to maintain not just opposite sex ones.

I couldn't agree with you more, real vegetables should be real vegetables and taste like real vegetables.

It was actually hard to be a red head growing up because of the "carrot tops" and "Mr. Orange" comments.